Newly Update the Best Women’s Bootie Slippers on the Market

Cold protection does not make sense if your body is protected, and not your feet. Because warm feet are happy feet, they regulate body temperature and promote well-being. Yes, read it well!

Best Women’s Comfortable Bootie Slippers

Although many believe that bare heads lose most of the body temperature in winter, you should try walking barefoot on a cool floor and you will find that a covered foot is just as important. Bootie slippers are needed for foot shelter and women can wear them indoors and outdoors.

Bootie slippers are a type of hybrid footwear that gives you the comfort you expect from a regular slipper but with more quality. Unlike open soles, a pair of bootie slippers create warmth and comfort for the whole foot, even the ankle. Believe me, you will not want to take them off.

This article aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about women’s bootie slippers.


Top Picks

  1. Most Comfortable: LongBay Women’s Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers
  2. Best for Indoors: MUK LUKS Women’s Pull-on Slipper with Warm Polyester Faux Fur Lining
  3. Best for Outdoors: TUOBUQU Women Fluffy Warm Non-slip Bootie Slippers
  4. Most Durable: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Comfort Woolen Yarn Woven Bootie Slippers
  5. Most Fashionable: DL Women’s Cute Bootie Slippers Fluffy Plush Fleece House Shoes


The Benefits of Bootie Slippers for Girls

Wards off Common Illnesses

Many people suffer from colds and flu all year round. While they should pay attention to boosting their immune system, they should also look for common mistakes that can lead to such problems. When you don’t wear slippers at home, it allows body heat to leave through your feet. As the body continues to lose heat, blood circulation slows down and this causes common health problems.

Protects You from Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Most people believe that their floor is perfectly clean. Yes, it may look clean and spotless, but many germs and bacteria are not visible to the naked eye.

foot without bootie slippers on floor

In addition, using vacuum cleaners, and cleaning with cleaning materials do not totally remove harmful microorganisms in the air and water, including other pollutants from the house. The use of bootie slippers is vital because they help protect your feet from infectious foot diseases.

Increases Body Balance

This is especially true for very young and elderly women. The baby’s feet are not flat, so at a certain age, they fall even more while walking. If your child needs time for a walk, maybe you can help him walk in bootie slippers.

Heals Swollen Feet

One of the main causes of swollen feet is insufficient blood circulation. Till matters are worse, many do not even realize that their feet are swollen. While this may be due to medical conditions such as diabetes, the use of comfy bootie slippers can improve blood circulation to the feet. This will reduce the amount of swelling they experience.


How to Choose the Best Cozy Bootie Slippers for Women?

The Materials That Keep the Feet Warm

Various materials are used in making bootie slippers to make the feet warm and cozy. Such materials include memory foam, wool, sheepskin, and leather. However, wool is one of the warmest materials that you can find, which both repels and absorbs water. And since they aren’t too bulky, they fit with almost any shoes, including women’s bootie slippers.

With Zipper or Slip-on?

Zipper bootie slippers

Zipper women’s bootie slippers are suitable to use with their own insoles, for example, soft foam footbeds for diabetics. The slip-resistant rubber sole provides sufficient traction on smooth surfaces, which is very light and thus ensures an airy walking feeling.

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers with zipper in the front

The zipper ensures that the slipper is easy to put on and sits firmly on the foot. This makes it easy to tighten the model even with a high instep, although the shape closed over the ankle ensures stability.

Slip-on slippers

Slip-on slippers are super easy to get on and off, they feature an exposed heel but closed-toe. All you have to do is slide your foot in and out. These are perfect if you want something you can put on at a moment’s notice, whether it’s getting up in the night to check on your dog, or simply getting cozy as quickly as possible when getting home from work!

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers without zipper

For Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Women’s bootie slippers are fast becoming one of the most versatile and on-trend forms of footwear. Slippers are moving from the indoors to the outdoors, as seen by many celebrities. You might find that some styles of more shoe-like slippers, such as moccasins, can be worn outside. However, they’re still more popular as indoor shoes.

Is it washable? You should check the label, and if they are machine washable, toss them in at a low temperature and use a short, slow spin. Also, you can handwash your bootie slippers using warm water with a mild detergent. Then give them a good rub and a short soak. Rinse thoroughly before gently pushing the excess water out of the slippers.

UGG, Dearfoam, or Isotoner?

UGG is known for making high-quality, comfortable footwear, especially when it comes to slippers. For the amount of style and comfort you get, we think they’re worth the price.

Dearfoams Bootie Slippers

It has the instep of their shoes comfortable, not too tight or too loose. This means that there is nothing that rubs or chafes people with very sensitive feet.

Isotoners Bootie Slippers

They have a consistently good fit, hold up extremely well, and are so wonderful for relaxing your feet after a long day.


Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

1. Most Comfortable: LongBay Women’s Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Water-resistant ankle boots: Want a bootie that you can wear on iced roads, after a heavy snowfall without damaging the sole or exposing your feet to the cold, then you should consider this Chenille bootie. It comes with a solid rubber sole that helps you resist the cold and saves your feet from the harshness of the cold.

Comfy and soft: This bootie can be worn throughout the whole day without you feeling like you are wearing something on your feet. It’s so lightweight and versatile. You can easily slip it on with the wide opening at the top. Very easy to slip on and slip out. Made with a high-quality 80D memory foam, it allows machine wash.

Versatile use: It can serve a dual purpose; you can wear it in winter and summer. The rubber sole also allows you to wear it comfortably indoors and outdoors. It has a fuzzy lush fleece lining that helps to kick every form of chillness away.

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2. Best for Cleaning: MUK LUKS Women’s Leigh Slippers with Synthetic Sole

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Comfy and classic: Do you desire a classic slipper you can rock in the rain and sun? It comes in four main colors; dark green, black, ivory, and blackberry. Each of these colors has a different color of the sole that helps amplify the main color of the bootie and gives you that classic look. Its plush faux fur lining makes your feet comfortable even when outdoor.

Durable sole: The top and bottom of this slipper are made with 100% Acrylic upper that gives your feet a soft feeling. You can hand wash in cold water, but avoid wearing this slipper on a wet road, you could get your feet soiled. Also, avoid washing with bleach.

Low-top synthetic material: Made with synthetic material, these slippers are sure to last a while. This bootie is a slip-on, low-top synthetic material.

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3. Best for Foot Pain: Dearfoams Women’s Sadie Embossed Velour Bootie Slipper

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers in Winter

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Classic and comfort: This bootie is a perfect description of cute and cozy. It is made with memory foam that gives you that comfort on your feet, and the outside has a fluffy look that gives you that classic look. In general, you get a mix of fashion and function.

Easy slip-on: Looking for a bootie you can easily slip on and go on out, here you’ve got it. The Dearfoams Sadie bootie has a breathable, temperature-regulating DF that prevents sweat. So, you don’t need to bother about having smelly feet from shoe sweat, just slip it on and rock it on.

Comfortable sole: It has a soft rubber sole that can be worn indoors and outdoor. Its only downside is that you can’t wear this rubber on water or ice. It isn’t waterproof, therefore if you wash it, you would have to give it a long time to dry properly.

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4. Best for Indoors: MUK LUKS Women’s Pull-on Slipper with Warm Polyester Faux Fur Lining

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Durable indoor sole: The sole used in making this slipper is soft and doesn’t allow for outdoor use, it isn’t water-resistant and could expose the feet to danger. The sole could also spoil quickly if used outdoor.

Maximum warmth: This slipper provides maximum warmth when worn indoors. The Faux Fur lining gives your feet a cloud-like feeling that warms feet. It is like pulling on a sweater on your feet. However, don’t wash it in water. Only use a damp cloth to run a quick brushing on the surface.

Easy pull-on style: The insole is made with Polyester faux fur and 100% Acrylic Upper. This gives your feet great comfort and it has a pull rope that allows you to adjust it for better fitting.

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5. Best for Outdoors: TUOBUQU Women Fluffy Warm Non-slip Bootie Slippers

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Unique style and color options: These everyday slippers will be your new winter favorite as it comes in a large variety of very attractive colors like pink, red, grey, brown, and bright green. Its style includes a top-tight dit for extra comfort to keep your feet really warm.

High-density cushioning: The material used in making these slippers is high-density memory foam and extra three layers of foam. These layers of foam help to guarantee the warmth of your feet.

Breathable insole: Although it is made with several layers of material, it doesn’t allow your feet to sweat. It is made with a plush lining that allows your feet to breathe after slipping on the slippers.

Slip-resistant sole: To boost your confidence when walking with this amazing footwear, these slippers are made with a double rubber sole to ensure warmth and prevent you from slipping when walking on ice or inside the house. This means it is fashioned for both indoor and outdoor use.

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6. Best to Keep Warm: GPOS Women’s Cashmere Knit Slipper Cotton Quilted Warm Indoor Ankle Boots

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Snug stretchy ankle bootie: Made with Cashmere woolen knitted upper and a layer of resilient yet skin-friendly cotton liner, this bootie gives a comfortable feeling that you can wear all day.

The upper part of the slippers is flexible and doesn’t tighten your feet in any way. Its side open cut makes it easy to pull on and off, with no slips, no zipper. It also has an underlining that absorbs the moisture from your feet and keeps them refreshed.

Shock-absorbing sole: It possesses anti-slip grippers and soft peach ski bottom that prevents shock and slipping. Made with a premium suede outsole, this bootie is lightweight and easy to carry about. Also, you don’t need to fear your floor being scratched.

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7. Most Durable: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Comfort Woolen Yarn Woven Bootie Slippers

Best Fasionable Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Durable sole: Looking for lightweight slippers that you can wear even on icy days, these bootie slippers are a great option for you. It is made with a rubber sole that allows for indoor and outdoor use without threatening to get spoilt.

Soft and comfy: This slipper is made with Microfiber fabric made in a cable knit design that facilitates softness and comfortability. Its slip-on feature allows for easy wear.

High-density cushioning: Made with several layers of fuzzy fur, this bootie helps your feet stay warm and prevents them from sweating. Walking with this bootie will make you feel like you are walking on the pillows of a mattress.

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8. Most Fashionable: DL Women’s Cute Bootie Slippers Fluffy Plush Fleece House Shoes

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Warm and comfortable: Seeking flush and girlish slippers? The DL cute bootie slippers are here for you. Designed with furs, pompoms, and bows on the outside, it gives you a highly fashionable girly look. A good option for young girls.

Durable outsole: Made with TPR anti-slip sole that allows you to walk confidently. It is also made in a way that allows it to adjust to the curve of the foot, and provide foot support.

Multifunction: You can wear these slippers indoors and outdoors while carrying out simple activities like trashing dirt, walking the dog, and playing in the yard.

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9. Best for Sweat Feet: Dearfoams Women’s Chenille Bootie Slipper Multi-density comfy cushioned insole with memory foam

Best Women’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

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Lightweight and cozy: Here is another Dearfoams slipper that is made with knitted wool. This knitted wool allows the feet to breathe well while still providing comfort. It is also machine washable. Made with a multi-density insole, the inside of this slipper is soft and cozy. The interior of this slipper is fluffed with sheep-like material which makes it very light to wear about.

Dual-use: With their well-padded sole, these slippers can be worn for both indoor and outdoor activities. Its slip-on feature makes it easy to wear and pull off. The Chenile design makes it attractive and fashionable.

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Who Shouldn’t Wear Warm Bootie Slippers?

While slippers will certainly cause you fewer problems than the restrictive, supportive, and heeled shoes most people wear most of the time (the majority of ‘normal’ high street shoes and trainers are all three of these things), slippers still serve a role in switching off the muscles and proprioceptors of the feet. This contributes to lazier and less balanced feet.

This essentially means the foundations of your body are off and this then feeds up the rest of the body and impacts how the rest of your body moves too.


Long Bootie Slippers or Short Bootie Slippers?

The long bootie slippers feature an ankle-length or higher top, with either fleece or wool-lined inners and smooth outer, as well as a durable rubber outsole.

Best Women’s Beautiful Bootie Slippers

On the other hand, short bootie slippers offer the plush warmth and comfort of a boot, with an open heel for easy slip on and off. These style slippers usually come with smooth leather or fabric outer and plush fleece or wool-lined inners.

Yes, the choice of which one to go for boils down to personal preferences. However, long bootie slippers offer these added advantages:

– More support and stiffness to your steps
– They have outer soles
– You can step into the water with them and not bother about getting wet or cold
– Extra comfort and durability


What Are the Suitable Conditions of Hard Sole and Soft Sole Bootie Slippers?

Bootie slippers are excellent for wintertime and cold weather, and generally speaking, these are the times when we mostly reach for a pair of cozy slippers.

Best Women’s Soft Sole Bootie Slippers

The bootie slippers keep your feet and ankles warm and comfortable while offering good support. Along with a durable soft sole, offering good slip resistance, you can wear your bootie slipper indoors and outdoors.

However, the hard sole bootie slippers protect the foot from damage, provide more arch support and keep you warm much better. 


Special Tips on Using Bootie Slippers

How to Knit Bootie Slippers

Some people find that their slippers can get quite smelly and unpleasant. Your slippers tend to smell when you come home from a day on your feet and put your slippers straight on.

If you do this, you’re taking the sweat or smell from your shoes straight to your slippers. Slippers can also smell when they are worn without socks. The synthetic materials most slippers are made of can trap odors passed from the sweat glands on the feet.

Keep your slippers smelling fresh by only wearing them when your feet are clean, with a clean pair of socks underneath. You’ll need to wash them regularly too to keep odors at bay, and you can try sprinkling in some baking soda to absorb odor in between washes.

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How to Take Care and Clean Your Bootie Slippers?

How to Clean Your Bootie Slippers

If your mules are made out of cotton, you can machine wash them. Wash them on a warm, never hot, gentle wash, if you want them to dry, put them on low heat or you can let them air dry. If you don’t want to risk putting them into the washing machine, you can hand wash them in warm, soapy water.

Here’s how: Put the slippers in the water solution and make sure they’re soaking up the water, scrub them together to get the dirt off, then leave them to sit for around ten minutes. This will not damage the material. Rinse the slippers and squeeze the excess water out, and let them dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Luxury UGG Bootie Slippers Worth Buying?

We have all heard of, seen, or even maybe own a pair of UGG boots, these are usually made from sheep leather, with shearling wool on the inside for warmth and comfort. They can be used as slippers or even for everyday leisurewear and are one of the most comfortable slipper-style booties around.

Really, UGG’s popularity speaks for itself. Considering the quality of both craftsmanship, and materials used, it’s clear that investing in a good pair of UGG bootie slippers is a wise move.

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Is Knitted Bootie Slippers a Good Choice?

Yes. You can lounge around in the premium comfort and warmth of knitted bootie slippers which combine with soft faux-fur linings for feet-pleasing warmth. Flocked rubber outsoles enhance traction across slick surfaces. These types of bootie slippers make relaxing days at home so much better.

Can You Knit Bootie Slippers by Yourself?

Yes. Knitted slippers are quick to make and cover your feet with comfort on chilly days. You can laze around the house, curl yourself in the corner of the couch reading a favorite book or watch television with these on. You can even wear them to bed.

However, it is best not to wear them near wet places such as the washbasin. Try out warm hues like lemon, brown, mustard yellow, etc. to make them attractive.



The best women’s bootie slippers are the only fashion essentials that matter now (except, of course, for beautiful face masks). Even as the lockdown is being eased, we all spend more time at home than outdoors, which means that our high-heeled shoes, sneakers, and even white sneakers are kept aside as we put on this wonderful footwear that makes us warm, cozy, and relaxed.