How to Trim Mustache? – What to Do and What to Avoid?

how to groom your moustache

In the past, there was no iconic man that would leave his home without bearing a mustache. Then, as time grew, the importance of grooming a mustache faded away. Recently, this trend has resurrected again, and wearing a mustache emits manliness. Although if you do not maintain well, they can come out extremely shabby. Whether … Read more

Professional Clothier – What Do They Do and How It Works

professional clothier job description

A clothier is generally used to refer to any person who makes and sells clothing. However, more skills are required to become a professional clothier besides making and selling clothing. Skills of a professional clothier include; ability to tailor, design, construction, psychology, and mathematics. In construction, a clothier is involved in building a well-tailored wardrobe … Read more

Best Men and Women Work Jackets For Extremely Cold

best winter jackets for construction workers

Once the brutal chilly months roll in, the only thing you’ll need is a work jacket you can trust. Your flannel shirt alone won’t surely help anymore. Therefore, now is the time to layer up with the best jacket, especially if you’re an outdoor worker. The work jacket is your best friend to keep you … Read more

Best Men’s Vintage & Modern Pocket Watches with Mechanical Design

best pocket watch brands

Tracking back on much of human history, timekeeping was not a big issue. There wasn’t any need to keep time accurately a thousand years ago. The cultures that existed by then based their issues on agriculture and people could work from dawn to dusk. In a hurry? Get a quick pick here! Cheap price under … Read more

How to Wear Suspenders?

how to wear suspenders with suit in style

Today, suspenders are the current thing every gender wears in the fashion industry; they are worn with different outfits and styles. However popular they are, most people know nothing about suspenders, read through this article to understand several things you never knew about suspenders that will make it easy for you to rock in suspenders, … Read more