We Researched the Best Men Slipper Boots – Here Are Our Top Picks

The world has changed much since the onset of Covid 19. You now spend more time indoors than outdoors. What do you have on your feet? Are they making your feet comfortable?

With the many slippers in the market today, it can be quite difficult to choose one that will make your feet comfortable and warm simultaneously. In this article, you will find a pair that is the right fit for your feet. Read on to find the best slipper boot for your feet.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best to keep warm – ULTRAIDEA Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Bootie Slippers
“Walk through the snow without worrying about your feet getting cold.”

#2. Best fur lining – WishCotton Men’s Microsuede Bootie Slippers
“Give your feet a cloud-like feeling, with non-slip and anti-fall slippers.”

#3. Best for indoor-outdoor – Thinsulate Dearfoams Men’s James Woven Boot Slipper
“Men’s slippers with a sturdy rubber sole to go everywhere.”

#4. Best durable – Glerups Unisex-Adult Wool Boot Rubber Outsole
“Slippers with anti-slip and durable sole maximize your boots’ using time.”

#5. Best classic – Minnetonka Men’s Sheepskin Ankle Boots in Golden Tan
“Minnetonka boasts a rich heritage that includes a tradition of careful craftsmanship since 1946.”


Benefits of Wearing Slipper Boots over Normal Slippers

Some of the benefits you will get when wearing slipper boots include:

  • Slipper boots help keep your ankles warm.
  • They provide good arch and heel support which is rare when wearing normal slippers.
  • They feature a closed design, and thus cannot easily slip off when you walk.
  • Your feet will feel warm and comfortable when inside a slipper boot.


How to Choose Best Slipper Boots for Men?

Consider the following factors before picking a pair of slipper boots.

– Sole

The sole is an important part of a boot. There are two types of soles: a hard synthetic sole and a rubber sole. The choice between these two depends on how you want to use your boots. If they are meant for both indoor and outdoor usage consider a rubber sole since it has better traction and anti-slip properties.

– Thermal material

The in-sole and lining should feature a thermal material to insulate against heat loss. Wool, fleece, suede, and sheepskin are all good thermal materials that will ensure your feet remain warm throughout. These materials also have good moisture-wicking properties, thus your feet will be free from sweat and odor.

– Thinsulate

Thinsulate ensures your feet are well insulated, and functions to keep your feet warm. They feature microfibers that trap air molecules thus keeping warm air inside for increased warmth.

– Washing

The best slipper boots are easy to wash and maintain. You should consider slipper boots that are machine washable and air-dried.

– Brand

If you love brands too much, UGG produces the best slipper boots. This brand assures you of superior quality when you purchase their footwear. The slippers are carefully crafted for increased comfort and relaxation.


Best Men’s Bootie Slippers Reviews

1. Best to keep warm: ULTRAIDEA Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Bootie Slippers with Hard Sole

warm men's slipper boots

These slipper boots have been designed to keep your feet warm all year round even during the winter. Some of the key features that make them great include:

– Sole

The sole is made from hard rubber making them durable enough to offer you exceptional comfort. The sole has anti-slip properties, thus every step you make is safe and secure.

– Insole

ULTRAIDEA men’s slippers feature a highly dense memory foam with an EVA insole. Your feet are well cushioned and they feel like walking on soft pillows.

– Comfort

The upper part is made from a soft wool-like blend of micro suede. It together with the closed heel design helps keep your feet warm and cozy.

And it is also breathable, thus your feet will remain dry and fresh. It features a faux fur lining, which has moisture-wicking properties and is friendly to the skin. This increases the comfort level.

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2. Best durable: Glerups Unisex-Adult Wool Boot Rubber Outsole

durable men's bootie slippers

Glerups Model GR slippers are unisex and are perfect for both men and women. They come in a variety of colors making it easy to choose one to complete your style.

– Material

The upper part is built purely from natural sheep wool. It is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. Thus, you do not have to worry about your feet sweating.

– Rubber sole

The outsole is made from a rubber material. It is durable, anti-slip, and waterproof. You do not have to change into other shoes when you need to run errands outdoors.

– Insole

The insole and lining are made from a textile material. The insole is removable making it easy to replace them with an orthotic insert to help increase the comfort level. The slipper boots have exceptional comfort. You will surely love them.

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3. Best for indoor-outdoor: Thinsulate Dearfoams Men’s James Woven Boot Slipper

indoor men's slipper boots

Dearfoams is known for making boots and slippers with a brilliant performance. The company boasts of quality in all their footwear.

– Upper part

The upper part of the boot is twill woven. This makes them attractive and stylish. Besides, the upper part is breathable to allow the movement of air to keep your feet fresh.

– Lining

Dearfoams Men’s James Woven slippers feature a cozy Sherpa lining and footbed. This makes your feet feel more comfortable.

– Memory foam

The memory foam insoles feature DF Adapt technology. This ensures your feet remain dry and fresh for more comfort. The insole has good shock-absorbing properties, thus reducing strain and pain effects on your feet.

– Durable outsole

Thanks to their durable rubber soles, the shoes can be used both indoors and outdoors. The sole has good traction, which allows you to walk freely on any terrain.

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4. Best fur lining: WishCotton Men’s Microsuede Bootie Slippers

winter men's boot slipper

This product is one that you cannot pass by. It combines a moccasin-stitch design with a hump-like collar. It is very stylish and makes your feet very comfortable.

– Comfort

It has a very thick fur plush lining that wraps your foot making them extra warm and comfortable. It has a high heel for good arch support and keeps your ankles warm.

– Insole

It has a very soft insole that features a thick memory foam with EVA technology. These insoles have good shock-absorbing properties. Your feet are completely relaxed and comfortable when in these slipper boots.

– Soft upper

It features a microsuede upper. It has many pores for increased breathability to keep your feet dry and fresh. These slippers are super stylish and easy to maintain since they are machine washable.

– Quality sole

It has a thick rubber sole with good traction. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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5. Best classic: Minnetonka Men’s Sheepskin Ankle Boots in Golden Tan

classic men's boots slipper

These boots are made purely from sheepskin. they have been carefully crafted with a unique style that makes them stand out.

– Durable sole

The sole is made from hard rubber, thus it is very durable. The rubber sole is waterproof and non-slip. They have a strong grip on any floor surface, so your steps are well secured and safe.

– Comfort

For increased comfort, it features a soft lining. It molds to the contours of your feet for a snug fit. Furthermore, it has collars that can be rolled up or down depending on the level of warmth you need.

– Versatile

They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They add style to any outfit you decide to wear. These shoes are also true to size, thus you need to buy your true size for a perfect fit.

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6. Best for the elderly: Home Slipper Men’s Ankle Boot Slippers with Suede Sole

black men's boots slipper

The Home Slipper Men’s slippers boots are designed to be worn during the winter to make your feet warm and cozy.

– Comfort

It features a microsuede upper with a thick fleece inner lining to ensure your feet are warm all day during the winter season. After a long day in the office or at the port, treat your feet to a cloud-like comfort with the Home Slipper Men’s slippers boots. These ensure your ankles are well protected and warm during winter.

– Durable sole

The outer sole is made from TPR fabric with anti-slip properties. With these, you can easily move around the house or go out to check your mailbox, or walk your dog in the neighborhood.

– Footbed

It has a fluffy footbed with thick cushioning to keep your feet warm and cozy. The footbed is wide enough to allow your feet to spread freely. These slippers will help reduce pain and stress on your feet.

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7.  Best anti-slip: ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cozy Wool Bootie House Slippers

anti-slip house boots slipper for men

These slippers feature a classic design and it is built to perfection.

– Outer sole

The outer sole is made from a hard rubber material. It is waterproof and slip-resistant. Therefore, it has a firm grip on the ground to enable you to walk on even wet floors and good traction to ensure your safety while you walk.

– Memory foam

It features a thick memory foam with a multi-layered insole. This provides good shock absorption and it adapts to the pressure of your foot, thus relieving them from stress and pain.

– Comfort

For added comfort, it has a plush fluffy wool-like lining, which makes your feet warm and cozy. Additionally, they have good moisture-wicking properties preventing your feet from becoming sweaty and smelly.

– Easy maintenance

They are machine washable and air-dried. Hence, maintenance is not much of a hassle.

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8. Best for cleaning: RockDove Men’s Sweater Knit Bootie Slipper with Memory Foam

Knit men's slipper boots

If you are a fan of the Rock Dove brand, they offer you products of the best quality.

– Comfort

Treat your feet to the best comfort there is with a pair of Rock Dove Sweater Knit slippers. These slipper boots feature a soft sweater knit upper that is stretchable to conform to the shape of your feet.

– Insole

The insole features memory foam. The memory foam provides good heel and arch support, thus reducing stress from your feet. The insoles can be replaced with orthotic soles for improved comfort.

– Cozy lining

It has a fleece lining with good moisture-absorbing properties. Your feet will remain fresh, clean, and dry. Your feet will feel like walking on a soft pillow.

The slippers are also machine washable, so dirt should not bother you much.

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Types of Men’s Slipper Boots and Their Benefits

There are many types of slipper boots in the market today and choosing the best type of boots breaks down to preference. Some of the common types of men’s slipper boots today include:

– Zip up boots

These boots come with a zip mechanism that is closed up for customized fitness. With these boots, you can easily adjust the zip to the level you feel your feet are most comfortable.

The most significant benefit of zipper boots is time-saving. You do not need to spend too much time lacing them up.

– Knitted slipper boots

Knitted slipper boots feature a hand-knitted upper. The knitted upper adds style to these slippers making them exceptional. They are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

They are breathable, thus allowing air circulation into and out of the slipper boots. This maintains your feet’ freshness and dryness.

– Fluffy slippers

Fluffy linings play a great role in increasing comfort and warmth when wearing these slippers. Your feet feel like either walking on a soft pillow or walking on clouds.

These slippers provide excellent cushioning and offer extra support to your arch and heels thus relieving your feet from pain and stress.

– Thermal slipper boot

The Thermal slipper boots feature dense memory foam and some with Eva shock-absorbing features. These slipper boots have excellent shock-absorbing properties.

Your feet are more comfortable and fully supported when you wear thermal slipper boots.

– Work slipper boot

This is another type of men’s slipper boots designed for working just as the name suggests. This slipper features thick breathable cushioning on the inner side and insole for ideal comfort when working. It also features a comfortable footbed with great support for relaxation.

This slipper boot is ideal for working around your house as it ensures that your feet remain comfortable and relaxed.

warm mens slipper boots


Features that Slipper Boots Should Have for Outdoor Use

Slipper boots can be used both indoors and outdoors to run errands or walk your dog. The important features a slipper boot should have are:

– Durable sole

Most slipper boots are made from a rigid rubber sole. The rubber sole should be waterproof and slip-resistant. This means it has a firm grip on any floor surface, thus it supports you and ensures your steps are safe and secured.

– Insole

For you to walk outdoors with maximum comfort, the insole needs to have memory foam with high density. This improves the cushioning and provides extra support to your feet. Good cushioning also removes pressure from your feet leaving them more relaxed and comfortable.

– Upper part

The upper part is very important, thus it needs to be breathable and have good moisture absorbing properties. This ensures your feet are not sweaty and smelly throughout the day.


How to Decide the Height of the Boots?

The boot height is important since your ankles need extra protection and support. To decide on the boot height, you need to measure the boot shaft height. How do you do this?

The shaft height is measured from the bottom of the boot to its top.

Take a measuring tape and measure the length of your leg from the bottom of your heel to just below the knee. And then compare these measurements with the boot measurements to see how the boot fits. For a perfect fit, your boot height should just fall an inch below the kneecap.


How to Clean and Care for Slipper Boots?

You should check the label before deciding on a washing method.

If the slippers are machine washable:

  • Toss them inside the washing machine.
  • Set the temperature to low.
  • Use a short and slow spin.

For hand-washing:

  • Use mild water with mild detergent.
  • Soak then give them a good gentle rub.
  • Rinse the slipper boots thoroughly.
  • Push the excess water out gently.



Your feet need to be more comfortable when you are at home. With knowledge of the best slipper boots, you can now go into your favorite store and ask for a pair of the best slipper boots for optimal comfort.