We Researched the Best Women’s House Slippers with Arch Support – You Can Depend On

If you are looking for a solution to your heel or foot pain, you may need foot support around your house. Therefore, we have assembled the necessary information about the best women’s house slippers with arch support.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best for summer – Crocs Women’s Capri V Flip Flop Sandals

“Slippers with V-shaped Flip Flops Easily Slip On and Off.”

#2. Best for foot support – Vionic Relax Slipper with Orthotic Insole Arch Support, Soft House Shoes for Ladies

“Lightweight Construction and Fleece Material Comfortable to Wear and Relieves Foot Pain.”

#3. Best for plantar fasciitis – Isotoner Women’s Terry Hoodback Clog Slippers with Soft Memory Foam

“High-density Memory Foam Offers Lasting Marshmallow-like Comfort and Warmth for Tired Toes and Heels.”

#4. Best for flat feet – Isotoner Women’s Terry Slip-on Clog Slipper for Indoor/Outdoor Comfort

“Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers for Normal Wide Slim High Arching Foot to Fit.”

#5. Best in moccasin for indoor and outdoor use – Vionic Women’s Indulge Mule Slipper

“Slippers with Anti-slip and Durable Sole Maximize Your Scope of Action.”


Who Needs Slippers with Arch Support?

Many people have been debating on who needs slippers with arch support. However, there are different perspectives, but we will consider;

-Women with plantar fasciitis

It is evident that slippers with arch support help absorb the shock movements, therefore, relieving your foot from stress. As a result, it relieves heel and foot pain. We can say that these slippers with arch support reduce the strain on your plantar fascia, and as a result, you may not experience any discomfort. Always consider arch support if you have plantar fasciitis.

The benefits of wearing slippers with arch support

-Women with flat feet

It is essential to consider slippers with arch support that are designed for flat feet. Generally, if you have flat feet, you may have experienced some pain while working or walking around; therefore, having a pair that can offer adequate support and your heel and arch’s stability is recommended. As a result, you may stay long hours without any discomfort.

Who should avoid arch support slippers

If you have an injury on your foot, you may need to avoid those pairs with arch support. This is because foot injuries may worsen if you keep on putting on your slippers for arch support for long hours. But if your foot conditions are not rooted, then you may require these pairs with arch support.

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How to Choose the Best Arch Support Slippers for Ladies?

When choosing the best brand, you need to pay attention to the following considerations;

Does it have a soft memory foam design for comfortable wear?

Generally, if you have any foot conditions, especially for pain, you will need to consider a pair with soft memory foam to support and relieve your feet’ stresses. This will not only guarantee adequate comfort, but it will make your feet relaxed.

Therefore, go for something that brings a hugging feeling to your feet.

Open toe or toeless?

When choosing between open toe and toeless design, you need to consider whether your feet are sweaty or not and if it produces bad odors. An open toe offers maximum air circulation hence zero build-ups of moisture and elimination of bad odors. But you may also need a toeless design if you don’t have any of the foot conditions.

comfort slippers with arch support

Slip-on design or clog slipper design?

What design do you prefer? The slip-on design is always the best if you have foot conditions such as sweaty feet and foul odors. This is because it allows free circulation of air, and on the other hand, a clog slipper design may not provide adequate breathability; therefore, it may not be good for sweaty feet. However, if you don’t have any foot conditions, you may need to consider a clog slipper design.

Is it suitable for flat feet?

When we talk of a flat foot, a pair with arch support should be your chief consideration. Since you need something that can relieve your feet’ stresses while providing cushioning against pain development. Therefore, it will allow you to spend time while on your pair. If you have flat feet, I can assure you that various brands can accommodate your needs.

Do you use it for the bedroom or bathroom?

It is essential to consider your place of use before purchasing one since they are equipped with varying features based on place of use. For instance, a bathroom pair is always designed with water-resistant material and quick-drying, but they may lack such features as a bedroom pair. So, if you use a bedroom pair for your bathroom, it will easily wear.

Can it be used for all seasons or winter or summer only?

These best women’s house slippers with arch support are always constructed for summer, winter, or both, hence giving various choices. How can you determine the suitable one? We recommend that you choose a pair that will serve you in both the winter and summer seasons. This will cut your expenses as you may not need extra pairs.


Best Comfort Women’s Slippers with Arch Support Reviews

1. Best for summer: Crocs Women’s Capri V Flip Flop Sandals

Women's Capri V Flip slippers

If you are looking for the best brands, then be sure to add these pairs to your list.

Durable and stylish design

Crocs women’s flip flop sandals come in a unique style and durable construction. It is characterized by a durable sole and hence can withstand harsh summer conditions.


They have a lightweight design that makes them easy to walk around with, and their relaxed fitting outshines most of the market brands.


It also features a foam footbed to cushion your feet, same case to deep heel cut; hence could be the best option to consider.

Similarly, its design works well with any outfit; therefore, you don’t need to worry about your outfit.

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2. Best for foot support: Vionic Relax Slipper with Orthotic Insole Arch Support, Soft House Shoes for Ladies

Women's Indulge Relax Slipper

If you need a pair that offers adequate support at every step you make, then you need to consider this brand.


It features a durable construction hence an extended lifespan. it is characterized by a hard outsole and hence can withstand rougher terrains.

Perfect fitting and comfort

What I like most about this brand is its adjustable hook and loop strap, allowing you to vary their size, hence offering a perfect fit for your feet. Similarly, the natural curve construction keeps your feet comfortable and offers support. Actually, you need to try this brand.

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3. Best for plantar fasciitis: Isotoner Women’s Terry Hoodback Clog Slippers with Soft Memory Foam

Women's Cozy Terry Hoodback Clog Slipper

Arch support

If you want a pair with arch support, you don’t have to worry; this brand has a multilayer EVA arch support that adds features to cushioning and comfortability.

Anti-slip outsole

It is equipped with a durable outsole with a bottom anti-skid texture to prevent you from slipping.

Good cushioning

Memory foam cushioning helps relieve your feet’ stresses and absorbs the impacts; therefore, you may not feel any pain or discomfort while on this pair.

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4. Best for flat feet: Isotoner Women’s Terry Slip-on Clog Slipper for Indoor/Outdoor Comfort

Women's Terry Slip on Clog Slipper

Arch support

If you have flat feet, I can guarantee you that these can be your best slippers since it has good arch support and provides adequate stability.

High density cushioning

It also features a memory foam cushioning that absorbs the impact hence providing adequate comfort that everyone would want to enjoy.


It is equipped with a durable rubber sole and hence can be favorable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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5. Best in moccasin for indoor and outdoor use: Vionic Women’s Indulge Mule Slipper

Women's Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper

Both indoor and outdoor use

Having a favorable pair for indoor and outdoor use can be interesting since you may not need to change whenever you want to walk outdoor.

Durable outsole

It is characterized by a durable sole that can withstand harsh weather conditions and hence have a longer lifespan.

Foot support

It offers adequate support, and its contoured footbed provides amazing comfort to your feet.

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Tips on Wearing Slippers with Arch Support

It is wise to equip yourself with the wearing tips to enjoy the comfort that comes with these types of slippers. These tips are;

• If your pair of slippers with arch support has support additions, always remove them when you want to insert orthotics.
• Your pair should fit comfortably on your feet. Avoid forcing your feet into it as it may cause foot pain and other conditions.
• Always ensure that your slippers with arch support are dry before wearing. So, wear your pair if they are still wet as it may cause foot conditions and a foul odor.
• Don’t squeeze your feet in it; always give an allowance so that it can allow air circulation and temperature regulation.


When looking for the best women’s house slippers with arch support, please pay attention to the considerations that we have discussed. You can also compare the brands that we have reviewed, and I can guarantee an amazing pair that won’t disappoint you.