Best Women’s Outdoor Slippers Reviews

Someone may wonder if there exists a difference between women’s slippers or indoor and outdoor women’s slippers. And the answer is yes. This article is going to provide you with information that will help you make the best choice when buying slippers for women. The article includes:

  • Can I wear indoor slippers outdoors?
  • Types of slippers that are commonly used outdoors
  • How to pick the best one?
  • Best reviews

Let’s dive in!

Can I Wear Indoor Slippers Outdoors?

The answer here is a “yes” or a “no”, it all depends on the type of slipper and features. Generally, slippers are designed for indoor uses, but they are not restricted to go outdoors. Some slippers are designed only for indoors, while others are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These two slippers have different features.

– Features of indoor slippers

indoor slipper features

1. Thick soft lining

Indoor slippers feature a thick soft lining for exclusive comfort and warmth.

2. Design

Most indoor slippers have a simple design. They are not designed for fashion, unlike outdoor slippers. However, they are still stylish.

3. Lightweight

Indoor slippers have a lightweight construction to help relax the tired feet.

4. Slip-on closure

For easy use, most indoor slippers feature a slip-on or slide closure design.

5. Anti-slip sole

Indoor slippers are designed with slip-resistant outsoles to prevent slipping or sliding.


– Features of outdoor slippers

features of outdoor slippers

1. Waterproof

Most outdoor slippers are waterproof making them ideal for those wet areas, icy roads during winter, and wet grass. Some have waterproof soles while others have both waterproof upper and soles.

2. Durable rubber sole

Outdoor slippers feature long-lasting rubber soles. These slippers are designed to step on hard floors including roads, therefore, durability is paramount.

3. Anti-slip bottom

Outdoor slippers boast anti-slip sole bottoms. This is to ensure perfect grip on different terrains and surfaces.

4. Closed back

Most outdoor slippers feature a closed-back design, unlike the slip-on design in indoor slippers. This is ideal for ensuring a secure fit all the time.


– What features of slippers can be used indoors and outdoors?

Despite the differences between the two, there are features ideal or found in both indoor and outdoor slippers. They include:

1. Anti-slip bottom

Both indoor and outdoor slippers require slip-resistant bottoms. You need to be safe always. You can slide on both indoor and outdoor floors and surfaces.

2. Lining

Both slippers require a soft lining for versatile comfort and warmth.

3. Waterproof

This is also important in both indoor and outdoor uses. You don’t need to have your feet wet at any time unless taking a shower.

4. Lightweight

Slippers are meant for relaxing and comfort. Generally, slippers are designed with lightweight construction, unlike shoes.


– How about slippers with outdoor soles?

Slippers with outdoor soles are designed for outdoor uses only, however, some can be used on some indoor floors. Outdoor soles are designed for stepping or rough surfaces and usually have a rough bottom that can destroy those fluffy carpets, hence not ideal for indoor use. Generally, avoid using slippers with outdoor soles indoors.


Best Women’s Outdoor Slippers Reviews:

1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Slippers With Indoor/Outdoor Sole

Jessica Simpson Women’s Slippers are high-quality slippers designed with exclusive comfort in mind. The following are some of the major features.

winter slippers outdoor

– Comfort

Comfort and style are all you need when buying a shoe. These slippers are designed in a construction that allows a perfect fit, while the fully lined fleece provides you with added warmth and feet relaxation. They are also machine washable, hence, easier to clean.

– Sole

Jessica Simpson Women’s Slippers feature a durable synthetic sole with anti-slip bottom. The sole also has heart shapes all around as well as the brand logo for extra style. The bottom is textured to provide an excellent grip to avoid sliding. The high-quality sole is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

– Style

This is a casual slipper featuring a cozy cable knit design which makes it very classic. It also comes in several colors including cream, pink, black, charcoal, and more.

– Lightweight

Jessica Simpson Women’s Slippers features a lightweight construction for extra comfort and relaxation. It weighs 10.55 ounces.

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2. Jessica Simpson Micro Suede Slipper Shoe

magellan slippers womens

Jessica Simpson Micro Suede Slipper is another versatile women’s slipper from the Jessica Simpson brand. The slipper shoe is a high-quality indoor and outdoor slipper with versatile features.

– Anti-slip sole

Jessica Simpson Micro Suede Slipper features an anti-slip sole designed for great safety and durability. The sole is made of quality synthetic rubber ideal for both indoors and outdoors, thus long-lasting. The anti-slip bottoms provide excellent grip to prevent slipping.

– Style

Being a women’s slipper, it features a fluffy clog style for a classic look. The style balances between indoor and outdoor moccasin styles. It also features a fluffy white foam around the opening.

– Memory foam

Jessica Simpson Micro Suede Slipper features a thick memory foam that provides excellent cushioning and comfort. The cushioning also aids in adding support.

– Ease of use

This slipper is designed for easy care and maintenance. It can be washed using hands or a machine. Use cold water to hand clean then air dry. For easier use, the slipper is also machine washable.

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3. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Slippers with Faux Fur Collar

outdoor indoor slippers

For those who love a fuzzy style, then this is your slipper featuring memory foam and faux fur collar.

– Style

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Slippers is a classic slipper featuring a moccasin-like slip-on clog. The slipper also has an open back to allow air circulation. It also features a fluffy faux fur that forms a plush lining, which is moisture-wicking and skin-friendly.

– Memory foam and comfort

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Slippers are designed for extra comfort. It features a high-density memory foam that hugs your feet softly for relaxing comfort. It also features a super EVA insole cushioning molded to comfortably fit the foot curves. This makes the slipper very comfortable, as well as adding support.

– Lining

This slipper features fluffy faux fur lining that provides a plush touch. The lining is also moisture-wicking and skin-friendly which creates a comfy feeling.

– Rubber sole

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Slippers boasts a durable rubber sole designed for both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight and comfortable sole make it the perfect women’s footwear. The sole is also slip-resistant and waterproof for extra safety.

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4. ChayChax Waterproof Slippers

women's indoor outdoor slippers with arch support

There are times you require waterproof slippers, especially during winter. ChayChax Waterproof Slippers are the best option you need to have covered.

– Waterproof

The material construction has been approved for the safety tests and hence non-toxic. It features a quality EVA upper which is water-resistant, rendering the shoe waterproof.

– Multi-purpose

ChayChax Waterproof Slippers are designed for indoor and outdoor uses during winter, as well as garden clogs, hence multi-purpose. You can use these slippers while cleaning the house, on wet grass, gardening, and more.

– Warm thick lining

It features a plush fleece lining which is very soft and comfortable. The lining wraps your foot softly for exclusive comfort while adding extra warmth.

– Anti-skid sole

ChayChax Waterproof Slipper is made of a high-quality sole. The sole is slip-resistant hence no sliding or slipping. The outsole is professionally built to provide great stability and traction in different terrains.

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5. Jessica Simpson Super Soft Bootie Slippers

womens boot slippers with outdoor soles

– Design and Style

Jessica Simpson Bootie Slippers features a stylish bootie design new from the Cloudsteppers. The slippers boast a fresh knit textile on the upperside that matches the footbed. This bootie slipper is ideal for a barbeque, beach, or even running errands. The boot is suede-like with faux fur at the ankle.

– Memory foam

Jessica Simpson Bootie Slippers features a memory foam designed with ultimate technology to provide you with optimal comfort and support. It boasts a thick cushion-like inner lining for exclusive comfort.

– Anti-skid sole

Jessica Simpson Bootie Slippers has made it possible for you to walk on icy roads or wet surfaces without the fear of sliding. The boot slipper has a slip-resistant synthetic sole that ensures great stability without sliding.

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6. CLPP’LI Slip-on Fluffy Fur Suede Slippers

dearfoam indoor outdoor slippers

– Design

The CLPP’LI Fluffy Suede Slippers boasts a stylish feminine design with 100% suede material construction. The slipper utilizes a slip-on design for easy use. It also features a fluffy faux fur inner lining as well as around the ankle, while the open back allows airflow.

– Lining

The CLPP’LI Fluffy Suede Slippers feature a warm faux fur lining that hugs your feet warm and softly for excellent comfort. The slipper also boasts a faux fur trim. The warm lining makes the slipper ideal for cold or winter seasons.

– Rubber sole

The CLPP’LI Fluffy Suede Slippers boasts a synthetic rubber sole that perfectly matches the suede upper material. The rubber sole is also resistant to slipping for extra safety.

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7. Koolaburra by UGG Lezly Slipper

best women's outdoor slippers

– High-quality

Talking of women’s footwear, the name UGG comes at the top: UGG is a famous brand name known for producing high-quality footwear. Koolaburra by UGG Lezly Slipper is made of high-quality 100% suede, faux fur, and wool lining, and rubber sole, therefore, rest assured of a high-quality product.

– Design

The Koolaburra by UGG Lezly Slipper boasts a moccasin-like design with a closed back and no straps. It has a suede upper and a rubber sole matching the upper side. On the inside, the slipper features wool and faux fur lining.

– Dimensions

The slipper comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different people. The shoe shaft size has an approximate measurement of the ankle height from the arch. It weighs 9 ounces.

– Rubber sole

The Koolaburra by UGG Lezly Slipper boasts a durable rubber sole designed for both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight and comfortable sole make it the perfect women’s footwear. The sole is also slip-resistant for extra safety.

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8. Dearfoams Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slipper

indoor outdoor slipper boots

– Design

Dearfoam is another top-leading footwear brand, hence expect something worth the money. Dearfoams Rebecca Velour Slipper features a closed design ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is built with a lightweight material construction for relaxing the tired feet. It also has a flower on top of the slipper to add style and enhance uniqueness.

– Comfort

For excellent comfort, the slipper is lightweight and features a plush velour upper. Dearfoams Rebecca Velour Slipper also features a comfy velour lining and footbed from the Dearfoams signature embroidery, which ensures maximum comfort. The DF Adapt also ensures no sweating, thereby keeping your feet dry and cozy. For extra comfort, the slipper boasts a memory foam cushioned insole.

– Ease of use

Dearfoams Rebecca Velour Slipper features a user-friendly simple design, which makes a perfect option after a long day. It features an easy on/off design, with a perfect fit. The silhouette is machine washable making it easy to clean and maintain freshness.

– Sole

Dearfoams Rebecca Velour Slipper consists of a durable slim rubber sole. The sole is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning that you don’t have to keep changing your slippers any time you move outside. The rubber sole has excellent traction on different terrains.

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Types of Slippers That Are Commonly Used Outdoors

women outdoor slipper features

– Moccasin slipper

A moccasin slipper is a shoe slipper with closed toes and back, usually made of soft leather on each side and stitched together on the upper side. Some have fluffy lining along the ankle. They are lightweight and ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

– Boots slipper

A boots slipper is a type of slipper with a boot-like design. These slippers are mostly loved by women. They have a soft rubber sole and fluffy soft lining. They are ideal for the cold and winter seasons.

– Ballerina slippers

Ballerina slippers are lightweight slippers with a simple design. It is made of soft textile or fabric and thin soles. They can have open toes or partly open toes with an elastic strap.

– Slide slipper

A slide outdoor slipper is an open back and/or an open-toe slipper that is easy to slide on and off. They are lightweight and similar to most indoor slippers.


How to Pick the Best Women’s Outdoor Slippers?

– For winter

The best women’s outdoor slipper should have a thick lining made of memory foam or wool for providing adequate warmth. The slipper should also be waterproof to prevent the feet from water and cold. It should also have fewer openings and slip-resistant.

– For summer

Unlike the winter season when everyone needs warmth, the summer season requires better airflow. Outdoor slippers for summer should have a soft thin lining for comfort, more openings, and breathable. They should also be lightweight, backless, and slide-on design.

– What materials determine to be comfortable?

Generally, there are several materials used for comfort in women’s outdoor slippers. They include:

1. Fuzzy

A fuzzy material is a soft material mostly fleece used to make a cozy inner lining. This is a soft material and holds your feet comfortably. It is the softest.

2. Fur

Fur is another comfortable and warm material used to make women’s outdoor slipper lining. Faux and fur are most common in women’s slippers for winter. They are very warm and cozy.

3. Sheepskin

Sheepskin is a type of wool material. Just like fur, it is very warm and comfortable. It is also soft and used to make the lining and cushioning.

– Is it waterproof?

Waterproof is a crucial feature to check while choosing the best. This feature is important depending on your intended purpose. Waterproofing is mostly important for winter and wet areas. On the other side, you don’t require a waterproof slipper for relaxing on the patio or backyard.

– Slip-on or clog?

These two designs are most ideal in different ways. Generally, they are both easy to wear. Slip-on slippers are most ideal for summer and people with sweaty feet. Clog slippers are the most ideal for cold seasons and non-sweaters.

– What brands to choose from?

1. UGG

UGG is one of the top leading brands in the footwear industry. The brand is known to produce quality footwear for both men and women, therefore, be assured of high-quality women’s outdoor slippers. They use different materials which are high-quality and long-lasting

2. Dearfoam

Dearfoam is another exclusive footwear brand known for producing indoor and outdoor footwear for both genders. Dearfoam produces high-quality slippers designed for comfort, relaxation, and style.



In conclusion, the above article has provided various information about women’s slippers for both indoor and outdoor uses, as well as a review of the best women’s slippers. The above slippers are the slippers you need for excellent comfort. Just visit the nearest store and place your order.