How to Knit Slippers Quickly Even For Beginners?

Woolen or knit slippers serve to keep our feet warm in the cold winter months. It is only a matter of fairness thus to know how to knit one for yourself. We would like to help you get started. To do this, we shall take you through the steps of how to knit slippers. Our instructions below endeavor to belabor the following points:

  • Basic Information You Must Know Before Knitting
  • 30 Ideas on Knitting Patterns
  • Detailed And Simple Steps on Knitting Slipper Boots and Socks

how to learn knitting slippers for beginners

Is It Easy for Beginners to Knit Slippers?

YES, it is!

A beginner need not necessarily sew complicated slipper patterns.

Thus, this procedure is largely easier for such a person to comprehend and subsequently bring to fruition. Moreover, it may also be used as a means of beating boredom and bringing about excellent fun.


How Long Does It Take to Knit Slippers?

Approximately 2 hours.

But then again the precise duration of time taken to knit the slippers depend largely on the level of skill of the concerned person, the patterns he intends to actualize, and the thickness of the wools used to carry out the knitting.


Knitting Tips Before Starting

  • Before embarking on knitting, you have to adhere to these tips:
  • Purchase cheap plain yarns
  • Make use of the video tutorials
  • Purchase your needs strategically
  • Be mindful of the tension of the yarn
  • Get to know the basic stitching abbreviations and terminology


How to Knit Slipper Boots For Beginners Step By Step?

The steps below will surely help with knitting your slipper boots:

  1. Gather and prepare the knitting supplies
  2. Cast the thread on the needles
  3. Commence the task of stitching
  4. Repeat the pattern a couple of times till you get the right ends
  5. Form the toes, the ankles, and the lower feet
  6. Finish the toe and sew the front to the back


How to Knit Slipper Socks Easily?

Follow these steps to knit the slipper socks:

  1. Gather your essentials and materials
  2. Cast the thread on your needles
  3. Knit across all the rows
  4. Knit the stitches onto the double-pointed needles
  5. Knit in the round
  6. Bind off the constituent parts
  7. Round it up by closing the toes and the heel opening


30 Ideas on Simple Knitting Patterns

We now explain 30 ideas on simple knitting patterns you may wish to try out:

U-Turn Slippers Free Knitting Pattern

u turn knit slippers

This is mainly a colorful pattern that is largely designed to bring forth some color and vitality to the slippers. Choose to make use of it if you similarly desire some color and overall great looks. It is also quite simple to get started on for beginners compared to the others.

Knitted Lilac Slippers Free Pattern

knit slippers for old persons

Love and cherish flowers? You may wish to attempt your luck on this knitted lilac slippers free pattern. It mimics the lilac flowers and is hence also capable of bringing along some beauty for you. Most importantly, it does have some breathtaking ambiances when beheld with the eyes.

Pocketbook Slippers Free Pattern

pocketbook slippers knitting

As its name suggests, this one folds into some pocketbook. This in turn makes it small enough to carry around as need be. What does that mean? The pattern is largely applicable for you if you intend to carry your slippers and deploy the same to far off locations.

Army Marches Slippers Free Pattern

how to knit slipper

Fancy matters of the military? You might have to attempt your fate on this specific pattern. As the name suggests, it takes the shape and the form of the army. Thus it can be a good gift for mens or kids. Also, the pattern brings along some beribboned decorations that draw their inspiration from the little women.

Knitted Cloud Slippers Free Pattern

free patten ideas

If you are mainly engaged or preoccupied with matters of great comfort, this could as well be the pair to consider setting your eyes on. It is cozy and warm in the same breath. That is not to mention the elegant appearance that it also brings forth when beheld with the eyes.

Cloud Slippers

how to knit slipper socks

The pattern comes in handy when you happen to that someone who loves and cherishes nature. It is only the whole pretty easy and folds also conveniently. Adding to all these, the pattern also bears some tight seams from the toe to the heels for airtight packaging.

Slippers for Him

how to knit slippers for him

Have a special male loved one? Pick and dedicate this special patter for him. From its name, you can straight away tell that it is meant for the male wearer. In a nutshell, the pair is available in varied styles and sizes options for you to pick from. Then, most travelers have also found it quite comfy.

Kwiki Slippers

lilac slippers knitting

Lacking any prior expertise or experience? You might have to set your eyes on this specific pair. It is on the whole easy, fast, and seamless to make. Most starters in the matters of knitting in fact choose to commence their knitting here. The design is also quite awesome to behold on the whole.

Easiest Garter Stitch Slippers

how do you knit slippers

Other than the fact of facilitating your steps and walks, slippers may also serve gifting purposes. To that end, you may have to choose a pattern that is exclusively meant for the matters of stitching. Look up to none other than this one. It mainly serves decorative ends and thus fits the bill.

Mystery Slippers

how to knit mystery slippers

Yet again if you love colors, you may wish to try the mystery slippers out. These slippers are better made by the multicolored yarns. Stemming from this is the fact also that they mainly serve decorative ends. What’s more? They are also easy enough for a starter to tackle them.

Moonkoosa Boots

knit good looking slippers

Though slippers are primarily meant to provide protection to the feet, it is not uncommon for them too to stretch all the way to the ankle and the lower legs. The Moonkoosa Boots are intended wholly for the realization of that end. They come in a variety of styles and patterns for household wearing or even outdoors.

Desert Boots Slippers

how to knit easy slippers

Planning to ply a desert or an extremely arid place? Attempt the desert boots slippers. As the name suggests, this kind of pattern is largely intended to take on the dry areas with an absolute degree of precision. In their core is the flat and straight needle structural makeup.

Easy Peasy Slippers

how to knit grandma slippers

Sometimes it could mainly be that you want to cover the top part of your feet. For such an end, you need this similarly straightforward design and pattern. It comes about in a long strip that folds atop the foot. All its seams are wholly closed to yield forth maximum insulation.

Ribby Slippers

ribby slippers knitting skills

This is the pattern to go for if your pair of slippers is to serve the needs of an entire family. The pattern features a ribbing atop the pair that works in conjunction with the ribbed cuffs. Setting this pattern apart from the others is its suitability for the male, female, children, and youth alike.

Simple Garter Stitch Slippers

how to learn simple garter slippers knitting

Just by reading the designation of this pattern, you can straight away tell that it is simple to make and bring to fruition. It features some simplified garter stitches and seams. Its exterior on the other hand features the neat crocheted finishing. Most people who have attempted it have found it to be convenient.

Two-hour Toe-up Slippers

how to knit toe-up slippers for beginners

In order that you may accrue some comprehensive coverage of the feet toes through to the lower legs, you have to settle for a pattern that is similarly comprehensive. This might be the one you may have to look up to. It makes use of bulky yarns to cover the entire lower leg regions.

Cozy Toes Booties

how to knit slipper socks for beginners

Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! This is the major selling point of this pattern. It is largely employed for safeguarding the feet of the small baby from the ambient colds that come about in the winter months. This notwithstanding, the pattern is also comparatively simpler to come by.

Patchwork Slippers

how to knit patchwork slipperse

This pattern mainly aims at bringing together disparate clothing and other pieces of artwork together. To do this, it patches them jointly in one monolithic pattern or end result. A typical pattern of this kind may bring along 6 squares of the moss, rib, and the stockinette ends.

Manitobah Slippers

old person slipper knitting patterns

The Manitoba pattern comes about in a worked flat fabric that also features the foldback cuffs. These are complemented by the short-row heels. It also sizes to meet the specific needs of the men and the women alike regardless of their shoe or foot sizes.

Slippers for Her

colorful knitted slippers

Just as is the case of the ‘Slippers for Him,’ this one is designated for the female wearers. It comprises a host of patterns and decorative gears that are used to enhance the decorative values thereof. Then again, it comes about in many size options, suitable for grandma, children and adults alike.

Flat Knit Slippers

simple steps on knitting slippers

There is no point in overburdening yourself with a pair that is large and weighty if your feet are weak. Not when you have this flat knit pattern of this kind. Apart from being flat, the pattern is also seamed tightly at the joints to prevent the seepage of the cold to the feet.

Family Slippers

how to knit baby slippers

Intending to meet the needs of an entire family? You have the family slippers pattern to look up to. To make it up, you will need two strands of yarn. Then, in the course of its makeup, you will have to work it flat and seal it firmly at the joints.

Easy Square Slippers

how to knit phentex slippers

Coming in the shape of a square, this pattern is mainly designed and intended for matters of absolute comfort. It starts off with some two squares that join along the two sides to the toe closure. You may, if you so wish, add some squares to the heel, sole, and sides, later on.

Seed Stitch Slippers

women's seed stitch slippers knitting guides

Different patterns have different capabilities. This is the one that is meant and intended for the super bulky yarn. It has a way of spinning this yarn conveniently in such a way as to generate the necessary awesome stitching pattern. Need we add that it also comes in many sizes and shapes?

Nola’s Slippers

slipper boots knitting

Nola’s pattern is a unisex idea that serves the interests of the males and the females alike. It employs two strands of yarn that are worsted together to form one monolithic fabric. Many people who have attempted it have noted that it is easy to undertake.

Time-off Slippers

time-off slippers knitting

Slippers are intended for varying purposes. In case it may be that you want to put on yours to take some time off duty, you need to use a special pattern for that end. This one that is cuffed and knit flat might be a great one to lay your hands on.

Easy Tesha Slippers

how to knit mens slippers

Putting on the pair of slippers in and of itself is sometimes not enough. You need to go beyond that to even add some décor and lacing. Only by you choosing a pattern that is specially designed such as this may you accrue that end. In its core, it bears some flat knit that joins the toe to the ground.

Non-felted Slippers

steps on knitting non-felt slippers

Originally designed by Yuko Nakamura, this design is mainly relevant to the super bulky yarns. It bears some strong seams at the joints as well. Though using tough and bulky yarns, the pattern is simpler to make and come by. It does not require too elaborate steps and procedures.

Striped Slippers Knitting Pattern

how to knit striped slippers

Perhaps no other pattern gives you the leeway to blend many colors in one packaging as this one. It lets you work with two colors at a time well. Due to its availability in both English and Russian languages, the pattern also confers some convenience when working your way.

Better Dorm Boot Slipper Pattern

how to knit slippers with straight needles

Of all the patterns we have around, this happens to bear the super snuggly design metric of all. For this reason, it may be the one you may have to choose to fit the needs of many wearers per given time. Nonetheless, it is somewhat slightly complicated to tackle and bring to fruition.


Our subject matter of how to knit slippers comes to an end there. We now trust that you have what it takes to actualize this task well. How about you going ahead to make this ends well? We care and wish well for you throughout your endeavors!