7 Best UGG Slippers for Men – According to Our Tests

Comfortable footwear is just not a luxury. It’s often normal for most folks to put up with poor craftsmanship, improper fit as well as inferior materials to save some dollars. However, that could be costly more than most of them could realize.

Buying quality footwear, especially from a reputable manufacturer guarantees comfort as well as value for your money as it will last long. It’s for that reason that UGG slippers make the best choice for men.

If you’re looking for the best UGG slippers, then you’re in the right place.


Our Top Pick:

#1. Most Comfort – Koolaburra Tipton Men’s UGG Slipper

“Soft Cozy Slippers are Perfect to Wear Everyday.”

#2. Best Design – UGG Men’s Olsen Slipper with 100% Cow Suede

Men’s Moccasin Style Slipper – Top Quality Suede with Sheepskin Interior.”

#3. Most Durable – UGG Men’s Kenton Slipper with Sheepskin Lining

“Slippers with the Most Durable Material – Can Use Much More Time.”

#4. Most Luxurious – UGG Men’s Dex Slip-On Shoe with 95% Wool and 5% Polyester

The suede upper exudes luxury.”

#5. Best Characteristics – UGG Men’s Neuman Clog with 100% Suede

“Unique, Beautiful and Comfortable – the First Choice for Walking.”

#6. Most Stylish – UGG Cooke Camo Slip-On Loafer for Men

“Lightweight and Flexible Eva Outsole Collapsible Heel – Give your feet a cloud-like feeling.”

#7. Best Quality – UGG Men’s Byron with Rubber Sole

“The Textured Bottom Grips the Floor Preventing You from Sliding to Feel Secure and Sturdy.”


What are the Benefits of Wearing Ugg Slippers?

One thing is for sure, ugg footwear offers high craftsmanship as well as quality materials. Moreover, they are comfortable to wear and durable which will offer several years of loyal service.

Furthermore, ugg slippers for men can be found in a plethora of styles, and various sizes, meaning that you can’t miss getting the one that will fit you.

Ugg slippers provide comfort and warmth. Also, they can help to protect the feet from some minor injuries resulting from walking in the house without them. Their sole provides traction that prevents falls around the house.


Are UGG Slippers for Men Worth Buying?

This one is a no-brainer!! Perhaps, if you’re looking for men’s slippers, ugg should be your first choice brand. They’re worth every penny. Imagine starting a day treating your feet with the softest, most comfortable, and shearling-lined slippers. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to deny the fact that ugg slippers for men are all you want.

They’re worth purchasing as you can primarily use them for both outdoor and indoor activity; ideally, it’s a very versatile pair.

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Men’s Ugg Slippers Materials to Consider

Ugg slippers are made from various materials, and hence you can choose the material that suits your needs. While the inside of your ugg slippers could be having all the comfort that you desire the outside could be made from suede, sheepskin, cotton blend, knit, nylon, leather, or another material.

All these materials are used to meet the needs of the customer and they’re all excellent to have as they are durable and aesthetically fantastic. The bottom line is you’ll have to choose what makes you happy.

For instance, cotton material will keep the warmth while it provides a breathable atmosphere. On the other hand, wool will surely keep the toes toasty even if the temperatures vary.

Therefore, whether you’re after cozy ugg slippers or something to take you through the summer, ensure that you consider warm materials or even moisture-wicking fabrics. That way, you’ll enjoy the comfort at your feet.


How to Choose the Best UGG Slippers for Men?

Before you buy your ugg slippers, you should ensure that you have done enough research to help you purchase the right model.

There’re several styles of ugg slippers on the market and come up with the best, here’s what you’re supposed to consider;

Purpose of Use

You should first start by asking yourself, where are you intending to use them? There’re those that are specifically used indoors, while others are used outdoors, and others can be used for both scenarios.

Therefore, you should define your needs before settling on any given model.

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Usually, most UGG slippers for men are made from animal-based materials such as suede, leather, and UGGpure wool, sheepskin, meaning they have extended durability than their counterparts from synthetic materials.

Ideally, the type of material used will determine the comfortableness of the slipper.

Therefore, ensure that you should a material that’s soft and comfortable. For instance, wool provides a breathable atmosphere and will keep you warm.


You’ll have to choose also the type of style that you want. Do you want slip-on slippers or those that require pulling? Also, in this category, you’ll have to consider the conditions of the weather and where you may want to use the slippers.

For instance, the slip-on style ideally offers less protection from elements and hence is best suited for summer months.

On the other hand, those that you can pull on help to keep the feet warmer and make them the best deal during the winter months.


Your budget can also determine the type of ugg slippers that you can buy. For instance, there are those that are cheap while others are expensive.

Therefore, you’ll consider where your pocket fits. Moreover, you may want to consider the luxury types of slippers, but it all comes to your pocket capabilities.

UGG Men Slippers Clearance

There’s no denying that UGG men’s slippers are somehow expensive footwear that requires you to be careful when dealing with them.

There’s a plethora of them in the market and you’ll surely find a pair that fits your needs without having to struggle.

Moreover, they’ll be readily available in various stores in all various sizes to all styles for all conditions. While handling them, you have to remember that most of the ugg slippers are made from high-quality materials, whereby most of them do not require dry cleaning.


Best UGG Slippers for Men Reviews

There are several models of ugg slippers that you can purchase, but here are the best-reviewed to make your work a walk in the park;

1. Most Comfort: Koolaburra Tipton Men’s UGG Slipper

Are you looking for ugg slippers that will handle your lazy Sunday mornings? The Koolaburra Tipton is the one for you. Here are some of its features;


It’s one of the best models that offer extreme comfort thanks to the faux fur lining as well as the plush lining.


This model will surely serve you for an extended period as it’s made from long-lasting materials such as suede upper and the synthetic sole.


Your dressing just received a boost. The Koolaburra is a stylish model that fits most the dressing styles.

Moreover, it’s a slip-on type, meaning you won’t have to worry about putting it on and it’s the best for both indoors and outdoors.

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2. Best Design: UGG Men’s Olsen Slipper with 100% Cow Suede

Do you want your feet to thank you for taking good care of them? Olsen slipper is all you need. Here’s what you get;


It’s arguably one of the best ugg designs available; moccasin style. It features soft slippers that provide your feet with the highly needed reprieve.


Quality is first-class. The materials used to make the model are of the highest quality. For instance, it’s 100% cow suede as well as a sheepskin interior.

Comfort and Durability

The sheepskin interior ensures that you get the most comfortable feeling. The rubber sole and the luxurious natural wool provide the foundation for durability. Moreover, the model is lightweight and the outsole rubber allows for outdoor and indoor use.

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3. Most Durable: UGG Men’s Kenton Slipper with Sheepskin Lining

Ease of Use

The Kenton slipper is one of the easiest models around that won’t give you any stress when putting on or even getting them off. The suede slip-on design with the soft heel counter makes it very easy to use.

Durable Material

For anything to be the best, it must be durable, and thanks to the material construction, the Kenton slipper is extremely durable. First, it features a synthetic sole, suede upper, and leather, which is known for durability.


Treadlite by UGG outsole and animal fur ensures that you get the maximum comfort that you can think about.

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4. Most Luxurious: UGG Men’s Dex Slip-On Shoe with 95% Wool and 5% Polyester

If you’re looking for a luxurious feel, then the Dex slip-on shoe is the one. Here’s what you can expect;


Little have you heard about a shoe with a water repellency treatment, right? Fortunately, the Dex slip-on ugg for men comes with that amazing feature. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about water spoiling your trip.


Any shoe that doesn’t offer comfort is not worth considering. However, this model features a cushioned wool insole that offers extreme comfort.


The design is amazing as it’s made from 5% polyester and 95% wool. Therefore, they are the materials that increase the durability of the shoe. Moreover, the rubber sole prolongs the lifespan of the shoe.

Furthermore, the model is pretreated to help repel stains as well as moisture. It also features a tread lite by UGG outsole.

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5. Best Characteristics: UGG Men’s Neuman Clog with 100% Suede

The Neuman clog is another recommendable ugg slippers for men with the best characteristics, for instance;

Ease of Use

The shoe features a silk suede upper that boosts the style as well as an easy slip-off and on the silhouette.


How about the genuine sheepskin lining that naturally wicks away the moisture to keep your feet warm? It has the most comfortable feeling thanks to the wool construction.


They are the type of shoes that you need for your indoors and outdoors relaxation. The model is lightweight and features a flexible EVA outsole.

Furthermore, they are durable thanks to the features such as synthetic soles as well as a cushioning foam insole.

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6. Most Stylish: UGG Cooke Camo Slip-On Loafer for Men

If you’re looking for a stylish ugg men’s slipper, then you don’t have to look beyond the Cooke Camo Slip-On Loafer.


The Cooke Camo is built to last as it’s constructed from 100% leather and textile. Its synthetic sole also plays part in its durability.

The model is also stylish thanks to the fact that it has riposte nylon and a camo upper.

Comfort and Lightweight

The model has a UGGpure wool insole that makes it very comfortable to wear. Its collapsible heel also increases the comfort of the shoe.

The slipper is also lightweight as well as has a flexible EVA outsole. Therefore, it means that you can use them comfortably for outdoor and indoor activities.

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7. Best Quality: UGG Men’s Byron with Rubber Sole

The Byron UGG for men slipper is another excellent stylish model. It comes with excellent features such as;

Quality Materials

The Byron slipper is made of leather that’s extremely durable and luxurious. It’s also fully lined with UGG pure and made from suede.


The Byron also has a comfortable feel thanks to the twin-face sheepskin lining. Moreover, it contains real fur that increases comfort and helps to keep you warm.


It’s also lightweight to ensure that you can wear it without any worry indoors. It’s suitable for all weather conditions.

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UGG Men Slippers Styles

Ugg men’s slippers come in a variety of series that you should be aware of before making your final selection. Whichever Ugg slippers you’ll choose will fall into the following styles;

Ascot Slipper

Ascot is one of the best ugg slipper styles for men in the current market. It features a loafer-like cut and a sophisticated look. Ideally, they’re enclosed shoes that are lined with some soft sheepskin to increase comfort as well as warmth.

Mostly, they’re made from either suede or leather and they have a plain panel on top of the instep.

Moreover, all ascot series have a rubber outsole just in case you might need to dash outside. This style can be worn even outside and its price ranges between $80 and $120.

They are the perfect fit for most men, especially across the house whenever you want. The plush cushioning, as well as fleece footbeds, make Ascot stand out.

Here is the Recommended Ascot Style Type Product

#UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

It features soft water-resistant suede as well as fully lined natural wool. Besides, it’s a dream slipper that you’ll want to wear just about anywhere thanks to the sturdy and durable rubber sole.

Also, the pair comes in whole sizes, which means that you’re guaranteed to get one that fits.

However, if your size falls between the sizes, then you might want to order ½ size up from your usual size.

They also feature a 17mm UGG-pure wool lining, and a 17mm UGG-pure wool insole with a molded rubber outsole. Therefore, if you’re looking for an Ascot-style slipper, then it has to be your top priority.

Tasman Slipper

Tasman is another popular UGG style that has found praise among most men. This slipper features a suede upper as well as an embroidered trim. Moreover, it has the popular buttery-soft sheepskin lining.

The most interesting thing about Tasman is that they can be worn both inside and outside. Moreover, their products are usually light and durable.

Also, they have a plush wool lining that’s crafted from suede and has an easy slip-on silhouette. In fact, you can even wear them to work if you like.

Most women might feel that Tasman ugg slippers are closely meant for them, but then they’re perfectly designed for both genders. Their price range is usually between $75 and $90.

Here are the Recommended Tasman Slippers

#1 UGG Men’s M Tasman Slipper

This is just more than a slipper. The upper part is made of flexible suede and it’s extremely durable, meaning that it will serve you for several years. It’s also lined fully with plush sheepskin. It’s built on a classic outsole that’s designed in such a way that you can use it as a shoe or a slipper.

#2 Woodmont Slippers

Perhaps a timeless outdoor slipper that features a stylish braided collar is one of the best products with a Tasman style. Just like a classic boot, this model has similar light as well as a durable outsole.

It features a lined in soft sheepskin with a Woodmont-print wool upper that’s best suited even when you move outside. Also, it has a wool insole and a foam footbed.

#3 Slip-On Slipper

The Tasman slip-on slipper is the perfect model that travels excellently outdoors. It features a light and durable outsole that you’re sure will provide you service for several years.

The model is also made from suede as well as features a plush wool lining. Moreover, the slip-on silhouette is very easy to work out with it and still be at your best.

Neumel Slipper

The Neumel slipper styles have a versatile look with a sheepskin lining. They’re one of the most durable models amongst the ugg slippers for men, and for that reason, they tend to cost a bit high; at a range between $110 and $130.

They’re a perfect model for men and can be worn in almost all conditions and are perfectly suited for the outdoors.

It features a suede upper, an ugg-pure lining that provides extreme comfort, and a rubber sole that enhances comfort and warmth.

Here are Some of the Recommended Products Under the Neumel Series

#1 Neumel Chukka Boot

Literally, Neumel is popularly known for its amazing soft wool lining. This model is essentially crafted from soft suede and is cushioned as well as durable. Moreover, it can pair with anything, and it’s a dream slipper for most men.

It’s 100% synthetic and features a rubber sole that helps to keep your feet comfortable and warmer. It features a foam footbed and a tread lite by ugg outsole that enhances comfort.

#2 Neumel Flex Boot

The item is built from supple suede with a sharp contrast sole that grounds this versatile model for men. Also, it’s fitted with a UGGplush lining, making it comfortable and soft to wear.

To ensure that it has a superior fit, the model features a smart elastic overlay. Besides, it comes in the whole size only, which means if you fall between sizes, you need to order the next size up.

Also, its upper is made from leather and textile, making it durable and stylish. It also has a rubber sole. The shaft measure exactly ankle-high from the arch.

#3 Neumel Waterproof Boot

This model is a waterproof full-grain leather with UGGpure lining. It has a cushioning foam insole featuring UGGpure wool lining that ensures that it naturally wicks away moisture.

Also, it has a seam-sealed waterproof construction with a 4-inch shaft height. Furthermore, for maximum traction and cushioning, it features tread lite by ugg outsole. It also has a synthetic sole.

Scuff Slipper

The scuff slipper has been designed exactly for your indoor use. In fact, it’s the favorite house slipper that you must consider.

Nights in and weekends are not complete without the scuff slippers. They have soft wool lining as well as an easy slip-on shape that won’t give hard time wearing.

It has a thin rubber sole that makes it ideal to be worn indoors. Moreover, to experience the warmth of this model, it’s recommended that you wear it on bare feet.

Also, it features a sheepskin insole, suede outside with an embossed tread design, and contains real fur from lamb or sheep. They can be worn by either men or women. Their price range is between $110 and $120.

Here’s the Recommended Scuff Slipper

# UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper

Its soft and cozy lining is from shearling or the plush UGGpure, which is entirely made from wool. Therefore, the slipper keeps the feet warm as well as comfortable irrespective of the weather.

It features a suede upper with a suede sole, excellent for men’s wear. The model is also durable thanks to the 100% UGG pure wool lining.


How to Take Care of UGG Men’s Slippers in Daily Life?

Men’s ugg slippers are a joy to wear thanks to the fact that they’re made from high-quality materials. Unfortunately, such best materials usually require some extra care.

Therefore, to ensure that you get the best and long life from your ugg slippers, here are some of the tips that you need to consider;

  • UGGs should not be machine washed. The ugg materials are delicate and hence should not be placed in any washing machine unless specified as machine washable.
  • Ugg footwear should not be dry cleaned.
  • You could clean and protect your slippers using the UGG protector or conditioner/cleaner as specified.
  • Some materials such as leather and sheepskin can be damaged permanently by water if you leave them wet for an extended period.
  • Storage is crucial; you need to store your ugg slippers in a cool and dry ventilated place.
  • Moreover, you should try as much to avoid heat as well as direct sunlight, fireplaces, as well as heating vents, which can be a hazard to your high-quality and class ugg slippers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Big or Small?

Perhaps, it’s normal that most shoes will usually fit true to your size at the beginning, but with time they become roomier. Also, with the ugg slippers, they will truly fit your size at the point of purchase.

However, over time, their inner area might begin to flatten as well as mold to fill the structure of your foot, and hence that makes them roomier and grow a bit in size, therefore, to avoid any bigger spaces, you need to find the best ugg slippers that’s tight enough to account for any space later during usage.

Can You Machine Wash Uggs?

Ugg slippers are made from high-quality materials that are very delicate to handle. In fact, most of them require extra care if you want to increase their lifespan and service. One of the things about UGG is that they’re not machine washable. Therefore, you should not machine wash your ugg unless specifically designated that you can wash, otherwise, they are not.

Why are Uggs so Expensive?

Ideally, UGGs can be very expensive, especially for the average person. Their prices can be anything between $50 up to $200. The reason why they tend to be so expensive is the fact that they use high-quality construction materials.

Moreover, such materials are mostly animal products that are not easily available. Besides, there have been cases from animal control organizations about the channels they obtain those animal products. Therefore, it’s because such materials make ugg slippers inevitably so expensive.

Can You Replace the Insoles of Uggs?

Just like most shoe types, you can replace a pair of ugg that has been worn down with a new pair of insoles. All you have to do is to order the replacement insoles that are readily available from the Ugg website.

However, it should be noted that not all ugg styles have replaceable insoles. Therefore, it means that you can’t replace all the insoles of all uggs. Before buying ensure that you double-check whether they can be replaced.

Insole replacement

• Use a butter knife and wedge its tip into the seam between the interior of your boot and the insole.
• Push the knife handle down and pry up the old insole. Do the same on the other ugg.
• Lower the new insole into the boot with the toe end first. Then push it all the way in while applying some pressure with the palm to flatten.
• You can now wear them and take some paces around to fully seat the insoles.

Recommended Insoles: UGG Men’s Sheepskin Insole

ugg men's warm insole

There’re plenty of insoles available that you can consider, but the recommended one is the sheepskin insole. The product is purely natural wool fiber, making it extremely soft and comfortable.

Also, it has a lasting cushion, and given that it’s a synthetic sole, it allows breathability as well as wicks away the moisture leaving your feet with comfort. In addition, it has a dual-density foam that helps step-in comfort.


With the Covid 19 pandemic, several folks had to work from home, and to ensure that their feet are comfortable; UGG slippers have the quality needed. For instance, they’re stylish, comfortable, durable, and lightweight, and they can prevent any possible accidents.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to say that UGG slippers for men can also be used for almost any occasion; therefore, it’s a no-brainer to purchase one.