How to Clean Cotton and Synthetic Fabric Slippers?

Slippers made of cotton or polyester fabrics; even if faux fur-lined, are either hand or machine washable.

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How to Clean Cotton and Synthetic Fabric Slippers?

how to clean cotton slippers


1. Clean the soles of the slippers

If the slippers have heavy soil on their soles, hit the slippers’ soles together to dislodge as much soil as possible, then use baby wipes or a damp cloth to remove the remaining dirt.

2. Stain pre-treatment

If the interior of the slippers has stains, whether food or soil stains. Take a heavy-duty detergent and apply it to the affected areas using either a soft-bristled brush or your fingers.

Let the detergent sit for about 20 minutes to effectively loosen the stains before you go to the next part.

3. Machine-washing

As earlier stated, cotton and synthetic fabric slippers are both hands and machine washable. In this instance, if you are machine washing the slippers, add them to similar colored clothes, then wash in warm water using your regular detergent at a regular cycle.

4. Hand-washing

If you opt to hand wash the slippers:

-Fill a sink with warm water.

-Add two tablespoons of heavy-duty detergent to the water.

-Put the slippers in the soapy solution and let them soak for twenty-five minutes to loosen the stains.

-Gently squeeze the soapy water through your slippers, then drain it off.

-Pour fresh water into the sink.

-Rinse your slippers using the freshwater till no more soap results. If the slippers are still soapy, feel free to change the water, and repeat the process.

-Press the excess water gently, then use a towel to absorb more water from the slippers.

5. Drying

With your slippers now clean, let them air dry. If you are worried about their shape, stuff a piece of cloth or polythene bag in them and let them dry.