Best Women’s Mule Slippers

Mule slippers were bedroom footwear for centuries until the present day, but due to its improved designation and change of style, it is no longer considered not only for bedroom purpose but also an outdoor outfit.

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Most comfortable leather materials flip flop slippers for workCoonek Women’s Mules Flip Flop Shoes

Soft shearling slippers with elegant design for indoor and outdoor – UGG Women’s Cozette Slipper

Memory foam slippers designed for stability and comfort – EverFoams Women’s Satin Memory Foam Arch Support Mule Slippers

Water-resistant scuff slippers with leather materials for winter – Dearfoams Women’s Water-Resistant Scuff Slipper

Breathable open toe slippers with dirt-resistance design – COFACE Women’s Sliders Plush Open Toe House Slippers

womens felt mule slippers

However, for women, mule slippers are not only indoor footwear but also part of their outfits for special occasions due to its stylish and elegant design of these mules possess.

Hence, the versatility and reliability of mule slippers for women would depend on many factors before purchasing them, which is the main subject in this article we will focus on.


How to Choose the Best Women’s Mule Slippers?

Below are some of the key factors you will consider when purchasing the best mule slippers for women. They include;

-What materials to choose

indoor outdoor mule leather slippers

The type of material used for construction is the key factor that you must consider because it determines its durability, maintenance, skin-friendliness, and comfort.

However, due to the availability of different materials, you can choose from which type of material is best for your needs due to the character they possess.

• Suede

Suede is obtained from the animal skin’s underside, making it soft and smooth leather material, but its toughness and rigidness depend on age and type of animal it is obtained from. Slippers made from suede materials are durable and require a lot of maintenance to serve you for a long time.


• Faux fur

Faux fur is typically synthetic fiber material knitted into a base material. The characteristics of slippers made from faux fur are that they are inexpensive, insulative, warm, pull off if well maintained. Slippers made from faux fur are easy to maintain; however, their durability depends on their maintenance and construction quality.


• Velvet

Velvet is a soft touch and shiny material luxuriously made from fibers with a breathable, smooth nap, medium moisture-wicking ability, and heat retention, and is highly breathable with low stretchability. Thus, making it a reliable material for the best slippers. However, they are delicate but easy to maintain.


• Cotton

Cotton material has a high moisture-wicking property; however, they suffer/wear out faster because they do not withstand outdoor conditions, making them suitable for indoor use. However, it works best for those who have sweaty feet but not recommendable for the winter season.


• Fur lined

Slippers made from animal fur are comfortable and easy to maintain because their soft feel, moisture-wicking ability, skin-friendly, offers good insulative and breathable property. However, they need a lot of care to prevent them from pulling off.


• Sheepskin

Slippers made from sheepskin material are soft, smooth, durable, do not attract dust or dirt easily, breathable, and insulative. Hence recommendable for summer and winter. Due to less dust and dirt attraction, they are easy to maintain but expensive to purchase.


-Hard sole or soft sole?

Depending on the need for your comfort and foot condition, you should choose a mule slipper with the right type of sole that will not affect your comfort.

  • The soft soles are lightweight, comfortable, and inexpensive but do not last long since they have little resistance to outdoor conditions.
  • While hard soles are comfortable, a bit bulky, durable, can withstand many outdoor conditions but are expensive.

Therefore, your decision entirely depends on the depth of your pocket and your need.


-Summer or winter

Climate change affects the temperature condition; thus, when choosing slippers, you should keenly consider the type of slipper designed for a specific season and would easily blend with the outfit for the present season. Therefore you should not settle for slippers meant for summer during the winter season because they will not offer warmth to your feet.

For summer, settle for a lightweight, breathable slipper, and a bit open for easy air circulation and vice versa for winter Mule slippers, but breathable.


-Open toe or toeless

Depending on your toe’s size and shape, the slipper designation of the toe also affects the comfort and fitting of the shoe. Therefore, you should pick the one with an appropriate toe design that would be easier to walk on, allow your toes to spread naturally, and will not restrict your toe mobility and comfortably fit your toes.


-Cheap or a luxury one

The cost and purpose determine the mule slipper’s comfort, reliability, and versatility. Therefore, it will cost you a lot of cash for a luxurious one, while for a regular one, it is cheaper. However, your choice depends on its purpose and your budget.


-Wide feet, narrow feet, or normal feet

Most slippers are standard designed for normal, which is easy to get. However, the shape and size of our toe affect the fitting. Therefore, when you choose a shoe, you keenly observe the toe box area’s size if your toe is narrow or wide.

Thus, for wide toe, you should settle for the ones with wide toe box, open toe, or wide fitting shoe.

For narrow feet, sharp toe or toeless is suitable for a perfect fit and comfortable.


-For bedroom or outdoors?

When choosing a shoe for bathroom purposes, you should pick a slipper with grips to ensure you will walk on the floor safely with minimal resistance to avoid slipping/skidding, and for outdoor also grips matters. Still, it should also be able to withstand outdoor conditions.


Best Women’s Mule Slippers Reviews

1. Thick Leather Materials: Coonek Women’s Mules Flip Flop Shoes For House and Work

ladies mule slippers for outdoors

If you have been looking for a pair of comfortable, durable, lightweight, and stylish mules to match with your outfits, Coonek Women’s flip flop mules would be the best choice for your needs. These mules also have a lot to offer, and you will not be disappointed due to the following reasons;

Its quality is excellent

Coonek is well crafted with 100% leather that can withstand tough conditions and features a pure anti-skid rubber sole that is friendly with multiple floors and durable.

It is stylish and comfortable

These slip-on loafers are flip flop designed to allow you to put on and take it off easily. Its back is styled with velvet embroidery, which perfectly highlights the beauty and elegance of a woman, making it perfect footwear for official outfits, cropped jeans, and pants. Besides, the pointy toe brings out the old fashion trend that makes you look sexy.

Guarantees stability and safety

Besides featuring an anti-skid sole, these mules have a 1-inch heel size that makes it easy to balance while walking on them.

Coonek Women’s Mules has all it takes and, it is available in different colors that would appease your mood and beauty for the whole day.

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2. With Shearling Design: UGG Women’s Cozette Slipper

sheepskin women slippers

Cozette slipper is also another lifestyle brand from UGG. Cozette slippers are one best slippers that will bring out the comfort, elegance, warmth, and confidence in you, making them reliable footwear for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

However, you need to know more about these slipper shoes before you purchase them. These include;

It offers excellent support and comfort

It features a Synthetic Treadlite outsole Technology that guarantees durability, lightweight anti-slippery designed for stability, flexibility, and compatibility with all types of floors.

Further, these slippers’ footbed is laid with sheepskin fur and cushioned to offer ultimate comfort with reduced weight impact to your arch, forefoot, and heels.

Elegant designed and warm-

The upper is made of dyed lamb fur that is 10mm thick to keep your feet warm, making it reliable footwear for both summer and winter. Besides, it is elegantly designed to match up with many outfits.

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3. Fluffy Slippers: EverFoams Women’s Satin Memory Foam Arch Support Mule Slippers

mule slippers for narrow feet

Satin Memory foam mule slippers represent an unbeatable sense of fashion, soft feel comfort, and a well-balanced design for stability. Besides being glossy on its outlook, what else makes these Mules unique?

It is reliable

The sturdy anti-skid sole is made from durable rubber, making it safer, secure, and friendly to walk on all surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor.

Besides, it features 70D high-density comfy memory foam added with 0.89” heel to reduce the stress of your feet and comfortably offers support to your feet.

Trendy and stylish design

The upper, sidelining, and footbed are designed with soft and glossy satin that makes it trendy and fashionable in appearance, compatible for all occasions, and skin-friendly.


These mules are flip-flop designed that allows you to slip on your feet, and you are on the go to attend your schedule.

For those who are into trending fashion footwear, these slippers would be the best gift for such people with a sense of fashion personality.

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4. Sheepskin Mule Slippers: Dearfoams Women’s Water-Resistant Scuff Slipper

women mule slippers with thick cushion

For those looking for a perfect Mule that would be versatile and reliable for outdoor and indoor use throughout the summer and winter season, these scuff slippers would be the best choice. However, this is not the only reason to spend your hard-earned money on it; further reasons include;

Long-lasting and friendly

The upper lining of these Mules is made from dyed sheepskin that is skin-friendly, water, and stain-resistant, thereby minimizing the need for frequent cleaning.

Then, its sole is made from rubber and rugged to ensure stability and friendliness to all floors.

It offers maximum comfort

The footbed of these scuff slippers is incorporated with an EVA foam sole to offer a soft feel to your entire feet with reduced pressure impact.

Besides, the upper line is breathable, and the sheepskin fur lining naturally keeps your feet temperature balanced for all seasons.

Easy to put on and take it off

Fireside scuff slippers are a clog-slip-on designed for easy on and off fitting making it flexible for any emergency. Besides, it is also lightweight, which reduces the possibility of getting foot fatigue.

Do not stay the whole day wearing cumbersome slippers to keep your feet warm during winter because these slippers possess all the quality that will keep your foot warm while it guarantees durability.

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5. For Sweaty Feet: COFACE Women’s Sliders Plush Open Toe House Slippers

best womens mule slippers

Collecting mails outdoor has been made a walk-in paradise experience for you with these house slippers due to their premium construction and cozy feel the slippers offer to your feet. Hence, you won’t be surprised why your tolerance to these slippers is inevitable due to the following reasons;

Overall Quality construction

The sole is made from a rubber material that offers a tangible lifetime. The upper lining is constructed with rabbit hair with a high moisture-wicking ability for healthy dry feet.

Elevated comfort

The sole has rough-textured bottom grips for stability and reduced resistance to multiple surfaces. Besides, the insole features a high elastic and dense TPE memory foam with arch support to improve stability, foot structure alignment, and reduced pressure weight impact to your foot, thereby elevating comfort.

Easy to use

These slipper mules for women are open toe and slip-on designed to fit customization and straightforward use while indoors or outdoors.

Surprise your loved ones with these pocket-friendly slippers at least to spice up your relationship with them coming Easter holidays, birthday, and Mother’s Day.

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6. For Short Ladies: Ladies Anne Jeweled Rosette Boa Mule Wedge Slippers

wedge women slippers

Lady Anne Mule Slippers comes with a uniformly textile lining from its sole console to the upper lining. The crossed upper is jeweled with a rosette boa decoration for a contemporary look. With all colors and sizes available, the following features also make these mule slippers to standout;

The wide toe box area

This feature offers a natural movement of your feet unrestrictedly back and forth for comfortable fitting.

Textile lining

The whole shoe is textile lined to provide a soft feel to your underneath your foot.

Open designed

The shoe open is designed to keep your foot cool and for an easy fit.

Wedge soled

This slipper shoe sole is a wedge designed to provide ample support to your heel and arch to enhance comfort while walking.

If you are a petite size, these wedge slippers will boost your height department, and they further look great with all your dress, skirt, and robes.

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8. For Wide Fit: Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper with Orthotic Support

clark women's knit scuff slipper mule

Vionic brings you to indulge Sadie mule slipper stylish designed with innovative biomechanics features to ensure you experience no pain while walking indoors or outdoors meeting with your friends.

Everyday support

Sadie mule slipper insole is concealed with orthotic EVA footbed support and the flat TPR textile sole to provide comfortable footbed soft feel, comfort, reduced pressure impact on every step, and increased stability while walking on types of floors.

Perfect fit and feet

The slipper features a cozy and soft feel upper textile lining that is not only comfortable but is incorporated with a Velcro strap that is adjustable for perfect fitting and improved stability while walking.

All in all, after a busy at the office, Sadie Mule Slipper offers your foot a perfect break from office shoes because healthy life begins with the comfort of your foot.

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8. For Elderly: Qhome Women’s Chinese Floral Peony Embroidery Pointed

women slippers with embroidered patterns

Qhome is uniquely pointed designed with Chinese Floral Peony Embroidery pattern to offer a traditional look that completely blends with casual outfits making it reliable for almost all casual occasions.

Despite being rich in its traditional outlook, below are why you should add these Mules to your shoe rack.

Lightweight and straightforward fit

The shoe is crafted from lightweight materials that make it flexible and weightless while walking on them. Besides, it is a Slip-on designed for easy on and off.


The Sole offers skid and slip protection, therefore; offering you stability to any ground. It features a 30mm heel to reduce pressure on your heels and is slightly raised on the arch to offer support to the arch making it comfortable to walk on them.

Soft feel interior and upper lining

The interior lining is soft for skin-friendliness, and the upper velvet lining is easy to maintain by wipe cleaning it, thereby minimizing cost maintenance.

However, made to blend with almost all occasions, if you want to surprise your loved one with these Mules, please pick one size larger because its fitting is smaller than the standard size chart.

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9. Fashionable Style: VFDB Women’s Bowtie Mule Summer Slippers

flat heel women mule slippers

These Ballet flats Mule designed with Bowtie represents a simple, elegant, and fashionable outlook that completes and blends with every summer outfit due to its meticulous stitched craftsmanship.

Easy on/off

While indoors, the Slip-on stylish and lightweight design of these Mule slippers allows you to easily slip on and off your shoes, thereby improving your flexibility.

Guaranteed safety and heel support

The sole of these mules is skid and slip-resistant, and friendly to all kinds of floors, thereby offering you stability and confidence while walking. The heel of these shoes is slightly raised to offer support to the heel while reducing your heel’s pressure impact.

Soft feel

The upper velvet material is skin-friendly, offers a soft feel to your foot, and the sharp toe designed makes it recommendable for people with narrow feet.

Further, these Mule flats shoes are perfect with cropped jeans, midi skirts, and long dresses and universal to match any occasion.

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10. For Men and Women Use: Haflinger unisex-adult GZ Classic Grizzly Clog

ugg mule slippers womens

GZ Classic Clog is very popular for its soft step and reliable for its cork-latex footbed that completely molds to the shape of your feet.

Besides, these slippers have turned many households happy and pleased because of their quality construction that is healthy for your foot which is supported by the following reasons.

Insulation design for sweaty and smelly feet

The interior and upper wool lining construction focuses on insulation and breathability to keep your temperature well balanced, pleasantly dry, and well ventilated all the time.

Super comfortable for relieving foot pain

The cork-latex footbed construction offers a soft feel to your foot and reduces fatigue and pressure on the entire foot.

Long-lasting materials

The outsole is thick felt, rugged, and even much softer than its cork-latex footbed for improved stability, comfort, and friendliness to multiple surface textures. Besides, the thermoplastic rubber sole promises durability and reliability.

Suitable for wide feet

The wide toe box and footbed completely follow your feet’ natural shape, making it comfortable fitting recommendable for people with wide toe box.

Contrary, these sock-like mule hybrid slippers would be the perfect choice footwear for the summer, and its unique yarn-knit gives it a special structure to blend with all casual summer outfits.

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11. For Swollen Feet: Minnetonka Women’s Sheepskin Mule Moccasin Slipper

thick cushioned women slippers

Minnetonka mule Moccasin slipper is traditionally crafted from premium sheepskin to provide durability and a timeless, stylish design, making it more than regular footwear. Besides, from boasting a rich heritage, these slippers’ features below make them versatile and essential for daily use.

True to size

These Mules their sizing follows the international standard size charting; hence, making it easy to find convenient and perfect fitting Mule brand.


The sheepskin construction stretches to the contours of your feet and wears pattern over time, ensuring that each pair of our soft fuzzy slippers fit snugly and getting more comfortable as you wear them. Besides, the natural sheepskin lining wraps your feet in pillow warmth that breathes while keeping you dry and comfortable.

Easy on/off fit-

The backless design on these Mules allows you to easily put it on and take it off, making it flexible.

The Minnetonka Women’s Sheepskin Mule Moccasin Slipper delivers all the needs and comfort to your feet, whether it is summer or winter.

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12. For Slippery Floors: Women’s Classic Suede Memory Foam Slippers

acorn mule slippers womens

These mule slippers are classic designs with soft microsuede material that is easy to maintain and easily breaks in for perfect fitting after a few days of wearing it. But these slippers won’t disappoint you in the long run because of the following reason;

Cozy for everyday use

The memory foam insole provides extra shock absorption and is incorporated with EVA foam enhances stability for each step because it molds to the contour of your feet provides pillow comfort.

The durable outsole, flexible and tolerates wet and cold floor

The hard sole offers traction and incorporates forefoot flex grooves for comfort, and is anti-cold designed to offer protection against cold.

It keeps your foot warm, cool and dry

The faux fur collar offers to provide extra comfort, and the polar fleece insole not only confirms the warmth but wicks moisture away to keep your feet from stuffiness. Further, the soft micro-suede upper enhances the comfort and warmth of your feet in cold winter

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Use Embroidered Mule Slippers to Add Fashion Style

Embroidered mule slippers are embellished with floral features that make them have a rich traditional heritage and sophistication, but not any outfit would bring/blend with it like how plain colored mule slippers would automatically fit.

Thus, the best outfit that perfectly fits embroidered mule slippers is to pair it with the minimalist outfit.

Therefore, you may try to match embroidered mule slippers with a black/white off-shoulder top and boyfriend jeans, or you try with skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.


What Brands are the Most Recommended?

soft mule slippers


Sketchers mule slippers are among the best mule slipper for women because they are highly engineered and crafted with unique features that make them comfortable and versatile for your needs.

Why are sneakers recommendable?

  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • They have a wide toe box area that offers a comfortable fit and natural toe mobility.
  • The insole is embedded with an orthotic insole for shock absorption and comfort.
  • The fabric material used for construction is stretchable for customized fitting.
  • The sole is durable, designed to offer arch support, and has a rough texture for guaranteed safety and friendliness to multiple surfaces.



Isotoner do construct a wide variety of mule slippers for women which are reliable for indoor and outdoor use, but what makes them unique and recommendable is of the following reasons;

  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • Their flat leather soles are long-lasting, comfortable due to the patented memory foam technology that offers cushions to the footbed for ultimate comfort.
  • They produce wide varieties of mule slipper designs that are fit for narrow, wide, and normal feet.


Is Wedge or High Heel Mule Slipper Worth Buying For Ladies?

Wedge or high heel mule slipper are specifically designed for women but also recommendable for women with poor arch, and it is worth buying it because of the following reasons;

  • They are fashionable and absolutely gorgeous.
  • Wedge keeps your arch supported, thereby preventing plantar fascia pronation.
  • They are stable because of the increased surface provided by the wedge footbed. Hence, eliminating strain off of the ball of your feet.
  • They are comfortable due to the even distribution of pressure weight impact.



If you are looking for the best Mule slippers, the provided buying guide tips will greatly help you choose the best mule slippers that would perfectly satisfy your needs. However, you may also choose one or two pairs from the reviewed product above due to their premium quality features and are from trusted brands that have been certified to produce the best slipper that has undergone multiple quality tests.