Best Ugg Slippers For Women

We all require a little motivation, especially when you return home having been on your feet all day. Therefore, a pair of warm Ugg slippers for women are there to welcome you.

Since the market is full of different types of women’s ugg slippers, choosing a suitable one can be confusing.

However, we have researched and sample out the best brands that are well equipped to meet your expectations.

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Fashionable breathable summer and winter slippers for outdoors – Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper

Moccasin slippers with thick cushion for narrow feet – Ansley Ugg Women’s Slipper

Closed warm slippers to keep your feet warm all winter – Ugg Tasman Women’s Slipper

Extra-wide mule slippers designed for diabetic or swollen feet – Ugg Scuffette II Flip Flop Slipper

Open toe anti-skid slippers with a soft and durable outsole for comfort – Fuzzette UGG Women’s Slipper

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Do Women’s Ugg Slippers Run Big or Small?

These Ugg slippers for women generally fit true to the size. But you want your pair to be snug. However, over time the inner part will begin to flatten, making your pair roomier.

Therefore, your new Ugg slippers for women should be slightly tighter to gather for this.

Be sure to check your size either by measuring or using your sneakers’ size as it almost shares the same dimensions, but the women’s Ugg slippers should be slightly tighter than your sneakers.


Ugg Slippers for Women Prices

The prices of Ugg slippers for women usually vary depending on the brands, durability, and construction design. Some brands are priced higher, while some are cheaper due to features such as the outsole construction, non-slipping sole, water-resistant suede, and comfortability.

Generally, they do range between $80 to $125. However, we can break it further into;

    • Inexpensive: they are the fuzziest style with a backless design. It ranges from $80 to $90.
    • Mid-range: the construction design becomes more detailed. Its prices fall around $95 to $100.
    • Expensive: they are usually moccasin slipper styles constructed with advanced features and mostly costs around $120.


How to Choose the Best Ugg Slippers for Women?

There are various types of Ugg slippers for women; therefore, it may be confusing when picking the right one. This is because they are usually designed with varying features; so, be guided by the following considerations, and I can assure you the best Ugg slippers for women.

Consider the right size.

Choosing a perfect size can be challenging, especially if you want to place your order online. We recommend visiting the online shoe sizing charts where most online sellers use to guide their customers.

However, you should note that the sizing standards often vary depending on their place of origin.

Apart from that, you can shop according to your sneakers’ size since they are usually similar. If you find it challenging, then you should visit the nearest stores.


Breathable fabric

This applies if your feet are sweaty. To get rid of sweat accumulation, you need to make sure that your choices are made of breathable material, or its design allows air circulation.

These breathable fabrics work by pulling moisture away from your feet while allowing air circulation.

In simple words, consider an Ugg women’s slipper that is equipped with sheep wool as it is naturally breathable.

Also, you can choose a type that is non-covered for excellent air circulation.



This is an essential factor when selecting Ugg slippers for women.

Excellent quality is the way to go, though you may require to spend a little more.

The important part is that you won’t be investing in a new pair every year. But how can you tell whether it is durable?

Please check on seams whether they are well-sewn, the fabric used, and ensure that the soles are strong; the rubber sole is always preferred. Generally, quality is everything!


Comfort and anti-slip soles

Suitable Ugg slippers for women should have memory foam insoles or any other material that provides a hugging feeling to your feet. This offers maximum comfort and a perfect fit as it relieves tension and provides arch support.

Also, pay attention to the construction of the outsoles; the best soles should be decked out with grip to protect you against slipping and sliding.



This is an essential factor that should guide you when sampling the best brands. Determine the amount you are willing to spend, then choose the brands that fall within your budget range.

After that, compare their features based on your needs. However, it is advisable to shop around to compare the prices being offered by different stores.


Types of Ugg Slippers for Women

Before deciding on the type of women’s ugg slippers you should go for, it is necessary to note that it comes in different types. Therefore, there’s a need to understand that these types have their uniqueness as follow;

-Boot slipper

The Ugg boot slippers are usually designed from sheepskin and are characterized by prominent stitching outside of it. They come in different designs as they are available in both lace-up and pull-on varieties with varying heights. The sheepskins are sometimes equipped with natural insulative features such as fleece fibers on the inner part to eliminate moisture and regulate the temperature.


-Moccasin slipper

It is the most recognizable Ugg slipper-style made of quality suede and sheepskin lining to ensure maximum warmth and comfort. The larger panel over the instep and their Unique stitching add character to their design. Similarly, they are often designed to be snug fitting while the durable sole offers better longevity. Most of the moccasin slippers are often worn both indoor and outdoor.


-Scuff slipper

This type refers to Ugg slippers that are completely backless. They feature both closed-toe and open-toe designs. Scuff slippers are known as casual footwear that is designed for relaxing at home. However, since these slippers are completely backless, their ease of use makes them more preferred as you can quickly put them on and off the feet. Scuff slippers are made from various fabrics such as suede, sheep wool, sheepskin, fleece, and more.


-Slip-on slipper

A slip-on slipper features a backless style since they often expose most of the back of the foot. However, they do vary in styles as some can have a folded-over wool collar, woven trim while others have the Ugg logo in different locations. They are characterized by an easy-on and easy-off design slippers and hence preferred by most women since you don’t have to struggle to get into their footwear.


Best Ugg Slippers for Women Reviews

If you want a pair of Ugg slippers, we have rounded up 8 of the best Ugg slippers for women that keep your feet warm and cozy. Feel free to purchase any of the following;

1. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper with Open Toe and Strap

heavy slippers for women

Why Choosing It:

  • Breathable due to open-toe design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable sole
  • It comes in different colors

We all love something that has a sponge-like bottom where your feet will sink into. Therefore, our pick has everything that makes it unique.

Its super lightweight and airy design make it the best choice to have around your home since it guarantees a relaxing feeling, especially if you had a tiresome day.

Unlike other Ugg slippers for women, it has an elastic strap that keeps it firmly on your feet.

Consequently, Fluff Yeah Slippers are crafted from 100% sheepskin, which is known for keeping your feet cozy and warm during the cold season.


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2. Ansley Ugg Women’s Slipper for Winter

grey ugg slippers womens

Why Choosing It:

  • Water-resistant upper
  • Guarantees comfort
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Affordable

Would you want an Ugg slipper that you can comfortably put on while picking up a paper outside on a chilly day?

The stylish Ansley covers your feet enough; therefore, you will not only use them indoors but are also excellent for outdoor use.

Similarly, the sheep wool is equipped to regulate the temperature; therefore, your feet won’t get too cold.

We can say that Ansley slipper is the epitome of comfort that every woman would want to enjoy.

Additionally, the anti-slip sole makes it appropriate for even smoother surfaces since it offers a better grip.


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3. Ugg Tasman Women’s Slipper for Indoors with Cozy Knit

black ugg slippers

Why Choosing It:

  • Durable
  • Comfortability
  • Stylish design
  • Natural regulating temperature

Are you looking for a pair of Ugg slippers to keep your feet warm during winter, then our pick is an excellent choice to consider.

It is constructed with sheep’s wool, which regulates the temperature naturally even though it is a non-breathable design.

The stylish stitching makes them look excellent while on your feet. Similarly, the EVA outsole assures a durable pair of Ugg slippers.

The comfort of our pick is unquestionable as it contains sheep fur that keeps your feet toasty.


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4. Coquette UGG Women’s Slipper with Warm Cushion Insoles

cheap ugg slippers womens

Why Choosing It:

  • Durable
  • Comfortability
  • Breathable
  • Excellent construction

When it comes to the best Ugg women’s slippers, our pick has everything everyone wants to enjoy.

You can use them both indoor or outdoor since their quality construction guarantees a durable Ugg slipper. That’s not enough; if you check the lightweight rubber sole, it makes it favorable to be worn on all surfaces regardless of how rough or smooth it is.

This sole also ensures long-lasting use. Generally, if you want a pair that features comfort and a stylish design, then this brad should be your choice.


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5. Dakota UGG Light Pink Women’s Slipper For Narrow Feet

pink women slippers

Why Choosing It:

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant suede
  • Comfortable
  • Both indoor and outdoor wear

If you are ready to spend a little more money for extra comfort, then you need to consider this pair.

You will find a water-resistant suede on the outer part, which makes it excellent slippers to wear both indoor and outdoor.

Similarly, the rubber outsole assures durability, and again, its sole is characterized by anti-slip construction; therefore, regardless of how smooth the surface is, you can wear them.

The interior part has a cozy lining to keep your feet warm during the cold season without overheating.


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6. Ugg Scuffette II Flip Flop Slipper For Women with Wide Feet

indoor outdoor women slippers

Why Choosing It:

  • Water-resistant suede upper
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Comfortability
  • Non-slipping

If you are looking for a breathable UGG women’s slipper, then this could be your choice. The woolen sheepskin breathes hence regulating the temperature of your feet as it diverts the moisture away from your feet.

Similarly, the rubber outsole makes it good for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, this sole makes it favorable for all surfaces hence guaranteeing durability. It is crafted with 100% sheepskin to keep your feet warm.

Additionally, the construction of the sole features an anti-slip characteristic where it protects you from sliding, especially when you are playing with kids.


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7. Coquette Leopard UGG Women’s Slipper

ugg slippers for women

Why Choosing It:

  • Durable
  • Comfortability
  • Breathable
  • Both indoor and outdoor wear

Having Ugg Women’s slippers with a lightweight sole and soft sheepskin makes it comfortable to wear. Apart from that, the quality construction and the rubber outsole make it durable and usable on different surfaces.

Even if the surface is too smooth, the anti-slip sole makes it the best choice. Also, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor wear since it features a formidable sole.

The sheepskin lining offers warmth and allows air circulation hence regulating the temperature.


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8. Fuzzette UGG Women’s Slipper with Anti-skid Design

black slippers for women

Why Choosing It:

  • Breathable
  • Comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable

If your feet are sweaty, then this could be your best choice. Its open design allows air circulation, therefore, eliminating the accumulation of moisture causing the unwanted odor.

What makes it more unique is its durable outsole; hence can be worn on different surfaces. It also features a non-slipping sole. Similarly, it is characterized by an easy-on and easy-off design; hence you won’t be struggling with getting them into your footwear.

Consequently, it also guarantees adequate comfort since it offers a hugging feeling to your feet whenever you wear them.


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If you still have a challenge when it comes to choosing suitable Ugg slippers for women, you can have a look at our pick as we have researched the best brands in the market based on durability, comfort, and stylish design.

But be sure to work with your budget to avoid overspending. I am sure with your budget; you can get an amazing type that meets your expectations.

Generally, equip yourself with the choosing techniques so that you can find the best Ugg slippers for women.