30+ How to Wear a Black Mesh Top In Style Ideas

A black mesh top is see-through apparel that has evolved from the 19th century to the present day. The black mesh top is well known for its flexibility and versatility to blend with a lot of outfits. However, it does not mean it can be worn anyhow as it pleases your instincts because you may look odd in certain events or occasions.

Thus, this article will provide detailed information on how to wear a black mesh top in style ideas to have at least a basic knowledge on what to do and not while wearing a black mesh top.


The Fashion Trend of Black Mesh Top

trend of black mesh top

The fashion trend of black mesh top began in the early 1900 but wasn’t fully embraced by many due to cultural difference, but it became very fashionable in the latter part of the 1960s, and it has gone through a lot of transitions to make a perfect casual outfit for the summer season and other occasions. The black mesh top is a fashion trend that is not complicated. They easily blend with any outfit due to its versatility, neutral and universal color that is friendly with all outfits and does not outsmart or outshine any outfit color; thus making them reliable outfits to bring out the glamorous, luxurious, grunge, rich, sexy, and attractive outlook.

Mesh blacktop is available in different varieties from crop top, high-neck, tank top, and many more. Therefore, it unravels the opportunity of complimenting it with any outfit so long as you understand the kind of an outlook trend you want to achieve without messing up with the outlook of your body physique, hurting your instincts or feelings and it is appropriate with the occasion. However, since meshed black tops are visible, they should always be lined or worn over opaque undergarments or underdress so that the wearer’s modesty is preserved. To make it simple for you to understand how the fashion trend of black mesh top works, below is a clear idea of what to wear with the blacktop mesh top.


30+ Ideas on What to Wear With Black Mesh Top?

1. Pair Black Mesh Top Over A Sleep Dress

black mesh peplum top

Now summertime is here, but sometimes you feel you could walk with your sleep dress but if paired with a black sheered top will look more like a winter dress making it sassy and lesser skimpy. Furthermore, the meshed top also extends the life of your sheer dress. For redefined taste and elevation of your sun-kissed skin, you can wear an ankle boot with a sunglass and round summer hat.

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2. Long Sleeve Black Meshed Top With A Button Down Skirt

black mesh tie top

Wearing a button-down skirt with a long sleeve black meshed top may look odd, but if you throw unexpected color of the button-down skirt, like; red, nude, and blush from time to time, it would be refreshing. In case you do not have a button-down skirt, you can alternate it with high wasted jeans to achieve an olive bodysuit. To make it more comfortable and simple for you can put on a pair of flat closed slippers shoes for either indoor or outdoor.

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3. Black Mesh Top With Black Suit

black mesh corset top

This combination is a great outfit for freelance or fieldwork professions. For this outfit, if you replaced the bralette with a black meshed top and paired with a black slim fit suit or blazer what you get is a feminine outfit that will bring out the outgoing spirit free spirit in you. To achieve an amazing look you can wear skinny black pants and a pair of suede ankle boots. Furthermore, your amazing look will be complete if you have a black monkey bag or ladies’ back-pack.

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4. Layer A Black Meshed Top Over A Buttoned-up Shirt

black top with puffy mesh sleeves

You can layer the black meshed top over a buttoned-up official shirt to make it casual, but ensure the shirt you are layering on is of vibrant color for the meshed top to be visible and to create. Besides, also make sure the sheer piece you are layering on is loose enough that it does not create an awkward bunching and wrinkling underneath. To complete the outfit, compliment with a bright-colored official skirt, like; red, green, and white. Black would also be good if the sheered piece does not obscure the black mesh top. Furthermore, the footwear that can make your outfit to stand out would be a pair of the closed wedge, open toe laced heels, open ankle tie heel or closed heel and flat closed shoe.

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5. Black Mesh Top With Suspender

black angel mesh top

Wearing a black mesh top with suspenders is one of the simple and funny teen outfits for the party. This type of outfit is flexible to match or blend with any color since it is partly hidden in the suspender, thus combating the issue of figuring what to wear at the party. Then provide a soft and gentle finish with a pair of white converse shoes and a tie a scarf on your forehead. However, you can let loose one of the suspender straps loose to make you feel free.

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6. Layering Black Meshed Top Underneath A Trench Coat

black mesh gym top

This dressing fashion is not common and not well known for everyone, but it would be fun and so modern if embraced by many. If you layer the mesh top underneath a trench coat, you should ensure the trench coat is worn off the shoulder and hold it or cinch in with a wide belt for the meshed top to be visible. If you want to be more casual, you can finish the dressing code with a pair of tailored shorts, a pair of thigh-high boots or sneakers, and a sling bag underneath.

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7. A Hot Black Mesh Top Dress In Faux Fur Jacket

black mesh top plus size

The winter is here with you beyond 60 days so don’t just get wasted in your soft faux fur jacket. Instead of waiting for the winter to come to an end to wear the meshed top dress in your closet, you can take it up to another notch by pairing the faux fur jacket with it to look fabulous and to amplify your sexy calves for your late-night rendezvous. To add a classic touch, you can go out with your golden strapped sling bag while wearing a pair of an open toe mesh laced up heels.

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8. Mesh Black Top With A Pair Of Mom-jeans Trousers

shein black mesh top

Let’s go back to the 90s grunge dressing style with Mom jeans which appear to be cool, casual, and irresistibly perfect by having that French touch that looks like you took from your wardrobe the first things on the top of the pile. Styling mom jeans with mesh black over a bralette is ice-slimming and sexy. You will like the contrast of the two together, plus with your favorite boots, adds a perfect to the outlook of the outfit. For glam or to make it look a little sexy for an outdoor look, you wear a black leather jacket or trench coat.

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9. Wear With Black Bralette And Leather Mini Skirt

black sequin mesh top

This sense of fashion will suit you during sunny days, and you can dare anytime you want to get a cool breeze. Layering a bralette under a black mesh top with a leather mini-skirt will build a feminine and sexy outfit. It is recommendable to wear a black stocking if you do not want to expose your cleavage or calves and about the footwear, you can wear a black leather boot/suede boot and black ballet flats. However, if you do not wear a stocking, you can wear thigh high boots or ankle strap open toe heels. For a different style, you can add or wear a black chocker.

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10. A Black Mesh Top Underlay With Knit Top/v-neck Shirt

black mesh sleeve top

A fitted mesh underlay goes hand in hand with a loose-fit V-neck shirt or knit top. Together, they create a sheer triangle on the chest, which draws attention and makes your bosom look fuller. Other necklines are also possible, such as the off-shoulder or scoop neck, but a mesh inset may work better than a separate underlay, which might bulge from the neckline. Nonetheless, a separate underlay allows for more versatile mixing and matching.

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11. Wear With Black Vest Top And Wide Leg Pants

black mesh pearl top

You can wear or layer the black meshed top over the black top vest and bright-colored wide-leg pants to create an elegant outfit that is perfect for a formal event, meeting, or party. The vibrant color for wide-leg pants like white, red, yellow, and pink will stand out in the crowd and the perfect blend with a vest top underneath the black meshed top. The best footwear to finish with this elegant outfit is an ankle strap open toe heels, a black or white sling bag or wallet, and black shades.

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12. Black Mesh Top With A Plaid Pants Outfit Idea

ladies black mesh top

A plaid pant outfit idea with a mashed blacktop creates a sexy and glamorous look that is unnoticed. Underneath the meshed top, you can do a fitting spaghetti or bralette for a sexy look. The plaid pant should be vibrantly colored with the strip for outstanding outlook. For an official and casual finishing, you can put on a blazer or suit with an ankle boot or closed flat shoe.

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13. A Black Mesh Top With Rugged Jeans Over Mesh Socks

womens black mesh top

This combination is not for everyone, but if well-coordinated it would be the best casual outfit during the weekends while watching live basketball at the arena. Wearing mesh socks underneath the mom-jeans or rugged jeans with a black mesh top over a sexy bralette can make your outfit look instantly edgy. Besides, you can flaunt them with sneakers, loafers, flat closed shoes, chunk heels, and closed sharp heels that are about 3-4 inches high. Add a leather or denim jacket to keep yourself warm or for a complete outdoor look. However, it would help if you avoided crowded footwear with embellishments to avoid overwhelming the look.

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14. Flared Cropped Black Mesh Top With A Mini-skater Skirt

black see through mesh top

Who doesn’t love twirling their arms with soft extra flared sleeves while enjoying the breeze? To make add fun the flared crop meshes revive and redefine your outlook if you complement it with a free high waist mini-skirt for that extra flow and a dreamy romance. For those who love to cherish about sweet 16 or 18, you can put on an ankle boot and carry a black sling bag. The mini-skirt could either be a vibrant color or black.

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15. Pair Black Mesh Top With A Long Floral Skirt

black mesh angel top

When a traditional and modern outfit meet, it creates an irresistible and sexy transitioned casual outfit for the weekend, for instance; a long floral skirt if paired with a long sleeve black mesh top laid over a bralette. You can put on a black denim jacket to match up the mesh top, but ensure the floral dress its primary color should be vibrant or you can decide which one matches with your instinct. For a simple outlook wear a flat closed shoe or a laced chunk heel with hoop earrings to add on retro-feel.

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16. Black Mesh Top With A Wool Skirt

black sparkly mesh top

This kind of outfit is majorly meant for the formal event and cocktail party lovers since it makes you stand out in such events and does not reveal or show much of your skin, and cleavage. Besides, you can also match the black mesh top with a black button front pencil skirt if you do not have a wool skirt. Then, complete the outfit with a pair of black thigh-high suede boots and a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to take the outfit to the next level.

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17. Black Mesh Top With An Over-sized Band

black mesh workout top

Try pairing the black mesh top with an over-sized band tee tied up at the front to preserve your shape and then finish off with a pair of straight leg vintage black denim to keep the outfit from looking overly dressed up, a pair of leather boots and a few gold pins to add an extra bit of polish to pull the entire together. For an ultra-comfy and a grunge inspiration vibe, you can switch from boots for a pair of chunky sneakers.

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18. A Black Mesh Top In A Denim Jacket With A Pair Of Trouser

black mesh top

Featuring a pair of high waist trouser with a tight black meshed top looks prettier and adds retro-feelings especially for those who are reserved hiding their sexy cleavages. For an elegant and sexy finishing, you can style it with rougher denim. However, the pair of trousers and denim should be of the same color to make them soft, relevant, and particular. For the shoe addicts in this dressing style, you are free and ready to go out with sneakers, open high heels {meshed} or rubber shoes.

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19. Mesh Black Top With Spaghetti-strap Top

black top with mesh puff sleeves

Double the sexiness with something alluring with a long-sleeved black mesh top beneath/top of the spaghetti-strap top and ensure one is fitted while the other is free or relaxed not to appear figure-skimming or billowy. You can wear it with leggings, denim trousers or a skirt or midi-dress, but you have to be color-wise, for instance, black would be the safest and exudes a sexy, sophisticated mood. Apart from black, you can do beige and white could be perfect. On footwear, you do sneakers, ankle-boots, or open-heels.

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20. Black Meshed Top With An Official Pencil Skirt

urban outfitters black mesh top

Incorporating a meshed top with an official outfit could sound so odd to a lot of people, but it is an out of box idea and an easy thing to do if you have an idea of how to keep the meshed Top from breaching the official codes. Pair the mesh top with a dark floral print blouse then choose a vibrant color from the blouse and match it to a coordinating pencil skirt to tone down the mesh top from being distractive. The floral print and vibrant colored blouse will tie the meshed black Top and the pencil skirt together. If you have a hard time choosing or decide the kind of accessories that will make it perfect you can effortlessly pair it with a pair of mules and a few selections of gold rings.

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21. Long Sleeve Meshed Top With A Slip Dress

black top with mesh

You have been there during the hot summer, and it is hard to withstand such a hot condition under the scorching sun. To avoid such uncomfortable weather go through your closet and grab that slip dress you can’t bear to wear because it is too cold out. This slip dress works perfectly with long sleeve mesh blouse to make a killer summer bodysuit mixed with a cute edge. You can also complement the outfit with a black sling bag and a pair of black ankle boots or open-toe heels. However, you should also carefully consider a dull color slip dress with a feminine silhouette and print with thin straps for an instant grunge vibe.

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22. Frosted Meshed Black Top

black mesh buckle top

The frosted style sheer top is also another funny, hassle-free, and mindless dressing style idea for meshed black Top. This style requires you to tuck in the black meshed Top in your jeans, but you have to ensure that you wear a dark or dull-colored bra underneath then you are ready for that dinner or lunch date. Finish the look with a rough or rugged denim jacket, ankle-length boots, big loops, and a body bag, but don’t forget to carry your sling bag with you.

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23. Oversized Short Sleeve Black Mesh Top With Pencil Skirt

black mesh top with roses

Now, this is the perfect and the best outfit during the sunny day, my love, you can imagine that it is not often to see an oversized short sleeve black mesh top layered under over a white bra top and a black pencil skirt. This outfit looks nice, brings out the ladylike casual look, stylish, sexy, and reserved. To make a stunning and perfect finish, put on a white cap, silver or gold wristwatch, necklace, earrings, and a pair of black ankle boots. However, you should not overdo the finishing accessories to avoid overshadowing the black mesh top.

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24. Long Black Meshed T-shirt Top With Fleece Legging

black spotty mesh top

If a crazy idea like wearing a meshed black Top in winter has crossed your mind, let’s address that too, but while at it, tread cautiously. Pick one of these long T-shirt tops that come with a side slit and pair it with fleece leggings and boots. Throw on an oversized coat while you are outdoors, and shed it when you are not, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

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25. Black Mesh Sleeveless Top With Black Leather Lace-up Ankle Boots

black mesh top with stars

During the hot summer, this could be the best fitting, especially when you need to elope for a horse ride with your friends at the ranch during the weekend. Tuck in the black mesh sleeveless Top in hand-tailored black booty short and polished off the look with a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of black leather lace-up ankle boots. For a special polishing, use a black cowboy hat to protect yourself from the scorching and to jazz things up. Is there any man who can avoid your inevitable and charming look!

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26. Long Sleeve Black Mesh Crop Top With Booty Short

black mesh dance top

For those with a skinny body featuring long sleeve black mesh crop top with booty shorts will offer you a casual, sexy and gorgeous outlook while enjoying the midday sunlight. Ensure you have a dark or dull bralette underneath the meshed top. Compliment the attire either with an ankle boot or open toe heeled shoes and secure your waist with a black belt. Carry with you a faux fur jacket to keep you warm and to maintain the casual and fabulous out looking.

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27. Sleeveless black mesh top with thigh split midi-skirt

mesh top long sleeve black

Layer the sleeveless black mesh-top over your favorite sexy bralette, tank top or spaghetti top with a thigh split slit thigh midi-skirt. This brings a sexy and classy outlook that will make you feel free and keep you cool during the hot summer. For an outdoor outlook, you can wear a black trench coat or leather jacket to look reserved. For the midi-skirt, you can choose a vibrant color but don’t pick a color that will appear odd, or you can use a floral colored midi-skirt for a traditional outlook that is hard to resist. Furthermore, to complete the outfit, open chunky heels would be the best footwear with hoop earrings.

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28. Wear With Black Leather Jacket And Denim Button Front Skirt

black mesh wrap top

Wearing a black meshed top with a black leather jacket and denim Button front skirt helps to achieve a low-key sexy outlook, especially for those who like who have a reserved personality. Wearing a black leather jacket over a button denim skirt and black meshed top hides what’s underneath the mesh top creating an on and off effect, which is a great way to look sexy. Furthermore, complete the outfit with a black/dark blue denim button skirt, stocking, and black leather/suede ankle boots for a remarkable outlook.

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29. Wear A Scarf And A Poppy Color Bralette

dorothy perkins black mesh top

Now for the plus size women who are likely to feel odd or awkward wearing a black mesh top, this sense of dressing will portray your sexiness with confidence and express your maturity beyond your expectation. Underneath the black mesh top wear a poppy bralette and tie a neck scarf on your neck and let flow on your breast and match with either a black or white pair of trousers. For a bossy and sexy casual outdoor look/ photo session, you can do a pair of laced open-toe chunk heel, Ankle boot, or laced open toe heels. For an extra glam touch layer the mesh top underneath a leather or denim jacket or a trench coat and a black handbag held in your arms.

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30. Black Mesh Top To Blend With Colored Tattoos

black mesh tank top womens

Now, this sense of fashion seems out of this world and could sound odd to many, but it is appropriate for tattoo lovers or addicts. Black meshed top, when worn appropriately with colored tattooed skin, will create a floral pattern on your skin through obscuring some tattoos features. For a glamorous and rich outlook, you can put on a pink, red or black min-skirt with a pair of sneakers, ankle boots, ballerina shoes, or canvas shoes.

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Don’ts on Wearing A Black Mesh Top

The fashion trend of black mesh top is popular, but it does not mean it’s a trend for everyone, anytime and anywhere because there are some limitations or guides you should not break when wearing them, these include;

• If you are not a pop star, do not wear the black meshed top with a bra since it does not look like part of the outfit. It’s good to pair on top with a jacket, trench coat, scarf, or layer spaghetti top or bralette underneath it.

• Do not choose an incompatible undergarment because it will look weird and inconveniences its worth like layering a black mesh top on a dress.

• Do not compliment the black mesh top with colored bras to sheer the garment since it looks very tacky and unattractive.

• Do not wear a low waist outfit if you wear a black meshed top to avoid exposing your belly button and flattering midriff part of your body.

• Do not use a tight black mesh top whenever you want to layer on top of another outfit to avoid awkward bunching and wrinkling underneath.

• Please do not wear a black mesh top with wide openings to avoid revealing parts of your body or making it too sheering.

• Do not pair the black mesh top with dull colors since they are color blocking factors making the top to appear much dull.



The fashion trend of black mesh top is a fun outfit that connects and brings the best feeling you want for the occasion depending on the sense of style you choose since it is flexible with most of the apparel, undergarments, jackets, trousers, and skirts you can wear with. Furthermore, it is vital to include it in your wardrobe for the summer season or a weekend.