Best Women’s Open Toe Slippers with Breathable Materials

Slippers are designed to increase the comfort level of your feet.

Are those closed slippers making your feet uncomfortable?

Perhaps it is time to consider another option to increase the level of comfort, don’t you think?

Open-toe slippers can be your next best friend in terms of footwear.

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open toe slippers womens

This guide is here to show you guidance on choosing breathable women’s slippers for summer and winter.

Hold on tight as we jump right in.


For Women, Open Toe vs Toeless slippers, Which is Better?

Both these slippers are efficient in ensuring excellent comfort and cushioning to your feet. They all are important to ensure your foot-related problems such as swellings, pain, and sore feet are not experienced. They provide you good arch and heel support, balance, and stability when you walk on any floor surface.

Some of the differences include:

  • Open-toe slippers are breathable from all angles, thus improving their freshness and preventing them from sweating which cannot be said about toeless slippers.


In the toeless slippers, the toes are pressed against each other, this provides a conducive environment for bacterial growth, which might result in sweat and odor resulting from athlete’s feet. Open toe on the other end allows your feet more space to relax and increase airflow to ensure the feet remain dry and fresh.


  • Open-toe is good for bunions since there is enough room to prevent rubbing against the bunion which cannot be true about toeless slippers.

If you are suffering from bunions and sweaty feet, open-toe slippers should serve you best. The openness increases vapor evaporation from your feet, thus they will be dry and fresh throughout. Pain from bunions increases with the pressure exerted when you walk, which mostly comes from rubbing against the shoe. With open-toe slippers, you do not have to worry about any rubbing.


Who Should Wear Open-toe Slippers?

Open-toe slippers have many consumers based on gender and age. However, the product is of more help to various special groups such as those having extra wide feet. Apart from being a true feature of beauty, the commodity also helps in feet wellness. Listed below are groups to take advantage of open-toe slippers.

best women open toe slippers

– With extra-wide feet

Comfort is a feature that every human embraces. This is well provided by open-toe slippers to people having extra wide feet.

Extra-wide feet need to have a wide-open area and the commodity in discussion brings this out. It may be difficult to find a well-fitting closed shoe for extra wide feet and open-toe slippers prevent the hustle.

– Sweat a lot in summer

Some people are fond of sweating on the feet whenever the weather is not in their favor. This causes an awful smell that could create an embarrassing moment.

Open-toe slippers ensure that feet do not sweat in periods such as summer, due to the excellent airflow. Purchase of the product is at its peak during summer.

– Have swollen toe because of long hours of high heel shoes wearing

It is a custom that the majority having white-collar jobs have attires off the job put on during the weekend, as well as after work. This includes an open-toe slipper.

Swelling of feet may occur during workdays because of high heels and closed shoes. These slippers provide quick healing of this problem and that explains why many have open-toe slippers during weekends and after job.


How to Choose the Best Open-toe Slippers For Women?

Open-toe slippers are chosen based on purpose, the material used, price, and other reasons. Everyone has his or her taste in clothing matters and thus choice is unavoidable. The product has a wide range of varieties to fit all.

Below are various considerations on how to choose open-toe slippers.

1. Where to use?

• Bedroom

Open-toe slippers for the bedroom should feature a simple design and lightweight, thereby making them easy to use. The material used should be easy to wash and better if machine washable. The slippers should also feature a soft material for providing a comfy feeling when indoors.

• Outdoor

Open-toe slippers for outdoor should bear high quality and long-lasting material, for handling those heavy-duty outdoor floors. They should be prone to dust thus many have a smooth surface to prevent dust from getting attached.


2. What materials are suitable?

• Memory foam

This is a thick warm breathable foam that resembles a woolen cloth. Open-toe slippers having such material are suitable for indoors and away from water.

The best area for use is in the bedroom and sitting room.

• Fur

Open-toe slippers made of fur are worn for indoor purposes. Just like the memory foam open-toe slippers, those made of fur should be away from water unless when washing. These kinds of slippers have a soothing feeling for exclusive comfort.

• Cotton

This material is lighter compared to memory foam and fur. It can be used majorly indoors and to a point outdoors. Simplicity is embraced to products of this material. This material boasts thick soft cushioning for versatile comfort. It is also breathable.

• Leather

This material is suitable for outdoor movement. The material is easy to wash and also dry fast. Open-toe slippers made of this material are extremely durable and classy.


3. For summer or winter use?

• Summer

Open-toe slippers used during summer are lightweight and simple. They have more openings compared to those used during winter. For extra air circulation, some are also breathable.

• Winter

Open-toe slippers used during winter have a thick and warm material. This feature ensures that it stores warmth within it that is necessary during such a period. Some are also waterproof and have fewer openings.


4. What brands to choose from?

• Dearfoam

This is a renowned brand and has been in the market for years. It is characterized by fur. Products cover both genders and range from young to old. These slippers are built with sustainability in mind. Their slippers offer good arch support for people with flat feet.

• Ugg

This brand name originates from the company name that mainly deals with footwear. The open-toe slippers produced by the company are of high quality. It also embraces the use of different materials in production. The slippers are very comfortable and stylish.

• Isotoner

This is a corporation dealing mainly with footwear. It embraces the winter season by producing footwear suitable for such a season. These slippers have the best arch support. If you need arch support, Isotoner slippers should be your go-to slippers.


5. What types are available to choose from?

Many slippers are available to offer you the comfort you need including:

– Mule slippers:

This slipper is enclosed in the front and open at the back.

– Slide on:

A slide slipper is a backless and open-toe slipper that is easy to slide on and off.

– Slip-on:

slip-on can be either open or closed in the toe area. They easily slip off. You should consider one with a raised hip or strap for tight-fitting.

– Crisscross:

these are slippers with the upper side made to cross. They are more attractive and stylish.

– Chinese slippers:

Chinese slippers feature added attractive materials such as beads to enhance the style and make them more beautiful. They also feature dense foam for increased comfort.


6. Cheap price or luxury?

Open-toe slippers are generally cheap especially those used indoors. They are widely available at affordable prices. However, they have different prices, generally, cheap price slippers are simple and suitable for indoors while luxury slippers are more stylish. But they are both durable and ideal.


Best Women’s Open Toe Slippers Reviews:

1.With High Moisture Wicking: Isotoner Ladies Arch Support Slide Slippers with Open Toe Design

open top slippers for women

Isotoner women slide slippers have been built with added arch support to provide absolute comfort to those suffering from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and even bunions. They are durable, breathable, and comfortable. They also feature memory foam, thus your feet will be perfectly relaxed in these slide slippers after a very long day at work. You can wear them at any time of day, even in the morning to protect your feet from cold floors when waking up.

Isotoner slide slippers are meant for all ages from teens to seniors. They are also multifunctional. Apart from using the indoors, you can also utilize them when walking your dog in the neighborhood.

They feature a durable rubber sole that has anti-skid and waterproof properties. They will prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. Additionally, these arch support slippers are fitted with a SmartDRI moisture-wicking lining keeping your feet dry and warm.

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2. Suitable For Elderly: RockDove Floral Lined Adjustable Slippers For Wide Feet

wide open toe women slippers

RockDove women’s floral lined slippers are the perfect option for the elderly suffering from diabetes, edema, neuropathy, and hammertoes. The shoes/slippers feature a floral lining to make them attractive. They come with dual straps with hook-loop closure to allow you to adjust them to fit you nicely. This makes them perfect for wide and swollen feet.

They feature a memory foam footbed with a two-layered support foam and shock-absorbing EVA. The slippers can contour to the shape of your feet, thus relieving them from pressure and making you supers comfortable.

These elderly open-toe slippers feature a breathable upper with a moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet completely dry and warm. They are multipurpose. Besides using them indoors, the elderly can also use them as an everyday shoe to go out and walk in the park.

The slippers are equipped with a durable anti-slip rubber sole with good traction. They are machine washable. You do not need to worry when they get dirty. Just toss them into the washing machine.

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3. Anti-slippery Design: DL Open Toe Slip On Comfy Slippers For Bedrooms

open toe slippers

These slippers are best during hot days. They are easy to slip on and off and run out to the beach. Flannel material is used in the construction of the upper and inner lining. The material is soft, breathable, and has moisture absorbent properties. You do not need to worry about your feet sweating in the hot weather.

It has a great memory foam that will make your feet extra comfortable, relieving them from stress, which eventually leads to foot pains. The insole is made using high-density memory foam and padded with a paperboard at the bottom. Additionally, the memory foam stretches to contour your feet. They offer you excellent cushioning and support. With these on your feet, you will not feel the hardness of the floor.

This thick memory foam slipper is fitted with a durable anti-skid rubber sole, which offers superb traction to reduce the chances of sliding on smooth floor surfaces. Furthermore, they are noiseless when you walk on wooden or ceramic floors. They are ideal for use indoors.

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4. With Arch Support: Rockdove Women’s Adjustable Velcro Wrap Slippers

open toe memory foam slippers

If you are looking for a pair of slippers, which is adjustable to close-fitting and offers some additional arch support, then Rockdove women’s adjustable wrap slippers might interest you. The adjustable wrap gives you the freedom to customize the fitting to a level that brings you much comfort. It is ideal for diabetics especially if you are suffering from swollen feet or sensitive nerves. Adjusting it can increase blood flow to your feet relieving you from pain.

It features a breathable upper, Terrycloth lining, and insole with moisture absorbent properties to ensure your feet remain dry and warm. The openness is sufficient to make your feet cool during the summertime.

The insole features a dense memory foam with support foam and anti-shock EVA for absolute comfort. Furthermore, it is equipped with a lightweight, durable, non-slip rubber sole with good traction. Every step you make is safe and secure even on the smoothest floors. These slippers are multipurpose. They will serve you both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, they are machine washable.

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5. Chinese Style Slipper: Lavra Sequin Mesh Slippers For Bathroom

open toe slippers for women

This Chinese slipper features a mesh upper with beaded and sequin floral designs that makes it more attractive and stylish. They are lightweight and comfortable to your feet. This makes it easy to move from one place to the next.

The slipper is breathable, thus perfect for the hot summer days. These slippers can be used to relax your feet while inside the house and can be used to walk around the neighborhood. They are also fashionable for those who do not want to compromise their style.

The outsole is durable with slip-resistant properties. They have good traction features, which prevents you from sliding on wet surfaces. The mid-platform provides you with adequate cushioning to protect you from shock when walking on hard surfaces. They have a high enough heel, which is perfect for people with flat feet to provide support and balance.

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6. For Spa: Laura Ashley Open Toe Plush Terry Cloth Slippers

open top slippers

If you have been to a spa, then you know how comfortable their slippers feel. They feel like walking on top of the clouds. Well, you can bring that spa experience to your home with a Laura Ashley pair of slippers. They feature a Terrycloth upper, lining, and insole. This material is excellent in terms of comfort. It also has good moisture-wicking characteristics, and it is soft and warm. Just imagine how your feet will feel when you slide them into these slippers after a long stressful day at work.

Additionally, they have a well-cushioned insole that will make your feet to be outstandingly relaxed and comfortable. Featuring a foam outsole, you are guaranteed slide and slip resistance when you walk across the kitchen.

They are good for both indoor and outdoor usage. The plush look makes them attractive and stylish. Cleaning is super easy, use a damp rag to spot clean and then air dry.

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7. Fashional Design For Outdoors: Jessica Simpson Slide Slippers

outdoor open toe slippers

Jessica Simpson will always make you shine like the star that you are. They are luxurious, trendy and the leopard prints make them even more attractive. They are designed to serve you whether you want to stay in the house or want to go visit your stylist to get your hair done. They will complete your style and make your feet super comfortable. When it is cold these slippers will make your feet warm and cozy, you do not need to switch shoes.

The insole is padded with memory foam thick enough to provide sufficient cushioning to make you comfortable when you walk around the house. It also features a soft plush lining in the inner part. This lining has moisture-wicking properties, ensuring your feet are dry, clean, and fresh. The upper part is also easily breathable. Therefore, sweat should not be among your concerns.

The outsole is durable, waterproof, and non-slip. It has good traction to ensure the safety of each step you make no matter the surface.

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8. For Indoor and Outdoor: Isotoner Terry Slippers with Slip-On Design

women slippers with open top design

Isotoner Terry slippers feature a slip-on slide design. Treat your feet to the best comfort there is with these beautiful slippers. They come with an adjustable strap for customized fitness. This is good for swollen feet to relieve the pain while increasing blood flow to the feet.

They feature a ResponsiV Memory Foam with an extra EVA heel. These features make them easily mold to the contours of your feet and offer ultimate comfort and outstanding cushioning from impact. They will keep your feet warm and cozy even during the winter. The thick insole also offers the best heel and arch support.

If you have flat feet or suffer from plantar fasciitis, Isotoner Terry slide slippers are good for your feet. Owing to the light nature, you can go with them anywhere from the living room to the bedroom without feeling burdened. The rubber sole is non-skid and waterproof to offer you the support you need when walking on smooth or wet floors. When they are dirty throw them into the washing machine and dry them away from direct heat.

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9. For Extra Wide Feet: Jessica Simpson Women’s Plush Slippers

open top women slippers

Are you looking for comfortable, warm, and light slippers for extra wide feet that you can use all day when in the house? Jessica Simpson plush open-toe slide slippers are perfect. Besides making your feet warm and cozy, they are also attractive and come in a variety of colors. They come with a maxi bow that adds style to their already attractive nature.

It features a soft plush lining that makes sure your feet are warm, soft, and comfortable throughout the day. The memory foam is thick enough to improve the cushioning and making your feet extra comfortable. The cushioning has good shock absorption properties, thus relieving your feet from the pressure exerted by your weight when you walk.

The rubber sole is durable, water, and slip-resistant. It provides an excellent grip on the ground, which is vital to offer you support and balance on wet floors. They are machine washable.

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10. Luxury Choice: EMU Australia Wrenlette Sheepskin Slippers


warm open toe slippers for outdoors

Do you love slippers made from pure wool material? This pair is manufactured using high-quality sheepskin from Australia. If you are an Instagram and Tiktok celebrity, these brilliant slippers will leave your fans talking.

It has a double-faced sheepskin sole and upper part. Treat your feet to absolute warmth and comfort whether in summer or winter with these beautiful slippers. Sheepskin has good moisture absorbent properties. Therefore, your feet will remain fresh, dry, clean, and super soft.

They feature a TPR insole, thus increased comfort and shock absorption. It also comes with a textile ribbon to add to its beauty. The rubber sole is durable, lightweight, slip-resistant, and waterproof. You do not have to worry about walking on slippery floors anymore. The sole has a good traction and it will support you fully when you walk.

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11. For Short Person: Homeier Ralph Cross Band Wedge Slippers

wedge open toe slippers for summer

These slippers are designed to offer you the best comfort. They are wedged with a 1.6” heel. The high heel increases the comfort of your feet by reducing strain on the ankles, heels, and knees. They offer you excellent heel and ankle support. The upper and inner lining materials are manufactured of velvet. The material is soft, breathable, and comfortable to your feet.

They are multipurpose. You can either use them when watching TV, cooking the kitchen, or have them on when walking outside to go check your mails or say hi to your new neighbor.

The sole is very silent. You should not worry about making any noise when walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night. The sole is also anti-slip, durable, and flexible. It is made from superior EVA rubber, thus you are assured of excellent cushioning. To wrap it up, they are machine washable.

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12. Breathable For Summer: Caramella Bella Open Toe Women Slip on Slippers

summer open toe slippers

Do your slippers provide you the cooling effect you need to experience during the summer? Caramella Bella open-toe slippers ensure you enjoy your summer days down on the beach. These slippers are skin-friendly and feature moisture-wicking properties. Your feet will remain dry, fresh, and cool during the hot summer days. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

They feature a thick memory foam your feet will feel like walking on a soft pillow. This memory foam is sufficient to cushion your feet against impact and relieve them from stress and fatigue from a hard long day in the office.

The TPR sole is tough, nonslip, and waterproof, with a good grip on the ground. Your walks have never been more fun. They come in a variety of colors including your favorite color. Enjoy your summertime with these beautiful Caramella Bella open-toe slippers. They are also machine washable, no need to worry when they become dirty.

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13. Most Lightweight: Soft Plush Criss Cross Open Toe Slippers

crisscross slippers with open toe design

If you are a fan of cross-brand slippers, then here is one for you. This pair is made to match your fashion needs. Also, they come in a variety of colors to match your outfit. You can wear them when relaxing in the house or use them when going out with your friends. They feature a thick, EVA outsole to provide you stability when you walk. The sole is waterproof and nonskid, thus each step you make is safe and stable even on the slippery shopping mall floors.

They feature a thickly padded footbed that is super comfortable when you walk. The footbed ensures your feet are well cushioned from shock and relieved from pressure exerted by your weight. Be assured of superb arch support when you wear these slippers. The plush lining has moisture-wicking characteristics.

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Special Tips on Choosing For Elderly Women

The elderly is one among many special groups to consider in choosing open-toe slippers. The footwear chosen should be comfortable and easy to walk with. Below is what to check when purchasing open-toe slippers for the elderly.

slippers open toe

#1. What to choose?

  • Non-slip design – These slippers should have a non-slip sole to prevent sliding. Elderly people require great support to avoid sliding.
  • Adjustable Velcro for wide feet – At old age, feet tend to have a wide surface. An adjustable Velcro is a suitable option for this condition. The elderly are given a choice of adjusting the slippers to the point of comfort.
  • Comfort –  It is another factor to consider. Elderly people tend to have very soft skin, therefore, ensure that the slippers are soft for the soft legs.


#2. What to avoid?

  • Very smooth slippers– Extremely smooth may cause one to slide and fall.
  • Tight open-toe slippers– This may cause discomfort and might be much worse compared to putting on closed shoes.


#3. How to use them safely at home?

Open-toe slippers might at times be of great risk depending on how they are used. Below are ways on how to use them safely:

  • Avoid slippery areas – Most open shoe slippers are only suitable on dry surfaces. Avoid using them on slippery surfaces such as the bathroom to avoid accidents.
  • Ensure they are always clean – Open-toe slippers are vulnerable to dust thus they should be washed regularly.


How About the Wedge Slippers?

Wedge slippers refer to slippers that have a wedge design. The heel can have a high wedge and be elevated, or it can be a gently sloping wedge. They provide good heel and ankle support, thus providing ultimate comfort, especially for people with ankle pain and heel pain.

What makes wedge slippers popular also relies on its function of relieving your feet from pressure because of the thick memory foam. So wedge slippers can also be a good choice for women.

But for elders and kids, we do not recommend using a pair of wedge or high heel slippers, for they have a great chance of falling off when wearing.



Now you know all about open-toed slippers. These slippers are designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Get yours today to provide your feet the best care.