The 10 Best Safe Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Women Reviews

At times, the regular slippers to the elderly women give them a hard time due to their hardness that deteriorates pain to their swelling leg.

However, there are slippers made for them, being soft, stylish, and comfortable. Below we get in-depth information about these slippers and their reviews.

Getting a pair of anti-skid slippers for elderly women now!

Soft anti-slippery ballerina slippers with clog design for elderly use indoors and outdoors – Isotoner Women Chevron Microterry Slippers

Thick cushioned memory foam slippers designed for wide swollen feet – ZIZOR Cozy Women Memory Foam House Slippers

Most comfortable soft slippers for bedrooms and spa – Acorn Women Lightweight Spa Wrap Slippers

Arch support slippers with thick terry material for elderly women – Isotoner Women Terry Indoor Slipper

The warmest moccasin slippers with faux lining for narrow feet women – Jessica Simpson Women’s Micro Suede Slipper


What Features Should Comfortable and Safe Slippers Have For the Elderly Women?

By buying the right shoes, as an elderly woman not only will it reduce the pain resulting in fewer injuries but also it will ensure more comfort. Following are features suitable to be used by elderly women.

best slippers for women

Slip-resistant sole.

It is essential to acquire slippers that have a non-slip sole as this is what determines high occurrences of accidents. For instance, a rubber sole is widely known to ensure stability and prevent falling due to the treads and the resistance in the material.

Wide mouth/opening.

For elderly women, they do not have the strength to try getting the foot in the slippers. Therefore, they need slippers that have wide openings to ease slipping in and out of the shoes.

Adjustable closure strap.

Having the adjustable closure strap or velcro strap is an added advantage to the elderly woman who wants to snugly fit her legs for more comfort. Also, when the legs swell through the strap, they can adjust according to the more comfortable size it’s likely to generate warmth.

Adequate cushion/padding.

For ultimate comfort, it is important to get a required amount of padding to provide comfort to an elderly woman. For instance, some come with a multi-layered cushion or thick padding that absorbs and disperses shock to the feet, thus reducing effects e.g. pain in legs and hips.

Arch support.

These are devices that are placed under the foot of the heel to help keep the feet and the ankle positioned well. This prevents an elderly woman from developing discomfort and bolsters stability.


How to Pick the Best Slippers For An Elderly Women?

The market offers a variety of slippers that ranges from ages, gender with the difference in features. However, even when you get the right slippers for elderly women, here are things you need to consider before choosing the best slipper for elderly women. Below is how to pick the best slippers.

best slippers for women use

1. Size.

When buying the best slipper for an elderly woman ensure that it fits correctly. Having a too loose slipper will make it easy to slip off thus can cause losing balance and falling, while a tight one will hurt your toes and resist your circulation.

2. Adjustability.

Due to legs changing in size e.g. when they swell sometimes, it is important to be able to secure the feet in the slipper. Ensure that you avoid using slippers with adjustable velcro as you can trip fast, and they become loose when walking around.

3. Purpose of shoes.

The versatility of the slippers matters a lot, the slippers are made for indoor purposes only and cannot be used outdoors. This is because the outdoors have special features like firm grip and traction and durable material suitable for walking in the garden or to grab your mails.

4. Machine washable.

Just like any other items out there, the slippers accumulate dust and can get stains when having them on. However, some of the slippers are hard to wash and the skin becomes long-lasting, on the contrary, by getting yourself a machine washable slipper, you are assured that they are easy to clean and maintain.


Best Slippers for Elderly Woman Reviews

1. Best For Outdoors – Isotoner Women Chevron Microterry Non-slip Elderly Slippers

best slippers for elderly women use

Are you looking for soft and super comfy slippers that are durable and ooze luxury? The isotoner Women Chevron Microterry Ballerina House Slippers are your best choice. The slippers feature a low-profile, genuine suede sole for your indoor comfort. It is machine washable by cool water while drying fast away from any heat. These slippers give you ultimate comfort as they have Smartdri lining which winks moisture and keeps feet dry all year.

The isotoner Microterry Ballerina House Slippers are soft and durable as they ooze luxury. This is because they’re beautiful with timeless style due to the elegant bow they are made of. Besides, they offer a warm and cozy comfort. You should not be troubled about comfort and flexibility. These slippers can be used both in the sofa and bedroom as they are portable and foldable while the comfort lining conforms to your feet and flexes to securely fit your active lifestyle.


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2. Best For Narrow Feet – ZIZOR Cozy Women Memory Foam House Slippers with Adjustable Strap

comfortable slippers for elderly women

The ZIZOR Cozy Women Memory Foam Slippers are ideal slippers that keep your warmth from ankle to toe while safe to ensure that you don’t slip. The slippers are made from rubber soles which are durable to ensure that you will not have any accident by slipping in them while their flexibility adds adaptability for maximum comfort. They are fitted with faux Shearling lining that is of high quality and soft to keep you warm on cold days.

The slippers come with high-density memory foam insoles that are designed to ensure that you support feet. Besides, they have multi-layered cushioning that helps relieve the pain and fatigue from your feet. They have a wide-open and easy to slip in design with adjustable straps giving you the ability to adjust your slippers for extra comfort. Also, they make sure you maintain your feet ‘heat even without wearing socks.


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3. Best For Sweaty Feet – Dearfoams Ladies Rebecca Closed Black Slippers with Memory Foam to Prevent Falls

best slippers for thin feet elderly

Are you searching for durable indoor-outdoor slippers you can customize according to your preference? Dearfoams Women Rebecca Microfiber Slipper is your answer. It has durable treads that give these velour slippers a solid grip. With these slippers, you get a secure feel around the foot since it has a closed back.

The Dearfoams women Microfiber velour Slippers come with an embroidered design at the toe that gives them a touch of sophistication. Due to their usage both indoors and outdoors, there is no point in switching them. You can grab the mail and walk the dog while you can have them on while lounging around the house. The slippers are designed with high density cushioned insoles with memory foam to provide comfort.


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4. Most Comfortable – Acorn Women Lightweight Spa Wrap Slippers with Rubber Sole

warm slippers for wide feet elderly

You might be wondering where to get a super soft slipper to give you the most luxuriously soft slipper experience while lasting long? Look no more as Acorn Women Spa Warp will complete your search. The slippers come in different colors to enable you to acquire a color that fits your preference. Besides, they are synthetic with a rubber sole that guarantees treads preventing you to slip by accident.

The upper part of the Acorn Women Spa Wrap slippers is made with velvety soft terry cloth and soft terry lining to wrap the foot. These features help in pampering your feet with every step due to the all-around comfort provided. You don’t worry if the slippers are feeling a little baggy because the adjustable hook–and–loop strap is available for a snug fit. The contoured cushioned footbed has an enhanced heel and arch to ensure long-wearing.


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5. Best For Arthritis – LongBay Women’s Extra Wide Flurry Memory Foam Diabetes Slippers For Swollen Feet

soft slippers for elderly

Are you longing for versatile and cozy slippers that will provide super comfort and warmth? The LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Slippers are the best option. These machine-washable slippers make you feel like you have an ergonomic pillow under your feet in every step you take because of the high density 80D memory foam cushions. The supportive insoles act as a relaxing agent to your arches and soothe common foot pains.

These slippers come with a non-slip rubber sole which is durable to provide non-skid reaction and indoor & outdoor versatility. Therefore, you can walk freely around the bedroom, living room. Also, even out there to fetch your morning paper and checking on your mail without a shoe switch. The soft wool-like knit and faux bunny fur lining provides you with the comfort you deserve while the adjustable hook-and-loop closure can be perfect for tired, swollen feet and provide better stability.


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6. Best For Flat Feet – Isotoner Women Terry Indoor Slipper For Elderly Women with Arch Support

non slip slippers for elderly ladies

Perhaps you are looking for slippers that will make your feet feel pampered and cozy, the isotoner Women Terry slip In Clog is your treat. The slipper has a memory foam cushioning insole which molds to your feet for a perfect fit by providing comfort for indoor and out for this skid-resistant slipper. The multi-layer EVA arch support adds more cushioning and comfort to the tired legs and feet and those who suffer from pain.

With isotoner, Women Terry slip in clog slipper has a slip-on make style designed with luxuriously plush microterry for all-round comfort. The slippers have memory foam that provides warmth and cushioned support while the rubber sole is durable and anti-slip. These slippers are versatile with great style for usage on the sofa, bedrooms, store, and outdoors. The slipper is small in size.


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7. Best For Wooden Floors – ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Safe Cozy Memory Foam Closed Back Slippers.

narrow slippers for elderly

The ULTRAIDEAS Memory Foam Closed Back Slippers are your ideal choice due to their durability and flexibility for both indoors and outdoors. The slipper is padded with one layer of thick high-density memory foam and multi-layered thickening foam and shock absorbing design, they pamper the ladies feet with comfy softness. The curved collar design is of high quality and soft fluffy plug fleece to keep you warm from toe to ankle.

The ability to use it indoors and out is led by the pliable insole. It offers the flexibility and traction perfect for moving around the house and out of the garden to walk your dog. It is easy to maintain as its machine washable where it remains as good as brand new after a countless wash. The soft soles design foot pattern with grip on the bottom is sturdy and prevents cold from penetrating through the floors.


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8. Best For Seniors – Jessica Simpson Women’s Micro Suede Cozy Moccasin Slipper 

best women's slippers for elderly

If you are looking for stylish and cozy slippers to provide ultimate comfort, Jessica Simpson Slipper is your best choice. With these slippers, there is no need to worry about dirt and stains getting over them since it’s machine washable to look as clean and fresh as new. The bare hand washes with cold water, air dry, and dry flat.

The slipper features a thick memory foam cushion which adds support and comfort for all-day wear while the synthetic sole has a textured bottom grip to the floor which prevents you from slipping and sliding. It comes with a warm and fluffy clog style which is ideal for girls and women. The sizes available are small, medium, and large.


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9. Best with Arch Support – Isotoners Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers 

warm slippers for arch support

When you are looking for soft, warm, and comfy slippers, isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Slippers is what you have been searching for. The slippers are fitted with arch support and extra support provided by Secret Sole Technology to offer relief to the tired feet for comfort. Also, the memory foam insole absorbs the impact of and proved the needed comfort indoors and outdoors when having on the study slippers.

The isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slipper has a slip-on low back clog style. It is designed with durable and luxurious plush cotton-blend terry material that makes one feel comfortable. The rubber sole supported the indoor and outdoor encounters for the provision of warmth and cushioned support. The slippers are versatile due to styling which is transitioned from bedroom to living room to patio and gardens.


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10. Best with Breathable Fabrics – Acorn Skid Proof Women’s Mop Slippers with Memory Foam

best elderly slippers

Are you looking for stylish and breathable slippers that are weatherproof? The Acorn Women’s Mop Slippers is your answer. The slippers made with suede sole have a signature moccasin house shoe with a slip-on closed-back design making it look elegant. It is skid-resistant and a weatherproof-rugged sole with supports both indoors and outdoors versatility.

The slipper is breathable that keeps you comfortable through cold and hot seasons as it brings a cool feel during the summers and warms you during the winter. It has a memory foam insole that cradles the contours of your foot for a therapeutic fit. The lightweight and durable features enable you to have non-slip traction which provides safe and secure footing. It is perfect for all women and can be used for casual lifestyle and or slide-in for the go-out needs.


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What Types of Slippers Are the Best For Elderly Woman?

soft slippers for women

There are a variety of slippers used by elderly women. Among them includes:

1. Clog.

These are indoor house slippers that are relied on to provide functional comfort. Being open at the heel and at times required with an additional strap for extra support, they help women maneuver around.

2. Non-clog.

These are slippers that are enclosed with or without arch support for comfort when slipping them on. Are used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Open-toe.

This is a type where the toes and heel part is open. They are mostly used during summer for cool air while they provide comfort with every step taken for a perfect landing.


For Elderly Women, How to Use Slippers Safely?

Other types of shoes may not be as light and comfortable as these special slippers are. This is because they offer comfort, support, and stability to elderly women. There are tips to consider ensuring elderly women use them safely.

– Usage of slippers with rubber soles guarantees the reduction of tripping causing accidents because they have treads and firm grips that prevent stumbling and sliding.

– While using those with smooth soles avoid wet areas.

– Buy the correct sizes which will keep you comfortable and adequately snug as too loose slippers will trip you.

– Slippers should be worn properly and firmly closed to ensure safe walking.



Should elderly women use slippers?

Yes, they should. By wearing them it’s easier to take them on and off than other shoes are. To those who have foot pain, they can help relieve it due to the ergonomic pillow feel. Also, they are more comfortable, safe, and supportive.



Among the things that improve the independence and safety of an elderly woman is by giving them the right footwear. This gives the confidence to be autonomous due to the comfort they ooze. They also reduce pain and improves health, fit on an elderly woman and she will extremely be happy.

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