We Researched the Best Non-slip Womens Slippers – Here Are 10 of the Best

Slippers made with non-slip materials ensure safety and comfort when walking. These are comfortable slippers that you can walk with on slippery or smooth areas without worrying about your feet slipping off and falling. The non-slip women’s slippers are safe for all, including kids and older adults.

In this article, we will intensely discuss the importance of non-slip slippers for women, what to look for when buying them, and the top 10 best non-slip women’s slippers choices in the market.


Our Top Pick:

#1. Best for the ElderlyMillffy Nordic Style Faux Rabbit Fur Hair Women’s Suede Slippers
“Give your feet a cloud-like feeling, with non-slip and anti-fall slippers.”

#2. Best for Bathroom Quick Drying Non-Slip Slippers with the Most Durable EVA Material
“Anti-slip design to increase friction – bathroom security.”

#3. Best for Cleaning Jessica Simpson Women’s Soft Cable Knit Slippers with 100% Synthetic
“100% synthetic can be machine washable.”

#4. Best for Sweat Feet CIOR Men’s Memory Foam Cotton-blend Closed Toe House Slippers
“Good hygroscopicity and permeability to keep feet dry and fresh all the time.”

#5. Best for Indoor – Womens Slipper Memory Foam Fluffy Soft Warm Slip
“High-density memory foam and elastic memory foam heel offer lasting marshmallow-like comfort and warmth for tired toes and heels.”


Why Buying Anti-skid Slippers an Important Thing, Especially for the Elderly Women?

Prevent falls

Unlike younger people, older adults have a problem having a good balance when walking in shoes. For such people, slipping on wet or smooth floors is relatively easy, leading to an accident. Therefore, they need slippers with an excellent anti-slip design to ensure their safety and good balance.

Are comfortable

Generally, it is pretty comfortable and peaceful to walk in slippers with an anti-slip design since they give good traction on the ground. You can also comfortably walk with such slippers.


How to Choose Best ladies Non-slip Slippers?

Anti-slip soles

A good slipper for women should have anti-slip soles for security when walking on wet or smooth surfaces. Slippers made with rubber materials and interlocked soles provide good traction to prevent one from slipping even when walking in a damp area.

Avoid slippers that have smooth soles which do not have patterns since they do not provide traction. Also, slippers with the enclosed sole patterns are not safe at all.

For bedroom or bathroom use

Considering that bathrooms are wet and smooth from the constant water pouring, ensure the slippers you choose to have thick and anti-slip soles for safety. Also, the soles should be waterproof to secure the feet from coming to contact with water when you step into wet areas. Thin and anti-slip soles may also work for bedroom areas, depending on the type of floor in the bedroom.

Arch support

A good slipper for people with feet problems or older people should provide arch support for comfort and safety when walking around. So, choose slippers with thick padding that contours to the feet to offer arch support.


You should never compromise your comfort when choosing slippers. So, make sure the slippers have a good fitting, are breathable, offer foot cushioning, and are light in weight for flexibility when walking.


Best Non-slip Women’s Slippers Reviews

1. Best for the Elderly: Millffy Nordic Style Faux Rabbit Fur Hair Women’s Suede Slippers

best women's non-slip slippers

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These are comfortable indoor slippers to get your elderly parent with minimal mobility power.

Special features

-Thick memory foam support

These slippers’ inner soles consist of thick memory foam padding that provides excellent cushioning and support to the feet.

-Anti-slip soles

Your elderly parent can comfortably access the bathroom or slippery floors while wearing these slippers since they are made with anti-slip soles.


These are slippers you can wear even in cold seasons since the fluffy scuff style provides excellent warmth to the feet.

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2. Best for Bathroom: Quick Drying Non-Slip Slippers with the Most Durable EVA Material

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If your senior mother or father needs slippers for showering or accessing the bathroom when wet, get this fantastic slipper for bathroom areas.

Special features

-Thick waterproof soles

The slippers have thick soles curved upward and have holes to ensure no water settles on the footbed for quick drying.

-Anti-slip soles

Although these slippers are made with smooth materials, the soles have been stripped to provide safety traction.


These are comfortable slippers one can wear when going to the bathroom, showering, spa, swimming pool, and even the gym.

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3. Best for the Ballerina: Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Closed Back Slipper

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These are comfortable slippers you can rock when going to ballerina classes, mainly for beginners.

Special features


The slippers are incredibly comfortable since they have cushioned insoles with memory foam.

-Have DF adapt

This technology ensures no sweat or wetness accumulates to the feet to keep you dry and comfortable for as long as you wear the shoes. One of the reasons they are recommendable for the ballerina.

-Indoor and outdoor wear

From the materials to the soles crafting of these slippers, they are safe and comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors.

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4. Best for Cleaning: Jessica Simpson Women’s Soft Cable Knit Slippers with 100% Synthetic

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Comfort and coziness are all you achieve from these amazing ballerina shoes. Also, coming from a well-known slippers brand, they are pretty classy and durable too.

Special features

-Durable anti-slip soles

The rubber soles made with interlock patterns on the slippers guarantee safety when walking on different surfaces. The soles are pretty durable and do not wear out quickly.

-Variety colors

These slippers come in different colors, so you can choose a pair that matches your ballerina outfits.

-Easy to maintain

Maintaining these slippers is super easy since they are compatible with machine washers.

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5. Most Comfortable: Jessica Simpson Women’s Micro Suede Moccasin Indoor /Outdoor Slipper

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Moccasins are some of the trendy shoe styles that will never go away. Jessica Simpson’s pair has a unique design with a fluff collar to add a touch of elegance to the shoes.

Special features

-Memory foam padding

The inner soles of these shoes are made with thick memory foam padding that ensures your feet are well contoured to the shoes for support

-Anti-slip soles

These shoes are recommendable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The soles grip perfectly on the ground to give good traction for your safety when walking.


These are shoes you can rock even in the winter seasons since they have fluff lining that adds warmth to the feet.

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6. Best for Sweat Feet: CIOR Men’s Memory Foam Cotton-blend Closed Toe House Slippers

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What I love about these slippers is the ease of wearing design. They have an open back for easy slipping on and off.

Special features

-Super comfortable

The slippers are made with a cotton-blend texture, combined with a waffle design that forms a comfortable surface for the feet’ support. These material blends also ensure your feet stay warm and dry throughout.


These are comfortable slippers you can wear during both warm and cold seasons. The cotton material prevents heat accumulation, while the thick memory foam padding provides excellent and comfortable cushioning to the feet.

-Versatile shoes

These are slippers you can wear for multiple occasions, especially indoors.

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7. Best to Keep Warm: Ultraideas Memory Foam Slippers with Plush Faux Fur Lining

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If you need comfortable anti-slip slippers for the winter seasons, these are the best pair to consider. The slippers are comfortable and warm too.

Special features

-Thermal wool lining

The wool lining on the slippers’ interior provides a soft surface to the feet while insulating them from the cold.


The faux fur lining has a water-wicking mechanism that ensures no water is absorbed by the feet, even for people with sweaty feet.

-Have memory foam & cushioning EVA insole

These two materials conform to one’s feet to provide excellent shock absorbent and support when walking on different surfaces. So, they are comfortable to wear outdoors.

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8. Best for Outdoor: Zizor Women’s Strap Closed Back Slippers with Rubber Sole

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I love these shoes as they are adjustable in the closure style that guarantees you get a comfortable and good fitting. You can also open the closure strap if you want to allow airflow to the feet.

Special features

-Quality anti-slip rubber soles

These shoes have thick anti-slip rubber soles that make it possible and comfortable to walk, even in slippery areas, mainly outdoors.

-Easy to clean

Cleaning these shoes is easy since they are compatible with machine washers.

-Features faux fur lining

If you need shoes that you can rock in the cold and warm seasons, I recommend these slippers. The faux fur fluffy lining ensures your feet stay warm and toasty in cold seasons and wick away sweat to keep the feet dry throughout.

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9. Best to Keep Dry: Ultraideas Women’s Slippers with Ultimate Soft and Breathable Materials for Indoor/Outdoor

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The lightweight design of these slippers ensures your feet are comfortable and flexibility all times. In other words, these are slippers that you can wear for an entire day.

Special features

-Soft and breathable

These shoes are made with ultimate soft and breathable materials that make it bearable to wear them even in super-hot seasons.


You can wear these versatile shoes for various indoor occasions like cooking, chilling on the balcony, and bathroom visits.


These shoes’ inner soles are made with high-density thick memory foam padding to add comfort and support to the feet.

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10. Best for Indoor: Womens Slipper Memory Foam Fluffy Soft Warm Slip

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This is a must-have pair of slippers for your indoor and outdoor wear. The slippers are made with comfortable anti-slip rubber soles.

Special features

-Super warm and comfortable

The shoes are made with fluffy lining that wraps around the feet to seal them from the cold. The soft lining materials are pretty comfortable to the skin too.

-Quality and durable soles

The soles of these shoes are handmade with solid materials resistant to leakage.

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What Designs Help Slippers to be Slip-resistant?

Should be soft and have rubber material on the outer sole

Good anti-slip soles are made with soft rubber materials. Naturally, rubber has a sticky feeling whereby it automatically holds on to any surface you step on. So, rubber soles are the best to walk on oily, smooth, and even wet surfaces since they have an excellent floor grip effect.

Soles with interlocked patterned sole

This is another design of the shoe that increases gripping to the floor. Even if the shoes may have patterns at the base, not all marks ensure safety when walking in slippery areas.

For example, shoes with enclosed sole prints are pretty dangerous since such soles close the patterns when the soles come to contact with the wet areas. So, in return, this hinders the soles from coming to get with the floor leading to injuries.

But, the soles that have interlocked patterns are safe and suitable for walking in slippery areas. Such soles do not lock in water on the prints but repel it out so the soles can get to contact with the floor.


Do Ballerina Slippers Perform Better in Nonslippery?

Yes, traditionally, ballerina floors should be smooth to have an easy time maneuvering on the floor. The floor should be made with some form of traction to ensure the ballerina has good stability.

The smooth floor is recommendable to provide the user has a shock-absorbent due to the repetitive foot movements. Still, there are some ways that ballet dancers can use to increase stability on their feet, like dampening the pointed part of the ballerina shoes.

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The anti-slip slippers are comfortable and safe to walk with on different surfaces. This article features the top ten best and most comfortable non-slip slippers on the market. Make sure to consider the above-discussed features when choosing the anti-slip slippers for your home or outdoor wear.