Best Women’s Portable Folding Travel Slippers

how to choose travel slippers on the go

Many times, you have had to remove your shoes when in the plane, ship, or camp vans since your feet are hurting. The type of shoes you wear matters a lot. They dictate how much you are going to enjoy that trip. For this reason, you need the best traveling companion, apart from your better … Read more

Best Men’s Summer House Slippers and Sandals For Sweaty Feet

summer house shoes for men

Men hardly wear slippers or sandals on most occasions. They only do so when it is practical and when the climate around them commands it. Summer is one of those seasons that men go out in search of slippers. Thankfully, there are summer slippers available in the market that are ideal for men. There is … Read more

Best Women’s Slippers for Sore Feet

causes of sore feet

Have you been battling sore feet for a while now without so much success from the slippers you are using? With the many brands in the market, it is very hard to choose the best slippers that will help you with your problem. Do not worry as your long search has now ended. This article … Read more

Best Men’s Slippers for Sore Feet

causes of sore feet

We all have entered into a new world where we now have to work from home. When working in your house you do not need shoes or slippers, right? You will find yourself walking bare feet around the house. Tell you what. Your feet are not used to this kind of living, as a result,-the … Read more

Best Non-slip Slippers for Toddlers

slippers for kids

Toddlers’ feet need to be taken care of, kept warm every time. The use of slippers has emerged as the best way to prevent them from chilly floors. Therefore, to have the right slippers you require a non-slip type for your child. The slippers will not only offer the kid’s feet warmth but also extra-gripping … Read more

How to Repair Slipper Soles?

fix the bottom of slippers

Slippers, as with any other piece of footwear, will at one point in time wear out and require some repairs. That is given the strenuous chore it performs insofar as the facilitation of your walking and transportation is concerned. It is hence necessary that you know how to repair slipper soles. You never know when … Read more

How to Make Homemade Slippers?

leather slippers

Slippers are comfortable footwear that serves to keep our feet warm and appropriately shielded from direct contact with the floor. You need not necessarily have purchase yours from the shelves. Instead, you may also opt to make yours in the comfort of your home. Our article here endeavors to answer the question “How do you … Read more

How to Crochet Slipper Socks or Boots?

The greatest idea that needs very affordable and highly available materials makes the winter season nothing to be scared of by crocheting warm slipper socks or boots. They can be made in different styles and patterns to suit the user’s preferences and tastes; moreover, one can use different textures of threads to come up with … Read more