Top Options for You to Pick the Best Men’s Clog Slippers [2022 Reviews]

Everyone needs comfortable and easy-to-wear slippers for indoor and outdoor use. House slippers especially must be easy to slip on and off with maximum support for the feet. Out of the styles of slippers available, clog slippers are the most comfortable. Here is some other information on the best men’s clog slippers.

Best Men’s Brendan Microfiber Suede Clog Slipper


Top Picks

  1. Most Comfortable: Men’s Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Clog Slippers with Fresh IQ
  2. Best for Indoors: RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
  3. Best for Outdoors: Dearfoams Men’s Brendan Microfiber Suede Clog Slipper
  4. Most Versatile: Go Tour Men’s Mules Clog Slippers Breathable Leather Slip-on Shoes Casual Loafers
  5. Most Fashionable: Haflinger Unisex GZL Leather-Trimmed Wool Clog Slippers

Who and When Needs Clog Slippers?

Clog slippers may be good for all men. There are some people that it is most perfect for. Those who work most of the day standing for long hours need very comfortable and supportive slippers like clog slippers.

Men that have to stand long hours every day in an indoor workplace setting like a hospital needs to own clog slippers. Working from also demands that wear good of comfortable slippers like clog.


Benefits of Clog Slippers over Non-Clog Slippers

They are ubiquitous for several uses. Here are some benefits of men’s clog slippers over non-clog slippers.

Comfort and support: Clog slippers allow the feet to stand well and provide lower back support for men. Those who spend long hours standing like doctors and nurses often wear clogs. They wear clogs because of the support for the lower back. Clog slippers support posture and allows you to stand straight. Wearing clogs also reduce back pain.

Breathable: The slippers allow the feet to breathe because of the opened-back design. Your feet would not retain moisture or be soggy when you wear clogs. With breathable slippers like clog slippers, you can evade the spread of fungal infections on your feet.

Easy to slip on and off: Clog slippers do not need to be laced. They are easy to slip on and off.


How to Pick the Best Clog Slippers for Men?

Before you purchase your men’s clog slippers, consider a few of these tips. Whether you are buying for yourself or a gift to a man, the following hints would guide you to select the best clog slippers.

How to Pick the Best Men's Slippers

What material to choose?

High-quality clog slippers are produced with the following materials.


Wool has unique qualities that are grouped basically into five. The features of wool are moisture-wicking, breathability, warmth, hypoallergenic, and temperature regulating. Wearing clog slippers made from wool assures you of comfort and moisture-free or sweaty feet.


Leather slippers continue to be age-long sippers for durability and perfect fit. Most people choose leather materials for slippers because they are lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean. They provide adequate cushion and warmth for the feet. They are among the top stylish men’s slippers on the market. Generally, higher-quality leather slippers are water-resistant, eco-friendly, breathable, and odor resistant.

-Memory foam

Memory foam provides that pillow-like feel for the feet. And it provides arch support and stability. Memory foam slippers also offer a custom fit for the feet after long terms use. They also help to reduce shock under the foot and sole. The warmth that memory foam provides makes them suitable for those who often suffer from cold feet.

Summer or winter use?

Since the comeback of clog slippers, there have been discussions around clod for different seasons. When you need to choose men’s slippers for summer use, clog slippers are the best option. The reasons for choosing clog slippers are obvious.

Summertime is the period we encounter hot weather. We need slippers that can keep the feet warm and cozy. Summertime slippers also help relaxation. Clogs are suitable for summertime because they have open heels and are easy to slip on. Clog slippers also prevent the feet from sweatiness during summer.

Best men's clog slippers for summer or winter reviews

Just like in summer, clog slippers are also right for the winter seasons. They are made for materials that prevent falling or slipping. They are also readily giving the feet adequate warmth. Choose clog slippers that are made with versatile and durable materials that can withstand the harshness of the winter climate.

Brand to choose (UGG or Haflinger?)

You may also choose clog slippers made from popular brands like UGG or Haflinger. Best for the winter season is the Halflinger brand. They are stylish and provide good winter warmth.

Other features to check


Check if the clog slipper is comfortable. You don’t need to purchase any slippers that discomfort your feet. Check the insole and outsole to know if they won tire feet fast.


Clogs are designed to allow the feet to breathe. However, clogs may become very warm to the feet when worn for a long time. Hence, ensure that your clog slippers are breathable.


There is nothing good in feeling safe that you are wearing a clog that won’t make you skid or slip. Pick slippers that have anti-slip soles and are best for hard floors. Clogs are to maintain an effective grip on slippery surfaces.


Best Men’s Clog Slippers Reviews

1. Most Comfortable: Men’s Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Clog Slippers with Fresh IQ

Best Men’s Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Clog Slipper Shoe with Fresh IQ

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These slippers are the most comfortable. Made with Hanes’s advanced technology for odor protection. They are easy to slip on and off but not water-resistant.

-Perfect comfort

They have a plush lining made with thick memory foam. The slippers will give your feet cushioning effect and custom fit.

-Indoor and outdoor uses

You can wear your Hanes clogs anywhere. The slippers have long-lasting and gripping soles. They are also anti-skid that will avoid falling or slipping on slippery surfaces whether worn outside or inside.

-Odor protection

They are made with Hanes technology Fresh IQ for odor protection. The Fresh IQ will ensure your slippers are always odor-free and fresh.

-Machine washing

These clogs can be cleaned in the washing machine. After washing, lay flat to dry.

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2. Best for Summer: Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Slippers for Hot Day AM1521

Best Men's Clog Slippers for Summer

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These comfortable, waterproof, and rubber sole slippers are best used during summers. You can enjoy every of your summer holiday while walking out in these clog slippers.


These multipurpose clog slippers are lightweight and portable to wear both indoors and outdoor. They provide all the support you need from slippers without having to add weight to your feet. These clogs often have the same feel as crocs.

-Easy to clean

You do not have to worry about cleaning your slippers because these clogs are easy to clean. They are waterproof slippers. The clogs can fit perfectly when in the shower, going swimming, or in the garden. They do not trap dirt once cleaned.

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3. Best for Winter: Men’s Slippers Memory Foam Clog Plush Wool Fleece Indoor Outdoor

Best Men’s Clog Slippers Fuzzy House Shoes

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Are you looking for good winter slippers to pamper your feet with? Here is the choice for you. They are made with memory foam and furry insoles. The slippers are easy to slip on and off. The sole material is rubber and waterproof.

-Warm and breathable

These clogs give your feet the needed warmth during winter. However, they are breathable. The wooly insoles allow the feet to hug tight to the slippers but also allow them to breathe. They isolate your feet from the cold weather.

-Cushion and support

Since they are made with memory foam, the slippers provide cushioning effect for the feet. They are also padded well to give support for the feet while wearing them all day.

-Versatile and fashionable

These clog slippers are good for indoor or home slippers as well as outdoor slippers. The design also makes them decent to wear to places like malls, grocery stores, or any outdoor sites.

-Washing machine safe

The slippers are washing machine safe. When your slippers get dirty, throw them into your washing machine for fast and convenient cleaning.

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4. Best for the Elderly: Zigzagger Non-slip Men’s Fuzzy Moccasin Style Slippers Indoor/Outdoor Fluffy Slippers

Best Men's Clog Slippers for Elderly in Black

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These clog slippers are made with materials that can fit for elderly. They have a rubber outsole, memory foam insoles, and a suede outer layer. They are good as hiking shoes.

-Ultimate comfort

The slippers are padded with high-quality memory foam to give comfort and a custom fit to your feet. They are right for indoors and outdoor. As long you wear these clogs, they give your feet a pillow effect.


The slippers have rubber soles. They can last long when you wear them on any type of floor. They will prevent you from falling on smooth or slippery floors. The slippers would not also scratch your floor.

-Machine washable

All the materials of the slippers are safe for machine washing.

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5. Best for Indoors: RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Best Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Clog Slipper

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When at home, you need slippers that can be comfortable for walking around and doing chores. These RockDove slippers are the appropriate and best-selling indoor slippers. Easy slip-on and water-resistant.

-Memory foam

Memory foam allows the slippers to mold to the contours of your feet. They also provide soft cushioning. They give your feet the best relaxation after a long tiring day.

-Rubber soles

Rubber soles that avoid slipping and non-marking your floor. The soles are also lightweight.


They are made with breathable fabrics. The slippers feel like a tiny mattress on your feet.

-Durable and washing machine safe

These clogs are made with materials that last long and can be washed in the washing machine. Wash with cold water and air dry.

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6. Best for Outdoors: Dearfoams Men’s Brendan Microfiber Suede Clog Slipper

Best Beautiful Men's Clog Slippers for Outdoor

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These clog slippers feature a combination of style, comfort, quality, and versatility. Made from high-quality Australian sheepskin material. They are available in different sizes for small and wide feet. These clogs are water-resistant.

-Comfort and cushion

Made with memory foam insoles for super comfort. They give your feet soft cushioning. They also fit snuggly to the contour of your feet. The materials also allow your feet to breathe. The microsuede works for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking.


These Dearfoams clogs have rubber outsoles. When worn outside, they prevent skidding or slipping. The soles are also durable.


You enjoy and love these slippers for outdoor use. They are a blend of classic and modern style clog slippers.

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7. Best for Sweat Feet: Hanes Men’s Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Microsuede Clog Slipper with Fresh IQ

Best Men’s Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Microsuede Clog Slipper Shoe with Fresh IQ

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Highlights of these clogs are; easy to wear, comfortable, classy, durable, and warm. They are available in different sizes of men’s feet. They are made with synthetic soles and are not waterproof.

-Memory foam

The clogs are made with thick memory foam insulation. They offer support and conform to the feet for maximum comfort.

-Indoor and outdoor

These slippers have sturdy and layered soles that greatly reduce slipping and sliding whether you are wearing them inside or outside.

-Machine washable

These Hanes Store slippers are machine washable. What great news! Get your dirty Hanes slippers cleaned and refreshed in the washing machine.

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8. Most Versatile: Go Tour Men’s Mules Clog Slippers Breathable Leather Slip-on Shoes Casual Loafers

Best Men's Clog Slippers in Leather

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These handmade clog slippers are the most stylish and comfortable leather slippers for men. Easy to slip on leather slippers with rubber outsoles. They come in nice shapes and colors. The slippers are suitable for several uses both indoor and outdoor.


You would love these leather slippers because they are lightweight. The slippers fit perfectly to the feet and are comfortable.


The beauty of these leather slippers is that they allow your feet to breathe. They have air ventilation inner to keep your feet fresh.


Wear your Go Tour leather slippers for different purposes. It can fit well for any outdoor event or party. They can also be worn for indoor leisure or lounging.

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9. Most Fashionable: Haflinger Unisex GZL Leather-Trimmed Wool Clog Slippers

Best Men's Unisex GZL Leather-Trimmed Wool Clogs

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If you are looking for wool material slippers, here is this Haflinger brand for you. Made from 100% wool fabric with synthetic sole material. They are cozy and breathable with contouring footbeds.

-High-quality materials

These slippers feature high-quality materials. The major material is wool, which provides temperature regulation and moisture-wicking for the feet. The inner soles are made with boiled wool to give you soft and dry food all day. The outsoles are made with rubber material for durability and anti-slip walking.

-Slip-on and arch support

These clogs are easy to slip on and off. They have great arch support. Likewise, it is made with a wide toe box. Those men with wide feet can enjoy comfort while wearing these clogs. It is highly recommended for those who have plantar fasciitis.

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10. The cutest: Haflinger Coffee Clog Slippers with 100% Boiled Wool for Men

Best Men's Fashionable Clog Slippers

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These clogs are also called Unisex Coffee Wool Slippers. They are soft, comfy, and lightweight. Highly durable with coffee outer design.

-Comfortable and breathable

They are made with natural wool material. Wool allows the feet to breathe. They are also flexible and sturdy. Enjoy comfort as well as moisture-free feet all day.
Wool offers warmth to the feet. It regulates the temperature of the feet. During winter, your feet are warm and cool during hot summer days.

-Arch support

The slipper provides the foot with latex molded arch support. They also have rubber outsoles. Created with a wide toe box.

-Machine washing

When your slippers get dirty or smelly, it is safe to machine-wash. Wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Machine dry to release moisture and air dry.

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11. Best for Arch Support: UGG Men’s Tasman Slipper with Rubber Sole

Best Men's Clog Slippers in White

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100% suede and sheepskin clog slippers. The suede is used for the upper lining while sheepskin is for the inner lining. These clogs are made for indoor and outdoor use.


The slipper comes in various sizes. Wide feet can size up for perfect fitting.

-Arch support

UGG clogs offer arch support for the feet.


These clog slippers give ultimate comfort to the feet. They allow breathability and flexibility. They have furry and toasty insoles.

-Rubber sole

Clogs made with rubber soles are super comfy and durable. They suit for outdoor use like going shopping or a quick walk.

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Clog slippers are supportive and suitable footwear. Reading through the above information and reviews will provide you with a hint into clog slippers. A long day on your feet or a long day after work needs perfectly fitting, anti-skid, and breathable slippers. Clog slippers are also durable and easy to clean.


Should the Elderly Men Wear Clog Style Slippers?

The question is not just about clogs for the elderly. Old age often comes with a lot of issues. Hence, the elderly need slippers that will enhance their mobility and reduce foot pains. Clog slippers for the elderly must be comfortable and prevent them from falling. Easy to slip on and off clog slippers are among the best recommendations for elderly ones.

Clog slippers for the elderly must hug the foot perfectly in a not too-loose and not too-tight condition. Their clog slippers must also provide anti-skid support against slippery floors. Top of it all, clog slippers are suitable for offering cushioning effects for elderly people’s feet.
Also, the clog slippers should contain a removable footbed for the orthotic footbed.

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What Feet Conditions Should Avoid Clog Slippers?

Best Comfortable men's clag slippersMost clog slippers are made with wooden soles or rubber soles. Clog slippers may be suitable for feet support and spine support, but they may also have disadvantages for some feet conditions. Men’s clogs slippers fall among the top recommendations from most podiatrists, they also do have harmful effects on the feet.

Clog slippers are comfortable but do not encourage good foot motion. They are also capable of weakening the foot arch. Those who have foot conditions and toe deformities like hallux valgus (bunions), claw toes, and hammertoes should not often wear clog slippers or avoid them totally.

Hallux Valgus, also called bunions is a foot condition that affects the big toe. Bunions are developed when there is a big bump beneath the big toe. The bump is caused as a result of too much pressure on the feet. Clogs are examples of slippers types that often cause bunions with other underlying health challenges.

Clog slippers likewise impact some other foot and toes conditions like plantar fasciitis and neuromas.


Should Men’s Clog Slippers Be Used Indoor or Outdoor?

Some of the best men’s clog slippers are versatile and ubiquitous slippers that can serve as both indoor and outdoor slippers. The point to consider is the material of the slippers and the sole of the slippers. They will determine if your clog slippers will serve as indoor or outdoor slippers or for both uses.

To choosing your indoor clog slippers, ensure you consider the hardness of your floor. Clog slippers with sturdy and strong soles will prevent skidding, scratching on the floor, and cold feet. We recommend that you pick clog slippers with rubber soles. They are for multipurpose use in and out of the house. Most importantly, pick clogs that are comfortable for your feet.