Best Women’s Boiled Wool Slippers with Arch Support Reviews

If you are looking for the most comfortable home slippers, especially for the cold seasons, consider the wool slippers.

Wool slippers come in different styles for both men and women.

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Slip on merino wool women’s slippers for indoor wearNootkas Women’s Felted Merino Wool’ Astoria’ Mule House Slipper

Natural wool slippers with arch support for walking on multiple floors – Made For You Women’s Natural Wool Slippers

Women’s wool moccasin slippers with arch support for easy slide on – Merrell Women’s Dassie Stitch Slide Wool Moccasin Slipper

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grey wool slippers

This article will discuss the best women’s wool slippers and the types of wool materials used in making the woman’s slippers.

The slippers’ style and design also matter, and therefore, we will provide all information regarding the styles of women’s wool slippers in the market.


What Types of Women’s Wool Slippers Are Proper?

Sheep wool

sheep wool slippers

These are the slippers made of natural wool got from the sheep. The slippers made with sheep wool are quite functional such that you can wear them in both cold and warm seasons.

These slippers have high absorption as they naturally absorb 33 percent of the moisture without getting any bulkily or making your feet feel wet. So, you don’t necessarily need to wear sheep wool slippers with socks as they keep the feet dry.


Merino wool

soft merino slippers

This is a unique wool fiber grown by merino sheep. In other words, this type of wool is extracted explicitly from merino sheep. Some of the benefits of owning a pair of merino wool slippers are insulation and keep the feet dry.

This type of wool is naturally porous, and therefore, it transports the moisture away from your feet through the evaporation process. So, the merino wool keeps the feet feeling warm and dry at all times.


Natural wool

natural wool slippers

Natural wool is generally made from multiple animals ranging from sheep and even the mohair goats. The natural wool is quite soft and comfortable to the skin; hence, making clothing.

The natural wool has the antistatic property whereby it quickly absorbs moisture and releases it into the air in lesser time.

So, you will never deal with sweaty feet when wearing natural wool slippers.


Boiled Wool

boiled wool slippers

Boiled wool is just like regular wool, only that it has been boiled. So, this type of wool is a bit thin and perfect for making lighter clothes like scarves.

The boiled wool is also standard in making slippers because they look more fabric than other discussed types of wools.

The boiled wool slippers are exceptionally comfortable to wear in hot seasons since they are not too insulating.


How to Pick the Best One?

Clog type or slip-on type?

The choice between the two designs is determined by where you want to use the wool slippers. If you need slippers that you can also go on outdoors with, I would recommend clog models. But slip-on slippers are great for occasional wear or strictly indoors.


For what usages

Again do you need slippers for indoor wear or a pair that you can wear when going outdoors? Ensure the type of wool slippers you choose can serve the purpose and accommodate the area. For example, outdoor slippers should have a thicker sole and be anti-slip for your safety when outdoors.

Such slippers should be easy to clean after wear. For the indoors, ensure the slippers are warm and at the same time have an anti-slip sole for safety when you walk on slippery areas like the bathroom.


haflinger felt slippers

With what soles

The wool women’s slippers are made with different sole materials like leather sole and cork soles. The choice of the slippers based on the soles type determines where you can wear them.

If you need slippers to walk with on the outdoors and all surfaces, consider the models made with leather soles since such soles are comfortable to walk, even in wet areas.

The cork soles are great for indoors, especially on carpeted surfaces.


Should it be with arch support, and who needs them with support?

If you have feet problems, you need to wear shoes that offer foot support. Some wool slippers’ brands make their slippers with arch support to reduce pain and fatigue on the feet.

So, always go for a pair of slippers with arch support to ensure your feet are comfortable and safe.


Is it washable?

Wool has a high absorption level, and some wool materials get stretchy when they are dipped in water. So, when buying the slippers, check out if they are washable and the right washing method. The washing mode will also depend on where you can wear the slippers.


Booties slippers or standard type?

Bootie slippers are quite comfortable and are mainly designed for the outdoors. These are the wool slippers that reach around the ankle area to offer ample warmth and support.

On the other hand, the ordinary wool slippers feature a slip-on design for convenience when taking off and wearing. These types of slippers are safe indoors, but some are also designed for outdoor wear.


Best Women’s Wool Slipper Reviews

1. With Merino Wool: Nootkas Women’s Felted Merino Wool’ Astoria’ Mule House Slipper

acorn wool slippers

These cozy slippers are made with merino wool; hence, they guarantee to keep your feet warm and toasty. They are crafted for indoor wear, considering they feature the slip-on design and have a suede sole.

Large toes box and flexible

You will not feel like you are wearing any slippers with Nootkas. The slippers are made with an extra-large toe box that allows the toes to spread well. Also, they have flat padding for flexibility when walking and ensures the feet are comfortable too.

Sweat wicker

If you have sweaty feet issue, these are the best wool slippers to get. Not only do they keep the feet warm, but they wick away sweat to keep the feet dry for as long as you wear them.

Have premium constructions

These merino slippers are handcrafted using the best merino wool, which takes around three days to make each slipper. So, rest assured, they will last long.

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2. With Boiled Wool: LE KAPMOZ Women’s Boiled Wool House Slippers

german slippers haflinger

These are versatile slippers you can wear all around the year. The boiled wool materials provide breathability features such that you can also rock the slippers even in hot seasons.

Warm and breathable

The slippers are constructed with boiled merino wool materials and infused with a breathability design. Hence, not only do the slippers keep the feet warm, but they also ensure your feet are breathing for that cool effect.

Heel cup and arch support

The arch section is well contoured to offer feet support and relieve pain. These slippers are suitable for people with foot problems as they provide excellent support. The back edge is also curved for good fitting and secures them on the feet.

Multiple sizing

These slippers are made for an entire family setting. Therefore, they are made in all sizes ranging from small to large.

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3. With Natural Wool: Made For You Women’s Natural Wool Slippers

ladies felt slippers

This is a must-have pair of wool slippers for every woman. The slippers offer warmth and have an arch design for that extra support while relieving pain.

Features non slip rubber soles.

These slippers are perfect for walking on different surfaces, including outdoors since they are made with non-slip rubber soles that provide a non-slip mechanism. Also, the slippers’ insoles are made with an arch support design to relieve fatigue and foot pain.

Light in weight

These are comfortable slippers you can wear for an entire day since they are comfortable and light. They are recommendable for older people as one feels like they are bare feet.

Easy to wear

The slippers are made with a slip-on design. So, wearing them and taking them off is easy and smooth for all.

Are hypoallergenic

If you are allergic to strong smells and chemicals infused in some shoes, you need to get these slippers as they are 100 percent safe. Not only are they made from natural wool materials, but they are not infused with harmful chemicals. So, your comfort is guaranteed.

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4. With Arch Support: Merrell Women’s Dassie Stitch Slide Wool Moccasin

haflinger women's clogs

A perfect wool slipper designed in a mocassin style ideal for any area, including outdoors. These are slippers you can slip on when going for groceries or on a simple lunch date with your friends. The thick soles have anti-slip materials for your safety when walking on multiple surfaces. The slipper also comes in three different color shades, so you can choose a shade that matches your outfits.

Breathable mesh lining

One of the reasons you can wear these slippers when going out is the mesh lining construction. The mesh lining ensures there is airflow to your feet for breathability. So, you get the right balance of warmth and breathability to your feet.

Eva foam footbed

The slippers’ footbeds have a contoured EVA foam cushion that provides excellent support to your soles regardless of where you walk. The footbed contours to one’s feet for that perfect fitting.

Merrell air cushion

The Merrell air cushions are equipped at the heels of the slippers. They help to absorb shock while adding stability to the mid-EVA foam midsole.

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5. With Clog Design: HAFLINGER Unisex GZL Leather-Trimmed Wool Clogs

ladies wool slippers

The heel of these clogs measures around 1 inch while the platform measures 3/4 inches, essential for forming a high surface to support your feet well. These are comfortable clogs you can wear while indoors or outdoors since they can accommodate outdoor surfaces and elements.

Comfortable and warm

The upper parts of the clogs are made of wool material that feels gentle and super soft to the feet. Also, the wool materials guarantee warmth and comfort to your feet in cold seasons. However, keep in mind that the upper parts are breathable for comfort, especially for people with sweaty feet.

Features cork-latex arch support

The slippers ensure you have arch support to relieve pain and fatigue. Therefore, if you wonder if you can wear these clogs for an entire day, the answer is yes.

Multiple color styles and comfortable

These clogs come in varying shades of colors to select from. They are smooth to wear as they have an open back design for easy slipping in and off the feet.

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6. With Slip on Design: Women’s Slip-On Knit Slippers Memory Foam Slippers

uggpure slippers

Your winter seasons are sorted with these amazing slip-on knit slippers. They feature a soft wool print top that provides excellent warmth to the feet. The wearing design makes the slippers perfect for indoor and outdoor wear.

Comfortable anti slid soles.

The soles of these slippers are made with flexible rubber materials for comfort when walking. The soles fold easily as you walk to prevent foot fatigue. The non-slip design ensures you are safe even when you walk in slippery areas.

Premium memory foam insoles

The inner soles are well padded with thick premium memory foam that provides an excellent and comfortable surface for supporting the feet. This works as a shock-absorbent such that even when you walk for long or on hard surfaces, your feet will not feel tired or pain.

Breathable materials

Although these slippers are crafted to offer total warmth to your feet during the cold seasons, rest assured your comfort is guaranteed. The plush fleece lining with knit style guarantees airflow to your feet to balance the temperatures around the feet.

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7. With Leather Sole: DR.FEET Unisex Natural Wool Felt with Leather Sole Slipper

wool felt clogs

What stands out on these slippers is the natural wool feel that provides comfort and excellent cushioning to your feet. Nonetheless, the slippers are made with natural wool materials for total warmth and comfort to the feet.

Anti-slip leather soles

These are slippers you can walk with on hard surfaces outdoors or wet areas like in the bathroom. The leather soles are waterproof to prevent water from penetrating the interior side of the slippers. Also, the soles are anti-slip for safety when walking on slippery wet surfaces.

Cushioned footbed

The slippers’ footbed has padding molded to naturally contour to your feet for comfortable fitting and ensure you have ample support as well.

Comfortable and safe

These are comfortable indoor slippers with an infusion of both natural wool and polyester materials for your comfort and safety.

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8. With Cork Soles: Stegmann Women’s Wool Felt Clog

woolen slippers for womens

If you need wool slippers for indoor and outdoor wear, these are the best choice. The slippers are made with wool’s upper materials plus a thick synthetic sole for feet support, mainly when walking on hard surfaces.

The full wool upper support

These slippers are made with pure wool materials imported from Europe. So, they provide excellent warmth to your feet while ensuring the feet stay cool. The slippers are also designed to offer arch support to reduce fatigue and foot pain.

Features the Cork/Latex blend footbed

The blend of the cork and latex materials on the footbed forms a comfortable thick surface for ample support to your feet. Still, the slippers are flexible to ensure your comfort when walking.

Have lightweight patterned EVA outsole

Although the slippers may seem bulky, they are relatively light in weight. The outer soles are made of flexible EVA materials for comfort when walking on various surfaces. The soles work as shock-absorbent for additional protection and support.

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9. Booties Slippers: Women’s Warm Wool Yarn Cable Knitted Bootie Slippers

bure bure slippers

If you need slippers that support the ankle area, these bootie wool slippers are great options. They have memory foam paddings plus anti-skid soles that offer support and balance when walking, even on wet surfaces.


These slippers offer optimal support and warmth to your, feet but they are quite affordable. The slippers retail at less than 30 dollars, affordable to most people.

Faux fur lining

You will never complain of cold when wearing these slippers as they are crafted to offer ample comfort to your feet. The slippers have faux fur lining that is quite warm to keep the feet toasty for as long as you wear them.

Have 80D memory foam insole

The slippers’ inner soles are made with 80D memory foam padding essential for providing support and cushioning to the feet. In this case, you can rock these slippers both indoors and outdoors.

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10. For Indoor and Outdoor Use: HAFLINGER Women’s Grizzly Stelline Wool Felt

ultraideas memory foam slippers

You will never deal with cold feet both in the winter and autumn seasons since these slippers are crafted to keep your feet warm and toasty.


These are versatile slippers you can wear when going on different occasions. They have thick anti-slip soles and a beautiful wool top to add a touch of elegance to the shoes. You can wear the slipper for either casual or formal meetings.

Indoor and outdoor wears

These wool slippers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. The soles are thick with non-slip rubber soles for comfort when walking on different surfaces.

Varying color styles

The slippers are made in different styles and colors. So, you can always go for a shade that matches your taste.

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What Brands Make the Best Wool Slipper?

best women's wool slippers


This brand manufactures all types of slippers ranging from moccasins, slip-on clogs, among others. The slippers are made with pure wool materials for total warmth and breathable for convenience in all-weather climates. The Ugg brand has opened several branches in different states.


This is the best-selling brand for sandals and clogs. Their prices are also quite competitive, depending on the style. The Haflinger brand makes shoes and slippers for both men and women. The majority of their wool slippers are designed for indoor and outdoor wear as they have thick soles with anti-slip finishing.

Birkenstock Zermatt

If you need the best winter or summer slippers, Birkenstock Zermatt is the right brand to consider. Their slippers are super comfortable for all seasons since they provide feet warmth and the style ensures breathability. Another outstanding feature about this brand of slippers is that they are designed to provide arch support.



This is all information you need to know about the women’s wool slippers and the different wool materials used for making the women’s slippers. If you need a pair for your indoor or outdoor use, check the above category reviews to find the right model to suit you. The above-reviewed wool slippers are quite comfortable since they offer warmth and feet support.