What Socks Does Odell Wear and How to Wear Socks Like Odell Beckham?

There are usually rules in every player’s team that dictate the players dressing codes. Among the rules is one about the players’ socks. Wearing the right pair of socks should be done to abide by the rules. Every player should keep in mind that the quality pair ensures protection and comfort during games which guarantees excellent performance.

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What Are Odell Socks, And What Socks Does Odell Wear?

Odell socks are super comfortable socks that are usually available in two colors; Black and white.

Odell wears XTD scrunch padded socks. These are some of the most excellent socks for sports with unmatched quality and comfort. Unique to this elegant design is ankle padding. This cushions the ankle ensuring that you do not get blisters, however hard the game is. It has a mesh at the top of the foot to ensure breathability and comfort.

The comfortable protective pair fits true to size. This implies that you should ensure that you order the exact size you wear when purchasing. It will fit perfectly.


Why Do NFL Players Wear Long Socks?

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Well, the reason why NFL players wear long socks has its roots back in 1945 when the commissioner then decided that NFL players had unsightly legs. He, therefore, ordered that they must always wear the long stocking during games.

The rule is still in books to date. The socks must meet the pants. The player is fined if the socks are too low to show the skin.


How Do You Wear Football Socks Like Odell?

Most football players prefer wearing their socks below the knees for maximal knee flexibility. This length resembles Odell’s. However, to make it look similar to Odells in other aspects, you might consider wearing more than one pair of socks.

If you still want to use a single pair of socks, ensure it is really long. Then overlap it, beginning over the ankles up to the region below the knees.


Odell Socks Reviews

Nxtrnd XTD Scrunch Football Extra Long Padded Sports Socks for Men &Boys

These are high-quality, comfortable socks for men who meet high school and college regulations. They are fitted with ankle padding to protect the ankle from blisters. For stability and grip, the underfoot is skillfully ribbed. This makes the socks ideal for baseball, soccer, softball, and calf football.

The comfort of Nxtrnd XTD Scrunch football socks is unmatched. At the top of the foot is a mesh that ensures breathability. The heel and the toe are cushioned to ensure that the player is always comfortable.

In games, foot fatigue is not uncommon. The added arch support in this quality pair counters foot fatigue. Manufacturers ‘ instructions should be followed to prevent damage to the socks during washing and drying.


Chuarry Football Socks Non-Slip Men Football Socks

These are high-quality socks made from carefully selected high-end quality cotton material. The package is usually delivered to you as two pairs of anti-skid socks. One is white, and the other one is black. This does cleaning and replacing very convenient.

Unique to this excellent design, the length is adjusted to suit your needs. Additionally, the color is not strictly limited to black and white. You are allowed to order colors of your choice.

The anti-skid grain design allows you to gallop the football field. At the soles and the ankles, it has an anti-slip design. It is also thicker to cushion the delicate areas during games.


How Do You Do Odell Beckham Socks?

I guess you have seen those NFL players in their long and tight socks. But have you ever wondered how they manage to keep the socks high and kind of twisted all the time they are playing? Right, check it out below.

what socks does odell wear

Tools needed

Below are a few things you will need to do Odell Beckham socks.

• 3 pairs of long socks
• A single pair of short socks
• Scissors.


Detailed steps

With the right tools at your disposal, check out how to do your socks.

Step 1: Take the 3 long pairs of socks on your hands.

Step 2: Cut them one by one at the same size. This should be done slightly above the ankle.

Step 3: Now, you will need to put them on. Begin with the short pair of socks, followed by the other three cut socks on one of your legs.

Remember, we are interested in the long or upper part of the three cut socks. Do not make the mistake of wearing the lower part of the 3 cut socks.

Step 4: Once they are on, start wrinkling them one by one to kind overlap them. Then bunch them up to bring out that OBJ look. Also, remember the cut part should be on the lower side. Fold the lower part, too, so it will not be obvious that you cut them.

Step 5: Once you are done on one leg, repeat the same cycle on the other leg.


Other Equipment that Odell Beckham Use

What shoulder pads does Odell use?

Odell wears XTECH Super Skill and Riddell Carbon Tek. These pads stand out in the market and are highly rated for their excellent performance. The pads are designed with expertise to ensure that they are protective enough to defend you from any hit. This, however, does not compromise their flexibility, as you can still make that outstanding one-hand catch.

The lightweight construction is fitted with a cantilever yoke system. This ensures that energy is transferred through the whole pad when one is hit.


What visor does Odell wear?

Oakley Prizm Football visor (eye shield). This is constructed with expertise to protect the eyes from the opponent and the sun.

As the name enacts, it is made with Oakley Prizm technology that helps increase contrast. This blocks the sun, allowing the player to see the football easily, thus guaranteeing brilliant performance.

If you are a player, you agree with me that seeing the field clearly is not as obvious as it sounds. This unmatched construction ensures that there is no distortion. The field is clearly visible.


What girdle does Odell wear?

Odell is known to be the top trendsetter in the sports world. When it comes to girdles, choose Nike hyper-strong girdles. However, instead of using the actual girdle, he takes off the plastic shell from the pads and gets different pads from Nike that still adhere to the NFL’s pad rules.



Whether you are a member of a particular association or play with friends as a hobby, wearing protective equipment and a uniform that meets standards is vital for safety and professionalism. After all, if you are a member of a team, then you must abide by the rules to avoid getting fined or, worse, being disqualified.

For this reason, every player should strive to get the best wear to ensure protection and for excellent performance on the field too!