How to Tie Dye Socks?

Tie Dye socks are the easiest yet the most trendy things in fashion these days. In fact, people who love vibrant colors always keep these tie dye socks in stock.

But why should you waste a lot of money buying them from stores when you can make them cheaply at home using very less products and time. Let us see the significance and way to tie dye socks.

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Tie Dye Socks Fashion Trend

how to tie dye socks with food coloring

Tie dye socks actually never go out of fashion because of the vibrancy that they add even to a boring outfit. People usually wear these trendy tie dye socks with light color outfits to let them show up more at work. But many people also wear it in the comfort of their homes to have cozy vibes. People report that they get joy from these sort of colorful tie dye socks.


Can You Tie Dye Socks at Home?

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Yes, you can actually tie dye socks at home as it is a very easy process and you will just need a few basic products. All you will need is a pair of white cotton socks with seventy – five percent or at least fifty percent cotton, latex gloves, plastic wraps, paper towels, soda ash, and lastly but the most important product is a tie and dye kit that often has soda ash with it but if it does not have you have to get it separately.


Best Kinds of Socks Can You Tie Dye

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When you decide to tie dye socks at home, remember that all kinds of socks can not fit in this category.

First of all, make sure to take white colored socks as it will easily soak the colors to give a bright tie dye textured socks.

Second, make sure to take full-length socks rather than preferring ankle socks as they often get hidden inside shoes and do not show up.

Third and the most important part is that you should not use polyester-type material for socks instead go for those that have at least seventy-five percent cotton so that I will dye properly without fading the color away.


What Is the Best Way to Tie Dye Socks?

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The best way to tie dye socks is to make them wet first and then put them in some separate plastic tray.

Then you can give them the desired folding and knot them with a rubber band. Then add one or more dyes in the separated sections.

Wrap it in a plastic sheet and wait for it to dry. Once it is dried you are good to go.


How Do You Dye Socks Fully?

If you want to dye your socks fully all you will need to do is just prepare the dye solution and then add socks to it.

Make sure to dip them well that they completely soak in the dye solution. Keep them in it for around twenty minutes and then take them out colored fully.


How to Fold Socks for Tie Dye?

Folding socks for tie dye depends on the pattern that you want to apply to them.

Each pattern requires a different form of folding that can be in long ways, scrunched, crunched, spiral, or a mixture of any of these. You can continue reading to know the details.


Tie Dye Socks Patterns

You can see a few patterns to tie dye socks below:

1. Solid color tie dye socks

how to tie dye a sock

It is the simplest as you just tie the rubber band all around the scrunched socks to hold them together. Then, spread the solid dye you like. In order to absorb it in the socks, you can squeeze it and finally wrap it in a plastic sheet. You can open it up once it is dried to get solid color tie dye socks.


2. Vibrant Rainbow Tie Dye Socks

how to roll socks for tie dye

If you love colorful blends then this is a must do as you can add your favorite colors all in one pair of socks. Here, you do not have to scrunch the socks rather fold them up in long ways and then make equal sections separated through rubber bands.

Then, add the dye of your choice to each section and wrap both parts in a plastic sheet separately after squeezing them a little. If you want the same pattern on both docks make sure to place the bands at equal distances.


3. Spiral tie dye socks

how to tie dye socks steps

This is a common pattern for sweatshirts and t-shirts but we can do so on socks as well and they turn out to be amazingly colored. To create the pattern just twist the socks by starting pinching them from the center.

Keep doing so until you get a spiral shape. End it by tying it tight together by placing perpendicular bands.

Color each section with a different dye of your choice. You can leave white spaces as well to define the pattern more smoothly.

Then wrap them in a plastic sheet and let them dry.


4. Faded tie dye socks

how to tie dye socks

This pattern is different from rainbow tie dye socks as it does not have vibrant colors in fact the colors fade away to white.

You will first follow the rainbow pattern folding socks in longways. Then, follow the spiral tie dye socks pattern by twisting the socks snd knotting them with perpendicular rubber bands.

Add your favorite dyes to each section and soak them in a paper towel. Then wrap both parts separately in a plastic sheet. This way the middle portion stays white giving a faded look to rainbow socks.


5. Striped Tie dye socks

how to tie dye socks without dye

In this case, you will get one solid color of your choice separate by white color strips. Just fold the socks in longways. But do not knot them with a rubber band in equal sections instead keep one section bigger for the solid color and then a smaller section to be kept white.

Then add color to the larger section and wrap it in a plastic sheet separately.

Once it is dried you can enjoy your striped socks.



How do you bind tie-dye socks?

Once you have folded the socks in your wanted pattern then you need to secure them by binding them through a rubber band or any string tightly so that the folding does not open up.


How do you twist tie-dye socks?

Twisting tie dye socks is as easy as twisting any other thing. You just take the socks and bend them spirally in longways and then bind them with a rubber band.


Can you dye socks with food coloring?

Yes, socks can be dyed using food colorings with just a few extra steps. But it might not be permanent for cotton socks, however, you can use wool or nylon type fabric if using food colors.


How do you tie dye socks with bleach?

You will need to add an equal quantity of water and bleach to a bucket and then dip socks in it. Make sure to give your desired pattern to socks before adding them to the solution. Take them out when the desired color is reached. Rinse and wash them with water and detergent as you normally wash socks.


How do you dye polyester socks?

Water soluble dyes do not work for polyester socks so if you want to dye polyester socks then you will need to disperse dyes along with water heated at 200 degrees Fahrenheit at least.


How do you tie dye socks with a sharpie?

For dying socks using a sharpie, you will first spread the socks and draw your desired patterns. Lastly, you will spray alcohol on it and let it dry. The patterns will spread and ultimately your tie dye socks will be ready.


What’s the difference between tie dying wet or dry?

It is recommended to dye socks in a damp condition as in a dry fabric the dye does not spread equally while in a wet fabric they spread uncontrollably. On a wet surface, the tie dye colors mix with each other while in a dry fabric they come out as spots rather than the spread form.


How to tie dye Nike elite socks?

how to tie dye socks with bleach

Dying Nike elite socks are similar to dying any other pair of shoes. You simply dump them in water and apply the dye of your choice and end up binding them in an elastic band and wrapping them in a plastic sheet.



Tie Dye socks are fun to wear and make in a very few simple steps. You can dye socks at home according to the spectrum of colors that you like and the type of socks that you want. All you will need is a dye and cotton socks while the rest of the products can be found commonly from home. You can make different patterns on it using the given techniques and make them as much adorable as you want.