How to Clean Leather Slippers?

Before cleaning leather slippers, know they should NEVER be machine-washed.

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How to Clean Leather Slippers?

methods to clean leather slippers


1. Loose soil removal

Use your baby wipes or a damp piece of cloth to remove all the soil on your leather slippers.

2. Saddle soap incorporation

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, make a saddle soap solution.

Take your piece of cloth and dampen it using the obtained solution.

Use the damp piece of cloth to wipe the leather slippers in sections.

If the slippers have shearling-lined interiors, clean them independently, then condition the leather slippers exterior.

3. Buff to dry

Wait for about five minutes after cleaning your leather slippers before using a clean piece of cloth to buff dry them.

4. Leather conditioner application

Take your leather conditioner, bearing the manufacturer’s instructions in mind, apply the product and buff to shine, enabling the leather to remain supple and soft.

5. Drying the leather slippers

Let the slippers air-dry before putting them on.