Top 10 Best Men’s Slippers for Outdoors of 2022 – Backed by Our Testing

Can you use your indoor slippers when going out? Or do you have to change into other shoes since your slippers are not built to go past your doorstep? Well, you need men’s slippers for outdoors that has been designed to make you perfectly comfortable whether you are inside the house or need to run a quick errand outside without having to change.

mens inside outside slippers


Our Top Pick:

#1. Best to keep warmUBFEN Winter Warm Slippers with Fuzzy Plush Lining
“Walk through the snow without worrying about your feet getting wet.”

#2. Most simplicityHanes Closed Back ComfortSoft Outdoor Slippers
“If you value simplicity, then these slippers will be a great fit.”

#3. Best slip-onHanes Soft Memory Foam Clog Slippers
“The clog style makes this slipper easy to slip on and off if you are in a hurry.”

#4. Best support – Hanes Men’s Textured Moccasin Slipper
“The moccasin style is perfect for your feet since it provides you with ankle support.”

#5. Best stylishZigzagger Microsuede Fuzzy Moccasin Slippers with Suede Sole
“It mixes the original moccasin design with the construction of a hiking boot making it very stylish.”


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Slippers?

Choosing the best footwear is never an easy task. However, some very vital details make the best outdoor slippers comfortable. These include:

– Temperature control

We look for comfort whenever we buy slippers. To achieve optimal comfort the slippers should be able to keep your feet warm when it is cold and at the same time cool when it is hot.

– Waterproof

Wet feet bring about a bad odor. A wet environment is a breeding place for bacteria that causes odor. So, you should always aim for water-resistant slippers to keep your feet dry. Also, a durable and waterproof sole makes a slipper fit for outdoor activities.

– Ease of cleaning

Cleaning your slipper should never be a daunting task. All slippers are cleanable by either hand washing or machine washing. Though all can be cleaned, you should consider a pair that is easy to clean and air-dry within the shortest time.

– Is it suitable for long walking

Your slippers need to be comfortable for long hours walking inside the mall or in the park. The insole needs to have a thick enough memory foam for proper cushioning to reduce pressure on your feet. The outsole should be made from a hard durable material with good traction. Rubber soles are always the best since they are non-slip and water-resistant.

– Casual or formal

The first thing to consider is comfort, whether casual or formal narrows down to preference. If you want a pair that you can comfortably go to work with during casual days consider a pair that has features for long-hour stays.

– Sock space

Most slippers are not meant for socks since the inner lining is thick enough to also act as a sock. However, if you cannot go out minus your socks, consider picking half oversized slippers for ample space for the socks.

– Brand

Many brands produce slippers with excellent performance. However, some outshine the others as they guarantee customer satisfaction. Your feet will relax and you will feel like walking on either clouds or soft pillows when wearing these brand slippers. The said brands include UGG, North face, Clarks, and Stockport.


Best Men’s Outdoor Slippers Reviews

1. Best to keep warm: UBFEN Winter Warm Slippers with Fuzzy Plush Lining

Winter men's outdoors Slippers

Is the winter season around the corner, and do you still want to wear slippers? You need not worry since UBFEN winter slippers are here for you.

– Waterproof

The upper part features a superior Oxford cloth with water-resistant elements. You can comfortably walk through the snow without worrying about your feet getting wet.

– Temperature control

It features a fluffy faux plush lining and insole, which makes your feet feel warm and cozy. The lining is breathable with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet from sweating.

– Style

The slippers feature a classic and stylish striped design making them even more attractive. They are a great addition to any wardrobe you choose for the day.

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2. Most simplicity: Hanes Closed Back ComfortSoft Outdoor Slippers

comfort outdoors slippers for men

You already know that Hanes is a household name in the footwear industry. If you want to be unique while still being comfortable, then you need this pair of slippers.

– Style

Hanes Closed Back Slippers have a simple design. If you value simplicity, then these slippers will be a great fit. These slippers provide you with all the style, flexibility, support, and comfort you desire.

– Temperature control

Temperature control is not much of an issue with Hanes slippers. It is made with a breathable cotton fabric to allow air circulation into and out of your feet.

– Waterproof

The outsole is water-resistant and non-slip. This pair provides you with adequate support and ensures all your steps are secure no matter the terrain.

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3. Best slip-on: Hanes Soft Memory Foam Clog Slippers

comfort outdoors clog slippers for men

Another great slipper for your outdoor activities is the Hanes Clogs. These slippers feature an open back. Hanes Clog Slippers will make you look great when you run errands across town.

– Temperature control

The upper part is a cotton fabrication. It is breathable and for increased air movement it has an open back. This increases the comfort level in the Hanes Clog slippers.

– Waterproof

The slippers have been developed for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a durable rubber sole that is slip-resistant and waterproof. Thus, you can walk on wet and slippery floors without fear of your feet getting wet. The slippers have Hanes Fresh IQ’s advanced odor protection technology.

– Style

The clog style makes this slipper easy to slip on and off if you are in a hurry. Additionally, they have a wide toe area, thus ideal for wide feet.

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4. Best support: Hanes Men’s Textured Moccasin Slipper

best men's indoor outdoor slippers

The quality of Hanes slippers is on another level because the Hanes brand is recognized for its exquisite products. The Hanes Moccasin slippers will provide you with the comfort you need when walking your dog in the park.

– Style

The moccasin style is perfect for your feet since it provides you with ankle support. Hanes Moccasin slippers can be used from walking in the park to attending functions while still looking sharp.

– Temperature control

It features a microsuede upper and a plush and cozy plaid fleece lining. Your feet thus will remain warm and cozy but not sweaty and smelly.

– Waterproof

Hanes Moccasin slippers are water-resistant. You do not have to worry about your feet getting wet during the rainy season. It also features a synthetic sole with excellent anti-slip and waterproof properties to offer you extra support when walking on any terrain.

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5. Best stylish: Zigzagger Microsuede Fuzzy Moccasin Slippers with Suede Sole

Men's Fuzzy outdoor Slippers

Another great option to make your feet comfortable is the Zigzagger Microsuede Moccasin slippers.

– Waterproof

The slippers have a hard waterproof rubber sole to make them ideal for outdoor activities. The sole also has a good traction and thus offers extra support when you walk.

– Temperature control

Temperature control is a breeze. It features a plush fleece lining, which is a good insulator against heat loss. Besides, it has moisture-wicking properties thus, keep your feet completely dry.

– Style

Zigzagger Microsuede moccasin slippers feature a simple but classic design. It mixes the original moccasin design with the construction of a hiking boot making it very stylish.

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6. Best design: Deer Stags Slipperooz Wherever Adult Slippers

Slipperooz Wherever Adult men's Slippers for outdoor

Your favorite shoe brand has a slipper that is built just to offer you the comfort you need when at home. You can use these slippers to walk around the house, walk your dog out, check the mailbox, water your flower vessels, and many more.

– Style

The Deer Stag Wherever slippers feature a classic design. It has handsome embroidery details at the topline and midsole adding to its style.

– Water-resistance

It has a thick rubber sole that makes it water-resistant, thus perfect for any outdoor activities. The sole provides good traction ensuring your steps are safe and secure.

– Temperature control

The slippers have a soft suede upper. it is breathable and has an open back for increased air movement. Your feet will remain warm but also fresh and dry.

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7. Best comfort: Dearfoams Men’s Microfiber Suede Clog with Whipstitch Slipper

Men's Microfiber outdoor slippers

Dearfoam is a largely known brand in the footwear business. When you purchase any Dearfoam footwear, you are always assured of quality performance. Dearfoam Microfiber Suede Clog slipper does not fall behind on that promise.

– Waterproof

The slippers are a good choice for going out. They have a durable outsole that is highly water-resistant and with good traction. Go out and play with the snow with these slippers with less worry.

– Temperature regulation

Sweaty and smelly feet should worry you no more. These slippers are fitted with temperature regulating adapt technology. Thus, these slippers offer you luxurious comfort and coolness.

– Style

It is built with a microsuede upper and features a plush inner microfiber. It has a lustrous look with a brilliant design.

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8. Best anti-slip: isotoner Terry Moccasin Slippers with Memory Foam for Indoor/Outdoor

men's outdoor slippers with Rubber sole

Another brilliant brand with outstanding performance is the isotoner brand. These slippers will be great for your feet whether it is summer or winter.

– Style

The design is classic. It features a terry lining with raised piping making it very stylish and an excellent choice.

– Temperature control

The upper part is breathable and the inner lining has good water-absorbent properties. Your feet will be perfectly warm, clean, and dry all day.

– Water-resistance

It has long-lasting rubber soles that are waterproof and non-slip. Thus, every step you make is safe and secure.

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9. Most beautiful: UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers for Outdoors

UGG Men's Ascot Slipper for outdoor

It is a crime to talk of the best slippers without mentioning UGG products. The products are made to perfection to give you exceptional comfort.

– Waterproof

UGG Ascot slipper features a rubber sole that is slip-resistant and waterproof to allow you to run errands outdoors without worry. The suede upper is also water-resistant, thus you need not worry about your feet getting wet during sudden rainfall.

– Style

They feature a loafer design. This makes them simple yet sophisticated in how lovely they look.

– Temperature regulation

Treat your feet with optimal comfort and warmth with UGG Ascot slippers. The lining is made from natural wool, which is a good heat insulator. Additionally, it is breathable to allow efficient airflow for increased coolness.

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10. Best for winter: Dockers Men’s Douglas Ultra-Light Premium Outdoor Slippers

Men's Douglas slippers for outdoor

Dockers Douglas Moccasin premium slippers are simple with a classic design. They are made with increased comfort that you would not want to step out of your house without this pair hugging your feet.

– Temperature control

The upper part has many open pores for increased air circulation. It features Sherpa fleece thermal lining for increased warmth.

– Waterproof

They have a durable rubber sole making them perfect for all your outdoor activities such as walking in the park and playing with your kids on your lawn. The rubber sole is waterproof. Thus, you do not have to worry about your feet being wet from the morning dew on your grass.

– Style

Dockers Douglas Moccasin slippers come in a classic, casual moccasin design. They are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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Men’s Outdoor Slippers VS Indoor Slippers?

– Outdoor vs indoor?

Generally, slippers need to be comfortable, and both outdoor and indoor slippers are very comfortable. Despite being comfortable, they need to be durable for frequent use while providing your feet the support and stability they need.

Most outdoor slippers provide good arch support and are very effective in relieving stress and foot pain. However, indoor slippers are also versatile and come with very comfortable cushioning and a lightweight design. This allows your feet to relax.

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– Features of slippers for both indoor/outdoor

Slippers need to have these features:

  • They need to be water-resistant
  • They should provide you with good arch support.
  • The traction should be great to support your feet and ensure your steps are secured.
  • The outsole should be thick enough for outdoor activities other than checking the mailbox.
  • Your feet need to be comfortable, relaxed, warm, and dry when wearing slippers.


What Features Do Slippers with Outdoor Soles Have?

Features of an outdoor sole are:

– Temperature regulation

For outdoor activities, you probably want slippers that will keep your feet at the perfect temperature. If you suffer from cold even the slightest bit, then you need to invest in faux fur slippers as these do an excellent job of keeping your feet toasty. If your feet overheat easily, fleece lining slippers have moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry all day.

– Anti-slip and waterproof

The outsole needs to provide you with a firm grip on any terrain even the slippery mall floors. This ensures your steps are safe and secured. Additionally, a good sole should be from a synthetic hard material or pure rubber. This prevents moisture from seeping up to your feet.

– Thick soles

Slippers for outside walking need to have thick soles. A thick sole efficiently protects your feet from mud, it is also a good shock absorber. Furthermore, it will provide you with better comfort and support.

mens slippers you can wear outside


Types of Slippers that Normally Can Be Used Outdoors

It is necessary to understand the types of outdoor slippers there are in the market. You all have different choices when it comes to footwear. And the nature of the outdoor activity will determine the best fit for you. Some of the common slippers right now include:

– Moccasin slippers

These slippers are traditionally crafted using animal skins. They feature a closed design to cover both toes and heels. They are durable and versatile.

– Boot slippers

If you live in snowy areas then you probably know about boot slippers. They are designed similarly to normal boots. They are long and reach close to the knees. When winter falls these boots will keep your feet and legs.

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– Novelty slippers

These slippers offer you the needed comfort when you are out on the lawn. They are closed, meaning both your toes and heels are inside the slippers. They are oversized for better comfort.

– Mule slippers

The design features an open heel, meaning your toes and the front part of your foot are covered but not the heel. They are easy to slip on and provide your feet with optimal comfort.

– Loafer slippers and slip-on slippers

Loafer slippers cover both the toes and heels and they require you to slip them on. These slippers can be your all-around slippers. You can use go to work in them during casual days. The design is simple yet stylish.



Now that you know about the best slippers for outdoor activities, should you continue denying your feet the warmth and comfort they so much desire? Enjoy walking your dog in the park while treating your feet to the best comfort with the best outdoor slippers today.