Best Men’s Mule Slippers to Help Reduce Fatigue

Are mule slippers good for indoor or outdoor areas? Well, there are multiple types of slippers and the Mule is one type of slipper that has been around for quite some time. The mule slippers come in different styles and materials ideal for different seasons and varying locations.

Is it your first time buying mule slippers? You are in the right place. This article features the best mule slippers based on the design, style materials, and the buying guide to follow when buying the slippers.


Our Top Pick:

#1. Best warmthUGG Men’s Scuff Mule Slipper with Rubber Sole
“The slippers are classic and ensure your feet are warm and comfortable even in cold seasons.”

#2. Best lining – Deer Stags Slipperooz Men’s Nordic S.U.P.R.O Sock Cushioned Fur lined Slippers
“Give your feet a cloud-like feeling, with non-slip and anti-fall slippers.”

#3. Best for outdoorsThe North Face Men’s Thermoball Insulated Traction Mule Slippers
“Men’s slippers with a sturdy rubber sole to go everywhere.”

#4. Best supportSheepskin Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Mule Slippers
“The slippers are made with multiple layers of Cloud Contour memory foam that contours to the feet to give the right arch support.”

#5. Best anti-slipMAIITRIP Men’s Cozy Memory Foam House Mule Slippers
“Slippers you can comfortably walk with even in wet areas as the anti-slip soles ensure your safety and good balance.”


How to Choose the Best Mule Slippers for Men?

The materials

Mule slippers are made in different materials perfect for various seasons and occasions. The choice of the slippers according to materials is determined by the user’s needs and where you want to use them.

For example, slippers made with sheepskin are perfect for indoor wear as they are extremely light and suit the indoor areas. Suede slippers are extremely durable as long as you take care of them as required. These slippers are also safe for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Lastly, if you need slippers that you can wear outdoor even in wet areas, consider slippers made with leather materials as they are waterproof. Fur-lined slippers are safe for cold seasons to insulate the feet.

The padding

Do you need that extra support when walking on rough surfaces or if you have foot issues? Well, slippers made with memory foam paddings are the best choice.

The memory foam padding creates a support mechanism to secure the footbed when walking. But, if you need slippers that you can only wear occasionally indoors, you can go for a model without the memory foam.

Indoor, outdoor or both

Where to wear the slippers is determined by the materials design and even the type. For example, outdoor slippers should have thick anti-slip soles for convenience when walking on different surfaces.

Also, some materials like suede or animal fur are not safe for outdoor areas since they easily trap dirt. Still, the suede material is super hard to clean than other models.

So, for the outdoor choose shoes that have cotton, leather, or animal skin. Indoor shoes should be light in weight and comfortable to wear. Therefore, models made with fur, animal skin, and wool may work.

Consider fur-lined slippers

The slippers crafted with fur lining are perfect for cold seasons. The lining works as an insulation mechanism whereby it seals in heat around the feet to keep you warm.

Easy to maintain

This narrows down to the materials the slippers are made of. For example, suede materials as mentioned earlier are a bit hard to maintain as you cannot clean the materials in a machine washer or use a lot of water.

Therefore suede mule slippers are not the best choice if you need slippers you can walk for a long outdoors. However, other materials like fur, leather, and sheepskin are quite easy to maintain as you can clean them in a machine washer.

The sole

For your safety when walking on all surfaces, make sure the slippers that you choose have anti-skid soles. With this type of soles, you can comfortably walk on wet and slippery surfaces.

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The fitting

A good pair of mule slippers should be a good fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. Note that these slippers have an open back area and thus, a good fit is the best choice so the slippers do not slip off when walking. Consider models made with a wide toe box to allow the feet to spread for a good grip when walking.


Best Men’s Mule House Slippers Reviews

1. Best anti-slip: MAIITRIP Men’s Cozy Memory Foam House Mule Slippers

These slippers come in different colors so you can choose a color that matches your indoor outfits.

Special features

Pure cotton materials

Not only do these slippers ensure the feet are warm but the cotton materials allow airflow for the breathability of the feet. So you can wear slippers for long hours.

High-density memory foam

The innersoles have high-density memory foam padding that provides cushioning to the feet, even when walking on hard surfaces

Anti-slip soles

These are slippers you can comfortably walk with even in wet areas as the anti-slip soles ensure your safety and good balance.

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2. Best support: Sheepskin Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Mule Slippers

This is a must-have classic pair of slippers for cold and chilly seasons. The slippers provide ample comfort and warmth to keep the feet toasty.

Special features


These are slippers you can wear both indoors and outdoors. The soles have a rubber anti-skid mechanism plus weatherproof such that you can walk on wet surfaces without the water accessing your feet.

Arch support

If you experience foot pain and fatigue after wearing shoes for long, you need to consider these mule slippers as they provide arch support. The slippers are made with multiple layers of Cloud Contour memory foam that contours to the feet to give the right arch support.

Light in weight

These are slippers that even an elderly person can wear as they are quite comfortable and light in weight. The rubber soles and sheepskin material add no weight to your feet when walking.

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3. Best durable: Suede CLPP’LI Men’s Slip-on Mule Slippers

These are comfortable and easy to wear slippers since they have an open back. So, you just need to slip them on and off to wear them.

Special features


These are great slippers to buy for the winter seasons as they have faux fur interior materials that ensure to seal in heat to keep the feet warm.

Quality construction

The indoor slippers are made with synthetic soles and suede upper materials for durability.


To guarantee the comfort and durability of the slippers, they are sold with one year warranty.

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4. Best warmth: UGG Men’s Scuff Mule Slipper with Rubber Sole

You can never go wrong with a pair of Ugg slippers and this model is a good example. The slippers are quite easy to wear and take off thanks to the open-back design.

Special features

Multiple color options

These Ugg slippers are made in 5 varying colors to choose from.


The slippers are classic and ensure your feet are warm and comfortable even in cold seasons. They have the Sheepskin lining plus UGG pure wool lining for total warmth.


You can comfortably step on wet areas while wearing these slippers as they have waterproof leather outer soles.

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5. Best for outdoors: The North Face Men’s Thermoball Insulated Traction Mule Slippers

These are comfortable slippers suitable for indoor and outdoor wear as they are weather resistant.

Special features

Completely waterproof

The slippers have a pure recycled PET water-resistant rip-stop design to secure the feet from wetness when walking in wet areas.


Again these are slippers that you can wear in cold seasons as they provide total warmth to your feet. The available fur faux lining seals in heat to keep your feet warm and toasty.

Are durable

The slippers have thick rubber outer soles that are resistant to quick wear and tear. So, you can wear slippers to the outdoors.

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6. Most versatile:  YOXI Men’s and Women’s Genuine Leather Mule Slippers

The fact that these slippers are handmade guarantees their durability and efficiency. Also, the materials guarantee comfort to the user’s feet.

Special features

Durable materials

Apart from the genuine animal skin crafting of the top parts, these slippers are made with rubber soles that are more durable and wear-resistant.


These slippers are made with genuine leather materials that guarantee their durability and safety. So, you can comfortably wear slippers in wet areas.


Although these slippers are recommendable for indoor wear, they are versatile as you can wear them to different areas such as bedroom, spa, and living room among others.

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7. Most convenient: Outdoor Skechers Men’s Porter Vamen Slip-on Loafer Mule Slippers

Looking for comfortable slip-on shoes for outdoor wear, I recommend you get this pair of loafers from sketchers.

Special features

Thick rubber soles

The thick rubber soles of the shoes ensure you are comfortable and the feet are secure even when walking on hard surfaces. Also, rubber materials are naturally durable and do not wear out easily.

Air-cooled foam

Although these slippers may feel a bit warm rest assured your feet will have a good balance of temperatures even in hot seasons. The inner soles are made with air-cool memory foam that provides cushioning while keeping the feet cool.

Easy to wear

The loafers have an open-back design so slipping them in and off is convenient and easy for all.

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8. Best for wide feet: FitFlop Men’s Slipper Shove Mule Wide Fit Slippers

Surprise your man with these amazing mule slippers for indoor wear. The slippers are light and comfortable for most season wear.

Special features

Offers arch support

The shaft of these slippers measures slightly lower than the arch to ensure you have good support.


These are comfortable slippers you can wear for an entire day while indoors since they don’t add any weight to your feet. They are also safe and comfortable for elderly people.


These slippers are safe to wear in both indoor and outdoor areas as they have anti-slip thick soles.

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9. Best lining: Deer Stags Slipperooz Men’s Nordic S.U.P.R.O Sock Cushioned Fur lined Slippers

This is another excellent pair of slippers perfect for indoor and outdoor wear. The slippers provide excellent warmth to the feet as they have thick and warm lining materials.

Special features

Sherpa lining and Faux Shearling

The infusion of these two materials guarantees the feet stay warm while allowing excellent air flow for breathability.

Synthetic soles

The slippers have synthetic soles that are strong to walk on different surfaces.

Sock cushioning

The inner parts of the slippers are made with thick sock cushioning to secure the feet while ensuring your feet are warm.

Multiple color options

These slippers are made in 8 different colors and patterns to choose from.

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10. Best quality: Novelty Deer Stags Men’s Wherever Mule Slipper

Handcrafted slippers using the finest materials for the durability and safety of the wearers. These are flexible and versatile slippers you can wear indoors and when going out.

Special features

Easy to wear

These slippers are made with an open back so slipping them on and off the feet is smooth

Synthetic soles

One of the reasons why these slippers are great for outdoor wear is the sole construction. The soles are made with quality synthetic materials suitable to walk on different surfaces.


These are durable and quality slippers sold at a competitive price affordable to many people.

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Mule Slippers VS. Scuff Slippers

Although mule and scuff slippers have the same design, meaning they are both backless, these slipper styles do differ in design. The Mule slippers come in different styles with some models featuring heels for outdoor wear. So, we can comfortably state that mule slippers are good for formal wear as long you choose the right model.

But still, mule slippers are recommendable for indoor wear since they are easy to wear and take off. On the other side, scuff slippers are slippers made with an open back section. Scuff slippers come in two styles whereby some may have a full front area enclosure and others may have an open toe design.


Who are They Designed for and Who Should Avoid Them?

Mule slippers are one style of slippers that will never fade away. The slippers’ style dates way back to ancient Egypt and continues to dominate the world of fashion. The slippers are suitable for people who need easy slip-on slippers considering they have an open back area.

Also, these are slippers ideal to wear during the cold seasons since they are crafted with an enclosed style to secure the frontal feet area from the cold. Some models may also have warm materials like fur or wool.


Should the Elderly Use Mule Slippers?

Yes! As long as the slippers have a safe design and materials, even elderly people can wear them. For example, mule slippers are quite comfortable to wear as they have an open-back design.

So, slipping on and off is smooth for all. Some mule slippers are made with warm materials that ensure the feet stay warm and comfortable throughout. Also, the lightweight mule slippers guarantee comfort as they do not add any bulkiness.

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What are the Most Worth Buying Men’s Mule Slipper Brands?


Ugg is best known for making quality mule slippers since they use natural and genuine materials. Their slippers are made with pure cotton, sheepskin, and wool materials to accommodate various seasons both cold and warm. Ugg slippers are super light and comfortable one of the reasons they are recommendable for elderly people.

North face

Comfort, safety, and convenience are all you get from the north face mule slippers brand. The company makes all seasonal slippers that are affordable as well. With North face mule slippers, you can comfortably walk on any surface as the soles have anti-slip styles.



Mule slippers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. The slippers are made with different materials that provide comfort and keep the feet warm in cold seasons. Follow the above buying guide to help you choose the best mule slippers for indoor or outdoor wear.