Best Women’s Indoor Slippers For Inside and Outside House

We spend most of the day with our feet cooped up in shoes which tend to make our feet uncomfortably hot, sweaty, and even at times sore.

However, when you go back home, kicking back and relaxing with your feet in slippers is relieving.

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Most comfortable indoor slippers with a thick cushion and closed back – UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper with Multiple Colors

Most breathable open toe slippers with adjustable strap for wide and sweaty feet – Women’s Memory Foam Open-Toe Breathable Slide Slippers

The warm knit slipper boots with plush fleece for winters – LongBay Women’s Chenille Knit Boots with Plush Fleece For Inside House

Indoor-outdoor mocassin slippers with soft suede materials – Jessica Women’s Micro Suede Indoor-outdoor Slipper Shoe

Arch support grey slippers with clog design for plantar fasciitis – Women’s Terry Slip-in Clog Slippers

slippers for outside and inside

When selecting indoor slippers, you will find that manufacturers design the slippers for different occasions. In this article, you will get the best women’s indoor slippers reviews and their buying guides.


For Women, Indoor or Outdoor Slippers to Choose?

Designs of indoor and outdoor slippers differ due to the difference in required use. Consequently, you will find that:

  • Indoor slippers tend to have softer soles whereas outdoor soles have sturdy soles to mitigate the sole’s wearing.
  • Indoor slippers have a lightweight design whereas outdoor slippers are significantly heavier.
  • Outdoor slippers have soles designed to be grippy compared to indoor slippers soles.
  • Indoor slippers are made of weaker materials than outdoor slippers because indoor slippers will not experience extreme conditions.


Can I Wear Indoor Slippers Outdoors?

Though applicable, do not wear indoor slippers outdoors because, as you will see in subsequent parts of the article, indoor slippers make use indoors.

indoor boot slippers

Features of indoor slippers

Indoor slippers come with features that make them acceptable for indoor use, as listed below:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Soft soles for floor protection and comfort
  • Easy to put on and remove

Note that the soles’ softness is the factor that makes indoor slippers unacceptable for outdoor use. The softness results in them wearing quickly and does not also provide sufficient cushioning while walking outdoors.


Features of outdoor slippers

While spending time at home, having outdoor slippers will ensure you run outdoor errands comfortably without putting on shoes. However, while selecting outdoor slippers, consider the following:

  • Have temperature regulating materials
  • The slippers should have a sturdy sole
  • Easy to wash


What Materials Suit Women House Use Properly?

a) Rubber

Rubber as a material is usually very durable compared to other materials. If you want indoor slippers that you will use for long, opt for rubber.

Slippers made of rubber will offer you feet protection from falling objects too.

Rubber also provides sufficient grip preventing falls and trips.


b) Wool

Wool is one of the best materials for indoor slippers because wool tends to be:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Thermoregulating
  • Non-toxic


c) Cotton

Cotton is known for its natural comfort, versatility, and quality. Moreover, cotton is:

  • Very comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisture regulating
  • Thermoregulating


d) Fur

Fur slippers are typically some of the most comfortable and stylish. Fur slippers are also suitable for cold seasons as they have good insulating properties.


How to Choose the Best Women Indoor Slippers?

skechers indoor outdoor slippers

1. For summer or winter use

-What materials to choose from?

While selecting slippers for summer use, bear in mind the heat due during the season. Therefore, choose a slipper made of light and breathable yet hypoallergenic material like linen or cotton. Materials such as velour, velvet, denim, and corduroy are also applicable.

A model slap that has an open nose; is sufficiently ventilated, inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms.

Slippers that are fur closed are suitable for the winter season. Besides, ensure the slippers have a fleece lining and a dense sole.

-Think about fashion in design

Be it summer or winter, opt for slipper designs that are fashionable to ensure you look marvelous.


2. For bedroom or bathroom use?

-Check the quality

While buying your slippers, pay attention to the sole, insole, and seems. Moreover, opt for slippers that do not have leather or cotton insoles as they may foster foot diseases. Therefore, consider buying orthopedic variants.

-Check the type of sole

Bathrooms tend to be slippery. Consequently, choose slippers with corrugated soles to provide you with maximum grip to prevent trips.


3. For what sorts of floors?

-For hardwood floors

Hardwood floors tend to be slipperier compared to carpets. Consequently, opt for soft or rubber-soled slippers as they will cause the least amount of wear on wood.

-For tiled floors

Tiled floors also tend to be slippery. Therefore, while selecting slippers for use on tiled floors, select slippers that:

  • Have a wide base
  • Textured sole
  • Excellent fit
  • And are sufficiently warm.


4. Do you need the one with arch support?

Slippers with arch support aid alleviate pain and provide support to arches mitigating their collapse. Arch collapse causes the plantar fasciitis to stretch out hence painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis.


5. Is it breathable?

Breathable slippers permit water vapor to escape from your feet but still maintain their waterproof design.

Consequently, if you are in a hot area, you will find these shoes being quite helpful.

These slippers will also be advantageous in cold regions where you will wear the slippers for long periods.


6. Is it easy washing or machine washable?

While buying slippers, consider the recommended cleaning method. If you will not have sufficient time to wash your slippers, opt for machine washable ones. However, if you do not have a washing machine, you could opt to hand wash the slippers.


7. UGG, Dearfoams, or Skechers?


UGG is a slipper manufacturer that has been operational since 1978. Its slippers consist of memory foam insoles that provide you with maximum comfort. Moreover, the slippers have a stylish design you can integrate with jeans or even khaki.


Dearfoam is a brand that has been in business since 1947.

The brand’s slippers from the brand are some of the best in the market as they are soft to the extent you might feel as if you are walking on fluffy pillows.

The slippers are also stylishly designed, ensuring you will look marvelous in them. The slippers Dearfoam produces have durable soles that will ensure you get the best value for your money. Moreover, the packaging is entirely recyclable, demonstrating the company’s dedication to combating climate change.


Skechers is a company well known for its high-quality footwear. Skechers slippers design allows the slippers to offer you utmost comfort and support using the incorporated memory foam.

The slippers are also flexible and breathable hence utmost comfort.


Best Women’s Indoor Slippers Reviews

1. For Both Indoor and outdoor: UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper with Multiple Colors

soft indoor slippers

When it comes to quality, durability, and style, few slippers can rival the Women’s Tasman slipper. The slippers have leather and textile make-up that is machine washable. Therefore, you need not bother washing them whether you use them indoors or outdoors.

The slippers also incorporate a vamp and quarters lined with fur that enhances the slippers’ wool insole comfort. Moreover, the wool used is genuine wool obtained from sheep and lambs,

UGG also incorporated an EVA outsole that gives the slippers extra durability. Therefore, you will use the slippers for a long time to come.

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2. For Summer: Women’s Memory Foam Open-Toe Breathable Slide Slippers

indoor moccasin slippers

During the summer period, slippers tend to be the craze. However, if you want an elegant slipper with a stylish design that will stand out yet be worth the money spent, opt for these slippers.

The slippers incorporate an adjustable bow with elegant stripes allowing you to adjust the slipper size to suit your feet. Moreover, the slippers have a high-density memory foam beside the cushioning EVA insole that will guarantee you get the utmost comfort from the slippers.

The slippers sole utilizes rubber, foam, and other synthetic materials giving the sole the durability it requires for indoor and outdoor use. Besides, after wearing the slippers, if they are dirty, you can easily machine wash them, and you will be ready to slide into them again once they are dry.

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3. Open Toe For Ladies: Caramella Women’s Summer Slippers Sandals

indoor slipper shoes

If you want slippers open-toed slippers that will compliment the nail work you have, these are the slippers you ought to consider these slippers. The slippers come in various stylish designs from which you can choose from. Moreover, the slippers incorporate memory foam that is high density and flexible in design for utmost comfort.

The slippers sole is also made from rubber to give maximum grip as you walk on slippery surfaces such as tiled and hardwood floorings.

The slippers rubber incorporation also makes them waterproof hence you need not worry about moisture working its way to your feet. However, the slippers are still breathable. Therefore, you will not be bothered by sweat. Besides, if the slippers become dirty, you can easily machine wash them.

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4. Bootie Slippers: LongBay Women’s Chenille Knit Boots with Plush Fleece For Inside House

dearfoam indoor outdoor slippers

Boot slippers are admirable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their stylish look and durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable brand, the Women’s chenille knit boots are a good option.

The slippers incorporate a well-distributed thick memory foam layer using state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the utmost comfort.

Moreover, the design has an anti-slip sole that enables you to use the slippers even on slippery surfaces.

As earlier stated, style is essential in boot slippers. Consequently, upon purchase, you will find the slippers’ outer shell is composed of a suede-like material topped off by a faux fur layer giving the boot slippers an appealing look.

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5. Moccasin Style: Jessica Women’s Micro Suede Indoor-outdoor Slipper Shoe

inside outside slippers

If moccasins for indoor or outdoor use are what you fancy, the Women’s Micro Suede Moccasin indoor-outdoor slipper shoe is the perfect choice for you.

The moccasins have a memory foam lining that ensures you get the utmost comfort regardless of the duration you have them on. Moreover, the moccasins incorporate a durable sole with an anti-slip design to ensure you comfortably walk on slippery surfaces.

Like with all clothing you have, style is of particular interest when dealing with these moccasins. The designers incorporated a warm yet fluffy clog design. The design makes the moccasins suitable for complementing different clothes.

The slippers come in a wide size range. Therefore, you will find a size that fits you. However, if you have wide feet, consider buying a size above your usual size.

The slippers are also machining washable. Therefore, you need not worry about scrubbing them.

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6. For Plantar Fasciitis: Women’s Terry Slip-in Clog Slippers

ladies indoor slippers

Plantar fasciitis tends to be a very uncomfortable condition. Therefore, manufacturers put more consideration while making slippers for people who suffer from the problem. Here is where you find women’s terry slip-in-clog slippers.

The slippers incorporate a soft micro terry upper and memory form to ensure you get maximum comfort. Moreover, the slippers have arch support obtained from the EVO arch support. Therefore, you get the support that will help alleviate the pains you suffer.

The sole is also made from rubber to give you the best grip while using the slippers. Moreover, if the slippers are dirty, you can hand wash or machine wash them.

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7. Mule Slippers: Vionic Women Indulge Sadie Orthotic Support Slippers 

indoor slippers for ladies

If you want something stylish yet durable for the summer, the women’s indulge Sadie mule slipper is a great option.

The slippers incorporate a soft textile lining that gives you great comfort. Moreover, the adjustable strap allows you to adjust the size of the slipper as you wish.

The soles are composed mostly of synthetic. Consequently, the slippers are suitable for use indoors as they will not damage delicate flooring.

Moreover, washing the slippers can be either by hand washing or machine washing.

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8. Comfortable Fur Slippers: Jessica Ladies slip-on Faux Fur Winter Fluffy Indoor Slippers

indoor home slippers

Fur slippers are some of the most appealing in the market and if you want a beautiful yet durable one, consider the women’s slip-on faux fur warm winter mule’s fluffy suede comfy slippers.

The slippers are made of 100% suede, have a slip-on design, and are tan in color. Therefore, you get the best style, especially for the summer.

The slippers sole is composed of synthetic, suede, and artificial rubber hence its remarkable durability.

The slipper’s warm faux fur lining ensures your feet remain as comfortable as possible while using the slippers.

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9. Indoor Outdoor Flip flop: Dearfoams Women’s Furry Thong Slippers In Sleek Look

open toe indoor slippers

Flip flops are suitable when it comes to various activities indoors. The women’s Marie Furry thong slippers are a good flip flop for such occasions.

This flip flop comprises 100% polyester that will provide you with maximum comfort. Moreover, the rubber soles provide sufficient grip to prevent tripping.

The rubber soles also give these flip flops the durability they require for indoor and outdoor use, and if they become dirty, you can machine wash them.

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What Types of Slippers Designed For Indoors?

1. Moccasin

Moccasin slippers are a time-tested classic suitable for relaxing after a long day. The slippers are fashionable and comfortable besides being warm and snugly fitting. Moreover, you can put on moccasins regardless of the season, be it summer or winter.

While at home, you can wear moccasins casually with a nice top with pants, a skirt or shorts during the summer.

During the summer, you can style up by downing your pair of moccasins with an oversized turtle neck paired with tights or even a thick midi skirt.


2. Bootie slippers

The slippers are typically furry and incorporate a fleece or soft lining and a soft rubber sole.

While downing bootie slippers, the best periods tend to be early spring, autumn, and winter. In the summer and late spring, you might find the heat being a little unbearable.


3. Flip flop

Flip flops are typically like sandals. However, flip flops are bendier, less sturdy, and cheaper compared to sandals. Flip flops are the preferred summer footwear. You can wear them practically everywhere provided it is warm enough and not rainy.

You can wear flip flops to the:

  • Pool
  • Shower
  • Beach and so on.


4. Chappals

Chappals are sandals that you can typically wear for any occasion due to their unique design and the various colors they tend to come in. Moreover, their wideness makes them quite comfortable for periods when you want to use slippers for long periods.


5. Mule

Mule is a type of indoor slipper with no constraint around your foot’s heel. Moreover, these slippers have suede and soft leather that give you maximum comfort.

These slippers are suitable for use mostly in the summer.



Indoor slippers help us to walk comfortably indoors, with our feet staying warm and stylish. However, while selecting an appropriate pair, ensure you choose one that will serve your needs as with the recommended above. Remember, you can always consult for further assistance in choosing your preferred choice in case of any challenge.