Best Men’s Anti-slippery House Slippers For Hardwood Floors

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

Hardwood floors are aesthetic home decors that, and sensitive floors require keenness while walking on them.

The soft house slippers with the anti-slippery design will minimize the damage to your hardwood floors!

Memory foam knit slippers that are easy to clean for hardwood floor use – RockDove Men’s Birdseye Knit Slipper

Most comfortable scuff slippers with slip-on design for sore feet – COFACE Men’s Cozy Slippers

Moccasin slippers with anti-skid soles for narrow feet to use on wooden floors – Hanes Men’s Moccasin House Slipper

Open-end heel scuff slippers with a sleek and fashional design for indoors – UGG Men’s Scuff Indoor Slipper

Padded arch cushion frees your feet from soring – Wishcotton Classic Memory Fluffy Slippers

Therefore, the footwear features are the major thing that should be considered to avoid damaging the hardwood floor and incurring unnecessary expenses on repairing them or replacing the whole floor.

Thus, when shopping for the best men’s slippers for hardwood floors, it is good to consider picking slippers with outsoles that are of high quality and friendly to the hardwood floors to help protect them by not leaving behind dents and scratches.


How to Choose the Best Men’s House Slippers for Hardwood Floors?

Walking on the hardwood floor surface requires slippers that will give you an easy time to walk through without sliding or slipping and won’t mess with the surface. Therefore, there are some factors you should consider to help you choose the best men’s slippers for a hardwood floor. These are;

how to choose slippers for hardwood floors

Adequate support

Since the hardwood floor doesn’t bend or flex, it becomes harder walking on them; hence you will need slippers that have adequate support for you to walk through the floor easily without a lot of struggle.

Therefore, it is good to consider slippers with grips and arch support to help you gain stability; thus, reducing the excessive amount of energy centered in the heel area and minimizing the excessive motion while walking—furthermore, slippers with enough support help to reinforce a collapsing arch and relieves foot pain and fatigue.


Sufficient Cushioning

Walking on the hardwood floor requires slippers with a padded footbed; however, padding depends on the condition of your foot problem or not.

For instance, if you live in a home or house whose floor is made of hardwood, you will need slippers that are sufficiently cushioned insole to prevent the arch from straining because it conforms to the arch while walking reduce the straining.

Furthermore, it is also good to consider slippers with removable insoles for easy replacement with the cushy one to satisfy your need on the hardwood floor surface.


Anti-scratch and non-sliding outsoles

Hardwood floor is smooth and vulnerable; hence it will require a slipper with soles that are friendly and safer to walk on.

Therefore, it is essential to consider slippers, whose sole is made from a high-quality rubber with grips that will not mess with the surface and non-sliding to prevent falling, which is dangerous.



During winter, temperature condition is always low; therefore, expect the hardwood floor to feel cold during winter. Thus, it is good to consider picking a slipper with an upper and inner lining made from materials that will keep you warm.

Furthermore, it would be best if you considered slippers that allow you to wear socks to keep you warm during winter or live in places with dense forests.



This is important for those who are suffering from bunions, hammertoes, and other foot deformities.

Hence, consider picking slippers with the right length, Width, especially a wide toe box that fits your feet comfortably instead of slippers that feels narrow and tight, which could end up putting you under a lot of pain and fatigue.


Best Men’s Slippers For Hardwood Floors with Soft Sole Reviews

1. With Memory Foam – RockDove Men’s Birdseye Knit Slipper

best slippers for hardwood floors

RockDove slippers will amaze you walking on the hardwood floor, featured with its versatile anti-skid rubber sole that lets you walk anywhere from the bedroom to the outside the house comfortably without messing the floor.

Furthermore, the sole has a breathable open back to allow sufficient airflow to your legs; hence you can walk with them for extended hours without your feet getting sweaty.

Pamper yourself with these slippers, which constitute 95% cotton and 5% spandex during winter, while taking advantage of plush cotton interior lining to help keep your feet warmer and comfortable.

It also features a fluffy memory foam cushioned insole molds that contours with your feet while walking with much comfort without experiencing the arch straining and keeps your other foot pains.

This is easy to slip on slippers with total sizes, so you shouldn’t be worried if you have big feet and remove stains, odors, and grease by using a machine washer.


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2. Most Comfortable – COFACE Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Scuff Slippers

soft slippers for hardwood floors

COFACE is casual and fashionable male slippers that possess an aesthetic outlook with fluffy lining both upper and inside to keep you warm through all season, hence making it reliable and flexible all the time you need it.

Besides, it provides ultimate support to your arch since the insole has a thick cushion with high-density memory foam for elasticity and shock absorption. Thus, providing maximum comfort to your feet.

You can use them on the hardwood floor surface and outdoor purposes without falling risks because it features rubber soles gripped enough, waterproof, and non-slippery.

Gift your boyfriend or husband with these stylish designed casual slippers that will keep him sweat and odor-free wearing them for extended hours because they are made of breathable flano plaid on the upper lining.


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3. For Anti-odor – Hanes Men’s Moccasin House Slipper

anti-odor slippers for hardwood floor

Hanes Moccasin slipper is 100% made from synthetic material; even the sole is available in all colors and sizes for men and is made with Hanes Fresh IQ advance odor protection technology to keep you fresh all seasons.

This moccasin slipper has a durable and gripped sole to prevent sliding or slipping, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes and friendly to floor types.

Hanes slipper is padded with a thick memory foam insole that completely contours to your foot to provide ultimate comfort while walking and maximally absorbs your pressure, thus keeping your feet free from pain.

If you are worried about handwashing, this slipper doesn’t stress you because you can also use a machine to keep it clean.


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4. For Wide Feet – UGG Men’s Scuff Indoor Slipper

flat slippers for hardwood floors

UGG scuff slipper for men features an open-end heel for easy to slip on, and you are on the go, whether indoor or outdoor duties. The slipper is made of a high-quality rubber outsole that is non-slippery is gripped but friendly to hardwood floor surfaces since its outsole is made of leather that allows you to walk smoothly without leaving dents or scratches on the hardwood surfaces.

Besides, wearing this slipper guarantees an embracive warmth since the upper and inside lining is 100% suede to keep your feet warm and features a sheepskin lining insole that provides maximum comfort to your feet walking.

However, the rubber sole is flat, making it not appropriate for men with a flat arch.


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5. For Spa House – Wishcotton Classic Memory Fluffy Slippers

men's spa slippers

Memory fluffy slipper is one of the most reliable and flexible slippers that are hassle-free wearing them and suitable for smooth hardwood floor surface because of the anti-ski rubber sole that allows you to walk easily without straining your arch whether you are indoors or outdoors.

It also features a padded arch for relieving stress after extended hours spent standing or walking for extended hours and heels that measures 1cm to reduce ankle, heel, and toe pressure build-up.

Walking on Wishcotton fluffy slipper ensures you experience your summertime sweat and odor-free because it has a breathable upper mesh and quick-drying terry midsole for efficient aeration to help your feet stay cool.

Furthermore, the memory foam midsole is supported with an extra layer of anti-shock EVA that contours with every step you take with maximum comfort and reduces the arch from straining and pain.


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6. Sock-like Slippers – Panda Bros Fluffy Slipper Socks For Hardwood Floors

memory foam slippers

Panda Bros is the perfect solution for both hardwood surface and winter season because it features several anti-slip dots that even details on the outsole for you to walk easily on the hardwood floor without sliding, insulates cold from woods, noise-free and friendly to all types of floors.

This fluffy slipper socks feature fleece lining sock up to your ankle and is a soft, cozy, and thick cloud-like to keep you warm all seasons and self-deodorizing.

Panda socks slipper is made from 100% polyester, which doesn’t make you feel itchy or stuffy wearing it the whole day while indoors.

Furthermore, it is also ideal for traveling and recovering from surgery, with a serious water retention problem and swollen feet condition because of the ankle’s stretch top and its lightweight nature.


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7. For Sweat Feet – RockDove Men’s Moc Breathable Slipper with Anti-slippery Sole

best slippers for hardwood floors

RockDove moc slippers is a product designed with skilled craftsmanship to be used even on a hardwood floor since it features sturdy sole with anti-skid traction that allows you to step on soft floors and outdoor free from slipping or sliding.

Besides, it has dual elastic gores to help your feet climb the stairs and stretches to fit high in-steps, wide feet or swollen feet comfortably. It also features a high-density memory foam insole mold to the contours of your feet to provide a comfortable to your arch to relieve straining and pain underneath your feet.

Furthermore, the upper and inside lining is made of breathable cotton knit to keep your feet efficiently supplied with air during summertime and also features SALVADUR.

This patented garment technology release silver-ions to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in footwear. This 92% cotton and 8% spandex slipper is easily cared for by machine wash to eliminate dirt and odor.


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8. Anti-Slip – HomeIdeas Woolen Winter Breathable Slippers with Rubber Sole

men's slippers for hardwood floors

Homeldeas anti-slip sleepers feature a layer of 5mm memory foam and high elasticity sponge, a layer of 7mm high elastic sponge heel, and 4mm EVA cushion filling for support and to reduce arch, heel, ankle, and toes from stress and pain.

Besides, the TPR sole made from synthetic material is environmentally friendly, doesn’t deform easily, and anti-slip due to the wave like patterns on the bottom of the soles for gripping.

Thus, recommendable for hardwood floors because walking on them is much comfortable, stress-free, doesn’t leave behind marks and dents, and noise-free.

These slippers upper and inside linings are made of woolen fabric that is soft, comfortable, and breathable to offer a high degree of ventilation to keep your feet from sweat; hence you can walk with for extended hours without sweating and odorless.


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9. With Rubber Sole – Men’s Canvas Slippers with Velvet Lining

light slippers for hardwood floors

Men’s canvas is an orthopedic slipper that is uniquely designed with its mules, clog, and insoles complementing accurately to the footbed and feature contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that aligns the feet.

Due to these orthopedic features, men’s canvas slippers help control foot motion, reduce foot pain and stress caused by flat feet.

The durable rubber sole also features tractions for ant-skid and stability for all-terrain and surfaces, environmentally friendly, and waterproof. Therefore, it is best recommendable for hardwood floors, indoor and outdoor purposes.

The upper canvas and inside velvet moisture-wicking lining are skin-friendly. The fuzzy insoles offer ultimate comfort while walking with them. Its upper lining canvas brings a casual outlook that can be matched with any outfit; hence, great for an outdoor purpose for extended hours.


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What Types of Slippers Are Friendly to Hardwood Floors?

mens slippers for hardwood floors

Clog Slippers

These slippers possess features that are both comfortable with your foot and friendly to the hardwood floors. These are;

• Their outsoles are made of soft rubber that is non-slip and non-abrasive; therefore, they won’t leave behind dents, marks, or scratch the hardwood floor.
• Their uppers are mostly made of breathable materials to allow free air circulation, and insides are lined with materials to keep you warm since some wood floors may be damp.
• They have dense memory foam to cushion and conform to your feet as you walk and also acts as a shock absorbent. Hence, making them comfortable and risk-free using them.


Moccasin slippers

Using moccasin sleepers on a hardwood flooring surface is one thing that you will never regret because they are perfect for the following reasons.

• The upper and inside lining is made from breathable, skin-friendly materials and keeps you warm through all seasons.
• They have durable outsoles featured with grips that are friendly on the hardwood floor surface, non-slip, and lightweight; hence feel comfy, like walking barefooted.
• Their insole is made of thick memory foam that even contours to your feet while walking.


Isotoner slippers

Isotoner is one of the simplest slippers that are good for hardwood floor surfaces and indoor and outdoor purposes. This is due to;

• They have a wide base that makes it easier to walk on the hardwood floor surface.
• The upper and inside lining is made from high-quality materials to keep your feet warm since hardwood may damp during winter.
• They have open heels that allow you to wear socks to keep you warm.
• Their outer sole does not mess with the wooden floor surfaces and is anti-skidding.


Flip-flop slippers

Flip-flop slippers are common in many homes since they are easy to wear because of their lightweight nature and featured adjustable toe thongs to customize the fitting. However, they are also good on the hardwood floor surfaces since;

• They have anti-skidding rubber outsoles that don’t mess with the hardwood floors and are also waterproof.
• They also feature comfortable memory foam footbeds that cushion your steps
• They are soft, comfortable, and provides great support while walking on the hardwood floors.



Generally, if you are worried about your precious hardwood floor getting damaged because of the footwear, know that there are slippers uniquely designed with features that are both friendly to the floor and feet. Hence, before purchasing any slippers, you can refer to this article with detailed information to help you choose the best sleepers that are friendly to your feet and floor.

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