Best Women’s Comfy Non-slip Slip-on House Slippers For Elderly Ladies

There are many slip-on slippers brands available in the market for women, but getting the best is not easy because of their prices and construction quality.

Therefore, when purchasing the best product, the motive is to reap the most out of it.

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Women’s clog slip-on slippers designed with hard bottom for indoor and outdoor purpose – Isotoner Women’s Chevron Slip-on Slippers

Anti-skid rubber sole slippers with faux fur lining – CLPP’LI Women’s Slip-on Faux Fur

Arch support women’s slippers with the toeless design for plantar fasciitis – Isotoner Women’s Terry Slip-on Clog Slipper

Bandage-style slide slippers for a shower and outdoor use with simple designAdidas Women’s Adilette Aqua Slide Sandal

Most breathable flip flop sandals with slight arch support for sweaty feet – Nike Women’s Ultra Comfort 3 Thong Sandal

womens slip on slippers with rubber sole

The dilemma you will always have in mind is if the kind of slip-on slippers you intend to purchase is worthy and will guarantee all your needs.

Hence, in this article, we have provided you with all you need to know about slip-on slippers and some brands that you will get the best ones that will satisfy your needs.


Slip-on Slippers vs. Clog Slippers

Both footwear has a similar outlook that makes it hard to differentiate due to their backless design; however, they are different, and they cannot act as a substitute for one another. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks that make them unique.

  • Slip-on slippers are designed for indoor/bathroom use while clog slippers are for indoor and outdoor use because it protects the feet and has versatile features that can withstand outdoor conditions.


  • Slip-on slippers are light in weight, while clog slippers are heavier due to their construction.


  • Most of the Slip-on do not have insole, while clogs have insole embedded with memory foam for enhanced comfort.


  • Slip-on slippers are entirely open without back support, while clogs may have a back strap for back support and perfect fit.


  • Clogs are designed with a thick or heeled sole, while slip-on has entirely flat soles.


  • Clog slippers are durable than slip-on slippers


Are Slip-on Slippers Anti-skid?

Yes, they are designed with anti-skid soles to offer stability and safety on all kinds of floors. However, it is easy to notice if it is skid resistant.

Below are characteristics of anti-skid slip-on;

  • The sole should be patterned tread marks at the bottom to channel water and liquids out from under the foot and for maximum contact with the ground.


  • The sole should be water and oil resistant to prevent it from slippery, unsafe to walk on them.


  • The edges of the sole should be flat, and the patterned grips or tread marks should run entirely to the edges of the sole to provide firm gripping action on the ground. Further, the flat-edge helps to trap liquid under the shoemaking in anti-skid.



How to Choose the Best One?

Below are some tips that will guide you in choosing the best slip-on slippers that will be reliable, versatile, and convenient for your needs.

slippers non slip soles

1. Is it non-skid?

The best slip-on slippers should be non-slippery to allow you to walk freely on multiple surfaces without worrying about getting injured due to improved stability and resistance on the floor. The one with patterns of tractions or with rugged texture at the bottom for maximum contact with the ground.

2. Where to use?

-For bathroom

A bathroom is a delicate place where the floor is slippery, and its slipperiness is mostly enhanced by the detergent foam, which makes it very dangerous to walk freely. Hence, when buying slippers untended for the bathroom, they should have an anti-skid sole, and the materials used for construction should definitely be lightweight, waterproof, or have a high moisture-wicking ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


-For bedroom

Mostly the best type of slippers that are recommendable for bedrooms are mules types. However, these types of slippers should have excellent properties that will keep your feet warm, anti-skid for safety while walking, and friendly to all kinds of floor.

The materials used for construction should be insulative and breathable to keep your feet warm and allows your foot to breathe.


-For outdoor

Outdoor slip-on slippers should have premium features that make them versatile, durable, and convenient to withstand outdoor conditions. Like for instance, it should be lightweight, and the upper and inner lining construction should be crafted from animal skin/fur/leather, breathable and skin-friendly.

The insole should offer enough support to your heels, forefoot, and arch for maximum comfort. Further, the sole should be made from rubber or durable materials to ensure your stability and safety are excellent.


3. For summer or winter use, what features to consider for each


For summer slip-on slippers it should have the following features

  • Lightweight and durability of the sole
  • Breathable upper material with a soft interior that is skin-friendly


  • The upper lining should be breathable, while the interior lining should be soft with a plush collar to keep your feet warm and prevent heat from escaping.
  • The insole should be padded with EVA foam for maximum footbed comfort.
  • The sole should be made from rubber material with tractions for stability and reduced resistance to all floors. Further, the sole should also be waterproof to prevent water from being absorbed underneath.


4. Does it come with fur or memory foam for comfort?

It should possess all these features to ensure your foot stays warm and your footbed is protected against stress, strain, and pressure impact against your heels, arch, and forefoot for maximum comfort and prevent your foot from developing foot pain symptoms.


5. Hard bottom vs. soft rubber sole

Compared with soft rubber soles, the hard soles slippers tend to be more bulky and durable, able to withstand many outdoor conditions but are expensive.

In contrast, soft soles are lightweight, comfortable, and inexpensive but do not last long since they have little resistance to outdoor conditions.

Therefore, your decision entirely depends on your budget and the comfort you need.


6. What brands to choose from?


If you want to choose a slip-on strap slippers brand that is extremely lightweight, comfortable footbed with an outsole that provides natural flex for your feet, Nike will be the best option for you.


Adidas slip-on sandals are sporty with snugly fit designed, which are only best for indoor and summer footwear; however, their durability is not promising.


Isotoner design unique slip-on slippers that are comfortable, fairly durable, and stylish-designed that you can easily blend with outfits for outdoor purposes.


UGG makes the best Slip-on slippers brand with outsole technology that is comfortable, durable, and convenient for both indoor and outdoor, while the upper and interior is excellently crafted for comfort and durability.


Best Women Slip-on Slippers Reviews

1. With Hard Bottom: Isotoner Women’s Chevron Slip-on Clog Slippers

comfy slip on slippers

Slide your foot into a pair of Isotoner Women’s Chevron Clog Slippers with hard sole bottom and feel how cozy your feet get while walking on them with confidence. These slippers are convenient and versatile for indoor and outdoor purposes due to their quality construction.

Why is it Quality Constructed?


These Clog Slippers’ upper and interior lining features micro terry material that is breathable with SmartDRI technology, a moisture-wicking lining construction that keeps feet warm, cool, and free odor, and cozy enough to enhance your comfort.

-Durable sole

the hard sole of these clog slippers is durably made from synthetic material, and its underneath is laid with anti-skid tractions that minimize resistance to multiple surfaces, making them fit for indoor and outdoor use. Further, the non-skid sole is friendly to all floors and provides enough stability while walking.


These Isotoner clog slippers are stylishly designed with chevron details and a small bow tie that adds a touch of chic style, making it a fashion trend if well blended with the right outfit ready to bounce out for fun summer.

-Flexible and easy care maintenance

these slip-on-designed clogs make it easy and flexible for you to wear and you are on the go, and it is machine washable with cool water and dry flat away from heat.

For those who keep on buying slippers frequently because of the poor quality construction, these Chevron clog slippers’ outsole is hard enough to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions. It can serve you for a long time with guaranteed safety on every step you make.

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2. With Rubber Sole: CLPP’LI Women’s Slip-on Faux Fur

slippers non slip

These Slip-on designed slippers would be a unique present for your loved ones because they are perfectly designed to fit cold days and nights. Hence, they will always be grateful for the kind gesture of keeping them protected from the cold flu.

Why it scares off the flu?

Warm and Cozy

The interior and upper lining construction features a warm fur lining trim and synthetic suede upper to keep your feet warm and provide a soft feel to your skin for enhanced coziness while walking on them.

Chunky rubber sole

The chunky sole is made from a rubber sole that guarantees durability since it can withstand all outdoor conditions and protects your footbed from catching a cold. Besides, underneath is laid with anti-skid grips on multiple surfaces while ensuring every stride made is stable.

Easy to maintain

you can either hand or machine wash with cold water and air dry flat them but do not use an automatic dryer.

Despite being very reliable for both winter and summer, these contemporary designed slippers won’t disappoint you when it comes to matching them with your favorite beach outfits.

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3. With Memory Foam: Isotoner Women’s Terry Slip-on Clog Slipper

furry slip on slippers

Those who have been seeking ultra-comfort slippers would make the perfect match for the experience you have been yearning for. The comfort of these slippers is something you will always rely on even after spending all your day out during weekends.

What makes them Ultra-comfortable?

Premium soft terry upper

These house shoe-designed slippers feature durable and luxurious 80% plush –blend terry material is skin-friendly for all comfort.

Arch Support

the footbed of these slippers features a secret sole technology that provides arch support and extra stability, making them comfortable while walking due to reduced pressure impact while walking, especially for those with plantar fasciitis.

Memory foam cushioning

the footbed of these house slippers is further laid with a memory foam insole that absorbs maximum comfort while walking indoors or outdoors.

Versatile for all ages

the comfort of these house slippers is beyond your expectations and comprehension, making them versatile for women of all ages and lifestyles. Further, its sole is made from high-grade rubber material with tractions underneath for skid resistance and stability on all kinds of floors.

Easy foot entry

the silhouette of these clog slippers allows you to slip on your foot, and you are ready for your outdoor adventure.

The unparalleled comfort of these clog slippers is addictive, and you will never want to take them off of your feet because of the 30% lightweight design that allows you to walk on them for prolonged hours without your feet getting fatigued.

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4. For Showers and Outdoors: Adidas Women’s Adilette Aqua Slide Sandal

soft slip on slippers

Adilette Aqua Slide Sandal is bandage-styled with three stripes across for iconic style. Its construction focused on making them the best shower sandals with safety on even delicate floors.

What makes them unique shower sandal

The Synthetic Sole

the 100% synthetic sole construction is skid-resistance on the delicate surface which guarantees stability and safety on wet floors, making them recommendable for the shower.


The footbed of these shower sandals features plush cushioning that provides ultimate comfort in and out of the shower due to reduced pressure weight exertion on your forefoot and heels.

Wide toe box

The comfort of these shower sandals is also enhanced by the wide toe box that allows your feet to slip on comfortably and spread in naturally and unrestrictive for maximum comfort.

Durable and water-resistant

The upper bandage synthetic construction guarantees durability. The footbed is made with a Cloudfoam footbed that is soft and water-resistant, which dries fast for further use even after leaving the shower.

These Adidas shower slippers won’t disappoint you while in the shower because of their slip and water resistance. Therefore, you need not worry about falling or unnecessary accidents caused by slippery tiles.

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5. For Summer: Nike Women’s Ultra Comfort 3 Thong Sandal

open toe non slip slippers

Nike Ultra comfort 3 Thong Sandals are specifically designed for women and suitable for summer while delivering excellent comfort whether you are indoor or outdoor. While enjoying easy foot entry, what else do you benefit from these thong sandals?

Lightweight design

You can walk on them for prolonged hours without your foot getting fatigued due to their lightweight design.


The thin synthetic straps are skin-friendly and comfortable to your skin.

Slippery resistance

The outsole features natural flex points that allow you to move easily and its rough texture reduces resistance to multiple surfaces, making them safer and stable while walking on them.

Summertime doesn’t require you to struggle with heavy footwear in the scorching sun, and the only choice for you is to find something that will make you flexible and keep your feet cool the whole day.

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6. For Winters: WATMAID Women’s Warm House Slippers

slip on moccasin slippers

WATMAID house slippers for women are versatile designed with premium materials to keep your feet warm. Hence, they are reliable and exceptional during winter and cold nights, and there is more to gain about these house slippers. They include;


The sole and vamp are excellently sewn up by side-seam technique to make them solid and durable. The synthetic sole is made from high-quality material that guarantees durability.

Soft feel, warm and luxurious

the interior lining and the collar are covered with faux fur that is fluffy and fuzzy, making them soft and skin-friendly to your skin while ensuring your foot breathes well and stays cool since it features a breathable upper cotton construction.

Sturdy and secure

The synthetic sole is non-slip and water-resistant sole bottom with grips, making them sturdy and secure on all types of floor, even the wet ones, because of reduced resistance to the grips. Further, the sole is noiseless.

These house slippers are excellent during summer and compatible with all the outdoor conditions due to their quality upper lining construction and high resistance sole.

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7. With Leopard Design: Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy House Slipper

ladies non slip slippers

Jessica Simpson’s house slipper is all the comfort you need, and its faux fur collar that is designed like leopard’s skin gives it a true heritage style of nature. These house slippers will be the best choice and relief to your feet after a long day at work with your shoes due to the following reasons;

They are comfortable

since their footbed is laud with thick memory foam padding that cushions every stride while ensuring your comfort is preserved by its interior lining that insulates heat to keep your foot warm. The upper lining material is breathable to ensure your feet stay cool and sweat-free.

Durable for long time use

The vamp and the sole are excellently sewn up by side-seam technique to make them solid and durable.

Perfect for tile floors

The synthetic sole is textured with bottom grips to the floor for enhanced stability and safety, even on the wet floor due to reduced resistance.

Machine washable

They are easy to maintain by simply washing them with your hand, or if you like, you can use machine wash but ensure you air dry them while flat.

Do not only rely on its comfort, but you can also take advantage of the leopard plush collar lining to blend with minimalist outfits or floral tops.

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8. With Fur Design: Women’s Slippers Cozy Comfy Faux Fur Slip-on

slip on slipper shoes

Step out outdoor with confidence with guaranteed safety and comfort with these pair of slip-on slippers to collect emails. These slip-on slippers have been precisely engineered with premium materials of the highest grade to let you enjoy the worth of your hard-earned money by all means.

What’s unique about this item?


these slippers are suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes due to their anti-skid sole that is soft and water-resistant. Thus, ensuring your steps are stable and secured. Further, the anti-skid grips are also friendly to all kinds of floors and absorb noise while walking.

Quality construction

The vamp is made of Suede material that is soft and breathable for skin-friendliness, keeps your foot cool and sweat-free even after prolonged hours of wearing them. The collar features and the interior lining is made of long faux fur to keep your foot warm and provide a plush feel to your feet, making them ultra-comfort.

Ultra comfort

Further, the vamp also ensures the slippers always stay in shape for durability, and its footbed is laid with high-density memory foam to offer more comfort with reduced impact to your arch, forefoot, and heels.

Your loved ones do not expect much from you, but if you find an inexpensive gift like these comfy and cozy slip-on slippers, don’t hesitate to buy for her because you never know how much small gesture is a true treasure she wants from you.

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9. For Elderly: Alpine Swiss Sabine Women’s Genuine Suede Shearling Slip-On Moccasin Slippers

non skid house slippers

These moccasin slippers are the latest updated version of the popular Sabine slipper with new features that make it reliable and versatile.

Why it is reliable and versatile

It is comfortable

The rubber sole construction features anti-skid textures on the bottom for improved stability and safety while ensuring the pressure impact on your heels, arch and forefoot are minimized for all comfort. The insole is lightly padded with soft shearling faux fur for added comfort, making them suitable for older adults.

True to size and easy fit

this moccasin is precisely designed for quick and easy slip-on and has a true size fit with its medium width.

Quality suede construction

these moccasin-styled slippers are crafted from genuine suede and can withstand all outdoor conditions.

Our parents deserve the best treatment from us, and what they wear matters a lot because it enables them to access everywhere because of the comfort the shoes offer easily. Therefore, these Sabine slip-on Moccasin would be the best choice for them.

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10. Anti-skid Design: UGG Women’s Coquette Slipper

best women's slip on slippers

UGG is a renowned lifestyle brand that produces quality slippers with comprehensive features that makes them unbeatable due to their comfort and durability. However, with the coquette slipper, your comfort is elevated beyond your imagination which has been made possible through the following features;

Treadlite outsole technology

the sole of this shoe is made from synthetic material incorporated with Treadlite outsole technology to improve your stability, increased safety on multiple surfaces, enhance comfort and durability.

Excellently crafted

The vamp is sewn together with the sole to ensure the slippers always stay in shape for durability. The upper is made of 100% pure sheepskin leather that is highly resistant to all outdoor conditions.

Warm and comfortable

The interior lining is made from sheep’s fur to provide plush comfort to your skin and preserve your foot warmth. Besides, these slippers are slip-on designed to keep you’re your foot cool and for an easy fit.

If you need a slipper shoe that will serve you for a long time while ensuring your comfort is preserved to its maximum, these Coquette Slippers won’t disappoint in the long run.

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11. Fashional Mule Slipper: UGG Women’s Scuffette Ii Slipper

slip on slippers for ladies

Scuffette li Mule Slipper is another product from the UGG brand stylishly designed to blend your wardrobe, which makes it unique. It comes in different colors, irresistible, and easy to blend with most outfits. However, there is more to gain from these mule slippers. These include;

Bring great warmth

The interior and the upper lining features sheep’s faux fur for plush comfort and to keep your feet warm while indoors. Besides, it is a slip-on designed for easy fit and breathability to keep your feet cool and dry.

Lightweight design

The materials used for construction are extremely lightweight for enhanced comfort, and the footbed is laid with faux fur for soft feel comfort and reduces pressure impact while walking.


The outsole upper lining has a vamp that is sewn with the outsole to keep it in shape and also features a rubber sole textured at the bottom to provide stability and reduce resistance even on the wet surface.

For weekend indoor activities, these Mule slippers would become your best company that will completely make your day comfortable and protected against cold rather than wearing heavy footwear that is uncomfortable.

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What Types of Women’s Slip-on Slippers to Choose?

best non slip womens slippers

-Mule slippers

Mule slippers are lightweight designed slippers with the flat sole, but it lacks constraint or back support and it may either be open toe or closed toe designed depending on your preference and the shape of your toes. These slippers are suitable for indoor use or bedroom.

However, nowadays have changed in style and design, making them reliable for outdoor purpose as summer footwear.


-Shower sandals

Shower slippers are also other types of slippers that are slip-on and lightweight, designed with straps/support but not at the heel/back, and their soles are anti-skid. They are meant for indoor use and are mostly considered bathroom footwear.


-Fluffy slippers

These types of slippers, whose interior lining and the collar are designed with animal fur to provide a soft feel, also have a high moisture-wicking ability to keep your feet dry and are good heat insulators.

Luckily these slippers are designed for indoor and outdoor use due to their stylish design, but they are mostly fit for winter due to their ability to keep your foot warm.


-Open-toe slippers

These are slippers designed with their toe area left open with a cross strap to hold your foot in place while walking. These slippers are also lightweight and specifically designed for people with wide toes to allow their feet to fit comfortably and allow the toes’ natural mobility.

Despite this, they are comfortable footwear for summer due to their openness, allowing the foot to breathe comfortably to keep your foot cool and odorless.


-Moccasin slippers

These are slipper-designed like shoes with bold seam lines and a soft leather sole that is lightweight but without a heel, making them only reliable for indoor purposes.

Moccasin slippers suitable for the winter season, and some are specially designed with Orthofeet sole, which makes them recommendable for people with chronic foot conditions.


-Ballet slippers

This is a closed flat shoe that is foldable, elastic, features a low cut that reveals the top, with or without straps across, and has a thin sole without a heel.

These shoes are recommendable for ballerina dancers due to the lightweight design that easily balances them.


Should Elderly Women Wear Slip-on Slippers?

Yes. Below are the reasons why they should choose slip-on slippers

  • They are comfortable and lightweight, making them easy to wear the whole day without their feet getting fatigued.
  • They are easy to fit, a bit snugly for comfort and convenience.
  • They are suitable for both summer and winter, depending on their designation.
  • They provide more grip and enhance walking with stability.
  • They protect feet from mechanical injuries.

Here are recommended slip-on slippers designed for elderly:



Slippers are essential footwear that protects our feet from mechanical injuries. However, while purchasing them, we should not only focus on just providing something to keep your foot safe from injuries. But it would help if you also considered the comfort and reliability of different conditions like summer, winter, and types of surfaces we intend to use because these conditions may hurt your foot without your knowledge.