The 10+ Best Men’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet Reviews

Sweaty feet can be quite embarrassing, and quite several men have this problem.

If you cannot stop the issue, you can invest in shoes or products that reduce and control the feet from sweating.

For example, some slippers are designed to control feet from sweating.

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Slip on slippers with breathable material for both indoor and outdoor use conveniently – Isotoner Zenz Men’s Activate Heather Knit Closed Back Slipper

Excellent arch support provided for people with flat feet and foot pain – Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Relief Slippers

Winter use classic slippers with elastic spandex material for durability – HomeIdeas Men’s Classic Memory Foam Slippers

Summer use sandals allowing for sweaty and smelly feet to wear – KUAILU Men’s Flip Flops Thong Sandals Yoga Foam Slippers


These slippers are crafted with comfortable materials that keep the feet warm, absorb any wetness on the feet, and have breathable fabrics.

The men’s slippers for sweaty feet come in different styles and uses. This means that some slippers are flexible to use indoors and outdoors.

Here is a detailed review of the top 12 best men’s slippers for sweaty feet and how to choose the best pair.


Why Do Men’s Feet Sweat So Much?

Excessive sweating in men is highly caused by body mass. Naturally, men are big and have high body mass, which then increases the body’s heat generation, resulting in constant sweating on the feet. Also, note that this can be a result of hyperhidrosis health conditions.


How to Pick the Best Men’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

mens slippers for sweaty feet

Choose slippers with absorbent materials

The kind of materials the house slippers have determined the absorbency level on the feet. Therefore, to control the sweating, and ensure the feet stay dry for a long time, choose shoes with moisture-wicking and anti-sweat materials. One of the best materials incorporated in making sweaty feet slippers is cotton material since it absorbs moisture fast and efficiently.

Another material worth noting is the innersole materials. Ensure the inner sole has cushioning materials with absorbency. The innersole materials should be soft and comfortable to the feet too.

Choose the right size

The sizing of the house slippers is another crucial factor worth checking out for comfort purposes. With sweaty feet issue, you need well-fitting shoes and provide enough space for your feet to relax. The same case goes for slippers; ensure the slippers you select are not too tight or too loose. For comfort and rest, the feet.

Determine based on using positions

Do you need indoor slippers or do you need slippers that you can wear outdoors as well?

The men’s slippers for sweaty feet have a different design, and some are equipped with styles to accommodate outdoor surfaces. For example, outdoor slippers have rubber soles with anti-skid for comfort when walking on various grounds while ensuring your feet are comfortable. Also, the outdoor slippers have thicker soles as opposed to the indoor designs.

Choose the one with contoured and arch support sole

The sweaty feet slippers for men with a contoured inner sole that fits the feet’ shape and size are comfortable and make one feel cozy for an entire day. Also, arch-supporting slippers are good since you can comfortably wear them for a long time without getting tired or injured.


Best Men’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet Reviews

1. Best with Memory Foam – RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Slipper

mens slippers for sweaty feet guides


  • The slippers are comfortable to wear and take off
  • The shoes offer excellent traction
  • Contours to one’s feet for good fitting
  • Are safe for indoor and outdoor

  • These slippers do not give good arch support at all

These are comfortable slippers that you can also wear when going to MacDonalds since the soles are thick and stable to walk on multiple grounds.

Waffle knit upper materials

The upper sections of the slippers have waffle knit materials essential for allowing airflow to the feet’ breathability. This, in return, helps to keep the slippers free of odor and safeguard the feet from sweating.

Have memory foam insole

The memory foam insole contours to one’s feet for ample fitting while proving a cushioning to the footbed.

Multifunctional shoes

These slippers are comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors as they have anti-skid rubber soles, plus they are comfortable.


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2. Best Slip-on – isotoner Zenz Men’s Activate Heather Knit Closed Back Slipper

breathable slippers for sweaty feet


  • The rubber soles are durable
  • Are 60 percent lighter
  • They have breathable materials
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear

  • These shoes are made in smaller numbers, and you may need to buy a size lager to get a good fitting

If you are looking for comfortable slip-on shoes that you can wear during the weekend when going out? iSotoner got you covered with this fantastic pair. The shoes feature a rubber design but are quite comfortable on the feet.

Super light

These shoes are quite comfortable due to the lightweight design. You can comfortably wear them for long hours. The soles are made with rubbers that are 60 percent lighter than other rubber models.

Knit and breathable materials

These rubbers are made with moist wicker materials essential for wicking away the sweat while allowing feet ventilation.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning these shoes is relatively easy as they are compatible with a machine washer


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3. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slipper  

clip on slippers for sweaty feet


  • You can get the shoes in different color shades
  • They are suitable for men and women
  • They are washable with a machine
  • They keep off foul odors

  • The soles of the shoes are quite hard such that they make annoying noises when you step on hard floors

Stay clean and fresh if you have sweaty feet issues by getting these shoes. They are easy to slip on and off, although they are made in shoe form.

Odor control mechanism

These shoes have the IQ fresh advance odor protection to keep off foul odor even when your feet sweat.

Memory foam for support

These shoes are comfortable to wear for long hours since the memory foam insoles provide reliable cushioning.

Unisex design

These are great and comfortable shoes that you can share with your wife


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4. Best For Foot Pain – Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Relief Slippers

sweaty feet use slippers


  • These shoes provide excellent arch support
  • The shoes are light for comfort when walking
  • The shoes help to relieve feet pain
  • The shoes are easy to slip on and off the feet

  • These shoes are quite expensive

These are 2 in 1shoes essential for people suffering from sweaty feet and people with orthopedic issues. The shoes provide excellent arch support to your feet as well.


These shoes come with 60 days free test warranty, which guarantees a full money refund

Foot pain relief

These shoes are clinically proved to help in relieving pains around the feet area. They have foam padding on the interior to fit people with sweaty or sensitive feet

Light in weight

The shoes are made in a lightweight craft to ensure you can freely walk around without feeling much bulkiness to the feet


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5. Best For Sweaty Feet – Hanes Men’s Slippers House Shoes  

gray wool slippers for mens


  • These are beautiful casual shoes
  • The shoes are quite warm
  • They have top breathable materials
  • These shoes also help to control lousy odor

  • These shoes are a bit snuggling, which can be uncomfortable for some people

Keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout by acquiring these great men’s shoes. The shoes are super comfortable and light in weight such that you can wear them for an entire day.

Odor control mechanism

These shoes have a fresh IQ advanced odor control mechanism that ensures no foul odor accumulation even when your feet sweat.

Super comfortable

The shoes are made with thick memory foam materials that guarantee total comfort on the footbed.


The soles of the shoes are strong to fit both indoor and outdoor areas


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6. Best with Plush Lining – UBFEN Women’s, Men’s Slippers Memory Foam Slippers

breathable slippers for sweaty feet


  • These are classy slippers
  • They keep the feet warm throughout
  • The slippers are comfortable due to the lightweight design

One feature that I unquestionably love about these slippers is the fuzzy plush lining that is comfortable to the feet and ensures your feet are dry throughout

Knit like materials

Although these shoes are excellent in providing warmth to the feet, the upper materials have breathable knit-like fabrics to allow free airflow.

High-density memory foam

Your comfort even when walking on hard surfaces is guaranteed since these shoes have durable and thick memory foam innersoles

Strong soles

The rubber soles of these shoes are strong such that you can still wear the sandals outdoors.


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7. Best For Winter – HomeIdeas Men’s Classic Memory Foam Slippers

mens slippers for sweaty feet


  • The slippers are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear
  • The materials stretch up to provide a good fit and back to retain the shape of the shoes
  • The soles are durable and convenient for outdoor areas too
  • The slippers are also suitable for women

  • These shoes may be uncomfortable to wear under the sun since they are quite warm and may feel uncomfortable in hot areas

This is another excellent pair of slippers that keep the feet warm and dry by absorbing all moisture. The shoes’ soles are safe for outdoor use such that you can wear the slippers when chilling in the garden of the house.


Have spandex materials

These shoes are crafted with spandex materials that improve their elastic to retain their shape when you remove them

Comfortable innersoles

The 5 mm thick inner memory foam material guarantees excellent cushioning to the footbed while keeping the feet warm

Moisture wick materials

The slippers are made with cotton materials on the top section to allow excellent airflow while absorbing any wetness on the feet.


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8. Best For Summer – KUAILU Men’s Flip Flops Thong Sandals Yoga Foam Slippers

best slippers for mens


  • These are versatile slippers ideal for men and women
  • The slippers are water and sweat-resistant
  • They are light for comfort when walking
  • Comes in varying colors

  • These slippers do not have warm materials and may not work for winter seasons, or if you need slippers to keep your feet warm

Keep your feet breathing and comfortable both indoors and outdoors by wearing these slippers. They quite comfortable to slip on and off since they look like the standard slippers


The slippers are perfect for water areas like the beach since they are made with waterproof materials. This also ensures the shoes do not get wet in case your feet sweat.

Shock absorbency mechanism

This is one of the features that make the slippers fit for outdoor areas like the beach since they can quickly adapt to any surface you walk on

Thick cushioning

The slippers have thick memory foam materials around the footbed to provide support and comfort when walking.


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9. Best Warm – UGG Men’s Scuff Indoor Outdoor Slipper

slippers for mens with sweaty feet


  • These slippers are suitable for outdoors as well
  • They have quality and durable materials construction
  • They feel comfortable at the feet
  • These slippers just fit perfectly on the feet

  • The soles of these slippers are relatively thin and may not fit in dusty areas

Although these slippers may cost a little bit more than other reviewed models, they are quite reliable in keeping the feet warm and dry if you tend to sweat.

Premium suede upper material

The upper part features a classy and beautiful suede material that makes the slippers look classy such that you can wear them when going out

Leather outsole

The soles are made with leather materials that are comfortable and durable to walk on different surfaces

Wool lining

The slippers keep your feet warm during cold seasons and indoors thanks to the sheepskin lining and wool materials on the interior parts


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10. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

best black slippers for wide feet


  • These shoes are comfortable for cold seasons
  • They are customizable to achieve a good fitting
  • They have quality materials design

These shoes are recommendable for people who tend to get swollen feet after wearing shoes for a long time and people with sweaty issues.

Genuine wool materials

These shoes keep your feet warm throughout as the top areas have genuine wool materials that provide total warmth and comfort.

Loop hook closure

The shoes fit firmly to the feet as they have the hoop and loop closure system

Quality cushioning

The soles have ample cushioning that helps to keep the feet comfortable while acting as a shock absorbent.


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11. Best Breathable – HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers For Sweaty Feet

warm slippers for sweaty feet


  • These shoes have wool material to keep feet warm
  • They are light for comfort when walking
  • The soles have anti-slip materials for comfort when walking on various surfaces
  • The materials are breathable

  • The inner soles tend to wear out pretty fast

You can get these slippers in seven different color shades to suit your color taste or match with your pajamas.

Breathable materials

The upper materials feature knit like materials with vents to allow good airflow to the feet areas.


Walking in the shoes, especially for older adults, is easy and comfortable as they are relatively light

Non-skid rubber soles

The soles have anti-skid rubber materials, so you can comfortably walk on multiple floors while wearing them.


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12. Best Cotton – RockDove Men’s Birdseye Knit Memory Foam Slipper

wool slippers for sweaty feet


  • These slippers come in varying sizes
  • They have comfortable materials
  • The slippers keep the feet dry thanks to the absorbent cotton lining

  • They come in smaller size fittings, which is not comfortable for men with wide feet

Whether you want to wear these slippers when chilling outdoors or even indoors, they are super comfortable.

Fluffy foam cushioning

The inner soles of the shoes have soft materials that are comfortable and soft to the feet. Still, the inner soles provide excellent cushioning as well

Plush cotton lining

The cotton materials ensure your feet stay cool and dry as they absorb all wetness if your feet

Easy to wear

These shoes have an open back design for easy and fast slipping on and off


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What Features Should Slippers Have to Stop Sweaty Feet?

how to choose mens slippers for sweaty feet

Lightweight slippers

A good pair of slippers, especially for home use, should be super light in weight for easy mobility around the house. Although the slippers for sweaty feet are made with multiple layers of materials, it is good to choose a comfortable pair to walk in the house.


Stable sole

Stability is another feature that sets up the slippers for sweaty feet. A stable pair of slippers should have anti-skid soles that allow one to walk on different floors in the house or even outdoors without slipping or tipping.


With cut out style

If you suffer from sweaty feet syndrome, you need your feet to get as much air circulation as possible to keep the feet dry and comfortable. So, good slippers for sweaty feet should either have opened toe or back area style for air passage.


High absorbency level

Another thing that sets aside the slippers for sweaty feet and other models is the absorbency level. Make sure the slippers that you choose are absorbent to keep the feet dry and comfortable.



A good pair of sweaty feet slippers should have woolen and warm materials to keep the feet warm during the cold times and seasons. Most slippers are made with wool materials or memory foam, plus cotton linings that add warmth to the feet.


How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet for Men?

Some of the tips you can use to get rid of sweaty feet are;

  • Wear loose and breathable shoes
  • Apply anti-fungal powder after every bath
  • Make sure to dry your feet well with a towel
  • Wear absorbent and breathable socks



These are top comfortable and durable men’s slippers for sweaty feet. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors since they feature the shoe like styles. When buying the slippers/shoes, make sure to use the online buying chart so you can get the best fitting.

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