7 Best Men’s Sheepskin Slippers That You Should Have In Your Closet

Sheepskin slippers are not a thing of the past used by grandparents anymore. They are now the latest trend among men because of their myriad of benefits.

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These slippers are not just comfortable; they are also stylish and can prevent smelly feet. If you are planning to buy a pair of new slippers, consider sheepskin as your go-to material. You won’t regret buying a pair of sheepskin slippers.

Today, you will get to know the following things about sheepskin slippers:

  • Benefits of sheepskin material for men’s slippers.
  • Whether to choose sheepskin-lined slippers or shearling slippers.
  • Things to consider in buying and top 7 best reviews.
  • Maintenance of sheepskin slippers.


Benefits of Sheepskin Material for Men’s Slippers

1. Breathable

Sheepskin slippers are naturally breathable, unlike synthetic slippers. They allow your skin to breathe properly, thus regulating your body temperature.

2. Controls odor

Sheepskin is a natural bacteria and dirt-resistant material. Therefore, it efficiently prevents your sweaty feet from accumulating bacteria that make your feet smell.

3. Natural insulator

You can wear sheepskin slippers any season you want. Sheepskin is a natural insulator and can keep your feet warm during winters and cool during summers.

4. Comfortable

Sheepskin is soft, making it the ideal material to pamper your feet.


Sheepskin Lined Slippers Vs. Shearling Slippers – Which One to Choose?

mens real sheepskin slippers

You need to keep in mind a few things while choosing between sheepskin-lined slippers and shearling slippers.

First of all, shearling slippers are for winters only. The wool remains intact even after processing, tanning, and dying the sheepskin. Most brands promote shearling slippers in their winter collections. This should give you an idea about when to wear this type of slippers.

On the other hand, sheepskin-lined slippers are suitable throughout the year. They are more durable than traditional synthetic slippers. The crimped quality provides plush cushioning to your feet and distributes pressure evenly. Most importantly, sheepskin lining doesn’t usually flatten out. It remains fluffy and intact for years.

Now, it depends on whether you want to wear this type of slippers only for one season or the entire year. Both shearling and sheepskin-lining slippers offer premium comfort. But shearling slippers cost slightly more because they go through various processing methods. They are hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and water-repellent. However, they are only suitable for winters.

If you want to invest in a sheepskin slipper that you can wear all year long, buy a pair of sheepskin-lined slippers.


How to Buy the Best Pair of Men’s Sheepskin Slippers?

Make sure you keep the following factors in mind before buying a pair of sheepskin slippers:

sheep wool slippers mens

1. Slip on or clog design?

Do you prefer a slip-on or clog design? Most sheepskin slippers come in slip-on designs, but you can also get clog designs if you search for different brands. The advantage of the slip-on design is it protects your feet overall. Clog design exposes your feet more compared to slip-on designs.

2. What type of sole to choose?

The comfort level of sheepskin slippers depends on the type of sole you choose. There are two types of soles: hard and soft. Hard soles are suitable for outdoor use and soft ones for indoors.

First, decide where you want to wear these slippers. If you want to wear it outside, go for hard sole. They support your feet and keep them protected from dirt and debris. On the other hand, if you want to wear it at home, always choose soft sole slippers as they provide utmost comfort and breathability.

3. Choice of material

There are three types of materials: mule sheepskin, boot sheepskin, and moccasin. Mule slippers come with an open back and enclosed toe, making them easy to slip on. Most mule sheepskin slippers wield stitch joining and statement stitch detailing. There is also a woolen trim around the edges to provide a cozy appearance.

Boot sheepskin slippers are popular for extra coziness and comfort. They are ideal for those who experience cold feet in winters. These slippers extend to your ankle bone and encase your feet to provide the ultimate comfort and luxury. Like mule slippers, boot slippers also use wielded and stitch detailing. There is also a woolen cuff on top that adds to the overall coziness.

Moccasin sheepskin slippers are also quite cozy and don’t allow your feet to smell. But their designs are usually not suitable for indoor-wear. They look like shoes and not slippers per se. Their inner sheepskin lining makes the slippers fluffy from the inside.


Most Comfortable Men’s Sheepskin Slippers For Winter Reviews

Most Comfortable: UGG Men’s Ascot Leather Moccasin Slipper

best mens sheepskin slippers

Made from 100% imported leather, this pair of moccasin sheepskin slippers come with UGGpure wool lining and insole, making it the most comfortable slippers for men.

• Versatility

Its molded rubber outsole makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. The design looks like a shoe, but you can still wear it at home if you want.

• Premium quality

The makers use dyed sheep fur as its inner lining. It keeps your feet warm during winters and absorbs your sweat during summers.

• Suede upper

Its suede upper provides a touch of class that provides a premium look to these slippers.

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Sheepskin Slippers with Hard Sole: Old Friend Men’s Slipper Boots

sheepskin moccasins mens

This is one of the most lightweight, durable, and cozy pairs of men’s sheepskin slippers. Its attention to detail and use of the best materials set it apart from its competitors.

• Hard sole

This slipper is ideal for outdoor use because of its hard sole. The rubber outsole supports your feet for hours and ensures that the slippers last for years.

• Old school design

If you love old-fashioned slipper designs, you should buy this pair immediately.

• Attention to detail

The shaft measures are nearly mid-top from the arch. Moreover, the dyed fur on the ankle region provides more warmth to your feet during winter.

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Soft Mule Slippers: UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper For Wide Feet

mens sheepskin mules

Are you looking for the softest pair of sheepskin slippers? If you are, don’t second-doubt before buying this model. It contains 17mm of UGG-pure wool lining, providing premium comfort throughout the year.

• Thick wool lining

Its 17mm UGG-pure wool lining makes the slippers one of the softest in the business.

• Leather outsole

It comes with a premium suede upper that makes the slipper look stylish from the outside and comfortable from the inside.

• Affordable

It is not as expensive as some of its counterparts.

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Comfortable Leather Slippers: UGG Men’s Olsen Slipper

mens sheepskin slippers soft sole

This model follows the traditional moccasin design. It has a natural wool lining on the inside and premium cow suede on the outside. Its durable sole allows you to wear it outside also.

• Rubber sole

Its rubber sole makes the slipper durable. You can wear both at home and outside.

• Cow suede

This is one of the rare slippers that use cow suede on the upper part and sheepskin interior, thus providing maximum comfort.

• Moccasin design

Its traditional moccasin design with soft sheepskin lining makes the slipper both comfortable and stylish.

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Easy-to-wear Slip-on Slippers: UGG Men’s Tasman Slip-On Slipper

mens sheepskin mule slippers

Made from 100% imported leather and dyed sheep fur, this skip-on slipper is the epitome of comfort in the men’s sheepskin slipper category. Its suede upper and rubber sole make the slipper stylish and durable.

• Pretreatment

The sheepskin used in this slipper comes pretreated to repel stains and moisture. It also doesn’t allow your feet to smell even if your feet sweat profusely.

• Thick sheepskin lining

The insole contains cushioning foam with 17mm sheepskin, making the slippers soft and comfortable.

• Outdoor use

It has UGG outsole with Treadlite technology that allows you to wear the slippers both indoors and outdoors.

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Luxury Clog Slippers: UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

celtic slippers mens

This is a luxurious model made from imported suede leather on the outside. It comes with topically applied water repellency treatment to absorb sweat and not make your feet smelly.

• Wool lining

It has a 17mm wool lining on the inside to ensure that the sides of your feet stay warm and comfortable whenever you slip into these slippers.

• Wool insole

In addition to the 17mm wool lining, these slippers also have a 17mm wool insole. They feel as if you are walking on a carpet all day long.

• Molded rubber outsole

The molded rubber outsole allows you to wear these slippers anywhere you want.

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For Wide Feet: EMU Australia Platinum Esperence Men’s Sheepskin Slippers

mens sheepskin lined slippers

This is ideal for those with wide feet. It is handcrafted from premium Australian doubled-face sheepskin with a cushioning insole. The breathable sheepskin wicks moisture away, leaving your feet odor-free.

• Finest leather

It comes from the finest double-face sheepskin leather that makes the slippers ultra-soft and comfortable.

• Durable outsole

The durable rubber outsole allows the slippers to last for years, making it worth every penny.

• Breathable sheepskin

The breathable sheepskin removes moisture away naturally. This means you can wear the slippers during summer to keep your feet cool and also during winter to keep them warm.

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How to Clean and Maintain Men’s Sheepskin Slippers?

Sheepskin slippers can last for years, provided you maintain them properly. One of the most common mistakes is to machine wash these slippers.

Don’t do it. Instead, wash your sheepskin slippers with your hands.

  1. Soak your sheepskin slippers in a bucket of cold water for approximately thirty minutes.
  2. Next, take a spoonful of wool detergent and mix it in the water.
  3. Let your slippers sit in the detergent water for at least five minutes.
  4. Take them out and clean them one by one with a sponge.
  5. Rinse the slippers in cold water, allow them to dry, and wear them again.


Are Sheepskin Slippers Suitable for People with Sweaty and Smelly Feet?

Sheepskin can absorb your feet’ moisture but remain dry on the surface. That means your feet can sweat all day long, but they won’t smell if you wear sheepskin slippers.

They eliminate the risks of bacteria accumulation and the development of foot odor.

Some people have sweaty and smelly feet throughout the year. They have nothing to do with what season it is. Sheepskin slippers are ideal for these people as they prevent smelly feet.



There’s no doubt that men’s sheepskin slippers are comfortable and durable. But the design you choose or the material you prefer is your personal choice. You can also keep the price of different types of sheepskin slippers in mind before picking one. Make sure you remember the buying guide factors mentioned above to choose the best sheepskin slippers that make you feel comfortable and don’t hurt your pocket.

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