All You Need is A Pair of Best Safe House Slippers for Elderly – Top 10 Reviews

Sometimes one may wonder whether there exist house slippers for the elderly or rather, whether there exists a difference between the elderly slippers and the adult slippers.

But the answer is a yes, most elderly people keep suffering from continuous problems from time to time, therefore, the need for special house slippers.

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Adjustable slippers with velcro designed for elderly wide and swollen feet – LongBay Women’s Non-slip Slippers

Most comfortable moccasin black indoor outdoor slippers with non-skid soles for safety – Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Slipper

Super-soft rubber sole slippers designed for narrow feet – Isotoner Women’s Chevron Microterry Ballerina

High top warm house slippers to use in cold weathers – ZIZOR Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers to Prevent Falls

Breathable two-tone anti-slip slippers with thick memory foam – RockDove Men’s Original Slipper


Generally, problems like arthritis, diabetes, and swollen feet are very common in old people attributed to natural wear and tear as the body ages.

Due to these conditions and many others, old people tend to easily lose balance, and walking using normal shoes or slippers tends to become dangerous.

However, don’t worry as this article has you covered.

This article is going to provide various information concerning the best house slippers for the elderly and why elderly people need them.

house slippers for elderly


Should the Elderly Wear Slippers?

Yes, elderly people should wear slippers. Ideally, slippers are lightweight and easy to put on/off shoes that are mostly worn indoors.

From the definition, it is very clear why elders should wear slippers. Safe/special slippers for the elderly are designed with a lightweight and easy-of-use design while optimizing safety and comfort for the elderly.


Why The Elderly People Need Special Slippers?

Generally, there are various main reasons why elderly people need special slippers while at the same time, special slippers for the elderly deliver multiple benefits to the elderly.

The following are the reasons why seniors need special slippers.

best warm slippers for elderly

# They provide adequate support.

Generally, as we grow old, the whole body tends to become weak and therefore, adequate support is very crucial.

Elderly people require enough support on their feet and ankles as the feet cushioning and leg muscles wear and tear out over the years.

These special slippers are excellently designed with exclusive cushioning, support, and comfort, hence ideal for old people.


# They are easy to use.

As one gets old, the much energy that you have lowers greatly, therefore, you will require lightweight slippers that are easy to put on/off.

The elderly special slippers feature wider openings and a hook-and-loop closure mechanism, making them easy to put on/off for elderly people. This makes them ideal for all elderly people regardless of their level of weakness.


# They offer a better grip.

Balance is always a problem with old people, and this is one of the reasons why old people require adequate support always.

To prevent sliding and maintaining balance, special slippers for the elderly are made with a non-slip foundation for better foot grip, making them ideal and safe for walking.


# They are easy to fit.

Elderly people have their feet in different shapes than they used to be when they were young, these feet require special shoes to easily fit and prevent pain.

Special slippers for the elderly feature easy to tighten velcros and wider openings, thereby providing easy and customized fitting.


# They are lightweight.

Special slippers for elderly people are made with lightweight materials making them light and comfortable for walking.


# They accommodate different feet conditions.

Another reason why the elderly need these slippers is that they are designed to accommodate most of the feet irregularities.

This is very important to those who suffer different conditions from time to time, the slippers will always be ideal for them.

Special slippers expand and shrink perfectly and easily to accommodate all feet shapes including diabetic feet, edema, big toes, and more.


# They offer excellent comfort.

Special slippers for the elderly are designed with extreme comfort in mind: no feet irritation and perfect for healing various feet problems.

Most of these slippers boast breathable materials for optimum air circulation, thus reduced sweating and bad odor. Also, the rubber soles and inner fabric lining aid in keeping the feet warm while indoors.


How to Choose House Slippers for the Elderly?

Generally, most people have very minimal information concerning the elderly due to the limited experience of the elderly.

Therefore, choosing the best house slippers for the elderly becomes challenging for most individuals.

To pick the best out of the multiple options in the market, it is important to have the following factors in mind, to know what to look for when shopping.

slip on slippers for elderly women

– Does it have a wider opening?

Most elderly people suffer from various foot problems or those affecting the feet. Due to that, it is important to have a slipper with a wider opening that allows easy put on/off.

Also, for elderly people with swollen feet and ankles due to injuries, circulation issues, or as a result of certain medications, slippers with a wider opening are the best.

Ensure that you choose house slippers with wider openings.


– Is it easy to use?

Most elderly people often have difficulties bending and this can even result in falling. Therefore, it is important to choose house slippers with easy to open and close fasteners.

Unlike the shoelaces that are hard to fasten, elderly people require slippers with easy to tighten velcros, hence the best. Choose velcro slippers as they are easy to use and remain closed for most times.


– Does it have a proper fit?

Another crucial factor to consider is the proper fit: the right slipper size is ideal for the safety of the user, especially the elderly.

Considering that elderly people are very prone to conditions affecting the feet, too tight slippers may cause swelling or low circulation that might even worsen prevailing conditions and pain, while on the other hand, too loose slippers may cause slipping off or even tripping and falling.

Ensure you have the right shoe size for the user to choose the best fit. However, there are adjustable slippers that accommodate different sizes, hence the best.


– What type of sole to choose?

Usually, adequate body balance becomes a problem with old age, therefore, adequate balance is crucial. The type of sole is one of the factors that affect balance.

Consider slippers with non-slip soles, usually made of rubber.

These soles provide adequate traction, thereby reducing the risk of falling while enhancing general body balance when walking. Also, the soles should provide extra grip for excellent safety while walking on wet or slippery floors.


– What type of insole can be better?

The insole of the elderly slippers plays a role in stability, safety, and comfort.

Choose an insole that enhances posture stability for balance and safety.

For extreme comfort for the elderly, the slipper should feature a soft and cushioned insole, with the best insole made of cotton or memory foam. Also, consider anti-bacterial insoles to prevent bad odors.


– How to decide the Toe area?

The width of the toe area also determines the comfort of the slippers. Ensure that you get house slippers with wider toe boxes to avoid crowding the toes while enhancing circulation.

Open-toe slippers are also very ideal for the elderly.


Best House Slippers For Elderly to Prevent Falls

#1: Best For Wide Feet – LongBay Women’s Non-slip Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers 

warm slippers for elderly persons


  • Available in three major color options for you
  • Suits all kinds of lifestyles
  • Combats and mitigates all kinds of disorders


  • A bit strenuous to care for and maintain


Have some therapeutic tasks and purposes to take care of? This pair of slippers will get the job done for you easily! It is optimized for combating edema, arthritis, and diabetes.

Soft Wool-like Knit Upper

Its upper comprises some soft wool-like knits. This one confers some softness, warmth, and ultimate comfort for you to leverage as you take on the extremely cold seasons.

High-density 80D Memory Foam

For your added support, the pair does make use of the high-density 80D memory foam cushions. They confer support to each step of the journey you take to stave off any injuries.

Non-slip Rubber Sole

The sole is not left out either because it too is made of a material that is stronger, more stable yet pretty agile. The rubber also does not slip and won’t hence endanger your life as you trek from one area to another.


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#2: Best Comfortable – Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Supportive Elderly Slipper

warm slippers for women and men


  • Adds some little luxury to your lounging
  • Pampers your feet as you take each step
  • May be deployed both indoors and outdoors


  • Too warm for hot and humid days


To take on the cold conditions perfectly, you need a pair of slippers that are closed to allow for appropriate insulation from the external weather elements. This might be a great one to tap into.

Plush Velour Upper

Its flagship trait is the plush Velour upper. The upper also embodies the signature embroidery lining that adds some beauty and décor to the slippers on the whole.

Cushioned Insole

Throughout its interior is a cushioning whose role is to add some strength while at the same time also confer added comfort for you. It bears the memory foam material makeup that goes a long way in lasting longer.

Easy On/off Silhouette

As you make great use of the pair, you will find it a lot easier to embark and disembark. An easy on/off silhouette exists primarily to make this dream largely realizable.


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#3: Best For Indoors – Hanes Elderly Men’s Moccasin Slipper House Shoe

warm slippers for elderly person


  • Suitable for male and female wearers
  • Able to be washed by the machines
  • Performs well both indoors and outdoors


  • Possesses some delicate fibers and parts


It is not uncommon for the feet to generate some foul stench when the slippers are put on in environments that are hot and humid. To keep your feet fresh, you may have to put on this specific pair.

Thick Memory Foam Cushioning

Standing taller among the many benefits that the pair has to offer is the thick memory foam cushioning. This works to confer some support and excellent contours to your feet for added comfort.

Odor-protection Technology

Also coming along is odor-protection technology. As you may have guessed right, the role of this one is to suppress the emergence of foul odor even if the ambiance is hot and humid.

Durable Gripped Sole

In closing, its soles are also outstanding in the sense of being durable and heavily gripped. They are hence well able to deter the possibilities of slipping or falling off when used atop slippery floors.


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#4: Best For Narrow Feet – isotoner Women’s Chevron Microterry Ballerina Warm House Slipper

comfortable slippers for elderly women


  • Lasts longer than many other slippers
  • Manages a more comfortable and flexible fit
  • Wicks away all moisture to keep your feet absolutely dry


  • Slightly bulky to haul and walk around in


Are your feet prone to the risks of sweating? If they are, you may want to tap into some pair of slippers that also wick away the moisture. We recommend that you tap into this one for a start.

Supremely Soft Slippers

On the whole, this pair is supremely soft and comfortable to put on. That is mainly given the equally soft, durable, and plush fabric material that is employed to make it up.

SmartDri Inner Lining

Its interior on the other hand is adorned with the SmartDri lining. It is this that does the actual action of wicking away the moisture contents to maintain a perpetual state of dryness.

Utmost Flexibility and Comfort

Over and above maintaining your feet properly taken good care of, the pair also imbues maximum comfort and utmost flexibility. This is largely characterized by its ability to contour to the unique shapes of your legs.


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#5: Best For Indoor and Outdoor – ZIZOR Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers to Prevent Falls

house slippers for wide feet


  • Unlikely to make you slip off
  • Walks on any floor
  • Adapts to your feet for maximum comfort


  • Not suitable for sweaty feet


To accrue maximum warmth when walking around, you need a pair that contains fleece. This material has the characteristic of trapping excess heat and retaining the same in the long run.

Adjustable Closure Strap

Existing to even make your trapping of heat more excellent is the adjustable closure strap. It serves to prevent any form of escape to the exterior that may cause the feet to be too cold.

Faux Shearling Lining

The interior of this pair bears the faux shearling lining. Its role is to trap extra heat while at the same time preventing the cold to seep into the pair for your maximum comfort.

High-density Memory Foam Insoles

A set of high-density foam insoles roughs up the major points of this wonderful gadget. It provides the strength, exceptional support, and stamina you need to stay completely afloat.


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#6: Best For Easy on and Off – Dearfoams Women’s Katie Microfiber Velour Espadrille Bedroom Slipper

best cheap price house slippers


  • Confers some secure feel round and about your feet
  • May be washed using the machines
  • Convenient for use wholly in the indoor areas


  • Limited to women alone


Are you a woman worth her salt? You may wish to try this pair out as it is both stylish and functional in an equal streak. Drawing to its stable base, the pair is also truly confident to walk stably in.

Cloud-like Cushioning

The inside of this pair features some cloud-like cushioning that adds some strength and proper support for you. Being soft, the cushioning also makes for maximum comfort on your part.

Quilted Design

All throughout, the quilted design is extensively employed to make the pair up. The design also gives the pair some added touch of elegance that is breathtaking to behold.

Rubber Sole

At the base of the pair is some rubber sole. This material is both strong and agile enough to enable maximum comfort, fit, and adaptability your feet need to stay intact.


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#7: Best Value – RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Anti-slip Memory Foam Slipper

memory foam slippers for elderly men


  • Its rubber sole is agile and firm
  • Dissipates the sweat and the odor smoothly
  • Easier to care for owing to the machine-washable character


  • Only for the male wearers


This is a pair that is wholly dedicated to the male wearers. It is stronger by virtue of the two-tone memory foam material makeup. Its base is also corrugated to confer maximum touch and firmness.

Sturdy Rubber Sole

Standing taller among the many offerings of this item is the sturdy rubber base. As you may have conjectured, this one confers the strength and the vitality your feet need to stay afloat.

Non-marking and Noiseless

On the whole, the item does not generate excess noise neither does it leave behind unwanted marks on your floor. Due to these, you may use it with confidence on your hardwood floors and tile floors alike.

Secure Heel Collar

Its heel possesses a secure collar that allows for easier entry and exit. Being secure, the collar also allows for tighter and safer enclosure of the feet and the lower legs.


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#8: Best Warm – Acorn Women’s Moc Slipper For Elderly

rubber sole elderly slippers


  • Resists skids and the agents of slip offs
  • May be worn at home and in the office
  • Stands taller to the wiles of weather damages


  • Costs a premium to come by


Acorn is a brand that is well established and highly reputable. You definitely want to tap into it to be able to enjoy the self-same added benefits. Do so by picking and wearing this one.

Stylish and Breathable

By its sheer design and overall makeup, the pair is both stylish and breathable. Count on it hence to maintain your feet in a cool and highly breathable state all the while of wearing.

Flexible Multilayer Cloud Cushion Insole

Its insole bears the flexible multilayer cloud cushion. This not only provides the extra level of support and warmth you need but also lets you stay warm and comfortable all throughout.

Genuine Suede sidewall

The sidewalls are made of genuine suede. Suede is a material that is known for sheer strength and maximum longevity. Also, it traps some warmth to keep your feet drier, softer, and more comfortable.


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#9: Best For Flat Feet – isotoner Women’s Terry Slip In Clog Slippers

thick memory foam slippers for elderly


  • Fits many kinds of feet
  • Absorbs all forms of impacts to keep your feet secure
  • Resists skids to keep you well-tuned and in great shape


  • Quite strenuous to walk around easily in


Could it be that your feet are prone to arthritis and other forms of damages? You have this specific pair of slippers to set your eyes on and make good use of.

Premium Soft Microterry Upper

Its upper features the premium soft microterry material makeup. Thanks to this material makeup, the item is able to provide all-around comfort for your feet wholly and exceptionally.

Multilayer EVA Arch Support

Other than merely wrapping your feet, the pair also goes beyond that to even confer some added support to your arch. That is made use of by the EVA arch support that exists as a standard part of its makeup.

Versatile Hoodback Styling Transitions

All along, a set of transitions that are versatile and stylish adorn the exterior of the pair. They serve to confer some added décor and aesthetics to your pair considerably.


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#10: Best with Two-Tone – RockDove Women’s Original Memory Foam Slipper

women cushioned slippers for indoors


  • Confers maximum comfort to the wearer
  • Its interior feels warm, cozy, and relaxed
  • Alleviates the chronic pains with ease


  • Demands tender care and support


Other than merely granting your feet space and the resource to lay them well, a great pair of slippers ought also to confer some aesthetics to your rooms and the ambiances thereof.

Trendy Two-tone Style

Its exterior is optimized for the matters of exceptional beauty. It exhibits the trendy two-tone styles that feature contrasting colors that are truly beautiful to behold with the naked eyes.

Versatile TPR Outsole

The outsole comes about in a versatile TPR material makeup that enables smoother motions and agile responses when dedicated to the job at hand. You may in fact put it on as regular shoes owing to this.

Interwoven Side Seams

A set of interwoven seams round up the top features of the gadget. It serves to reinforce the joints and connections in such a manner as to prevent the same from tearing apart a bit too soon.


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What Features Should Slippers Have for the Elderly to Use?

Usually, slippers for the elderly should feature several special features different from those of regular slippers.

These slippers are designed to cater to the various monotonous conditions associated with old age, as well as ensuring extreme comfort and safety.

Generally, elderly slippers should have the following features.

best house slippers for elderly people

– Non-slip sole.

This is one of the special and must-have properties in slippers for elderly people. These soles ensure proper grip which is ideal for stability, thereby minimizing the risk of falling or sliding, hence a safety measure for the elderly.

However, some slippers feature smooth soles to accommodate certain conditions like Parkinson’s.


– Easy closure mechanism.

Slippers designed for elderly people should feature easy closure mechanisms that are lace-free.

The best closure mechanism should be the velcro straps as they are easy to fasten and remain firm for longer periods.


– A wide opening.

Elderly slippers should also feature a wider opening to allow easy put on/off by the elderly.

Remember that the elderly should not keep bending due to low stability. The slippers should have a wider opening to accommodate even the swollen feet and the compression socks.


– Adequate padding.

Adequate padding is another feature that should be in elderly slippers. Adequate cushioning provided added support as the body cushioning is worn out.

It also acts as a shock absorber, thereby minimizing the effect of the impact on the weak back and hips.


– Lightweight and breathable materials.

Elderly slippers should be made of lightweight construction with breathable materials.

This makes it easy for the elderly to walk due to the lightweight, while the breathable mesh allows adequate air circulation for extreme comfort.


12 Types of House Slippers for the Elderly

Just like other items, house slippers for the elderly are no different, they come in multiple types with different designs and ideal for different individuals. These types of house slippers for the elderly include:


This is a type of house slippers for the elderly characterized by a top fabric cover covering the feet top as well as the toes, while the heel part is left open.


This type of house slippers features a sheepskin or fabric lining and extra sole support for extreme relaxation. These slippers are usually classified as one of the most comfortable slippers.


This type of elderly house slippers is mainly characterized by a heel guard supporting the heel and preventing the feet from slipping out. It is considered one of the safest elderly slippers.


These are slippers boasting a moccasin style with more prominent soles similar to those in leather shoes, however, they use lightweight leather. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors but mainly used indoors.

 Novelty slippers 

This is a type of elderly house slippers designed for those elderly people who still consider style. These cozy non-skid slippers feature stunning styles and come in various funny designs.

 Slipper boots 

This type of house slippers are designed in a boot-like design and are mostly loved by women. These slippers feature a soft lining and soft rubber soles and are generally furry. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors while they are extremely warm.

 Orthopedic slippers 

These are a type of slippers designed to provide great support. They offer exclusive support to foot mechanics and natural structure.

 Sandal slippers 

These are slippers made with fabric cushioning and soft rubber soles while they feature super comfort.

 Evening slippers 

This type of house slippers is also called Prince Albert slippers. Evening slippers are made of velvet material with long-lasting leather soles. Some are also available in stirring colors.

 Shower shoes for elderly 

These are extremely non-slip slippers making them the best for all wet surfaces, while on the other hand, they are well tested for safety on all wet surfaces. They are characterized by very secure and heavily grooved soles.

 Ugg slippers for Seniors 

These slippers mainly consist of a soft genuine sheepskin and a fleece lining on the inside. They are therefore so comfortable and ideal for warm feet, although they are quite expensive.

 Adjustable slippers 

Just like their name, these slippers allow full adjustment to the foot width and are ideal for extremely swollen feet. They are also ideal for hammer-toes, diabetes, corns, bunions, and other foot problems.


How Should the Elderly Use Slippers Safely?

Elderly people are generally at the risk of falling or tripping due to the reduced stability, therefore the need for using slippers safely. To use slippers safely, elderly people should follow these tips.

  • Always make sure that the slippers are worn properly and firmly closed.
  • Always ensure that the slippers are well-fitting as the feet can easily slip off loose slippers which can be dangerous.
  • Avoid high heel slippers as they will elevate instability, pain, and fatigue.
  • Always use slippers with rubber soles and excellent grips to maximize stability and prevent sliding. Avoid smooth soles especially on wet floors.


Common Elderly Foot Problems and Solutions

Generally, there are elderly slippers designed for specific foot problems associated with elderly people. Some of these problems and their ideal slippers include:

Problem 1: Foot widening and swelling

Solutions: Slipper with arch support

Foot widening and swelling is a common foot problem in elderly people caused by various conditions or due to certain medication or even due to unsupportive shoes. However, regardless of the cause, this problem can be solved by using the appropriate slippers

. Slippers with arch support are designed to help treat this problem, they feature excellent arch support and padding for extra cushioning of the foot mechanics, thereby addressing the widening and swelling problem. Slippers with arch support also provide better balance and mobility, as well as reducing pain.

Problem 2: Foot instability

Solutions: Anti-slip rubber slipper

Foot instability and poor balance are also common with elderly age. The best slippers and the solution to this problem are the anti-slip rubber slippers. These slippers consist of rubber soles with excellent grip for providing adequate foot grip to prevent sliding and falling, thereby enhancing stability.

Problem 3: Toe deformities

Solutions: Well-fitted slipper

Some of the conditions that cause toe deformities are bunions and hammertoe. This condition causes the toes to change their normal shape and direction, thereby making them unfit for the regular slippers.

Well-fitted slippers are special slippers designed to accommodate the various toe deformities, they consist of wider toe boxes to avoid crowding the toes, as well as soft padding and sole to address the deformity while reducing pain in the joints.

Problem 4: Corns and calluses

Solutions: Slippers with memory foam

Corns and calluses are conditions that cause hardened patches on the skin. This problem is addressed by slippers with memory foam. Memory foam is well-known to provide versatile cushioning due to its resilient and soft nature.

These slippers provide adequate and soft padding to the hardened patches, thereby reducing pain and enhancing quicker healing.

Problem 5: Loss of flexibility

Solutions: Slippers with arch support

Loss of flexibility is also common with elderly age due to the loss of strength in the ligaments, stiffer joints, reduced fat-padding on the feet, swelling, among others. This problem is best addressed by slippers with arch support.

Just like mentioned earlier, these slippers feature excellent arch support and padding for extra cushioning of the foot mechanics, thereby providing functional mobility and better balance, as well as reducing pain, thus improving flexibility.

Problem 6: Plantar fasciitis

Solutions: Orthotic slippers

Plantar fasciitis is a foot problem that causes inflammation of a group of tissue along the foot especially the bottom side and causes pain on the heel especially in the morning. This condition is best solved by the orthotic slippers, designed to provide extreme support to the natural foot structure as well as the foot mechanics, thereby improving the healing process while minimizing pain.

Problem 7: Cold feet

Solutions: Slippers with thick warm lining

The cold foot is a common problem with most people including adults, which can be caused by the cold indoor floors. This problem is easily and well solved by slippers with thick warm lining, for instance, the slipper boots.

These slippers are generally furry and feature a soft thick warm lining and rubber soles, making them extremely warm.



In conclusion, special slippers for elderly people are very versatile shoes for the elderly. These slippers are designed to enhance optimum safety and comfort for the elderly, while other models are designed to help them heal various foot problems while reducing pain. This article has provided you with all the information you require to know about house slippers for the elderly.