Best Men’s Summer House Slippers and Sandals For Sweaty Feet

Men hardly wear slippers or sandals on most occasions. They only do so when it is practical and when the climate around them commands it. Summer is one of those seasons that men go out in search of slippers.

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A great companion for the sandy shores – Dockers Men’s Sunland Slide Sandal

Fast-drying clog slippers with breathable materials for sweaty feet – Isotoner Men’s Zenz Activate Heather Knit Closed Back Slipper

Fashional design that you can wear both indoor and outdoor – Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide

Most comfortable choice if suffering various foot pain – RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Open toe summer slide slippers with mesh soles for smelly feet – LongBay Men’s Comfy Memory Foam Slide Slippers


mens lightweight summer slippers

Thankfully, there are summer slippers available in the market that are ideal for men. There is a vast collection of men’s summer slippers available. They come in different styles and varieties.

The best slippers should offer a comfortable walk after a hectic schedule, driving, or walking in work shoes. These should provide relaxation and superior comfort to their well-deserving feet.


Why Men Need Lightweight Summer Slippers?

For men with sweaty feet, getting summer slippers is necessary for they allow your feet to breathe while offering relief from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and any other foot conditions.

These slippers are convenient, especially when walking on the beach, in the locker room after game practice, or just relaxing in the house after a long day’s work.


These pieces of footwear do give off some levels of comfort. They have appropriate support and are also packed with loads of comfortable parts and features. You want to tap into them to avoid the damages and injuries that come along with use.

Also, they prevent your feet from getting bruised when walking.



Due to the exceptional support that the pairs potentially bring about, they have the ability to prop your feet and maintain them in the best shapes.

You will need this support when taking on treacherous terrains and settings that are generally experienced in the homes.



While putting on these pairs, you get to avoid direct contact with the ground. In this way, you maintain your feet in a proper state of hygiene all the time.

Chances of you contracting hygiene-related illnesses are hence suppressed by a greater margin when all factors are considered.



And if you do not want the functional ends from the pair, you may also put them on for the purpose of the fashions they potentially bring about.

The pairs indeed are elegant in their appearance and will usually work to make your interior areas appear great to behold.


How to Pick the Best Odorless Summer Slippers For Men with Sweaty Feet?

Summer slippers for men come in a wide range of designs and styles. Here are some factors that you can consider to find the ideal one for you.

men's indoor summer slippers

Size vs. Fit

Your topmost consideration should be the size and the fit of the pairs. The pair you pick ought to come in just the right size and dimensions. You do not want your slippers to fall off or cuddle your legs too tight to deny you the needed levels of comfort.


Choose suitable types

There are different types of slippers available. It is essential to know which suits you perfectly. The common ones are the slip-on slippers designed to make it easy to take on and off. There are also clog-style slippers. These do no cover your heel, but the front part will fully envelop your toes and the top part of your feet.

Others include Moccasins, orthopedic slippers, and novelty slippers.


High-quality materials ensure durability

The best slippers in the market should be constructed with the highest quality of materials. These slippers use various materials such as suede, leather, canvas, and so on. Ensure that you find the right skin-friendly materials.


For indoor or outdoor use?

Where are you planning to wear these slippers? Most men intend on using the slippers around the house. However, some manufacturers have incorporated rubber soles, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Depending on where you want to wear slippers, you can choose appropriately.


Planned place of use

Where exactly would you wish to dedicate the pair for use? Is it indoors, outdoors, by the beach, or the waterside?

Yet again, you have to delineate the exact place where you would wish to make use of the pair. After that, go ahead now to make a suitable find in line with your goals.


Care and maintenance

Needless to state, you have to be mindful of the care and the maintenance practices that your pair may demand.

Sit down and ascertain the amount of care you may have to expend. Only go for a pair that is less likely to demand extraneous care and attention on your part.


Nature of the floor surface

The kinds of surfaces atop which you intend to dedicate the pairs for use also count. You have to see to it that the pairs are incapable of sustaining any adverse damages when used on that specific surface. That is to prevent you from having to purchase new ones every now and then.


What extra features should they have?

You should also check out for extra features that may come with these slippers. These include memory foam cushioning to offer additional support.

Some slippers also have shock absorption to provide adequate support while withstanding heavy use. These increase comfort and prevent overpronation.


Best Breathable Summer Slippers For Men with Smelly Feet

Dockers Men’s Sunland Slide Sandal with Arch Support – A great companion for the sandy shores

summer slipper sandals

Overview: Wanting to accrue the highest levels of relaxation along the way? Choose a pair of slippers of these kinds that enable a more generous fit and utmost relaxation.


Its outsole is durable and hence lasts longer
The construction is somewhat flexible for ease of movements
Wholly derived from stuff that is cheaper


Whole sizes only

Here’s what you’ll love:

Memory foam – At its core is the memory foam that plays the role of exhibiting comfort to the users. The foam dampens the vibrations while also enabling appropriate support.

Extended sizes – The pair is available in some extended sizes that give you the freedom to select the one that closely mirrors your unique feet sizes and expectations.

Fusion foot-bed – Lastly, the foot-bed bears the fusion materials that provide an added layer of cushioning. With this comes the added comfort and overall support.

Here’s what you might not like:

100% synthetic – Only synthetic materials have been used to make it up. Thus, it does not last as long as the other kinds of pairs generally have to.

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Isotoner Men’s Breathable Knit Closed Back Slipper – Your aesthetic pair of slippers with fast drying!

mens house slippers for summer

Overview: Mainly intent on accruing the decorative ends? This pair of slippers will do the job for you. It boasts of hand-knitting and also exudes an exceptionally elegant exterior.


Lighter and more comfortable to wear
Highly versatile and able to tackle many tasks
Comes in numerous styles and shapes for your selection


Tears apart a bit too often

Here’s what you’ll love:

Indoor and outdoor use – The pair is by and large capable of managing both indoor and outdoor applications. If all you want is to leverage maximum convenience, get hold of it.

Ultra-soft and flexible – On the whole, the pair is very soft and flexible. You won’t have to suffer or struggle too much to have your way in it as you walk out and about a designated area.

Machine-washable – That it is washable by machines ups its maintenance and cleanliness capabilities. It spares you from the struggles you have to go through while engaging it.

Here’s what you might not like:

Synthetic rubber sole – Its synthetic rubber sole is weak and prone to premature damages. You may hence have to take great care as you walk out and about it.

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Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide – A truly elegant and aesthetic pair of slippers

men's summer lightweight clog quick drying

Overview: If you have to put on the pair of slippers throughout the day, you have to see to it that it guarantees maximum comfort. We ask you to try this one as it bounces to allow for the leverage of maximum comfort.


Its interior features a soft foam lining for added comfort
Comfortable enough for giving off support for routine practices
Has a strap that adjusts to allow for the attainment of much comfort


Calls for the tender care and maximum attention on your part

Here’s what you’ll love:

Contoured bounce foot-bed – The foot-bed features a contoured bounce foot-bed. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this is to allow you to accrue maximum comfort all the while of engagements.

Synthetic single-bandage upper – Its upper on the other hand comprises a synthetic bandage that works extra hard to conceal the feet from the damages that may come along.

EVA outsole – At its outsole is the EVA material. This one lasts longer and at the same time enables you to enjoy maximum comfort and support from the exterior agents of impacts.

Here’s what you might not like:

Tender care – You may have to expend too much care and attention when attempting to make use of the item. This may disparage those who lack the necessary attentiveness to details.

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RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam House Slipper – A man’s ultimate comfort and lightweight slippers!

best summer slippers with breathable

Overview: Could it be that you are constantly on the go? If at all you are, you may want to fix your legs on a pair that is strong and highly versatile enough to allow both indoor and outdoor usage, such as this.


Allows you to plug in your feet simply
Fastens by means of a secure collar
Lets your feet breathe freely and steadily


Weighty and bulky to hang around in

Here’s what you’ll love:

Anti-skid traction – Its soles confer firm and uncompromised traction with the ground. As such you are less likely to slip and fall off as is ordinarily the case with the other pairs.

Quiet steps – On the whole, the pair manages the leverage of quieter steps along the while of use. Choose it if you do not want to disturb those who are around you.

Non-marking – One last added benefit is that it does not mar or mark the floor unnecessarily as other pairs generally do. It is subsequently great for the state of your floors.

Here’s what you might not like:

Excessive bulk – Be prepared to counter excessive bulk if you must use this pair. It is weighty and bulkier than many other competing pairs we have around.

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TOMS Men’s Classics Pumps For Sweaty Feet – The easiest pair to get into and out of

summer house slippers for men

Overview: Have difficulties slipping your feet into and out of the pairs of slippers? Pick and make use of this one as it is easier to manage and work alongside. All these are courtesy of the elastic V shape.


Provides maximum resilience that allows for your proper working
Enables smoother slipping and disengagement
A contrast lining adorns the inside and the heel region


Takes up too much space to tuck and store

Here’s what you’ll love:

Elasticized – A ‘V’ insert that is elasticized forms the core of the pair. It is the one that is responsible for the easier entry and exit of the feet while in the course of use thereof.

Molded foot-bed – At the base of the pair is the molded foot-bed. As you may have guessed, this one plays the role of enhancing your overall comfort as you move about your business.

Latex arch insert – Existing for your added support is the latex arch insert. It bolsters the rigidity of the toe region to prevent you from sustaining unnecessary accidents and injuries along the way.

Here’s what you might not like:

Canvas upper – The canvas material, which is well known to be weaker and fragile, adorns the upper part of the pair. This calls for periodic maintenance practices on your part.

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LongBay Men’s Comfy Memory Foam Slide Slippers – Breathable Mesh Cloth House Shoes

best men's summer house slippers

Overview: This pair of slippers is almost wholly intended for general use within a home. It is pretty comfortable to put on and also lets in lots of fresh air thanks to the breathable upper.


Highly breathable and upholds the safety of the feet
Maintains your feet dry and comfortable at all times of use
Delivers timeless styles and beauty as you move about your business


Useful only indoors, nowhere else

Here’s what you’ll love:

100D memory foam foot-bed – Its foot-bed contains the 100D memory foam material. This one increases the strength and the comfort of the feet while walking in it.

Multi-layer sponge – Several layers of the sponges form part and parcel of the insole. The roles of these layers are to reduce muscle fatigue while letting you stay relaxed.

Rugged but refined style – In totality, the pair comes about in a rugged yet refined style. Thus, it is capable of working well while at the same time imbuing some fashion for you.

Here’s what you might not like:

Limited lifespan – Owing to the extensive use of synthetic materials, the item is likely to suffer irreversible damages a bit too soon. Prepare to dig deeper into your pocket to repair and maintain it hence.

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Canvas Men’s Velvet Lining Slippers with Anti-skid Rubber Sole – Confers exceptional arch support for you

mesh lining slippers for men

Overview: Have issues with the arch area of your feet? If so, you may have to give it some additional support principally by way of tapping into a pair that provides exceptional arch support such as this.


Provides care for the whole day
Wicks out excess moisture thanks to the velvet lining
Wraps your feet for maximum comfort all day long


It only impacts the arch area of the feet

Here’s what you’ll love:

Deep heel cupping – For the support of your feet, this pair lends support from the deep heel cupping. Particularly, it prevents the ankles from getting too twisted when walking around.

Thick wool fur arch – At the arch spot of the pair is the thick wool fur. As you may have guessed the role of the fur is to imbue some luxury while also trap extra heat for your feet to feel warm.

Velvet lining and suede insoles – Rounding it all up is a velvet lining that wicks away all the moisture. The lining is also friendly to the skin and hence enables smoother engagements throughout the use thereof.

Here’s what you might not like:

Only for the arch support – By its sheer design and structural makeup, the item is wholly suited for the arch support. You may have to seek other interventions if you want to have your way.

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Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slides Sandal – Open-air sandals for your ease of movements

mens house shoes for summer

Overview: Only want to shower or relax by the poolside? Here you have a nice companion? It is open and spacious to allow for the smooth flow and circulation of the air into and over the feet.


Gives off a soft feel due to the synthetic upper
Lighter and comfortable enough for long-term usage
Dries faster when washed for your maximum convenience


Exclusively for the casual settings and use

Here’s what you’ll love:

Quick-drying Cloudfoam foot-bed – The footbed dries faster when washed to enable you to leverage maximum freedom and peace of mind when having your way in it.

Bandage-style upper – Its upper comprises the bandage-style form that comprises three stripes. They jointly give off a classic athletic look and appearance.

EVA outsole – Its outsole on the other hand comes in the form of EVA materials. Consider it hence more comfortable than your average pair of slippers.

Here’s what you might not like:

Only for casual use – Due to the open-air nature of the sandals, you may only use them for casual applications. Woe unto you if you have the office work in mind.

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Deer Stags Men’s Waterproof Indoor Outdoor Slipper – Wherever Indoor Outdoor Sock Slipper

summer house shoes for men

Overview: Does your entire life center on matters of walking around? We draw this specific pair of slippers to your attention. It is optimized for use wherever and whenever the circumstances may so demand.


Embroidered for maximum beauty and décor
Its upper is soft and comfortable for your feet
Possesses an indoor/outdoor sole


Lasts a fairly shorter duration of time

Here’s what you’ll love:

Casual backless design – It does come about in a casual backless design that works together with the foam padded insole to allow for smoother and quicker levels of comfort.

Thick rubber sole – Its sole on the other hand comprises the thick rubber sole that plays the role of anchoring the pair firmly on the ground. This way, it manages excellent traction to the indoor and outdoor wearers.

Split-seam toe – At its toe is the split-seam feature. Its purpose, as you may have guessed is to allow for the unimpeded wearing and disembarking throughout the course of use.

Here’s what you might not like:

Short-term use – Due to the weaker nature of the pair, you may unfortunately only use it for a shorter duration of time. Other interventions may have to come in for longer engagements.

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7 Features that Men’s Breathable Summer Slippers Should Have

Here below are the leading features of the best summer slippers for men:

Breathable material

For sweaty feet, it is important to choose one with breathable material. The mesh material can be the prior choice for keeping feet dry and cool even for long hours of working. Besides, you can also choose the one with wool material.


open toe slippers

Wider soles

A great pair has to have wider soles. The purpose of this is to promote wholesome support to the feet. A wide sole also prevents you from slipping or falling off. You have to see to it though that the pair is still small and compact enough to fit the limited storage space at your disposal.


Comfortable upper

Its upper has to be truly comfortable. This is to prevent you from suffering cold and the associated pains that come along when in use.

Some of the materials that have to adorn the upper are the suede and the fur wool. They are not only soft but also tend to trap excess warmth.


Adjustable straps

It is imperative that the slippers have some adjustable straps for the sake of maximum comfort on your part. The straps tighten and loosen the pairs smoothly as per your unique needs. They also make it possible for you to accrue the precise levels of comfort you truly need.


Deep Heel Cup and Substantial Arch Support

A deep heel cup works to promote stability with every step you take.

On the other hand, the arch support will hug your natural footprint and distribute the pressure evenly across your feet. This support is crucial, especially for those that suffer from various foot complications, pain, or plantar fasciitis.


Interior lining

Of course, the interiors of the pairs have to be appropriately lined with superior and soft cushioning for added comfort and heat-trapping.

The cushions ought to be smaller and firmer in order not to interfere with the free movements of the feet when in the course of engagements.



At the toe regions, the pairs have to be appropriately reinforced to prevent the injuries and the hurts that ordinarily come along.

The reinforcements have to guard the areas firmly and strongly to achieve this end. They need not be too rigid as that may impede the smooth movements thereof.


House Slippers over Shoes For Men to Use in Summer?

The house slippers, it is! Below are the core reasons that underlie this:

Cool and breathable

The house slippers are cool and breathable compared to the shoes. That is because they are open and as such allow the smooth inflow and outflow of the air as need be.

You will hence less likely sustain sweat and other issues that tend to imperil the comforts of the wearers.


Compatible with the interior settings

By their designs, the house slippers are compatible with the interior settings of the home. They are designed to be smaller, more compact, and on the whole very comfortable to the extent of not interfering with the shape, stature, and form of the typical home.


Soft warm and comfortable

They are also soft, warm, and comfortable enough to walk around unimpeded. Thanks to their softness, these slippers are less likely to bring about unnecessary discomforts and other issues that may usually interfere with the great endeavors that people go through on a daily basis.


Ease of cleanliness and maintenance

For your added convenience, these items are also easier to keep clean and maintain. They hardly catch excess dirt while also respond well to the many detergents that may be in use. That they may be easily dipped in the washing machines also make them stand out exceedingly.


Ease of wearing and taking off

Lastly, they are designed to allow you to easily put them on and take them off. That is a trait that comes in handy when you are in a hurry or tend to have difficulties in juggling your way. Many of them have the V shapes and patterns that make the realization of this end easily achievable.

In a word, the men’s house slipper wins over shoes in:

  • Slippers can be a game-changer for your relaxing routines. Unlike house shoes, many slippers have an open-toe design or a backless design to allow your feet to breathe, especially during the summer. This feature keeps your feet dry, comfortable, sweat, and odor-free throughout.


  • These slippers also aid in relieving foot pain. Many modern houses have tiles or hardwood floors. These are not very friendly to our feet. And that is where house slippers come in handy. They provide a significant cushion while offering arch support to relieve pain and promote your natural alignment. Many of the house slippers feature a firm yet flexible midsole to help optimize your balance wherever you go.


  • Another advantage of slippers to house shoes is that they are more versatile. You can go with your slippers to the park, at the beach, in the locker room after a game’s practice, and so on. House shoes are usually restricted to home use.



Start your journey towards balance and wellness from the ground up with these slippers. They are simply comfort and function wrapped in one package. The comfort they offer is so addictive; you will never want to take them off. Get yourself one of these for the coming summer, and do not miss out on the superior feeling.

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