What Are the Best Slippers for Seniors?

As surprising as it sounds, there are special slippers designed for seniors to give them an easy time walking down the road without the fear of tripping over.

After the 50s, seniors are at a higher risk of severe foot ailments, causing them difficulty walking with ease, comfort, and support for their daily tasks. That’s where the best slippers for seniors come into play.

Whether it’s roaming indoors or walking a few miles, a good pair of slippers will provide you with the warmth and comfort down there. Moreover, studies have proved that finding the proper footwear has a massive role in reducing foot pain, swelling, ankle sores, and other related foot ailments that come with aging.

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what types of slippers for elderly

Should Elderly People Wear Slippers?

According to research by UOC, approximately 83% of elders choose the wrong fit and size of footwear that leads them to low quality of life. Because of the changing foot morphology in adults, a senior is more likely to suffer from loss of balance, falls, and loss of fatty tissue.

That being the case, slippers are one of the best options in footwear to adjust to your changing foot size and morphology. Unlike shoes and sandals, slippers are easy-to-wear, carry and provide you with the comfort and support you’re looking for.

Therefore, the right fit of slippers can prevent falls, provide necessary imbalance and offer excellent foot protection to walk safely.


Do Slippers Prevent Falls?

Wearing the right size and fit of slippers can secure your feet well and is a better option to prevent falls instead of going barefoot.

The best slippers for seniors can hold your feet in the right place, fit right, provide backing and significantly reduce your foot pain. Though slippers can prevent falls to a specific extent, choosing the right type of slippers makes all the difference.

For example, wearing loose or backless slippers can otherwise be the culprit for your accidental falls due to poor stability. Moreover, wearing flip-flops, clunky or floppy slippers is not safe for your feet as such slippers don’t support ankles or ankles to provide ease while walking.


What Kind of Slippers Are Best for Seniors?

what slippers for seniors

Surprisingly, the huge variety of slippers in the market can help you easily distinguish between different kinds of slippers based on your needs. When it comes to the best kind of slippers for seniors, a general rule is to consider the type, material, and purpose of the slipper.

Moccasins are the best non-slip slippers for seniors because of their quick and adjustable velcro closures that hold their feet in a safer way. House slippers made of rubber soles are also ideal for improving balance and providing better traction on the ground.

For a more stylish option, you can look for slip-on style slippers that come in many designs and allow room for customization.

In addition to this, here are some more options in the kinds of slippers for seniors to choose from as per your needs.

1. Closed-heel Slippers

As the name says, closed-heel slippers are ideal for seniors who miss balance while walking and slip off easily. These slippers are safer to hold your feet in one place and offer improved traction.

2. Boot Slippers

Instead of wearing tough boots for longer durations, you can wear boot design slippers that serve the same purpose. Such slippers are made up of a lightweight and thick material to provide necessary warmth during colder months.

3. Non-skid Slippers

Non-skid slippers are a must-to-have for every senior who wants to feel safe in their footwear. As per the name, non-skid slippers have a slip-resistance outsole aimed at improving traction and walking experience.

4. OrthoPedic Slippers

With special support features, orthopedic slippers can help you with ankle support, reducing painful sores, treating hammertoes, releasing swelling, and much more.

Some orthopedic slippers also have medicines embedded in the soles to offer better mobility and comfort for the heel, ankle, and knees.

5. Velcro-closure Slippers

Velcro closure slippers are by far the best slippers for seniors with diabetes who regularly suffer from swollen feet. With the help of velcro straps, the slippers can offer the perfect fit with room for adjustability so you can put on or take off the slippers with ease.


Features to Look for in Senior Slippers for Safety

As said earlier, the best slippers for seniors should look good, feel safe and do a better job of protecting the feet from all external factors. But the process of choosing the right pair of senior slippers for safety can be tricky, especially if you’re not clear about your requirements.

For this reason, here is a quick breakdown of some of the must-have features in your slippers to look for.

1. Right Type of Material

Choosing the right type of material speaks volumes for the durability, quality, and safety of your slippers. Though every slipper has a different material composition, the best type of material for slippers is soft-leather because of its lightweight, soft texture, and lifespan.

2. Safety

The best slippers for seniors should provide optimum comfort and solve foot problems, swelling, lack of balance, stability, etc. When buying the best slippers for safety, look for rubber non-slip resistant soles, secure back heels, and added ankle support to be comfortable to wear.

3. Fit

Finding a good pair of slippers for seniors that’s right for the fit can be tricky because of the changing morphology of feet after 50. As a good rule of thumb, look for something that’s not so tight or loose but makes your feet comfortable as you walk down.

4. Style

Having stylish slippers that also meet the functionality requirements can help you ditch those tough boots and heels when going out. Some types of slippers like moccasins and closed-heel slippers with stylish designs can add a pinch of style to your look.

Whatever are your needs, look for something with subtle colors, minimal design, and customizable options to tweak the design for different events.

5. Comfort

Soles are one of the most important things to look for when buying the best slippers for seniors for extra comfort, support, and traction.

Most seniors look for cushioning slip-resistance, thick and removable insole that can easily fit into the slippers. For improved traction, search for EVA, memory foam, or cushioned insole because of its soft composition, shock-absorbing, and moisture-wicking qualities.

6. Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are a must-have for open-mouth slippers that can easily slip off your feet, resulting in falls and damage.

Therefore, find slippers with adjustable straps and velcro closure to secure your feet tightly into the slippers and help you walk around with ease.


What to Avoid in Slippers for Seniors?

how to select best slippers for seniors

Not every slipper is made for you, so it’s important to know what you need to avoid when buying the best slippers for seniors.

This way, you’ll be able to pick the best one from the options that will satisfy your needs with the slippers you wear.

1. Loose slippers

As mentioned earlier, flip flops are not the best type of slippers for seniors because of their loose size and backless design that can trip you over while walking.

2. Soft soles

One of the common mistakes people make when buying the best slippers for seniors is choosing very soft soles that can increase the foot’s pain.

Put simply, choosing very soft soles might make the wearer feel uncomfortable in the shoes at the start. But it may push your feet into the soles, resulting in less flexibility, lack of traction, and poor stability.

Similarly, going with hard-rubber outsoles can put even more stress on your feet, increasing the risk of slips and accidental falls.

3. High heels

Choosing slippers with high heels kills the ultimate purpose of choosing footwear that’s comfortable, easy to wear, and supports your feet in a better way.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid closed and high heel slippers that can lead you to serious foot injuries by falling.



Long story short, buying the best slippers for seniors with perfect fit, stylish design, and supportive features can help you with serious foot problems.

Though style and comfort are two important things to consider, try to solve the safety concerns first and then look for simplicity and comfort.

Once again, the slippers you choose should not only look good but also treat the foot conditions you’re suffering from. This way, you’ll be able to save yourself from those embarrassing trips and falls while walking with comfort, style, and confidence.

Whether you’re buying the best slippers for yourself or gifting someone else, choose the best slippers for seniors that stand the test of time.