How Long Do Slippers Last?

Returning home and sliding onto a comfy pair of slippers is one of the most relaxing things to do. Not only does it ease your nerves, but it helps you forget about all the day-long worries and dilemmas.

But, how long do slippers last?

When should you replace them?

How should you care for them?

Here we have got all the answers to help you know when to ditch your slippers and how to extend their life.

long lasting slippers

What Affects Slippers’ Lifespan?

The lifespan of slippers depends a lot on the quality of slippers one buys and how often one wears them. Slippers do not come with an expiry date, but their quality and construction are two of the most critical parameters affecting their lifespan.

Here are a few other factors that affect the lifespan of slippers:


The market is flooded with a plethora of slipper alternatives made of different kinds of materials. But to pick a pair of slippers that can serve good to your feet for a longer time, consider choosing materials that are strong and do not break easily.


Quality matters the most talking in terms of the lifespan of slippers. Picking on strong slippers of good quality and trusted brands can help you get slippers that can serve you for an extended period.

Floors and usage:

Apart from the quality and material, how often you use the slippers and the type of floor on which you use them the most also determine your slippers life. If you wear slippers mostly on hard floors, consider picking slippers with thick soles, and if you have carpets all over, light soles can also be preferred over thick soles.


How Long Do Slippers Last?

Usually, a good quality pair of slippers can serve you somewhere between eight to ten years. But their lifespan is influenced by the type, brand, sole, durability, and quality of slippers you buy. It also differs from user to user based on how well they treat their slippers and how often they wear them.


When Should You Throw Away Slippers?

Parting ways with your slippers can be heartbreaking, especially when it’s your favorite pair. But, using the same pair of slippers for a long tenure can cause bacterial accumulation, which can also pose the threat of fungal infections.

Hence, it is imperative to replace your slippers with time. Here are a few indicators that can help you understand that it’s time to get rid of your favorite pair:

If your slippers do not offer you the same level of comfort and support as they used to offer once.

Look at the soles of your slippers; if it’s worn out, then it’s high time you get a new pair for yourself.

Consider placing your slippers on a flat surface at eye level. If it doesn’t sit on the surface evenly and sits at an angle, the chances are that the slippers may tip or rock while you wear them, giving discomfort to your feet.

Inspection is the key, and any signs of wear and tear call for a replacement before it adversely affects your feet. Moreover, if you wash your slippers quite often, replacing them twice a year is a good idea.


How to Extend the Lifetime of Slippers?

Do you wish to make your slippers stay a little longer with you? Here are a few ways by which you can extend the period of bidding goodbye to your slippers:

Do not be a miser

You get what you pay for is not just a saying and stands true in deep context when you talk about the quality and durability of the slippers.

Affordability stands to be a deciding factor for the purchase. But if you wish to buy long-lasting slippers, consider spending a little extra at the first step rather than falling for cheap and low-quality footwear.

Socks and slippers

You might not like the idea of wearing socks and slippers together. But if you want your slippers to stay healthy and serve you a long purpose, you should definitely adopt this combo.

Use deodorizers

Do you step out without using a deodorant? Most of you reading this will answer it as a ‘no.’ The same should be the answer when someone asks you do you head out of the house without deodorizing your feet?

Your feet also deserve to smell good, not just from a hygiene point of view but also to extend the life of your slippers.

Say no to wearing slippers outside

It may feel tempting to walk out of the house wearing the same slippers for a short errand, but you should never do such a thing. Have designated footwear that can be worn inside the house and others that can be worn outside and stick to the rule religiously.

Following such instincts of your heart of wearing house slippers outside can cause wear and tear and affect the serviceability of slippers.



Bidding a farewell to your favorite pair of slippers is bound to happen at some or the other point. So, if you wish to stay a little longer with your most cherished companions, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips to make them outlive their original lifespan!