Best Moisture Wicking Men’s Ankle Socks for Long Hours of Walking

Purchasing the best men’s ankle socks requires a significant level of precision. It’s essential to pick a pair that provides adequate muscle stabilization and encourages wound healing.

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Soft acrylic ankle socks with easy-to-wash functionThorlos Unisex-Adult WMX Walking Ankle Socks

High-performance compression socks with proper arch support and high moisture absorptionHUSO Men Women Arch Compression Cushioned Quarter Socks

Perfect choice for walking and cycling with odor-resistant7DayOtter Cotton Low Cut Casual Ankle Socks

Running socks for sweaty and smelly feetThorlos JMX Max Cushion Running Ankle Socks

No show ankle socks for loafers or low cut sneakers for walkingMen Socks 8 Pairs 12 Pairs Low Cut Ankle Sock

walking socks with ankle height

An ideal ankle sock is suitable for walking, fashion, sports, and other crucial purposes. This article reviews some of the best men’s ankle socks for walking, including additional helpful information.


What Makes the Good Men’s Ankle Socks?

Various things make good men’s ankle socks, ranging from style, breathability, durability, and material. Before picking your ankle socks, ensure that you closely consider those factors. Note that some ankle socks may be highly comfortable but have a low “style” rating. Here’s more information about what makes the good men’s ankle socks:

• Material:

Ankle socks are produced from different materials, typically a blend of cotton and microfiber. They also include spandex, which is a common material for athletic wear and exercise wears. A good pair may also have Lycra in the overall fabric design.


• Suitable style:

Plain-colored ankle socks work well with several types of outfits. If you’re a very “fashion-conscious” person, you’ll have a good way of dealing with a mix of colors or patterns.


• Breathable fabric:

Your feet must be comfortable in the pair. When walking or performing any other activities, your feet should be able to “breathe.” Most cotton materials are breathable, but they are less comfortable when mixed with lots of synthetic fabrics.


• Durability:

The durability of your ankle socks is highly imperative because it determines how long you get to use them. Some ankle socks for men come with extra support, making them more durable for use. In some scenarios, the material of your socks also determines their durability.


Proper Materials of Ankle Socks for Walking and Hiking

The appropriate ankle socks for walking may be a specific fabric or a mix of different ones. Generally, most great brands for ankle socks use wool, polyester, and spandex. For better understanding, here’s more information about the materials:

most comfortable ankle socks for walking

• Wool:

This material helps in temperature regulation to prevent you from having sweaty feet. Wool also ensures adequate comfort. It’s an added advantage when your sock is from merino wool due to its itch-free nature.


• Polyester:

The importance of this material is for insulation and wicking moisture. After absorbing moisture, polyester can dry fast. In some cases, manufacturers may blend it with wool for warmth, durability, and comfort.


• Spandex:

Unlike polyester or wool, spandex is typically in a small proportion. It’s an elastic material that helps retain the shape of your ankle socks after walking for long hours.


How to Choose the Best Men’s Ankle Socks for Long Hours of Walking?

When picking the best men’s ankle socks for walking, you need to ask certain imperative questions. Here’s all you need to know:

best ankle socks for walking

Is It Breathable for Sweaty Feet?

Buying a pair of breathable socks is essential, and it also ensures that you are comfortable in your shoes.

A breathable sock for sweaty feet should be from a unique moisture-wicking fabric.

Major examples of materials that may absorb moisture include nylon, merino wool, and polyester. The most significant material for sweaty feet is polyester because it also provides warmth and comfort.


What Materials to Choose?

The materials you pick for your ankle socks are essential. Most brands use wool, polyester, nylon, silk, and spandex. Wool doesn’t retain smells compared to several other synthetic fabrics.

In some cases, a brand may decide to blend wool with another synthetic material for better durability.

If you have sweaty feet, polyester may be the most suitable material due to its ability to wick moisture. Nylon serves as another synthetic option that helps promote fast drying and durability. Silk supports moisture-wicking, similar to polyester.


Sock Size

The sock size is an essential factor to consider because it determines how comfortable your feet get on shoes. Fortunately, most ankle socks are elastic due to the spandex material. Ankle socks can typically fit skinny legs, large legs, and other feet sizes.


Is it Comfortable for Long Walking?

The durability of the ankle socks is what determines whether it’s perfect for long walking.

A pair of socks from cashmere is not advisable for long walking because it’s less durable and breathable.

Most comfortable socks for long walking also come with compression padding, which also helps the durability of your pair.


Is It Easy to Wash?

How easy it is to wash ankle socks depends on their material.

Wool and cotton are typically easy to wash because they easily absorb moisture.

It’s advisable to be careful about color choices to avoid having issues when washing.


Best Men’s Ankle Socks for Walking Reviews

There are several types of ankle socks from various brands. These ankle socks come in different materials, colors, and sizes. Here are some of the top products:

Easy to Wash with Excellent Cushion: Thorlos Unisex-Adult WMX Max Cushion Walking Ankle Socks

thick cushioned ankle socks for walking

Comfortable design

The Thorlos Unisex-Adult WMX ankle socks are highly suitable socks for walking and performing various activities. It cushions the feet and ensures a significant level of comfort. Using the Thorlos Unisex-Adult WMX ankle socks provides a low-stress level of the feet and reduces blisters’ risk.

Intelligent Mix of Materials

You can enjoy the ankle socks’ durability due to the combination of 80% acrylic, 16% nylon, and 4% elastic. Thanks to the high percentage of acrylic, the socks are highly resistant to variation in temperature. Nylon also ensures high tensile strength, and it’s lightweight.

Exclusive Thor-Lon Fibers

With the Thor-Lon fibers, the socks wick moisture easily. This feature is highly suitable for individuals that have sweaty legs.

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High Performance: HUSO Men Women Arch Compression Cushioned Quarter Socks

best ankle socks for walking

Best Fit & Anti-Blister

The HUSO Men Women High-Performance Arch Compression Cushioned Quarter Socks come with compression in the midfoot. The structure of the ankle socks helps in massaging the plantar fascia and offering proper arch support.

Dry Fit with Stink Prevention

Wearers can enjoy moisture absorption and stink prevention due to the special fabric sorbtek. The ankle sock’s material ensures that the feet are cool, healthy, and significantly dry. Thanks to the “Dry Fit” feature, the socks can dry quickly after getting soaked in water.

Anti-slip Construction

Thanks to the anti-slip construction on the sock’s sole, there’s a higher level of friction that ensures safety. It’s also difficult for the ankle socks to slip down the leg when you wear them right.

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Perfect for Walking and Cycling: 7DayOtter Odor Resistant Cotton Low Cut Casual Ankle Socks

black ankle socks for walking for sweaty feet

Top-rated material blend

The 7DayOtter Odor Resistant Cotton Low Cut Casual ankle socks are a combination of 75% cotton, 23% polyester, and 2% elastane. Thanks to the material blend, the socks are soft and comfortable. Due to the high percentage of cotton, wearers can enjoy breathability and durability.

Soft Y heel

The ankle socks have an intuitive design that ensures firmness in the heel and the toe. Thanks to the Y heel, the ankle socks are very suitable for hiking, running, workouts, outdoor sports, and conventional daily wear.

Sweat Resistant

Thanks to the material blend, you can keep your feet dry all day. The sweat-resistant feature of the 7DayOtter ankle socks makes moisture dry up easily.

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Breathable For Athletic to Use: FLYRUN Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks Men Comfort Cushion Moisture Wicking Work Sock

mens ankle socks for walking

Reinforced Heel and Toe Areas

The FLYRUN Men’s Athletic Ankle Quarter socks are long-lasting and durable due to their reinforced heel and toe regions. With the reinforcement, you can wear the pair of ankle socks all day without slipping or having any form of discomfort.

Cushioning Sole

The sole of the ankle socks is cushioning, which ensures a significant level of comfort. Thanks to the padding of the sole, wearers can enjoy shock absorption without any form of sensitivity. With the cushioning sole, it’s easier to wear them for long hours.

Y-Shape Stitching

The FLYRUN Men’s Ankle Quarter Sock also has deep Y-shape stitching with several cross stretches. Thanks to this feature, you can get heel pockets that lock in the heel appropriately.

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Perfect For Running For Long Hours: Thorlos JMX Max Cushion Running Ankle Socks

best ankle socks for walking

Extra padding

The Thorlos JMX has extra padding that makes it very durable and comfortable for walking, running, and other activities. The additional padding on the ankle socks’ heels and toes can use the Thorlos JMX to reduce blisters, pain, and pressure.

Moisture-wicking fiber

The moisture-wicking fiber makes the sock suitable for individuals with sweaty feet. Since the socks have moisture-wicking fiber, wearers can also enjoy odor resistance.

Unique Blend of Materials

The Thorlos JMX Max Cushion ankle socks have a unique blend of 85% acrylic, 14% of nylon, and 1% elastic. Thanks to the blend of these materials, ankle socks are more durable than other conventional ones.

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Perfect For Sweaty Feet: No Show Socks Men Socks 8 Pairs 12 Pairs Low Cut Ankle Sock

moisture wicking socks for walking

Invisible Wear

With the No Show Socks Men Socks, wearers can prevent others from seeing its color or presence on the legs. It fits in perfectly inside shoes, making your shoes unaffected by sweaty feet. The No Show Socks are suitable for sneakers, oxford shoes, loafers, and boat shoes.

Well-designed cuff

Thanks to the well-designed cuff, the socks fit perfectly into the feet. The detailed design ensures that your socks aren’t too tight or too loose for wearers.

Supreme material quality

The No Show Socks are from top materials, including cotton and spandex. The mix of materials ensures comfortability and durability. Cotton helps in sweat-wicking, making the ankle socks suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

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Most Comfortable For Sports: Men’s Ankle Low Cut Athletic Tab Socks for Men Sport

most comfortable ankle socks for men

Unique Style

The Men’s Ankle Low Cut Athletic Tab comes in different colors, making it compatible with a wide range of shoes and outfits. Some of the primary colors include a mix of blue, yellow, and red. You can wear these socks with athletic shoes, climbing shoes, boat shoes, and jogging shoes.

Max Cushioning

The socks ensure maximum cushioning in sensitive areas of the feet. With this feature, there’s lower foot pain when walking or performing any major activities.

High-quality Materials

Sweat-absorption, fast-drying, and other essential features aren’t a problem with the high-quality materials. The two significant materials in these ankle socks include 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

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For All Seasons to Use: OMECHY 12 Pairs Men’s Athletic Cotton Moisture Wicking Heavy Full Cushion Casual Ankle Sock

mositure wicking ankle socks for walking and hiking

Fitting size

All shoe sizes fit perfectly with the ankle socks. It’s compatible with US men’s socks size 10 to 13 and shoe size 7 to 13.

Reinforcing in the Heel and Toe Regions

The reinforced heel and toe regions ensure that you enjoy the durability of the socks. Due to the reinforcement of those feet regions, your legs will feel more comfortable when wearing shoes.


Thanks to the presence of a significant percentage of cotton (70%), wearers can enjoy moisture wicking. The socks also contain a good blend of 28% polyester and 2% spandex.

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For Heel and Pain Relief: TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks

mens compression socks

Moisture Wicking and Breathable Fabric

The TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks comprises 80% nylon and 20% spandex for absorbing moisture and drying up quickly. If you have sweaty feet, the moisture-wicking fabric prevents unwanted moisture on the shoes and helps prevent odor.

Lightweight and Stretch Fabric

Thanks to the lightweight and stretch fabric, wearers can get relief from conditions like arthritis, muscle fatigue, or Achilles tendonitis.

Graduated Compression Foot Socks

The TechWave’s graduated compression feature helps easy dressing and comfortability. It also plays a role in enhancing style when wearing it with different shoes and outfits.

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What to Avoid in An Ankle Socks for Walking?

There are certain red flags in ankle socks that should restrict you from buying them. These red flags cut across the material and size. Here’s a detailed analysis of what to avoid in ankle socks for walking:

  • Size:

Ensure that you avoid purchasing a pair of ankle socks that don’t appropriately fit into your legs. If you have skinny or very long legs, avoid getting those that may appear too large. Fortunately, most ankle socks are for compression purposes, making them fit perfectly.

  • Material:

Fabrics like cashmere are unadvisable for ankle socks for walking. Cashmere is extremely fine, but they have several downsides as a material for ankle socks. Due to the material’s weak strength, you may observe punch and pilling, making it less durable.


10 Ideas on Wearing Men’s Ankle Socks with Walking Shoes in Style

Wearing your ankle socks should come easy, depending on the size, material, and brand. Certain techniques will help you add extra style to your outfit and keep your shoes looking attractive. Here are ten ideas on wearing men’s ankle socks with walking shoes in style:

1. Wear ankle socks with low-top sneakers:

wear ankle socks for walking in style

The most suitable shoes for ankle socks are low-top sneakers. Since the shoes aren’t high tops, others can see your socks and admire your style. It’s fantastic that low-top sneakers also provide free movement when walking or performing a certain activity.

2. White ankle socks are good options for white and black sneakers:

wear ankle socks with nike running shoes

In some outings, you may need to keep your style simple by wearing a few colors. A mixture of black and white is popularly known to be attractive and unique. Ensure that your shoes are clean and you aren’t up for a rough day before wearing the white pair of socks.

3. Keep the ankle socks in the shoes appropriately if the color mismatches:

how to wear ankle socks for walking in style

If you have a few pairs of ankle socks and most of them aren’t perfect for your outing, wear them and ensure they aren’t visible. You can also decide to wear a pair of trousers on the sock if it’s a little visible.

4. Striped ankle socks may add uniqueness to your style:

wear colorful ankle shoes

Depending on your shoe type and overall outfit, wearing striped ankle socks may be a highly suitable option. In most cases, striped ankle socks are more fashionable, especially when you want some attention to them.

5. Padded socks with a top stripe fit perfectly in sneakers:

wear ankle socks with black shoes

Most sneakers are very compatible with padded socks with a top stripe. Apart from giving you an excellent style, it’s more comfortable to wear padded socks with a top stripe for durability and firmness.

6. Pair your branded ankle socks with notable brands:

how to wear ankle socks for walking in style

Most reputable fashion brands produce their shoes, ankle socks, t-shirts, and more. For this reason, you can wear the brand’s shoes with their available socks to keep your style. Examples of some brands that may offer socks and shoes include Nike, Adidas, or Rebook.

7. Grey-colored ankle socks may be a good option when you fold your jeans:

how to wear ankle socks for walking in style

When you fold your jeans, the color inside is typically grey. You can decide to pair this look on your jeans with your ankle socks by wearing a grey color. Ensure that there isn’t also too much color disparity between your ankle socks and shoes.

8. Pick an ankle sock with a color band that the shoe possesses:

ankle socks with bright running shoes

If your shoe has a tone of black, consider wearing ankle socks with that same color. Note that you should avoid wearing the same color of socks for a specific shoe color. For instance, wearing plain white ankle socks on white sneakers may not be advisable.

9. Try pairing your colored ankle socks with white shoes:

how to wear ankle socks for walking in style

Depending on your overall outfit, wearing white sneakers with your colored ankle socks is appealing. You should also ensure that the type of ankle socks you pick has great quality. Note that the white shoes should also be low top to make the pair of socks visible.

10. Wear ankle socks alongside low-top sneakers with a similar color to your short pants:

wear ankle socks with same color shirts

If you wear red short pants, you may also decide to wear red ankle socks with them. Note that red can be a very sensitive color, so you should consider pairing them with plain-colored shoes.


Tips: How to Keep Ankle Socks from Slipping in Walking?

There’s a high probability that you occasionally slip while walking due to your ankle socks. Wearing your socks appropriately and avoiding contact with certain substances may help to prevent slipping. Here are some helpful tips to prevent slipping:

  • Pick the appropriate ankle socks size:

The size of your ankle socks is the major determinant of whether your sock stays firm or it sips in walking. If your legs are very skinny, ensure you buy a pair of ankle socks with a tight or strong elastic material that fits.

  • Go for socks with elastic arch support:

Most ankle socks with elastic arch support don’t slip when walking. With flexible arch support, there’s typically no space on the feet, providing a unique fit that increases comfort.



Picking the best men’s ankle socks for walking involves understanding certain fundamental features of ankle socks. Standard ankle socks should be from breathable fabric that also offers moisture-wicking. The most common materials blended into ankle socks are cotton, polyester, and spandex. Overall, ensure that you also properly maintain your ankle socks by washing them regularly.