Best Women’s Slippers for Sore Feet

Have you been battling sore feet for a while now without so much success from the slippers you are using?

With the many brands in the market, it is very hard to choose the best slippers that will help you with your problem.

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The warmest slippers with a moisture-wicking performance for sweaty and cold feetFunkyMonkey Women House Slippers

Indoor-outdoor women’s moccasin slippers to keep your feet dry – Jessica Simpson Suede Moccasin Slippers

Anti-skid women slippers with wide soles for diabetic feet – Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Slippers

Adjustable slippers with closed-back to relieve foot pain and fatigue – LongBay Women’s Slippers 

Arch support women’s slippers with an open-toe design for plantar fasciitis – Vionic Women Slippers

women slipper for feet pain

Do not worry as your long search has now ended.

This article is compiled just to suit your needs. Here, you are going to learn:

  • As a woman, what possible sore feet you may have, and what are the causes?
  • How to choose based on your foot conditions?
  • Methods of relieving sore feet in daily life

Walk with me as I tell you more about sore feet and how best to reduce the pain you constantly feel.


What Are Possible Causes For Sore Feet?

Common possible causes of sore feet include:

causes of sore feet

– Type of shoes

Women like wearing shoes that closely fit their feet. If you wear shoes that are not your real size it might cause your feet to sweat and as a result, cause blisters and odor among other problems.

– Medical conditions

Medical issues such as diabetes are another cause of sore feet. High blood sugar level results in nerve-damaging especially the nerves of the feet. Other underlying diseases can also worsen the damage caused by diabetes to your feet.

– High heeled shoes

Women love high-heeled shoes. These shoes place a lot of pressure on the toes which will result in foot problems.


Common Sore Feet You May Have As Women

what to do if you have sore feet

#1. Plantar fasciitis.

This is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. It is the main cause of foot pain. It is still not clear what causes plantar fasciitis.

  • Features to look for in slippers

– Insole

The midsole should support your arches and heels perfectly to make your feet comfortable. Consider buying slippers with a changeable insole, so that you can change them with orthotic inserts for maximum comfort.

– Cushioning

Thick padded foam provides sufficient cushioning to the foot to make you comfortable. Thick cushioning absorbs shock and reduces the pressure applied on the foot.

– Heel caps

The best slippers to help with plantar fasciitis should have heel caps to provide maximum comfort and prevent overstraining the plantar fascia ligaments.


#2. Swollen feet

A swollen foot is a condition in which the feet enlarge. It is a symptom of arthritis. It is caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the body when uric acid is not well excreted.

  • Features to look for in slippers

– Insole

The inner sole should be padded with highly-dense foam to provide sufficient cushioning to increase the comfort level and absorb shock thereby relieving the feet from excess pain.

– Inner lining

For improved comfort, the inner lining should be made of a soft dense material to keep your feet comfortable and moisture-free.

– Sole

The rubber material is used in the construction of the sole. It is durable, waterproof, and slip-resistant thus provides you with support and stability as you walk.


#3. Ball of feet pain

This pain is felt when too much pressure is exerted on the region just before the toe area. It is caused by wearing tight shoes and high heels. Additionally, being overweight is believed to cause ball of foot pain.

  • Features to look for in slippers

Slippers for sore feet have many features but the most important features to help deal with sore feet are:

– Comfort

This is the first thing people are concerned with when they go shopping. You do not want to buy a pair of slippers that will leave you complaining each day. To provide maximum comfort the slippers need to be well cushioned using thick padded foam and have a good inner lining material for additional support.

– Arch support

Without proper arch support, the back and joints suffer the most from exerted pressure and stress. The slippers need to provide you with enough arch support to relieve the pain you experience from sore feet. Choose slippers that are proven to provide arch support.

– Lightweight

For normal and easy movement your feet need to be lightweight and flexible. This also reduces the pressure exerted on the sore feet. When the slippers are flexible and light pain will reduce too.

– Comfortable for wide or swollen feet

To be able to accommodate swollen and wide feet consider slippers with adjustable straps. This will allow you to custom fit the slippers to a level you feel much comfort.

– Material

The type of material dictates the comfort level you feel. Consider slippers with thick padded insole foam for increased comfort. The upper part should be breathable to keep the feet completely dry and fresh.


Best Women’s Slippers For Sore Feet Reviews:

1. Best For Winter: FunkyMonkey Women House Slippers For Ball of Pain

padded slippers for sore heel

These are best for people whose feet get hot quickly. The upper part is stitched precisely, making it beautiful and attractive. It is breathable to ensure moisture evaporates to keep your feet dry and healthy.

The inner lining is made from soft synthetic fabric with moisture-wicking properties. The inner sole is made of three layers of thick padded foam for increased insulation against cold and shock. It helps keep your feet warm during winter.

Its outsole is constructed using TPR foam. It is lightweight with superb slip and water resistance properties. FunkyMonkey slippers are machine washable, thus easy to maintain.

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2. Best For Indoor and Outdoor: Jessica Simpson Suede Moccasin Slippers

winter slippers for cold weather

These slippers are made from suede material. It is not only attractive but the upper part is breathable to ensure your feet remain dry. The soft plush lining increases the level of comfort you experience with these shoes.

Besides, they have good moisture absorption properties too. The midsole is constructed using thick memory foam. This cushioning makes it a good shock absorber. It also adds support and comfort to your feet relieving them from pain all day long.

The sole is pure robust rubber material with a good and firm grip to prevent you from slipping. The slippers enable both machine and hand washing.

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3. Best For Narrow Feet: Dearfoams Chenille Slippers with Closed Back

grey slippers for sore feet

After a long and tiresome day at work, your feet need pampering in extreme warmth and comfort. And this is where Rebecca Chenille comes in. These arch support slippers are very comfortable and warm.

The slippers are equipped with highly dense cloudlike memory foam that is also Gel-cushioned. This midsole enhances your comfort level and makes you feel relaxed. The rubber sole makes it possible to use it both indoor and outdoor.

Better still, the sole is anti-slip and water-resistant, thus providing you with constant support. These shoes are perfect to treat your feet after a long day running up and down in your workplace.

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4. Best with Anti-skid Sole: Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Slippers

thick fur slippers for cold weather

When it comes to picking the best type of slippers to wear when at home, everybody has their preferences. Some will want durable and stylish slippers, whereas others will want something to keep their feet warm and comfortable. Well… All these features can be found in Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux slippers.

This pair is exceptionally comfortable and keeps your feet warm. The upper part is made of suede material, and the soles are durable rubber material. They are breathable to keep your feet dry and anti-slip, to provide you the support you need when moving around the house. It has an open back end, thus easy to slide on.

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5. Best For Spa: Cior Fantiny Memory Foam Slippers with Velvet Lining

comfortable slippers for winter

Cior slippers are just perfect for whichever thing you want to do whether it is cooking in the kitchen, playing with your kids, walking outside, or when in the spa.

Both the upper part and the inner lining are made of a soft coral velvet material. This material is not only luxurious but also features moisture-wicking properties. Your feet will remain dry and fresh.

Besides, it is open at both ends to increase breathability and allow more moisture to evaporate. The sole is made from TRP rubber, thus it is waterproof, long-lasting, and slip-resistant.

The insole is padded with thick memory foam with a layer of highly elastic sponge to give your feet a marshmallow-like comfort and warmth.

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6. Best For Diabetic: LongBay Women’s Slippers with Adjustable Velcro

black adjustable strap slippers

Are you suffering from diabetes or arthritis and you have used many slippers but none was up to the task? LongBay has some good news for you. Their slippers are well designed for persons suffering from arthritis and diabetes.

The sole is made of durable rubber sole making it non-slipping. You are fully supported when walking either indoor or outdoor. The insole features a high-quality 80D memory foam to cushion your feet.

It gives you the feeling of walking on ergonomic pillows. The insoles have also been carefully developed to support your arches and relieve you from pain. The shoes have a loop closure for adjustable comfort.

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7. Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Vionic Women Slippers with Arch Support

women's slippers for plantar fasciitis

Vionic women slippers have received acceptance by the APMA board to help relieve your sore feet from pain. It has been designed to provide you with adequate arch and heel support.

The footbed is made using EVA technology, you are assured of maximum comfort. The outsole is TRP rubber, thus water and slip-resistant. You can walk majestically with the slippers anywhere you want.

The slippers are also fitted with Vionic motion support technology to support your every step from the ground up. It includes an adjustable hook and strap to help you customize it to your comfort.

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8. Best with Slip on Design: Ultraideas Comfort Slippers For Indoor and Outdoor

best women's slippers for sore feet

Whether you are a young girl, middle-aged, or an old woman, Ultraideas has a product that is suitable for all ages. The Ultraideas slipper features a slip-on design, you do not have to struggle wearing it.

The upper part is waffle knitted to ensure it remains breathable to keep your feet fresh. The inner lining is a superior plush fleece lining that gives your feet soothing comfort. The midsole is high-density foam material and it molds to the shape of your feet giving you the experience you desire.

Your feet are cushioned from shock and insulated from cold. The rubber sole provides good traction, giving you a safe and secure footing.

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9. Best with Orthotic Heel Cup: Sollbeam Fuzzy Home Slippers

slippers for indoor and outdoor use

These slippers are made to provide arch support and remove strain from the heels to improve foot and leg alignment. Both the upper and inner parts consist of soft fur to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

It features a deep and narrow heel cup to support your feet during long walks and high-impact activities. The sole is made of rubber material thus very safe and secure. It has adjustable straps to help you customize the slipper to the size of your feet.

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10. Best For Sore Feet: UGG Dakota Mocassin Slippers For Outdoors

UGG brand boasts durability and comfortability in all their products. These shoes are not an exception. They keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the season. The outsole is thick with good traction.

You are guaranteed a firm grip on the ground whenever you use them. The outer part is made using suede material, so it is breathable enough to keep your feet dry. The lining is a real sheepskin shearling.

Sheepskin has good moisture-absorbing properties. The insole is a thick memory foam to provide adequate cushioning to make your feet more comfortable.

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What Can Be Helpful If You Have Sore Feet?

warm women slippers for feet pain

– Massage balls

Massage balls are special small balls that are ideal to work on your arches and relieve pain. Place the ball under your foot then apply pressure by rolling the ball along the length of your arch. For increased pressure, stand up and shift the desired amount of weight onto the ball while rolling it along your arch.


– Plantar fasciitis inserts

Plantar fasciitis inserts also referred to as insoles or orthotic inserts. These inserts give extra cushion and additional support to your arches. Orthotic inserts have been clinically proven to help with plantar fasciitis.


– Oil soak

Oil soak refers to a warm footbath. To make an oil soak add your preferred essential oil to warm water with Epsom salt. The oils preferred are peppermint, rosemary, or lavender oils. This oil soak will reduce swelling and sores on your feet thereby relieving your feet from pain.


– Metatarsal pads

These pads are put in the slippers in the forefront area to help reduce metatarsalgia. The pads are constructed with gels that cushion and absorb shock, hence reducing the pressure exerted on the ball of the foot area when walking.


– Massage slippers

Massage slippers are designed to relieve pain by targeting nerve endings as a result the nerves will relax and increase the blood circulation in the feet. During the first few days wear the slippers with socks to allow your feet to adjust to the pressure being applied. Have them on for 5 minutes then slowly progress to 15 minutes.


What to Do and What to Avoid If You Have Sore Feet?


  • When not doing anything you should rest, ice, or elevate your feet.
  • Take pain relievers to reduce the effects of the sores. If the pain persists, consult a doctor.


  • Avoid shoes that apply a lot of pressure on your feet. If you prefer high heels, consider having another type of flat shoe in your bag to wear when going to work, then change into your heels when at work. Additionally, wear medium heel shoes to help reduce sore feet.



If you are suffering from sore feet, the pain can be relieved when you only buy slippers that are rated to relieve these problems. This article provides a list of good slippers that are super comfortable and will help you. Relieve your sore feet today with the best slippers in the market.

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