How to Make Ruby Red Slippers?

Over the years, Ruby red slippers have become one of the most iconic parts of the film and American culture. These glitter red slippers are famous for being that “magic pair of shoes” worn by Judy Garland when she played Dorothy Gale in the classic 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical film The Wizard of Oz.

Because of their iconic stature, Ruby red slippers have been a symbol of hope – especially for the LGBT+ community for a long time.

Today, you can wear it as a symbol, a Halloween costume, or for your high school play. But one thing is for sure the glittery hope-filled slippers are not your normal shoes for dresses. These are Dorothy’s magic pairs.

diy ruby red slippers


Are the Ruby Slippers Really Red?

The holy grail of all Hollywood memorabilia aka the Red ruby slippers was actually silver in the original book of L. Frank Baum’s, but MGM opted for the ruby red so that they could take greater advantage of the color cinematography which was still new during 1939.


What Are the Ruby Red Slippers Made of?

The original slippers were actually made up of white pumps which were then covered with red fabric, soles were painted red, bows made of stiff cotton, its sequins colored with a dark red shade to match the color, and adorned using three kinds of beads and rhinestones.

It also had an orange felt attached to the bottom of slippers to muffle Judy garland’s footsteps as she danced on the yellow brick road.


How Do You Make Homemade Ruby Red Slippers?

If you loved those Wizard of Oz themed ruby slippers and want one for yourself. You can make them at your home quickly with these simple steps

1. Step 1: Gather Materials

The first step is knowing what you need and gathering that. So the first and foremost thing that is required is some flats.

If you have an old pair of flats that you don’t wear anymore and won’t mind re-purposing. Then you are set. Otherwise, visit a local thrift or clothing store and get some affordable flats of your size.

Once you get some shoes, you will only need some loose glitter, a paintbrush, and some Modpodge which you can find at any craft store.

Here is a bulleted checklist of materials you would need for making your own ruby red slippers.

– Pair of Flats
– Red Loose Glitters
– ModPodge ( you can use either Matte or Gloss)
– A Paintbrush
– A covered and clean surface where you can spread glitter and clean after the DIY.
– White and Red Fabric Paint


2. Step 2: Apply the ModPodge and Glitter

Before you start applying, make sure that your shoes are squeaky clean. After that:

make ruby red slippers

– If your shoes are not white or red, first paint them with white fabric paint, let that dry, and then paint them over with red fabric paint. Apply 2 coats of paint and allow them to dry completely.

– Dip the paintbrush in the ModPodge and apply it on shoes evenly and generously. Start with some strokes on a 2-3 inch section of one shoe

– Once you’ve applied ModPodge to a small part, sprinkle some red loose glitter over it and wait till starts sticking. Make sure you apply the glitter until you can no longer see the underneath material of the shoes.

– Wait for some time and then gently shake off the remaining glitter of the shoes

– Repeat the above steps until the whole shoe is covered in glitter.


3. Step 3: Fill all sparse spots

If after covering you see some spots on the shoes and have uneven covering, then apply more ModPodge on the top of already existing glitter and add more glitters. To match your shoes with the original make sure there are no sparse spots visible on your shoes.


4. Step 4: Cover the second shoe and Let them dry

Once you are satisfied with the covering of your first shoe, paint and put glitter on the second shoe similarly as mentioned in steps 3 and 4.

Give the finished product ample time to dry. ModPodge typically stays tacky for quite some time. So it’s recommended that you leave the shoes for at least 24 hours for the glittering to get set and dry completely before wearing them.



Along with this, you can also purchase red bows or other crafty ornaments to give them a personal touch. And you are all set to wear these glorious, dazzling ruby red shoes wearing which you can for sure triumph the day.