Best Women’s Adjustable Velcro Slippers For Narrow And Skinny Feet

Do you have narrow feet and you find it difficult to find fitting shoes or slippers?

Well, you should not worry because that pair with the perfect fit that you desire is just around you.

The pairs of slippers with adjustable velcro can be best choice for your narrow feet!

Perfect choice for a bedroom with anti-skid sole and cushioned insoleHanes Women’s Anti-skid Memory Foam Slippers 

Soft ballerina slippers with flexible outsole used for narrow feet at home – Isotoner Women’s Victoria Ballerina Slippers

Arch support design for women suffering from plantar fasciitis – Isotoner Women’s Comfort Slippers

High-density memory foam with adjustable velcro covers your feet warmly and comfortably for house use – Longbay Women’s Slippers For Narrow Feet and Diabetic

Open-toe slippers with velcro toes bring fresh air to your feet in hot summers for sweaty feet – Git-up Girl Slippers with Velcro Toes

If you have narrow feet that is all about your genes and it is irreversible. The good news is that some slippers in the market are entirely designed for narrow feet although most of them are designed for a wide fitting.

In this article, you will find the benefits of wearing fitting slippers when you have narrow feet, how to know the width of your feet, how to choose the best slippers for your feet, and a review of a few slippers you find in the market today.

support slippers for the elderly


How to Judge Whether You Have Narrow Feet or Not?

When you have trouble fitting shoes of different styles, it means that most likely you have a specific foot width.

If you want to know whether you have narrow feet, you can fit a shoe that has a length equal to the length of your feet and if there are spaces left on the sides then it is evident that you have narrow feet.

However, to know your exact foot width, you need to stand on a big plain paper placed on a flat surface and trace the outline of your feet on that paper. Your foot width is the length between the two widest parts of your foot.


What Brands of Women Slippers Run Narrow?

women's boots narrow width


Isotoner is a popular brand that makes slippers and sandals that tend to run narrow.

For instance, if your foot size is 7, you can wear a size of 8 to 9 and it fits you perfectly hence people with narrow feet can trust this brand.



Hanes produces shoes and slippers that run narrow. The slippers have uppers made of cotton and cotton lining that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry. Their slippers have a cushioned footbed and soft sole that is good for indoor use.



UGG is a superior brand that you can rely on as long as you need slippers for your narrow feet. Their slippers and sandals tend to stretch and with time they mold to the shape of your feet.


Importance of Choosing Special Slippers for Women with Narrow Feet

You must get slippers that are of the right size and to be specific narrow slippers if you have narrow feet. Wearing the right size slippers is important because of the following reasons:

  • Fitting slippers give you comfort and you do not strain any part of your feet like the ankles or toes
  • Fitting slippers also enhance blood circulation in your feet hence preventing swellings and pains.
  • You can easily preserve the warmth of your feet hence you remain protected from contracting the flu or cold.
  • Your feet are protected from infections such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus because fitting slippers ensure your feet do not contact the ground.


How to Choose the Best Women’s Slippers For Narrow Feet?

-Is it narrow fitting?

Narrow fitting slippers should be constructed with a slim design to give your feet comfortable and customized fitting. Also, the best slippers for women with narrow feet are usually round-shaped at the toe region. This is unlike the slippers for men with narrow feet which are expected to be rectangular-shaped at the toe region. This difference can be explained by the difference in the physical formation between men and women.


-Is it comfortable?

Narrow-feet slippers should have an upper interior lining that is thick and made from materials such as soft fur or wool. This helps by enhancing the comfort of your feet and acting as blankets to provide your feet with warmth.

When your feet are warm, they are also comfortable and protected from flu especially during the winter season.


-Does it have adjustable Velcro?

Narrow feet slippers are not complete if they miss adjustable Velcro. Adjustable Velcro is very critical since it gives you a customized fit where you fit your slippers as loose or as fit as you want them to be.


-Is it washable?

The narrow slippers that you choose should be washable. This ensures that when they get dirty they can be cleaned and receive back their new look once more.

The best pair is one that is both hand washable and machine washable. Washing your slippers also ensures that they remain fresh in all seasons.


-Does it have a thick cushion?

The slippers that you purchase should have a footbed that is cushioned with several layers of memory foam. This thick cushion provides support to your feet.

The cushion should also contour to your foot’s shape to reduce tension in your toes, ankles, arch, and heels and to prevent hindrance to blood circulation.


-Is it only used for houses or both indoor and outdoor?

The slippers used indoors should be made of lightweight rubber that does not burden your feet even when used for extended hours.

Also, the slippers for both indoor and outdoor purposes should have a textured bottom to enhance the grip to the floor or the ground hence ensuring you don’t slide. This ensures your safety.


Best Women’s Adjustable Slippers For Narrow Feet Reviews

1. For Bedroom: Hanes Women’s Anti-skid Memory Foam Slippers 

slippers for elderly

Hanes slippers are uniquely constructed and designed to allow you to slip them on within a couple of seconds.

They are made of synthetic soles and give your feet a perfect fit. This synthetic sole is textured at the bottom which allows them to grip the floor and hence significantly reducing the chances of you sliding. These slippers are lightweight and are lined with a micro terry material that gives you extra comfort, a soft feel, and great breathability.

For this reason, they are a perfect pair to wear when you get home after a long and tiresome day especially after taking a shower for good relaxation. They are available in different sizes from small through medium and large to extra-large and since they have a narrow width, people with wider feet should opt for one size up.

They come in black, grey and pink colors and you can wash them using a washing machine hence you don’t have to worry when they get dirty.

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2. For Skinny Feet: Isotoner Women’s Victoria Ballerina Slippers

girls narrow shoes

Isotoner women’s slippers are fully surrounded with comfortable and cozy memory foam and hence they give your feet a uniquely closed and comfortable fit. They entirely cover your foot from the top, sides to the soles. They have a durable rubber sole and versatile moisture-wicking capabilities and you can use them everywhere in your home from the living room on the sofa to the bedroom.

These slippers are made from jersey knit that is very soft and mixed with spandex to make them stretchable. They are also lightweight and hence you can stay with them on for a long time while still being comfortable.

These slippers are easy to clean and also are machine washable hence maintaining them is very convenient. Washing them is essential because it reduces the spread of germs and makes them feel brand new anytime you wear them again. They are available in sizes small to extra-large or sizes 5 to 10.5 to be more specific.

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3. For Elderly: Dearfoams Women’s Closed Back Slipper For Indoor and Outdoor

narrow width womens shoes

Dearfoams women’s slippers are made of 100% polyester with a rubber sole. Polyester is a moisture-wicking material and hence these slippers are good at keeping your feet dry and cozy. They are designed with a cushioned inner sole and memory foam to give you the maximum comfort that you need when wearing them.

These slippers are also easy to put on or off and come with medium-width and wide-width indoor and outdoor outsoles. They are also machine washable which gives them a long-lasting freshness and make them feel brand new.

They are available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large and small wide to extra-large wide. They also come in a range of colors such as frosted plum, sleet, dusty pink, among other colors.

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4. For Plantar Fasciitis: Isotoner Women’s Comfort And Arch Support Slippers

womens narrow sandals

These slippers are designed with a multi-layer EVA arch support that provides you extra cushioning and comfort hence feet that have plantar fasciitis pain or tired feet get a nice relief once you wear them.

They are also skid-resistant and are made with a memory foam insole that helps to absorb impact and gives you the comfort that you need either indoors or outdoors. They are made of a long-lasting rubber sole that is textured on the bottom to give you a secure footing.

These slippers are a perfect choice for any woman regardless of age or lifestyle. They are available in sizes ranging from small to extra- large and since they run small, it is recommended that you take the next size up for a perfect fit.

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5. With Adjustable Velcro Closure: Longbay Women’s Slippers For Narrow Feet and Diabetic

velcro slippers

Longbay women’s diabetic slippers have high-density memory foam that makes your feet feel like they are on comfortable huge pillows. They are also designed with a supportive insole that helps your arch to relax and act as a relief to foot pains caused by plantar fasciitis.

They are made with a durable rubber sole which is textured on the bottom for an improved grip to the floor. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes and hence you can wear them while in the living room or bedroom and also go outside freely without the need to switch shoes.

They have fur lining and soft wool upper which makes them even more suitable for pained and swollen feet. They also have a hook and loop closure that enables you to make an adjustable fit.

These slippers are suitable for all women regardless of age or lifestyle and they are a perfect choice for women whose feet are affected by diabetes, neuropathy, or plantar fasciitis. They are available in pink, red, and light gray colors and sizes ranging from 5 to 10.

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6. With Narrow Width: Hanes Closed-back Moccasin Slippers For Narrow Heel

shoes for narrow heels

These slippers are good for maximizing your comfort which is made possible by the thick memory foam padding. They are also designed with odor protection technology known as Hanes Fresh IQ advance which keeps them fresh in all seasons.

They are made with a durable, synthetic, and textured sole that improves their grip to the floor or the ground either indoors or outdoors and hence you are safe with them. They come in unisex colors such as black, grey, and navy and hence they can be used by both men and women.

They are available in all sizes; 6.5 -7.5 (small), 8 – 9 (medium), 9.5 -10.5 (large), 11-12 (extra- large), 12.5 -13.5 (XX-large and 14-15 (XXX-Large). They are also machine-washable.

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7. Most Comfortable: Jessica Simpson Women’s Slipper Shoes with Fleece Lining

narrow feet

Jessica Simpson women’s slipper shoes are constructed with a thick memory foam that provides your feet with day-long comfort and support. They are made with a textured and durable synthetic sole that enhances the grip to the floor hence you cannot easily slide when wearing them.

The slippers come in a warm and fluffy style hence making them suitable for all women and girls. When your slippers get dirty, you can either hand wash them or throw them inside a washing machine. It is best that you use cold water when washing and then air dry them.

They come in sizes 6-6.5 (small), 7-7.5 (medium), 8-8.5 (large), and 9-9.5 (Extra-large) but if your feet are in between sizes, purchase one size up.

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8. For Narrow Size Feet: Git-up Girl Slippers with Velcro Toes

velcro slippers for the elderly

Git-up women’s diabetic slippers are constructed with an open-toe design that enables your toes to breathe. They also come with an adjustable closure which makes it possible for you to fit them as loose or as tight as would want.

They are constructed with a rubber sole that is waterproof, environment friendly, and textured for an enhanced grip on the floor. They specifically have a design that is suitable for all people including diabetics, pregnant mothers, doctors, and any other person.

They are available in black, blue, pink, and grey colors and sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

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What Types of Slippers Fit Narrow Feet the Most?

narrow width womens boots

-Ballerina slipper

Ballerina slippers are available in sizes 4-5 narrow, 6-7 narrow, 8-9 narrow and 10-11 narrow hence you will easily find a perfect pair for your narrow feet. On the top of the fitting sizes, they are lightweight and have an open closure for your desired and customized fit.


-Moccasin slipper

Moccasin slippers are mostly made of natural materials and they will feel snug when you fit them. Choose a pair that snuggly fits your narrow feet and with time they stretch just a little bit to give you a more comfortable and custom fit.


When Do You Need the One with Arch Support?

Slippers with arch support are firm and hence they enhance your balance and your stability when you walk. They also help you achieve natural alignment that provides you relief when having conditions such as plantar fasciitis, shin pain, foot pain, and back pain.


Is It Ok to Wear a Normal Size Slipper if with Narrow Feet?

Unless you will be wearing your slippers with socks, it is recommended that you wear slippers that are fitting your foot size rather than the normal size. This is because slippers that are too big for your feet have some risks associated with them.

When you wear normal size slippers and you have narrow feet, you risk your feet getting too cold which might make you contract the flu and cold. Normal size slippers might also increase your chances of contacting the ground and contract bacteria in return.

Also, if you have narrow feet and use normal size slippers without socks, you might strain your toes, ankles, and other parts of your foot.



In conclusion, do not give up when looking for that pair of slippers that will perfectly fit your narrow feet. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines or the factors to consider when buying yourself such slippers and you will surely get the best. By getting the perfect pair, your comfort is guaranteed with fewer burdens to your feet.

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