How to Make Homemade Slippers?

Slippers are comfortable footwear that serves to keep our feet warm and appropriately shielded from direct contact with the floor. You need not necessarily have purchase yours from the shelves. Instead, you may also opt to make yours in the comfort of your to make homemade slippers

Our article here endeavors to answer the question “How do you make homemade slippers?” Specifically, it aims to provide answers to these pertinent questions:

  • Proper materials you can choose
  • Simple steps on making homemade slippers
  • 10 ideas on DIY slipper patterns


Check what sorts of slippers you want to DIY here:


What Materials Are Used to Make Slippers?

We start out by examining the materials that are commonly used to make the slippers at home:

– Leather

Leather is derived from the hide of the animals. It is generally famed for toughness, durability, and flexibility. As such, the footwear that is made using it tends to last longer and scale the rough places with an exceptional degree of zeal. That is not to mention demanding limited repairs and maintenance.

leather slippers


– Terry cloth

The terry cloth refers to the use of a toweling cloth to wrap around the footwear. It gives rise to a soft, warm, and comfortable piece of footwear. The extensive use of the towel ensures that the feet remain dry and effectively soft. In most cases, it suits the bathroom settings.

soft terry cloth slippers


– Velvet

Velvet is known to be soft and safer to the skin. It is hence mainly suitable for those people who have sensitive skin or develop pierces a bit too easily. This material is nonetheless weaker and prone to fraying a bit too easily. It may hence not be relied on for longer.

velvet slippers for women


– Cotton and suede

A mix of cotton and suede exists for the longevity of use and wear. The cotton component of this mixture gives off strength while the suede component gives off softness. It hence goes that this is a mix that you want to leverage when you want to derive both ends at the same time.

cotton and suede slippers


– Wool

Wool traps lots of heat while at the same time confer maximum comfort to your feet. Wool is a material hence that is mainly useful for those cold seasons or places. It is particularly great for those slippers that are to be worn during the harsh cold winters.

wool slippers for winters

Steps on Making Homemade Slippers

To make the homemade slippers, follow the steps highlighted and explained below:

Step #1

Start out by choosing the pattern that may suit your unique shapes and preferences. The pattern you pick has to be configurable and relevant to your styling options.

Step #2

Trace this pattern on your pieces of cloth and fabrics. Be as nearly diligently as can be to ensure that you come up with an end result that is accurately mimicking reality.

Step #3

Cut along the traced pattern to come up with a rough skeleton. After this, identity the parts and the components that match each other.

Step #4

Place them side by side to come up with one monolithic end result. Then, go ahead and sew the constituent parts and components firmly by use of the relevant stitches.

  • NB: The above steps are the bare minimum. They may vary considerably or have to incorporate many sub-steps depending on the precise fabrics in use and the kinds of slippers you may want to make.


10 Ideas on Diy Slipper Patterns

We now 10 ideas on DIY slipper patterns:

Bedroom Winter Slippers – Granny Chic Style

how to make slipper

As its designation suggests, this is a style that is mainly befitting of the grannies. It comes about like an old and rugged item. Nonetheless, it is also able to trap plenty of heat and maintain your feet in a perpetual state of utmost warmth.


DIY Custom

This is no fixed style as it gives you the leeway to choose the character and the overall stature of the style as per your unique liking. In this sense, you basically have the leeway to select the precise template that may befit your unique footwear and applications.


Soft For Elderly or Seniors – Whimsical Felt

girls slip on slippers

The whimsical felt is mainly used to make the crafty slippers. These slippers have some awesome appearances and also exude exceptional functionality. For a large part, this design is not fixed and hence gives you some leeway or room to tackle your making as need be.


Adult Slip-on – Jeans Style Slippers

warm slipper boots

Jeans are known to be thick, strong, and enduring fabrics. It hence goes that the slipper pattern that is centered around it is also strong and enduring. Due to the thick nature of the jean’s materials, the entire process of bringing this design into fruition is similarly strenuous.


Simple Cloth Slippers – Chic Indoor Fur Boots

slipper pattern

Some slippers are usually extended to cover the lower legs. For them, the design patterns in use have to be able to make the bots as well. This chic indoor fur boots slipper patterns exist to meet this end. Though generally harder to make, the pattern gives rise to warm and nice outcomes.



Cozy is a basic pattern that is mainly intended to give off some comfort. For this pattern to be brought to fruition, it has to be customized and made as relevant to the unique dimensions of the feet. The resultant ends are normally for a large part also comfortable to the feet.


Homemade Fluffy Boots – Sweater Slipper Socks

house slipper boots

It is a free slipper pattern that makes extensive use of the upcycled pair of the extra warm pair of socks to make the slippers. On the whole, the pair is quite cute and gives rise to some great comfortable ends. This design is mainly suitable for use in those areas that are very cold.


Warm For Kids – Bath Towel Spa Slippers

making slippers

From the designation of this style, you can straight away tell that it is largely applicable for those areas and in those locations that center around the bathrooms or the spa. The design makes extensive use of the towel and the old flip flops. It ends up with the slippers you love.


Customize Your Style – Monogrammed Slippers

fuzzy slipper boots

Some cases demand that you mainly make the slippers to be beautiful to the eyes. That requires the use of some special beauty and elegant techniques. This monogramming technique comes in to facilitate and bring that end to full fruition. It mainly gives rise to extremely beautiful slippers.


Washable Guest Slippers – Super Soft Spa Style

guest slippers washable

Closing the list of the leading patterns is this super soft spa pattern. As you may well have already guessed, it is mainly designed for the matters of utmost comfort thanks to the super soft and cozy nature of the final ends. Make use of it in those areas that are too cold.



It is our hope that we have provided a firm answer to the question, how do you make homemade slippers? Go ahead now to put the insight to full use. To be on the safe side of issues, you have to start small and then make some progression to the more complicated variants.