How to Make Fuzzy Slippers?

Fuzzy slippers are essential. They provide comfort and support since they are warmer. One can buy a pair of fuzzy slippers or make them independently. The following steps are followed.

make fuzzy slippers


  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Paper and a pen
  • Wool and fleece fabric
  • Scissors
  • Shoes of size
  • Pins

Steps Followed

Step one

The step involves making the bottom part of the slippers where the shoe sole is traced on paper. A mark is drawn at the center of the trace while the inner corners of the sole widen. The paper is folded in half and cut along the mark.

Step two

The step involves making the top part. Using a paper, trace the middle part and outline the initial pattern. Ensure the top part is accurate by measuring the top opening to the front lower portion of the shoe and transferring the measurements onto the paper. The widest part of the shoe should be noted on the paper.

Step three

The step involves connecting the lines marked on the paper. A mark, 1 cm, is made on each side then verticals are drawn from each mark towards the lower part. Ensure the pattern is completed with straight lines on the bottom and sides. Cut the middle rectangle and around the pattern.

Step four

Pin the pattern on the fleece fabric and cut it accordingly, ensuring the fabric is folded such that the fabric cut will result into two layers. The same pattern is followed to have the bottom part of the slippers. Faux fabric makes the lining. The bottom and front fleece are placed on the lining and cut accordingly.

Step five

The slippers are sewed from the top fleece, and each is folded in half, then the bottom edge. The top tip of each piece is also snipped. The bottom and toplining are folded in half, while tips are cut on both sides and pinned correctly for sewing. The sides on the bottom parts are stitched together, leaving a central opening. The exact process is repeated for the front and bottom part.

Lining fabric is inserted in the front-facing piece, and the opening edges are pinned. The lining is pulled back into the slipper to cover the opening well. Finally, add non-slip linings by applying hot glue on the soles of the slippers.

Having done this, one has comfortable DIY slippers made from faux fur.