Best Men’s Moisture-wicking Work Boots Socks for Sweaty and Smelly Feet

Socks play a crucial role in an attempt to curb friction between your feet and work boots to give you the comfort needed to continue working.

The best work socks should be able to keep your feet dry by wicking away moisture and preventing blisters.

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Moisture-wicking socks designed for heavy steel toe work boots – ONKE Cotton Crew Socks Men

Most breathable hiking socks for men with sweaty and smelly feet – GermaPro Men’s Hiking Socks

Calf-long men’s boot socks with synthetic materials for comfort – Carhartt Men’s 2 Pack Full Cushion Socks

The best choice for summer with absorbent fabrics – Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Socks

best socks for work boots

Blisters often form when work boots are worn without socks or a poor selection of work socks.

In order to avoid blisters, choose socks that match the work you do, the temperature you work in, and padding requirements.

Here are some of the highlights that have been discussed:

  • Reasons why best men’s socks are needed for work boots.
  • Types of socks materials that are best to wear with steel toe boots.
  • Difference between work socks and casual socks.


Importance of Getting Special Socks For Work Boots

  • Best men’s socks for work boots are necessary because it prevents your feet from getting tired and getting sores.


  • Long hours of working in outdoor settings require a thick and durable sock that helps reduce the rubbing between your feet and the boots. Rubbing at times results in sores and blisters that make it difficult to effectively go about your business.


  • In places where temperatures are high, it’s common to have wet feet due to sweating. Breathable socks are needed in all these scenarios to ensure dry and odorless foot conditions are prioritized. Foot odor is caused by dirt, bacteria, and sweat, all these can be eliminated by selecting the best work sock.


Work Socks Vs. Casual Socks: What’s the Difference?

best socks for sweaty feet work boots

Work socks can be classified according to the work requirements hence there is a slight difference between work socks for physical work and office work. Casual socks are socks that can be used for daily activities apart from formal. There is a big gap between a casual sock and general work socks, ranging from materials used to length.

  • Length

The length of casual socks is not specific like the work socks that are restricted to three types of socks.

When you are dressing you only need to match the kind of sock and the activity that is to be performed, such as hiking needs socks that are light and breathable. Athletic activities require socks that are light, breathable, and elastic but they don’t consider length, you are left to decide on the length that you like.


  • Materials

The majority of the casual socks are made of cotton, don’t have a moisture-wick property that is very soft and light.

Work socks are made from many materials such as synthetic fabric, merino wool, and cotton when blended with other materials to make them wick.

The type of material determines the longevity of the socks, most work socks are more durable than casual socks despite their frequent use.


  • Color & Pattern

Colors and patterns are significant in casual socks because show-off is necessary due to the kind of shoe worn which exposes the socks.

In work socks, it’s impossible to show off colors and patterns given that the boots cover a large part of the socks.

Best designs are made to casual socks and good colors are applied to make them attractive to wearers as well as passersby. Performance is key in work socks rather than colors and patterns, this explains why most work socks have simple patterns.


Which is the Best Moisture-wicking Material for Work Boot Sock?

best men's socks for work boots

Fabrics such as synthetic materials, merino wool, bamboo, and cotton are commonly used to make the best socks for work boots.

  • Synthetic materials

Synthetic materials like acrylic, nylon, and spandex are all man-made materials that are comfortable, durable, moisture-wicking, and can be easily dried.

Interestingly, moisture is drawn to the outer parts of the fabric where it evaporates leaving your feet warm, unlike cotton that retains the moisture making your socks wet during work.


  • Bamboo

Bamboo is another material that is used to make good socks for work and other various uses such as sleeping. It is produced when the fibers are pulled from the pulp of bamboo grass. In order to cultivate and produce bamboo grass, it’s economically viable since it requires less land, little watering, and takes less time to mature.

These organic fibers contain a natural antimicrobial that is important in preventing bacteria. Other properties that make this material best for work socks are its ability to draw moisture to the outer surface of the fabric, allowing it to evaporate hence keeping your feet warm and dry.


  • Merino wool

Merino wool is a natural material that is used to produce socks through the fibers which are obtained from sheep. Merino wool is one of the best-preferred fabrics in the current market and has a good feeling on the skin.

Wool from sheep differ because of the different breeds leading to a range of fabric quality, some tend to be more delicate compared to the others.

Excellent material for moisture absorption is wool, it is breathable, making the socks made out of wool a bit expensive. Amazingly, wool fabric is water-resistant, prevents feet from feeling wet when the fabric is wet.


  • Cotton

Cotton is equally used as a material in socks making and comes with nice qualities such as lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. It doesn’t absorb moisture as other fabrics do, this is the main challenge of using cotton alone as it gets wetter and heavier through a workday.

Once the cotton is blended with the other materials that wick, it becomes suitable for work socks.


  • Nylon and acrylic

Nylon and spandex are synthetic fibers that are highly elastic hence it’s necessary to blend them with several fabrics in order to achieve the ability to stretch and ease to wear.

Acrylic is a synthetic material too that is highly flexible, adds durability, and enables socks to achieve brighter shades.


Men’s Moisture Wicking Socks for Work Boots Reviews:

1. For Steel Toe Work Boots: ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Athletic Crew Socks Men 

best socks to wear with steel toe boots

Responding to the need for durable and comfortable men’s socks is ONKE Cushion Crew Socks. They are suitable for cycling, running, heavy-duty work, trekking, or work boots. The socks highlight an extra-thick cushion. Because of this, they can protect you from blistering for the ultimate comfort in outdoor adventures.

Additional features and benefits

• Moisture-wicking fabrics

These socks integrate moisture-wicking fabrics. Ideally, the socks are made of premium cotton and polyester blend. These fabrics highlight exceptional moisture-wicking properties so that they can transport moisture from the feet for cool and dry feet.

Better still, the socks feature a mesh construction that creates airflow within the fabrics to enhance breathability.

• Ability to deliver a snug fit

The deep heel and elastic top are other additions. This design ensures that the socks can fit the contours of the feet without the risk of slipping. Better still, the heel and toe are reinforced for durability while the super stretchable design plays a role in boosting blood circulation.

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2. For Sweaty and Smelly Feet: GermaPro Men’s Hiking Socks Breathable Boot Socks

work socks for steel toe boots

The GermaPro Men’s Hiking Socks are perfect for anyone who needs mens’ socks for trail running, outdoor hiking, trekking, or climbing. The socks highlight an ergonomically constructed 3D multi-cushion design. As a result, they can offer total comfort to combat fatigue and aid in the recovery process.

Additional features and benefits

• Comfortable and supportive

To enjoy unique comfort and mobility, you will want to wear the GermaPro Men’s Hiking Socks. These socks are made of 42% Germanium-infused polyester, 22% nylon, 30% Coolmax fabric, and 6% elastane.

As a result, the particles inside the fibers can release far infrared rays to transform your foot’s heat to a massage for all-day relaxation of tired feet.

• Sweat-wicking fabrics

Besides comfort and support, the GermaPro Men’s Hiking Socks integrate moisture-wicking fibers. Ideally, the socks include ultra-breathable Coolmax fabrics and a Germanium semiconductor-infused yarn.

These fabrics can wick away sweat to help you maintain cool and dry feet. Also, the fabrics emit negative ions with an anti-odor property for a refreshing foot environment.

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3. Claf Long Socks: Carhartt Men’s 2 Pack Full Cushion Steel-Toe Synthetic Work Boot Socks

safety boot socks

The Carhartt Men’s Work Boot Socks are an excellent option for use with steel toe boots. These socks highlight a stretchable design for easy wear and removal. Also, they highlight a rugged style for durability and guaranteed support. The socks can help you maintain cool and dry feet, thanks to the FastDry mechanism that wicks sweat from the feet.

Additional features and benefits

• Compression arch

For mens’ socks that will maintain a comfortable feel all day long, the Carhartt Men’s Work Boot Socks are an excellent option. These socks integrate cushioning in high-impact areas for maximum padded protection.

Additionally, there is a compression arch and spandex that provide a contoured fit to minimize bunching. The abrasion-resistant Coralast fibers are another addition to reduce blister-causing friction.

• Durable and stretchable

Another benefit of the socks is the durable and stretchable construction. The socks are made of 87% Acrylic, 8% Polyester, 4% Other Fibers, 1% Spandex. The acrylic and polyester blend can enhance durability in high-stress areas.

Additionally, the spandex can deliver a snug fit and retain the shape despite repeated washings.

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4. Moisture Wicking Design: Carhartt Men’s Force Multipack Performance Work Crew Socks

best socks for red wing boots

If you need the best men’s socks for people who spend all day working on their feet, I would recommend the Multipack Performance Work Crew Socks. These socks are engineered for durability and exceptional strength. The heel and toe areas are reinforced for protection in high-impact areas. The socks integrate a compression arch and ankle brace for stability and full-motion support.

Additional features and benefits

• Soft and comfortable fabrics

These socks are made of soft and comfortable fabrics. Ideally, they are made of 98% polyester and 2%spandex. These fabrics result in lightweight socks for comfortable feet. Additionally, the socks integrate a strategic cushioning that provides impact resistance in high-impact areas.

• Odor-neutralizing and fast-dry technology

Besides comfortable fabrics, these socks highlight a fast-dry technology combined with an odor-neutralizing technology. The socks include mesh-cooling channels.

The channels enhance breathability while increasing the airflow for cool and comfortable feet. What’s more, the odor-neutralizing technology fights odor to keep the feet smelling fresh in all conditions.

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5. Crew Socks for Summer: Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Short Boot Socks

best work boot socks for sweaty feet

Introducing the Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Boot Crew Socks, these are the best choice for comfortable and durable men’s socks for work boots. The socks are made of polyester and spandex. These fabrics are breathable for all-day comfort. Additionally, the spandex makes them stretchable for easy wearing and removal.

Additional features and benefits

• Absorbent and breathable fabrics

For increased performance, I would recommend that you wear the Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Boot Crew Socks. These socks are made of premium cotton. The absorbent cotton enhances breathability to help you maintain cool and dry feet.

Additionally, the socks highlight a fast-drying synthetic fiber for dry and comfortable feet. The socks can smell fresh all day long, thanks to the proprietary technology that fights the toughest odors.

• Comfortable and durable

Still, these socks are one of the best choices for comfortable and durable mens’ socks for work boots. The compression arch in them can provide stability and full-motion support for guaranteed safety. Additionally, the socks include a reinforced heel and toe.

These features enhance durability, making the socks an ideal option for users who spend all day on their feet.

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6. Heavy Duty Design: Wrangler men’s Riggs Workwear over the Calf Work Boot Socks 4 Pair Pack

best socks for mens work boots

The Wrangler men’s Riggs Workwear is one of the best mens’ socks for work boots or tall boots. The socks are made of 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex. Featuring a reinforced toe and heel, the work boots can provide a better fit without sacrificing durability. The socks are perfect for trekking, fishing, outdoor activities, casual wear, among others.

Additional features and benefits

• Comfortable and supportive design

To keep your feet comfortable and protected, I would recommend that you wear the Wrangler men’s Riggs Workwear. These socks feature a half-cushion foot that provides optimal comfort and support.

Furthermore, the padded design helps to reduce impact for improved performance. The stay-up top is another addition that prevents bunching and slipping.

• Premium cotton material

These socks are made of premium cotton material. This material is ultra-soft for guaranteed comfort. Additionally, the cotton is durable and designed to withstand daily wear and washing. Besides cotton, the socks integrate nylon and spandex materials to enhance stretchability.

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7. For Hot Summer: KMM Cotton Moisture Wicking Heavy Duty Work Boot Cushion Crew Socks

dickies boot length socks

Responding to the need for mens’ socks that provide a perfect balance of comfort and performance is the KMM Work Boot Cushion Crew Socks. These shoes can cushion your feet to protect you from blistering during extreme outdoor adventures. Additionally, the socks provide optimal ventilation for added breathability and to keep your feet smelling fresh in most conditions.

Additional features and benefits:

• Premium quality

These socks are made of premium-quality materials. In particular, the socks are made of premium cotton, plus high-tech polyester and nylon. These materials are breathable and elastic, a measure that keeps your feet comfortable all day.

• Ability to deliver a perfect fit

Besides the high-quality construction, the work boot cushion crew socks can provide a perfect fit. Ideally, the socks feature a deep heel pocket combined with an arch support design. The deep heel provides additional stability for a perfect fit.

On the other hand, the arch support reduces the foot arch fatigue while protecting the socks from slipping.

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How to Choose the Breathable Socks to Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots?

When you want to buy men’s best socks for work boots you have to look at a few things before settling on which one to buy. Here are some of the things to check: length, durability, color and patterns, double stitching, and reinforcement.

  • What length is more proper?

The length of the socks should be looked at as the first factor because they generally reach the middle of the calf or over the calf. This length is triggered due to the fact that socks should go beyond the top of your boots to prevent rubbing between ankles and the lower calf that may cause discomfort. A quarter sock exists and can be used as a work sock when you are using shorter boots since they reach above the ankle.

Another option that promotes good blood circulation in the legs is the compression socks-reach at the knee. Compression socks can be used with both short and long boots. Ankle socks cannot be used as work boots because they leave other parts of your skin exposed to the boots which results in friction hence sores.


  • Does it have arch support?

Arch support is another factor that a sock wearer must consider before purchasing any work socks. In order to attain the support and stability required to put your socks in place and lower the fatigue of your feet, arch support should be double-checked.

As much as it’s important to have a sock with arch support, it should not be too much.

Arch support cushions your socks to make you stay comfortable, if the support is too much it becomes uncomfortable. Every socks brand has defined the extent of arch support among other features to enhance performance.


  • Double stitching & reinforcement can be more comfortable

Moisture-wicking work socks should be double stitched and reinforced to enhance comfort because stitching makes a tough seam for the socks. Double means two, an extra stitch line is added to the existing making the seam hard hence reducing its bursting chances. When buying work socks go for the pair that has a smooth toe seam to avoid discomfort.

For reinforcement, pads are added to the toes and heels using a tough fiber to prevent injury. The reinforced area reduces the stress exerted by the body on your feet as well as pressure resulting from gravity.


  • Does it have a moisture-wicking design?

Moisture-wicking is a feature that you can’t miss out on when deciding on the type of sock to wear for work boots. A good work sock for smelly and sweaty feet should be able to absorb moisture to the surface of the sock where it evaporates. Moisture-wicking helps to keep your feet dry from sweat that would have wetted your feet throughout the workday.

Feet sweat, without suitable work socks that can wick, because of stinky feet and discomfort as you walk with wet shoes. Healthy feet contribute to general well-being, your feet can stay healthy when you choose the right sock.


  • You may also care about color & Pattern

Colors and patterns are important although work socks are always hidden under work boots, performance is overlooked compared to beauty. The main purpose of work socks is to stay comfortable, tough, and dry throughout a working period.

Beauty is necessary for any work boots but the comfort and dryness should not be compromised. Most work socks have mute colors and patterns because they are covered under work boots. Compression socks are the only work socks that tend to have various colors because they can show off.



In short, socks are arguably important in ensuring that your feet stay healthy and in giving you the comfort needed for your activities. Physical work requires you to wear your boots with work socks to prevent you from tiring due to pressure from your body and gravity. If you still go to work without wearing work socks, it’s time to change the habit.