How to Make Doll Slippers?

As kids we all used to think how dolls are some fussy little things; they’ve got bills to pay and a life to live, no? Getting decent slippers is the least we could do for them at that tender age.

So if you’re tasked with making DIY doll slippers for your kids or maybe for the sheer fun of it, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you make some cute and groovy doll to make doll slippers

Here’s How to Make Some Groovy Doll Slipper

Step 1: Design the pattern and shape

how to make doll slippers

For a sample of the measurements and the net for the slippers, simply trace the sole of the doll’s foot onto a piece of paper and trim it out.

Make adjustments and trimmings to check if it aligns with the foot. Flip it to check if it fits the other foot as well to rule out any unevenness. Now as the base pattern is done, you can mark it with a B to differentiate.

For the top cover, wrap a semi-circular piece of paper around the doll’s foot and glue it up to look like a cone. Now it’s up to you to make the slipper covered or strappy like flip flops, around the top. If you want straps then cut the cone around the edge covering the toes to leave a round strip for the pattern and as for covered, just let it be. And of course, mark that as a ‘top’ too.

Note that you’ll need to retrace these toe cap readings onto another paper leaving an allowance for folding over to glue it on the insole.

Step 2: Tools that you’ll need

The materials you need mostly depend on your idea of what the slippers should look like. A cozy slipper would use a fabric that has a lightweight interfacing or a foamy texture like felt. You can search up other fabrics to go about your style but for the remaining tools, we need:

how to make doll slippers

  • A sharpened pencil
  • Some paper
  • Some card stock
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • A thin craft foam to make soles
  • Decorative elements per choice

Step 3: Instructions to create the doll slippers

Trace and cut out the doll pattern on a card or foam.

Once your paper pattern is made, trace it all out with the insole allowance of about ¼ inch for the strap ends, onto the thin card stock or craft foam. You may need to press and thin out the foam if necessary.

For the insole, you can use a patterned card or fabric if it’s to be displayed more than worn. Also for the top straps, you can add decorative elements like fuzzy fur patches or a simple patterned fabric.

Step 4: Assemble the shoe

how to make doll slippers

how to make doll slippers

doll slippers diy


First, align the top strap on the doll’s foot to check how much of the allowance area goes on the insole. Now glue that area to the bottom face of the insoles and you’ll have the basic test shoe standing.

Test it on to make sure it fits and if it doesn’t you can loosen the strap a little from the bottom. Next, you can glue the sole from the cutouts of the foam to neatly cover the strap attached from below.

how to make doll slippers

steps to diy doll slippers

The last step is to throw on some decor; use absolutely anything to the shoe. This step is your personal touch so it can be either glitter, a braided lace, or even a fuzzy fur coating to the strap for those luxurious styles. Take your pick!


Let’s be honest, how many of us adults are guilty of being emotionally attached to our dolls? And guess what, it’s totally justified to want to preserve those golden days of our life where we could make-believe happiness playing a doll’s life. So whether you plan to be creative and sell these little beauties for fellow doll enthusiasts or to satisfy your loved little ones’ desire of dressing their dolls to perfection, with this guide, you’re good to go!