How to Make Fleece Slippers?

Fleece slippers are easiest to make by using just a few things that we will be discussing below. But even being so economical they are highly usable shoes because of the level of comfortability that they provide and the wide range of colors and prints that you can make them in.

We have come up with the easiest method that you can follow and make your own customized fleece slippers. You can also gift them on occasions like Christmas to your friends depending on what print and what color they will like.

Let us begin with this do-it-yourself project.

diy fleece slippers

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Tools That Are Needed

Given below are some of the tools that we need in order to make fleece slippers by ourselves.

  1. Stitching machine
  2. Stitching needles
  3. Matching thread
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Measuring tape
  6. A fabric of polar fleece with the size of 1 by 3 yard
  7. Wide-open elastic with the length of 1 by 4 inch
  8. Wide Ribbon with the size of 1 by 4 inch
  9. Straight pins
  10. One big safety pin
  11. Pinking shears


How to Make Fleece Slippers?

Given below is a complete guideline on how you can make your own fleece slippers.

Read it from top to bottom:

 Point no. 1

Use pinking shears to cut polar fleece fabric into two pieces making a 12 inches square. Take one piece of this cutting in front of you and by using a pin.

Fold it about 3 inches from the left side and then do the same folding on the right side.

By using the sewing machine, you can stitch these foldings by taking the measurement 1 inch away from the edge of the foldings.

Now take the other piece and repeat the folding process.


 Point no. 2

Match the folding edges and flaps of this slipper and fold it from the half.

Next, you need to bring the short ends In front and pin them together By sewing. repeat the process for the other pair.


 Point  no. 3

Turn sleepers upside down to sew the short end from one to the other casing stitch line through your hand.

Then, make the toe by gathering the thread together and tying the knot. Repeat it for the other shoe.


Point no. 4

Take the safety pin and tie it with the elastic, then pass it all over the slippers starting from the toe in accordance with the size of your feet.

Cover this elastic by using a ribbon bow. Repeat it for the other part.



Since fleece does not wear out even from the edges, there is no need to go for the finishing of the edges of your fleece slippers. This will be just a waste of time.

You need to be very careful when sewing the fleece together every time because you have to leave some space in it rather than closing the casing.



This blog consisted of the steps you need to follow for making fleece shoes. Just take the correct measurements and sew it rightly to get your favorite pair of slippers.