Best UGG Slippers for Diabetic and Wide Swollen Feet Reviews

UGG produces some of the best slippers in the market that offer you great comfortability.

Materials used in the production are sheepskin, leather, suede, and rubber, which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear.

However, if you have wide feet, then getting the best UGG slippers for wide feet is pretty vital.

Let the UGG slipper keep your wide feet comfortable in use!

Fashional women outdoor slippers with elastic strap – UGG Women’s Fluff Slide Slipper 

Most comfortable leather material slippers with ankti-skid synthetic rubber sole – UGG Women’s Coquette Slipper

Best moccasin choice for ladies with swollen feet – UGG Women’s Ansley Slipper

Premium suede slippers with the noiseless outsole for various floor types – UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper

The warmest choice the extra-wide feet can have for cold weathers – UGG Women’s Tasman Comfortable Slippers


The UGG slippers designed for wide feet are covered with warm wool or animal fur material to keep your feet warm during the cold nights, keep them fresh, clean, and cool during the summer.

If you desire slippers that will keep your feet very comfortable, then UGG should be your best stop.


Are UGG Slippers Good For Wide Feet?

warm ugg slippers for wide feet

Yes, UGG slippers are very good for wide feet.

Putting them on for the first time, you will have trouble but as time goes by the slippers will stretch to accommodate your foot size and offer you great comfort. Also, you can put wooden shoe stretches in them so that you can get them to loosen up a bit.

Additionally, when buying try several slippers to get that one that perfectly accommodates the size of your feet without stressing and straining them. At long last, you will get one that is wide enough to accommodate the size of your feet.

If you are making an online purchase consider picking one that is above your size.

For instance, if your regular shoes are size 10, you can consider going for UGG slippers of size 11.


How to Pick the Best UGG Slippers For Wide Feet?

Choosing the best product has always been a tough task for some folks. The same can be said when it comes to UGG slippers. This article will walk you through some of the vital features to look for when trying to make a purchase.

comfortable slippers for wide feet

– Choose the suitable size

When it comes to footwear finding the right size is not easy. You may know your true size but each manufacturer has its size charts and their footwear may be large or small.

With UGG slippers, the sizing will depend on the material used in construction. Thick wool material will make the slippers narrow.

However, the materials used often stretch out, it is advisable to pick your true size. The slipper will stretch with time and be more comfortable. It is also good to choose a pair that is greater than your size to ensure maximum comfort.


– Select proper outsole based on using conditions

The outsole can be either a rubber sole, sock-like, or a soft sole. The rubber sole offers maximum protection and can be used every day when running errands. It is the best choice when you need an outdoor slipper as it offers excellent protection from slipping and absorbs shock.

The sock-like is ideal for indoor use especially when it is extremely cold. However, they are slippery and not to be used on hardwood and tile floors. The soft sole on the other end is flexible, durable, and works well on polished floors.

It offers slightly higher protection than sock-like slippers. You can choose a pair of slippers depending on how you want to use them or the level of comfort and protection you need.

Generally, consider the rubber sole as it has pods that grip tightly to the floor offering you comfort and protection at the same time.


– The valuable type is always the best!

Compared to the other products, UGG slippers are quite expensive. In the market, you will find a lot of slippers that will serve you well but not well enough like UGG slippers. These slippers are made from sheepskin, leather, and suede materials, which are of high quality.

The fur is sourced from different countries, dyed using eco-friendly methods, and tested for quality to ensure that you get superior products. This makes UGG products a value for your money.


– Breathable material can be helpful for odor control

Sheepskin, leather, and suede are the materials used to make these slippers.

  • The sheepskin provides cushioning, absorbs, and distributes weight equally. It is also naturally breathable keeping your feet fresh and clean.
  • The leather used in the manufacture is durable, soft, and resistant to tear. These slippers hence have a long shelf life although they are very costly.
  • Suede material provides extra comfort. In the slippers, it ensures your feet remain comfortable by minimizing friction. It is, however, less durable than leather. Suede is difficult to maintain especially when stained.


Best UGG Slippers for Wide Feet Reviews:

1. With Multiple Colors – UGG Women’s Fluff Slide Open Toe Slipper For Wide Diabetic Feet

women slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • It has an elastic strap.
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • They are cute and comfortable.
  • It is available in many colors.

This slipper combines a slipper and sandal into one. They are super fitting to slip in and off. Additionally, it has an elastic strap at the back to ensure that your feet are always comfortable and inside the slipper throughout.

With 10mm sheepskin on the upper, you are assured of warmth during the winter and no overheating during the summer. To add to this, UGG women’s fluff comes in several colors from red, blue, pink, leopard print, and many more that you can choose depending on your preference.

The inner sole is thick enough to offer your feet maximum cushioning. The sheepskin acts as a spring to distribute weight evenly across the footbed thereby relieving your feet from strain or stress. Furthermore, the rubber sole is durable and has pods that provide excellent grip on floors either concrete, tiles, or hardwood. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


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2. Most Comfortable – UGG Women’s Coquette Slipper with Leather Material

best ugg slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • They are super comfortable.
  • Synthetic sole for durable use
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This slipper is soft and has a lightweight rubber sole thus it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of leather material with a 17mm double face sheepskin in the upper inside and a 17mm thick inner sole to provide your feet with some extra cushioning. Your feet are not only comfortable in these slippers but also they are cozy.

You do not need to worry about your feet feeling hot during the summer, as the sheepskin is naturally breathable and vapor-wicking. More to this, they lack back heels rendering them the best choice for everyday wear when at home. It is hands-free, you just slide in your feet and you are ready to go.

The rubber sole is durable and thick enough with pods that grip tightly to the floor thereby ensuring that you are safe even when on slippery wet tiles. These slippers also come in a variety of colors that you can choose from.


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3. For Indoor and Outdoor – UGG Women’s Ansley Slipper with Warm Wool Lining and Insole

comfortable slippers for women with wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • It comes in several colors.
  • It features fur lining.
  • The rubber sole is sturdy.

Ansley slipper is 100% wool material. It will surely make you feel like you are walking in real clouds. The inside of the moccasin has a super soft lining and the thick inner sole provides excellent cushioning to your feet and ensures that your feet remain very relaxed.

The fur that is used in its construction is of the highest quality and originates from the US, Australia, UK, Spain, or Ireland. Apart from being sturdy, they are also attractive as they feature decorative stitches that add to their appearance. Additionally, the suede upper part is waterproof.

The slippers are fully lined with 17mm UGG pure wool to provide maximum warmth during the winter seasons and at night and make your feet very comfortable. They are, therefore, perfect for those with cold feet. They can be used both indoors and outdoors owing to their sturdy rubber sole.


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4. For All Seasons – UGG Women’s Oh Yeah Slipper with Rubber Sole For Swollen Feet

indoor outdoor ugg slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • They are cute and come in multiple colors.
  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • The rubber sole is tough with pods.
  • Ideal for going out.

This slipper is an extension of the Fluff Yeah slide design. It is perfect for your outdoor activities as it blends well with anything from dresses to denim. It is designed to ensure that your feet are very comfortable when in them.

It has a 10mm full sheepskin lining to offer you great comfort. The thick insole distributes the weight perfectly across the footbed relieving your feet from any kind of pain and stress. This makes your feet feel extra comfortable the entire time you wear them.

More to keep your foot comfortable, it features an elastic strap with UGG graphics imprinted that ensures your foot remains inside the slipper. You will therefore not have to drag your feet around when you walk. The outer sole is made of a tough rubber material with a pod included to offer you support when walking on slippery and wet floors.


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5. For Hardwood Floors – UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper with Premium Suede Upper

best men's slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • Sleek look
  • Perfect for wide and swollen feet
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

This slipper is built using various materials to provide comfort to your feet while maintaining quality simultaneously. Materials used include suede, sheepskin, and leather. The leather material renders the slipper durable while the upper is waterproof. The insole is a 17mm UGG pure wool lining that provides excellent cushioning to your foot while relieving it from pain.

The superior sheepskin ensures that your feet are comfortable with its softness. These slippers lack back heels hence it is easy to slip on and off making them perfect for everyday use at home. The outsole is made from leather material. Thus, it is not to be used on slippery and wet floors. Just like others, it comes in various colors giving you options when it comes to selection.


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6. For Indoors – UGG Women’s Tasman Comfortable Slippers For Tile Floors

best ugg slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • It has cute sewing details.
  • It is great for both indoors and outdoor.
  • Sole is made from Eva material.
  • The insole is pure fur.

Tasman slippers are versatile pairs of slippers in the market. It is made with great style while at the same time ensuring your feet are comfortable. The materials used are leather and suede. With it, you are assured of outstanding warmth and comfort during the winter.

The dyed sheepskin lining on the inside provides a soft texture to your feet making you feel perfectly relaxed after a long day in your shoes. These slippers can be used both indoors and outdoors. The sole is made of Eva material. The material is flexible and an excellent shock absorber thus providing cushioning whenever you step into it.

It also features a back heel collar that keeps your feet in the slippers at all times, enabling you to walk without having to drag your feet on the floor. The braid embroidery on the collar gives it a cute look.


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7. For Outdoors – UGG Men’s Ascot Cozy Slipper For Cold Feet

warm slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Warm and comfortable
  • 100% leather material
  • Rubber sole

This is a perfect choice for men as it keeps your feet warm and enhances your appearance simultaneously thanks to its sleek design. This slipper is the best selling product in the market currently.

The leather material used is of superior quality, full-grain, and very tough hence it is suitable for long-term use without needing a second pair. Additionally, the moc-toe design makes it very attractive. The lining and insole are all UGG pure wool material that will naturally absorb any moisture so that odor cannot gather, thereby keeping your feet fresh all day.

The upper part is made from waterproof suede while the outer sole is rubber material with pods that grip well on the floor ensuring that you are safe when walking on both wooden and concrete floors. These Ascot men’s slippers are perfect for your indoor wear but also can be worn when going to work on a casual day.


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8. For Kids – UGG Unisex Child Large Slippers For Wide Feet

cozy slippers for warm feet

Why Choose It:

  • Durable rubber sole.
  • It is unisex.
  • It has soft wool.
  • It is easy to slip on and off.

Your little kids have something to smile about when coming home from school after a long day of playing. This slipper will offer their feet great comfort and relieve them from stress and any kind of pain. The inner sole of the slipper is a full wool lining that makes the feet feel soft.

The slippers feature a soft suede upper part that is also water-resistant. Additionally, the collar is lined with wool, making them very attractive while also keeping your feet warm. These slippers come in a variety of colors you can therefore choose your kid’s favorite color.

These slippers lack a back heel making it easy to slip in and out. The lack of back heels makes them perfect for everyday use at home. Your kid does not have to use their hands, just slip in their feet and they are ready to go. The rubber sole is strong enough to last a lifetime and has pods that provide maximum traction on any type of floor.


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9. Most Durable – UGG Extra Large Men’s Tasman Slip-on Slipper For Sore Feet

comfortable slipper for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • Lots of color choices.
  • It is easy to slip on.
  • It has a thick sole.
  • It can be worn outside.

The Tasman slip-on is yet another useful pair from the Tasman collection. It is built from 100% leather material, therefore, provides excellent warmth and comfort during cold winter days. Just like the other slippers, dyed sheep fur is used in the interior of the slipper to provide a soft sensation.

The suede upper part together with its trendy look makes it ideal for outside as well as indoor use. You do not have to be worried about moisture and stain accumulation as this slipper is pretreated and, therefore, it is moisture and stain-resistant.

The rubber sole is tough, light, and with pods to provide sufficient grip on the floor. You can take a walk or go to work on the weekends with these slippers. Besides, the stitch patterns in the collar give it an attractive appearance.


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10. For Women with Wide Feet – UGG Extra Wide Women’s Scufffette Slipper with Sheepskin Collar

women slippers for wide feet

Why Choose It:

  • Rubber sole to prevent slippery on tile or wooden floors
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for women and man
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for wide feet

Scuffette II is made to work as your true slippers. Its collar is lined with pure UGG wool that gives them a pretty look while it keeps your feet warm. They come in a variety of colors including chestnut, espresso, and pink among others. These slippers are very easy to slip on and off and are perfect for home usage.

The upper part is a waterproof suede material, while the inner lining is 17mm sheepskin that is not only soft but also thick. Thus, it provides your feet with maximum comfort. Apart from it being smooth and moisture absorbing, it is also naturally breathable. Hence, you do not have to worry about moisture and resultant odor accumulation. Your feet will remain fresh, clean, and comfortable.

It features a thin rubber sole that tightly grips any floor ensuring that you are safe even on wet floors. Lastly, they lack heels making them very beneficial for everyday use at home.


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Should I size up or down in UGG slippers?

women and men's slippers for wide feet

As we earlier said, you may know your true size when it comes to slippers but depending on the material used in the inner construction of the slipper, it may tend to be narrow and tight. A thick wool inner lining will give the slipper a narrow fit.

For this reason, it is always advisable to size up in UGG slippers as they provide a comfortable fit reducing the time needed to breathe in the slippers. Also with large sizes, your feet will not feel constricted. You do not want the same feeling you feel when in your shoes to be reflected in the slippers.

Does UGG have wide sizes or wide widths?

UGG products take good care of everybody no matter their feet size. There are a wide variety of wide-sized slippers that are comfortable, stylish, and refreshingly designed that you can choose from.

Initially, the wide sizes may appear to be close fitting, which is not what you are looking for. This might be because the wool material used in the inner lining is thick making it narrow.

However, all the materials used can stretch out. With time, of continuous usage, the slippers will stretch out and fit your wide feet perfectly offering you great comfort while relieving your feet from stress, strain, and aches.

Should UGG slippers be tight at first?

Yes. Your UGG slippers should feel firm and tight at the toes at first.

The tips of your toes should be near the top of the slippers without bending and they should not slide at the heel when walking.

With time, your slippers will stretch out and fit nicely to your feet providing you the maximum comfort level that is promised with these products.



UGG slippers are made from high-quality materials of leather, suede, and sheepskin origin. These quality materials are shipped from various countries and tested for quality. Therefore, UGG slippers will provide you with top-notch performance and are a great value for your money. You can now confidently purchase the best UGG slippers of your choice to experience the greatness that comes along with them.