Top 10 Best Slippers for Hot Feet Reviews of 2022

For people who sweat a lot, getting the best slippers for hot feet is quite important, for they not only breathable to prevent feet from sweating and odor even when walks a lot, but also provides maximum comfort with the thick cushion design.

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Lightweight house slippers with breathable material for summer – Wishcotton Women’s Light House Slippers

Adjustable summer open toe slippers for extra wide feet to keep feet cool – Under Amor Ignite Slide Sandal

Cooling cotton slippers with non-skid soles for men with hot feet – UltraIdeas Men’s Comfort Slippers

Unisex moccasin slippers for odor protection for hot summer use – Hanes House Shoes 

warm slippers for hot sweaty feet

Here in this post, we will offer you the 10 best slippers for hot feet and buying guides. Come and seek the ideal one for your sweaty feet.


How to Choose the Best Slippers for Hot Feet?

Just like every other product in the market, slippers exist in various types. You, therefore, could experience difficulties when choosing one that will serve you well. This guide will help you out the next time you go shopping.

– Pick cooling material

The material used to make slippers is a great consideration. Most of the best slippers in the market are made from leather, cotton, or suede. This footwear will ensure your feet are warm and cozy during winter but also ensure that they are fitted with anti-odor technology to let your feet breathe properly during the summer.


– Mind the comfortability

Slippers are all about comfort. There is no point in buying slippers that are not comfortable no matter how stylish they are or how warm they keep your feet. There are different styles of slippers in the market that ensure our feet are comfortable. You should consider slippers with memory foam or wool lining as these materials offer great comfort.


– Is it well fit?

Slippers come in different size ranges that accommodate all feet sizes. Buying too small and too big slippers will always be a hazard to yourself. Therefore, consider buying the right size for your feet to experience comfort when sitting on your couch or walking outside with your dog.


– Determine based on your budget

The prices of slippers vary widely. Most of the time a high price is always associated with quality products but other times it is just because of the brand name. Some other unknown brands offer products with excellent performance. If the best product is from a renowned brand, so be it. But if you have the same quality product as offered by an unknown brand then consider taking it.


– Choose a sleek design

Slippers come in different designs. Some are closed with back heel collars and others are closed with collars, also some are open booths in the front and at the back. All these slippers are designed to make your feet comfortable.

For sweaty feet consider a pair that allows your feet enough breathing and is fitted with anti-odor technology to keep the slippers and your feet fresh each time.


The Best Slippers For Hot Feet Reviews

1. Best with Memory Foam – Wishcotton Women’s Light House Slippers For Hot Feet

best slippers for hot feet use


  • Non-slip rubber
  • Lighweight design with cotton fabric lining
  • Secure back heel for narrow feet to use
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Machine washable design

  •  Not suitable for wide feet

This slipper is designed to provide you comfort when you are in your house or when you step out to go check your mailbox or even water your lawn. It fits your foot well, protecting it all around.

The inner lining is made of cotton, which provides comfort and softness making your feet feel relaxed. Additionally, it features a breathable upper and high closed back lip that holds your foot allowing you to move about freely.

The footbed cushions your feet with multiple layers of memory foam, which ensures your feet are contented after a long day of walking or standing. To add to this, the rubber sole is waterproof and nonslip providing you extra protection when you walk.

You can easily slip this slipper on your foot without much hassle and maintenance is also easy as it can be machine washed. When washing ensure that your water temperatures are cold to prevent damaging the memory foam.


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2. Best For Odor Protection – RockDove Women’s Two-Tone Memory Slipper with Foam Sole

best women slippers for household


  • Easy to on and off
  • Memory foam insole
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for hardwood floors
  • High quality materials

  • Not suitable for wide feet

RockDove came out as a hiking boot manufacturer but expanded to other footwear like slippers. These slippers are tightly knitted to let your feet breathe while at the same time ensuring they are odor and sweat-free.

The footbed cushions your feet with a deep layer of foam while there exists light arch support to make your feet comfortable thereby relieving them from weariness. Additionally, the foam is also great for relieving chronic foot pains and plantar fasciitis.

The waterproof rubber sole is nonslip and thus grips tightly to the floor ensuring you are safe even on wet tiles. Furthermore, the sole features a shocking absorbing Eva material that makes it possible to wear it outside just like any other regular shoe. You can therefore walk your dog out or go check your mailbox without worries about changing into some other pair of shoes.

This product has been tested for quality to ensure your feet are warm and comfortable anytime you wear the slippers. The slippers are easy to wear and machine washable.


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3. Best For Men with Sweaty Feet – RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Slipper

best mens slippers for hot feet


  • Comfortable cotton and spandex material
  • Rubber sole to anti-skid on hardwood floors
  • Waffle knit upper designed for persons with hot feet
  • Memory foam insole
  • Super soft and comfortable to wear

  • Cleaning can be a challenge if you spill something on them.

RockDove ensures that also men are well catered for by providing them with RockDove slippers that offer great comfortability and keeps their feet from sweating and odor. Maintenance is not as hard since it is machine washable.

After a long day of work your feet are super worn out and need to feel relaxed when you come back home. The footbed cushions your feet with thick layers of memory foam to make them extra comfortable. Besides, it has a back heel collar that ensures your feet remain in.

The upper side of the slipper is tightly knitted making it very durable. To add to this, it lets your feet breathe and keep them free from sweat and odor. The rubber sole is strong and noiseless to let you walk out of the house to go check your mailbox or walk your dog around the neighborhood.


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4. Best For Wide Feet – Under Amor Ignite Slide Sandal with Anatomical Contours

breathable slippers for hot feet


  • Adjustable straps for wide and narrow feet
  • 4D foam to offer maximum comfort
  • Anatomical contours
  • Suitable for person with hot and sweaty feet
  • Multiple colors available
  • Super lightweight

  • Not suitable for winter

Are you in search of slippers that are not only easy to slip in but are also easy to make adjustments to ensure your feet are extra comfortable? Well, Under Amor Ignite is what you need. This product comes in two colors black and white that you can easily choose from.

It comes with a flexible synthetic strap that you can adjust depending on how relaxed you want your feet to feel. Additionally, the straps have a soft foam underneath for extra comfort. The footbed is constructed with a two-layer performance 4D foam for exceptional comfort.

Furthermore, the sole is greatly engineered to ensure that it is durable while ensuring that you are safe and comfortable when using them. They are built for both indoor and outdoor movement.


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5. Best Lightweight – UltraIdeas Men’s Comfort Cotton Slippers with Non-slip Sole For Floors

best warm slippers for hot feet


  • Odor protection technology to allow for hot seasons use
  • Comfortable insole
  • Perfect for wide and flat feet
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

  • Not suitable for swollen feet

These slippers are ideal for men of all ages. These slippers are lightweight and have a sophisticated woven pattern that makes your feet feel contented, giving them the feeling of walking on a cloud.

Superior cotton material is used in the making of these slippers. Furthermore, the slippers are flexible as they can fit into your feet and retain their shape simultaneously. Additionally, the rubber sole is nonslip and waterproof to provide you with maximum protection.

Your feet will no longer sweat when using these slippers. The cotton is closely knitted and provides your feet with enough air. Besides, it is hygroscopic to absorb any sweat from your feet quickly. They offer you excellent comfort in all seasons. To add to this they are lightweight and can be folded to fit in tiny spaces in your suitcase to keep your feet relaxed wherever you go.

Slipping on is very easy and they are designed for indoor usage only. These slippers are machine washable, the only thing you need to do is to smoothen the shape and it will remain new each after multiple washes.


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6. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Hanes Men’s Memory Foam Clog Slippers with Synthetic Sole

best memory foam slippers for hot feet use


  • It has odor protection.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is comfortable as it molds to the shape of your feet.
  • The sole is noiseless on the hardwood.

  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Hanes Clog slippers are perfect for both inside and outside use. The rubber sole used in its making is robust and nonslip thus, keeps you from sliding even when waking on wet tiles.

The footbed cushions your feet with a thick layer of memory foam providing more comfort after a long day. Additionally, you do not have to worry about odor as it is made using Hanes Fresh IQ advanced technology that will ensure that your slippers remain fresh all through their life.

Maintenance is not much of a hassle as they are machine washed and any spills you accidentally pour on them are easily removed during washing. They, therefore, remain clean and new. They are available for men of all foot sizes.


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7. Best with Memory Foam – Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slippers with Odor Protection For Hot Feet

best leather material slippers for hot feet


  • Multiple colors available
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable gripped sole for wet floors
  • Hanes Fresh IQ odor protection for hot and sweaty feet
  • Suitable for unisex

  • They are ideal for small-sized feet only.

Hanes moccasin is well designed to offer your feet extra comfort. The inside thick memory foam lets the slippers mold to the shape of your foot providing them great comfortability all day long while it absorbs shock. Additionally, they remain fresh each time since they are made with Hanes Fresh technology to keep them off odor.

The outer rubber sole is resistant to sliding and very durable thus ensuring that you remain protected. They are great for indoor use and can be used outside when you want to go check your mailbox or walk your dog.

They are available in all sizes and can be worn by both men and women. Finally, maintenance is an easy task as they are machine washable.


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8. Best For Unisex – Hanes House Shoes Moccasin Comfort Fresh IQ Slippers

warm slippers for outdoor


  • Come in multiple colors.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has odor protection.
  • Design is classic.

  • Sizing runs small

This product is made for both indoor and outdoor usage and is well designed to offer comfort and luxury when you put them on. They come in all sizes and multiple colors ranging from black, dark black, navy, and grey. You can easily select one that will be the best fit for you.

The rubber sole is sturdy and slip-resistant thereby providing you a tight grip even on a wet floor. Additionally, the memory foam cushioning provides ultimate support and comfortability to your feet. Above all, they are equipped with odor protection and are easy to clean.


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9. Best For Hardwood Floors – Dearfoams Women’s Samantha Scuff Slipper with Slide On Design

best memory foam slippers for hot feet


  • Sleek look with comfortable design
  • Luxurious and plush inner microfiber material
  • Memory foam insole
  • Multiple colors available
  • Suitable for both women and men

  • Not suitable for outdoor use

This house slipper provides enough support and reduces foot stress. It is easy to wear them as you only have to slide on your feet. They provide you the extra comfort you need, therefore will brighten your face after a long day of work and walking.

The footbed cushions your feet with highly dense and gel-infused memory foam to give the best comfort levels. It is designed with great style as it features a luxurious inner microfiber velour quilted material with a lovely chenille on the upper part.

Moreover, it is made with temperature regulating technology to keep your feet from sweating. Also, the sole is durable to support you wherever you go. These slippers are available in fresh pink, sleet, peacoat, and black colors.


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10. Best Breathable – DearFoams Men’s Microsuede Clog Slipper

best slippers for hot feet


  • 100% polyester
  • Rubber sole for hardwood or tile floors to use
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for wide feet

  • Take some time on cleaning

DearFoams men’s shoes ensure your feet are warm and cozy throughout the day. The shoe construction is 100% polyester material with breathable upper parts to prevent your feet from sweating alternatively releasing odor.

The inner sole is cushioned with a thick layer of memory foam to provide your feet comfortable all day long. Additionally, it has a back heel collar that ensures your feet remain in preventing them from slipping out which is very much annoying. The rubber sole is robust and waterproof thereby supporting you even on slippery floors.

The slipper has been designed with a micro suede that provides slippers with a nice warm fuzzy face and has enough insulation to keep your feet warm while preventing them from sweating. These slippers are of high quality and will be a great addition to offer you comfort when at home.


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What Features of Slippers Are Best For Hot Feet?

Some of the features to look for in the best slippers for hot feet include:

slippers for sweaty feet

– It should have cooling and breathable material

The most common materials used are leather, cotton, suede, and sheep’s skin. These materials have been tested and are durable and comfortable.

– The sole needs to be thick for support

The sole is important because it provides the extra support needed on the slippers. The rubber sole is most common because it offers a tight grip on the ground. Leather and cotton can also be used on the sole.

– It should be super cozy

You wear slippers because you need your feet to be comfortable. Slippers should not pinch your feet, make them sweat, or irritate the skin. They should slide and slip out with ease.

– It should come well with your style

Slippers come in many styles from moccasins to loafers and orthopedic slippers among others. All these slippers have been designed to offer you great comfort. Orthopedic slippers are made for those with back or heel problems.



Why do slippers make my feet hot?

Slippers are made from different materials such as leather, suede, and cotton. Leather slippers are designed to keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the winter but during the summer your feet may feel hot and sweaty. This may be a result of a lack of perforations on the slippers that ensure enough air supply to your feet to cool them.

Also, leather and suede material tend to absorb heat thereby making your feet feel hot during the summer.


Why do my feet feel hot and sweat so often?

As we have said earlier the type of material used and the design of the slippers may make your feet hot and sweaty. Lack of enough breathable spaces will make your feet feel hot and uncomfortable making you not enjoy being in them.

Also, very tight-fitting slippers will make your feet hot and sweaty because your toes are closely fitted together which should not be the case when you are wearing your slippers.


How to get rid of hot feet?

To ensure that your feet remain warm and cozy during the winter and also cool in the summers you should consider buying slippers that the upper side is made of cotton material. Cotton is highly permeable to air and hygroscopic to moisture. Thus, it will absorb all the moisture in your feet leaving your feet dry and comfortable.

Also, when purchasing leather slippers look for that one with open sides either front or back or even both for sufficient air circulation to your feet to alleviate the hot sensation.



Slippers are ideal for perfect relaxation after a hard day. Now with all this information, I believe that you are now able to go out there and purchase a pair of slippers that will suit your needs. Irrespective of your choice, slippers are a great investment in your home.