Top 7 Best House Slippers For Narrow Feet Reviews

Narrow feet are one of the natural genetic conditions that are irreversible.

Most people find it hard to get the best house slippers for narrow feet that will perfectly fit them because slippers are standardly designed for wide fitting without considering those with narrow feet.

Picking the specially designed house slippers for narrow feet here!

Delicate suede leather warm moccasin slippers designed for men with narrow feet – Minnetonka Men’s Casey Slipper

Reliable UGG slippers with soft anti-skid outsole for men with feet pain – UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

Most comfortable choice with a multi-density layer for women with sore feet – Dearfoams Women’s Microfiber Velour Slipper

Breathable narrow slipper with chinchilla collar for warm in winter – Acorn Women’s Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Mule slippers with arch support design for narrow and normal-sized slippers for unisex – Vionic Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper


But some house slippers are the best and entirely meant for narrow feet.

Therefore, you should not give up on yourself since it will serve you a great deal and guarantees a lot of significance wearing them.

Here in this post, we selected the top 7 best house slippers for narrow feet as well as buying guides for you. Now, let’s have a look!


Importance of Getting Fit Slippers For Narrow Feet

Getting the right size slippers for your narrow feet is very important because it is tough to fit in slippers that are not your actual size since it will be difficult, tiring, and stressful to walk on them. Thus, getting special slippers would be of significance due to the following reasons;

best slippers for narrow feet

  • Preserve feet warmth

Wearing slippers for narrow feet helps to preserve your feet’ warmth, thereby eliminating the chances of contracting flu or cold. This is because when your feet get cold, the blood vessels in your nose tend to constrict deeper into the skin to preserve the body heat, and there will be less physiological processes.

Thus, wearing slippers will preserve your body heat and maintain average blood circulation.


  • Prevent your feet from bacteria

Narrow feet slippers prevent your feet from communicable foot diseases such as toenail fungus and athlete’s foot since the ground can have many germs and bacteria.

Therefore, wearing slippers will break the direct contact between your feet and the ground, thereby protecting against contracting bacterial and fungal infections.


  • Bring great comfort

Some of the narrow feet slippers are built with good arch support that helps keep your feet comfortable and reduces strain on your heels, ankles, and toes by absorbing your weight impact, thus increasing the balance and stability stride you make.


  • Alleviate foot pain

Narrow feet slippers offer generous support to your feet, thus allowing you to walk freely since it alleviates foot pain and decreases straining.

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  • Enhance blood circulation

Wearing narrow feet slippers enhances blood circulation in your feet, especially the ergonomically designed slippers; they are good at massaging your feet, thereby increasing blood circulation in your feet, thus eliminating the chances of your feet swelling due to poor blood circulation and fluid accumulation in your feet.


What Features Should Slippers Have For Narrow Feet?

The main features that make slippers to be suitable or recommendable for narrow feet are;

• It should be slim designed; therefore, it should be rectangular-shaped at the toe, and for women, it should be round.

• The upper lining should be made with soft fur, wool, or plashed to provide warmth to your feet.

• The sole should be made from durable rubber or EVA designed with treads or tractions for slip resistance

• Cushioned footbed with memory foam or EVA cushioning is ideal for support and comfort.

• The uppers should be made from high-quality, long-lasting material, and if possible, they should also be waterproof.


How to Pick the Best House Slippers For Narrow Feet?

The narrow foot is an exceptional condition that requires sippers with unique design and features that will make it perfect to fit your feet.

Still, it is essential to have the knowledge to guide through while in the shoe store to avoid purchasing the wrong type of slippers for narrow feet. Therefore, it is good to have the following tips on your thumb;

pick house slippers for narrow feet

-The shape

Before you purchase the best house slippers for the narrow foot, it is essential to understand the difference between a man’s shape and a woman’s.

If you are buying for a man with a narrow fit, the shape of the slippers at the toe should be rectangular, and for a woman, it should be round-shaped. This is due to the difference in their physical formation.

Secondly, the slippers’ shape should also be slim in design for a comfortable and customized fitting.


-The lining

The best house slippers for narrow feet should have an interior lining thick/plush, made from non-hypoallergenic and durable material. This is to ensure your feet are protected against flu and sniffles since it acts as your feet’ blanket during the cold evenings or winter season.


-Cushioned footbed

The footbed of the house slippers should be cushioned with multiple layers of memory foam to provide ample support to your feet and contours to the shape of your feet, thereby ensuring efficient blood circulation and reducing tension, stress, and pressure build up in your toes, arch, ankles, and heels.


-The sole

The sole of the best house slippers for narrow feet should be constructed from a lightweight rubber material that is durable with treading on its surface to ensure safety against all floor surfaces and be versatile to withstand all the indoor and outdoor elements.

The reason for it being lightweight is to unravel the opportunity of using it for extended hours while indoors without feeling burdened or your feet getting tired wearing them.


-The size

Size is always the critical factor to consider before you settle on any shoe because it is the core of the feet’ comfort. Therefore, you should not be ashamed trying to fit on the shoes since some shoes are designed with wide fitting, and others are designed with narrow fitting due to their origin of manufacturing or country.

Furthermore, you should note that the perfect and the best fitting slippers for narrow feet prevent the straining and overstretching of the foot’s metatarsal bones.


Best House Slippers For Narrow Feet Reviews

 Men’s Narrow Fitting Slippers For Narrow Feet 

1. For Indoor and Outdoor – Minnetonka Men’s Casey Slipper with Leather Material

blocked slippers for narrow feet

Casey slippers are hand-crafted moccasins made of high-quality suede leather and are ultra-comfortable designed for men with narrow feet.

The outsole is made of a durable, lightweight, and thin rubber material with tractions on its surface for safety and non-traceable on all floors.

These moccasin slippers won’t disappoint you with your casual outfit since their lining is made of soft plush pine lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

The forefoot is narrowly designed, and its heel cap is moderately designed for customized fitting, making it the best and most unique footwear for lounging around.

Furthermore, this pair of moccasin slippers are available in different sizes with different colors that will thoroughly blend with your outfits.


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2. Best For Feet Pain – UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper Designed For Narrow Feet

memory foam slippers for narrow feet

Ascot men’s slippers are 100% made from leather material, and their upper lining features a water-resistant suede making them suitable for indoor lawns and can withstand outdoor elements.

The interior lining and insole are constructed with soft dyed sheep fur to provide maximum comfort, and warmth, absorbs moisture, and efficiently allow air circulation in your feet, thereby keeping your feet cool and refreshed.

Those who love luxurious footwear and weightless Ascot slippers would be the best footwear with any casual outfit for a date, especially for men or women with narrow feet.

The outsole is made of high-quality rubber material and on its surface is gripped to prevent slipping or skidding on tiled or wooden surfaces. Besides, the slippers are long-designed with a narrow forefoot for customized fitting for people with narrow feet.


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3. With Odor Protection – Hanes Men’s Moccasin Narrow Slipper with Soft Memory Foam

house slippers for indoor use

Hanes Men’s Moccasin slippers are made from a durable microsuede on their exterior, and its inner lining is plush and cozy, made from fleece to provide enough warmth to your narrow feet during the cold evening.

The footbed is designed with a layer of memory foam to contour your foot’s shape and provide maximum comfort to your feet in every step you take. Thus, it is recommendable during weekends while indoors since it is versatile and flexible due to its internal comfort and lightweight nature.

Besides, you need not worry about your narrow sweaty feet since it features Hanes Fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet odor-free.

Furthermore, the outsole is made from a quality rubber with tractions underneath for safety against all surfaces and provides maximum comfort to your feet. These slippers are available from small to XXL sizes, and it comes in all colors that will thoroughly blend with your choice of outfit.


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 Women’s Narrow Fitting Slippers For Narrow Feet 

1. Most Comfortable – Dearfoams Women’s Microfiber Velour Narrow Closed Back Slipper

narrow feet slippers

Dearfoams slippers are embroidered at the toe to add a touch of sophistication and comfort for people with narrow feet.

They are completely flat, making them suitable for people with difficulties wearing heeled shoes. The insole is cushioned with a multi-density layer of memory foam to soothe your feet for instant comfort and relaxation and to ease stress and tension in your heels, arch, and toes.

This flat pair of slippers is completely closed with a bit raised heel cap to create a secure feel around your foot.

Velour slippers are constructed out of 100% polyester guarantees durability and are available in many colors with different sizes; therefore, it would be hard for you to lack the best footwear for a weekend with your friends.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole is highly engineered with the consideration to last longer. It is treaded on its surface for safety while walking on all surfaces and is friendly to all floors.


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2. For Multiple Floors – Acorn Women’s Chinchilla Collar Breathable Slippers For Sweaty Feet

best house slippers for narrow feet

Chinchilla is a classically designed house slipper shoe to fit all season, and its lining is designed out of faux wool with a fuzzy faux chinchilla trim to provide to keep your feet warm and ensure your feet are well aerated to keep it odorless and cool, making it soft and luxurious.

The insole is multi-layered with a memory foam footbed that cradles your feet’ contour to support your arch, heels, and toes; thus, helping to reduce muscle fatigue and relieve pain and pressure.

Acorn Collar slippers are ultimately handmade on the unique mold to ensure the best shape, stylish, and fit for your foot, making them versatile for everyday casual use either indoor or outdoor since it features an anti-slippery, waterproof, lightweight, and durable rugged outsole.

Besides, the outsole is one inch high and shafted at the arch to reduce stress and tension at the arch and heels and, to pamper your feet with every stride you make. Furthermore, the slipper shoe is entirely closed, and its opening is slip-on like designed for easy and customized fitting.


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3. Most Comfortable – Dearfoams Women’s Leslie Clog Slipper 

colorful slippers for narrow feet

Dearfoams Quilted Terry Clog Slippers for women are perfect to slide on when you are looking for some extra comfort for your well-deserving feet due to their flexibility and comfort.

These clog slippers feature cozy quilted microfiber terry upper with contrast piping detail. The molded TPR indoor/outdoor outsole gives added durability and support, no matter where your day leads.

Each slipper is fitted with a multi-density cushioned insole with gel-infused memory foam for a cloud-like feeling on your feet, plus raised heel, and arch cushioning that adds extra comfort for the ultimate in lounging style.

These warm and cozy slippers are easy to clean by gentle machine wash cold, and air dries flat, and you can always have a fresh, clean pair to walk on whenever you are indoors, or you want to stroll around the hood. Furthermore, it is available in all colors in different sizes from small to XXL.


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 Best Unisex Home Slippers For Narrow Feet 

For Men and Women – Vionic Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper For Flat Narrow Feet

best house slippers for indoors and outdoors

Sadie slipper is designed with the most coveted trends, and its footbed is podiatrist-designed and flat to promote stability while walking on them.

The inner and upper lining is a soft textile considering making it cozy and luxurious for winter. It features an adjustable Velcro strap for perfect fitting and feels. An EVA footbed covers the insole textile to provide maximum cushioning to your feet and help against feet pain.

The midsole is made from a synthetic rubber material that is sturdy and durable, and the heel is a bit raised with the forefoot area-wide and flat to help reduce stress on your heel and toes.

Besides, the sole’s surface has tractions for safety against all surfaces and does not print on all surfaces; thus, you can use them for indoor and outdoor purposes.


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#1. What Sizes of House Slippers Do You Need For Narrow Feet?

The best size of house slippers depends on your personal feet; this is due to the variance in size and our feet’ shape, but it is worth noting that the specifications for narrow feet sizes range between sizes 7 to 9. If your feet are between these ranges, then your feet are narrow.

#2. Is it the same on picking house slippers for narrow feet with women or men?

No. When picking house slippers for women narrow feet would differ due to their difference in their toe’s physical characteristics, the upper part of the foot, and the heel size.

Besides, men generally have a wide foot compared to women. Their shoes at the toe or forefoot are rectangular designed; contrarily, women’s shoes are round-shaped at the toe/forefoot.



All in all, you should not give up when searching for little feet house slippers, but for the best choice, you should strictly follow the guidelines on how to choose the best house slippers for narrow feet for you to get the best slippers that will perfectly fit you.

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