Best Extra Wide Men’s Slippers For Wide Feet Reviews

Having wide feet is natural due to genetic characteristics. It should be embraced normally because they are responsible for supporting your weight, keeping you upright balanced, and keeping you mobile throughout the day.

Thus taking care of your feet should be your priority by ensuring we wear fittings that are comfortable to protect it against injuries and infections.

And that is why you need to get the best men’s slippers for wide feet.

Selecting suitable extra-wide slippers to give ample space for your feet!

Machine washable memory foam slippers with wide design – Ofoot Cotton Indoor Slippers

Adjustable straps with soft insole bring optimal comfort to sweaty and wide feet – Under Armour Men’s Ignite VI Slide Sandal

Thick cushioned leather slippers for indoor and outdoor use – Orthofeet Men’s Leather Wide Fitting Slippers

Most comfortable and sleek slippers for various floors – UGG Men’s Comfortable Scuff Slipper

However, some people with a wide foot find it hard to find fittings that will suit them comfortably because they are standard designed.

Thus, there are various types of fitting for wide feet, but below is a detailed article about best men’s slippers for wide feet.


Why Do Men with Extra Wide and Swollen Feet Need Wide Slippers?

guides of mens slippers for wide feet

Most men with wide feet have a problem finding the correct slippers because most of the shoes are standard size. Thus, men with wide feet require special slippers due to the following reasons;

• It provides much comfort to the feet, alleviating the pain experienced at the toes, ankles, heels, and the arch because they allow shock absorption.
• They are reliable and flexible since they are specifically meant for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
• They are long-lasting as they have been engineered with skilled craftsmanship to withstand wearing and tearing. Besides, wide feet slippers are made from long-lasting materials.
• It helps keep their foot free from injuries since they are designed with an upper lining to protect the feet against all elements that may cause injuries.
• It helps correct the feet’ posture since some men have wide feet due to swelling of the foot and formation of corns, bunions, and hammertoe resulting from wearing incorrect shoe size.
• Wearing special slippers keeps the feet free from fungal, bacteria, and pathogen infections.


What Features Makes Comfortable Men’s Slippers for Wide Feet?

Not every slipper is suitable because some people have wide feet because of their gene characteristics, corns, and many more. Hence, there are factors that are vital to make slippers to be comfortable for men with wide feet. These include;

The thick and soft rubber sole

Thick and soft soles provide much comfort to the feet because it absorbs a lot of body pressure hence relieving the ankles, toes, and heels from pain. Besides, rubber soles last longer and are non-skidding making it more secure to walk on them.


The wide toe box or base

The wide toe box provides more comfort to the toe, especially for men with wide toes, to allow the toe to rest naturally without binding over each other. Therefore, minimizing your toes’ chances under a lot of pressure could have resulted in hammertoe, corns, bunions, Neuroma, and swelling.


Breathable and thick memory foam insoles

The thicker the insole, the lesser you feel pressure build up around your ankle, heel, and heels because most of the pressure weight exerted on the sole is relieved by the thick memory foam padded on the insole. Furthermore, if the insole has the advantage of allowing in the air, it will feel much comfortable since there is enough air to make your feet sweat-free making it easy to walk without sliding and slipping off.


The slipper shoe density

The shoe’s density matters a lot because when the shoes have a high density, the more the energy is used to lift your foot off the ground while walking, resulting in the pressure build-up around your toe, ankle, and heels to strain to lead to pain. Therefore the lighter the shoe, the more comfortable the feet feels.


360-degree upper lining

When the slippers completely conform to the shoe’s shape, more so the upper lining, the more secure and comfortable it is since it protects the upper side of your foot, toes, and heels against all elements that might cause injuries.


The insole contour

Mostly those with wide feet, their feet shaft are almost flat, hence finding slippers that contours with the shape of their feet underneath are rare since most of the slippers are standard designed, making it uncomfortable. Thus, when a slipper insole contours with the shaft, the less it feels the pressure weight, the contour absorbs a lot.


Best Men’s Slippers for Wide Feet Reviews:

1. With Memory Foam – Ofoot Cotton Washable Indoor Slippers For Size 13

best outdoor slippers for men

Ofoot cotton threaded slippers is a simple styled unisex footwear with varieties of solid and irresistible colors. Wearing Ofoot slippers feels like walking barefoot due to its lightweight nature and breathable that allows free airflow to your feet and doesn’t make your feet experience fatigue while walking on it.

Ofoot slippers are completely environmentally friendly and are made from hypoallergenic cotton material; hence it takes care of your sensitive skin.

The slippers are made from a high-quality memory form as the insole; which is spongy, soft, and easily takes the shape of your feet. Thus, it absorbs your weight to prevent pressure build-up below your feet, heels, and toes while walking.

The Ofoot slippers T.P.R. sole is friendly to all types of floors; hence, you should not worry about walking on wooden floors, tiled floors, and vinyl floors. These ultra-lightweight slippers can be kept clean by machine or hand wash and come with a 100% no risk money-back guarantee if you are not interested in your purchase.


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2. For Swollen Feet – Under Armour Men’s Ignite VI Slide Sandal with Adjustable Strap and Velcro

men's slippers for sandals

Under armour sandals are made from 84% polyester and 16% Elastane material with an adjustable and breathable synthetic strap that is skin-friendly and supported with the soft, breathable form for more comfortable skin.

The rubber sole of the VI slide sandals is durable, moisture-resistant, and has traction pods in heels to efficiently absorb your weight. Therefore, you won’t feel any pressure build up on your heels.

The sandals’ footbed is built with two layers of 4D foam that provide unprecedented comfort and anatomically contours for extra cushioning, thus preventing pressure build-up under your feet and toes, meaning it can serve you for extended hours without getting fatigued.

Wearing Ignite VI slide sandals feels like walking on barefoot since it is weightless and has extra cushioning for comfort experience.


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3. Most Comfortable – Orthofeet Men’s Leather Wide Fitting Slippers with Arch Support

leather slippers

Orthofeet is the most comfortable sandal shoes, offers the best orthopedic shoe solution, and comes with a 60-day wear test. Orthofeet is ergonomically designed and has a lightweight sole with superior cushioning and a premium orthotic insole featuring anatomical arch support with multiple cushioning layers.

Hence, easing the pain on the foot and reduces pressure build-up around your knees, hips, and lower back. Furthermore, the interior lining is smoothly designed with extra foam padding to offer more comfort and protection. Therefore, Orthofeet is recommendable for diabetic, arthritis, neuropathic, and sensitive feet conditions.

The Orthofeet features a deep, wide, and roomy toe box to allow the foot to relax and spread out naturally comfortably without binding the front part of your toes to ease pressure on bunions, hammertoes Morton’s Neuroma, and swollen foot.

Besides, it features extra depth designed and removable insoles that are ¼” thick in the forefoot area for ample space. The leather shoe has 360-degree protection against toe injuries resulting in tripping and tipping and avoiding the foot from slipping.


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4. Most Breathable – Haflinger Classic Hardsole Wool Slippers For Size 10

wool slippers for wide feet

Haflinger is made from 100% boiled virgin wool, and its interior is wool designed to provide enough airflow to your foot, hence experiencing comfort without sweating. The arch is molded with latex to prevent pressure build, and it has a wide feet box for the toes to rest on the slippers naturally without stress and binding over other toes, which could result in hammertoes, bunions, etc.

Haflinger’s long-lasting synthetic rubber outsole is waterproof, feels comfortable even walking on dewed grass, and secure since the outsole is gripped; hence it doesn’t skid easily.

Furthermore, the slippers are lightweight, making it tireless walking with it and comfortable for extended hours during the weekends. Besides, the slippers cover 360-degree around your foot to prevent your feet from slipping and injuries resulting from tipping and tripping while walking.


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5. For Both Indoor and Outdoor – Sorel Falcon Polyester Slip-on Men’s Slippers For Wide and Edema Feet

best men's slippers for wide feet

Sorel slippers are designed with a soft upper and a wool lining blend to provide warmth during the winter. The soft wool lining also allows airflow to keep your feet free from sweating, and your feet effortlessly slips on them; hence you do not need to worry when it slips off your feet while walking.

The slippers are designed to conform to your feet; therefore, it protects you against injuries and doesn’t slip on easily while walking.

Sorel Falcon Slippers’ outsole is flat and made from rubber that is long-lasting and non-skidding to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Besides, the sole has a wide feet box for your toe to fit and rest naturally and comfortably without binding over other toes. Thus, you are free from hammertoes, corns, swollen foot, bunions, and Neuroma. Furthermore, Sorel slippers can be maintained by using sued or washed by machine.


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6. For Foot Odor – Hanes Men’s Memory Foam Slippers with Machine Washable For Size 9

warm men's slippers for wide feet

Hanes Clog Slipper Shoe for men is not only designed for men but women too for indoor and outdoor purposes. The slippers’ sole is durable and gripped to prevent slipping and sliding while walking on damp ground or dewed lawn and tiled floor.

The slipper shoes have unlimited sizes; hence you can find sizes for people with an extraordinary wide foot. The Clog slipper shoe offers ultimate comfort since it features padded memory foam that is thick and breathable for maximum comfort and airflow to prevent sweating. Furthermore, it features Hanes IQ advance odor technology that keeps your slippers new all seasons.

Hanes Slippers molds completely to your foot to give you a custom fit for maximized comfort and covers your whole foot in a 360-degree design to protect your foot against injuries and to slip while walking. Cleaning Clog Slipper Shoe is hassle-free by using a machine wash.


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7. For Hardwood Floors – Deer Stags Indoor Men’s Slipper For Wide and Swollen Feet

best men's slippers for wide feet

Deer Stags Slipper is a soft canvas twill moccasin that is versatile, which features a camo pattern outlook that is irresistible and features T.P.R. outsole fit for indoor and outdoor purposes. The slippers feature a durable rubber sole, gripped and flat to provide maximum comfort and have a wide foot box for the toes to fit in naturally without stress and binding each other to prevent corns, hammertoes, and bunions.

Furthermore, deer stags slippers feature S.U.P.R.O. Sock Technology for shock absorption and compression nodules on the outside for extra support on the hardest part of your feet.

Generally, the slipper is weightless; thus, it feels tireless comfortable, breathable, and brings barefoot sensation while walking. The insole is semi-cemented and can be replaced with any insole; you feel comfortable and orthopedic to your feet. Moreover, it is 360-degree designed, conforming to your foot for maximum protection and against slipping off while walking.


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8. With Sleek Design – UGG Men’s Leather Comfortable Scuff Slipper For Home

men's slippers for wide feet

UGG Scuff slip slippers featured a flat rubber sole and gripped for safety against tiles and dewed lawns. The sole’s front area is wide surfaced for the toe to feet in naturally and freely to prevent the toes from binding, thus preventing bunions, hammertoe, and corns.

The insoles are featured with the wool lining that is 17mm thick for maximum comfort and provides enough air circulation beneath your foot; thus, it doesn’t slip or slide while walking.

UGG Men’s slipper has a shaft that is approximately not applicable from the arch, hence suitable for flat feet. The outsole is made from leather to prevent the edges from tearing and wearing off. Besides, the upper lining is made of suede material, which is maintained by machine wash.


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9. Well-ventilated – Deer Stags Cushioned Extra Wide Slipper For Indoors and Outdoors For Smelly Feet

non-clog slippers for wide feet

Deer stags Slipperooz is a clog-style designed slipper that features 100% micro suede upper lining with round mocc-stitched toe and covers with Sherpa lining to fit your feet comfortably and keep your feet warm during winter.

The vamp is stitched for upper edge reinforcement and to complement its outlook. Stags Slipperooz features S.U.P.R.O. Sock Technology for shock absorption and compression nodules on the outside for extra support on the hardest part of your feet.

Besides, it features a T.P.R. outsole fit for indoor and outdoor purposes and a breathable inner sole that is sweat-free and soft for maximum comfort against the heel, arch, and toe pressure build-up.

Furthermore, the front of the Slipperooz is wide for your toes to fit inside naturally and freely without binding the toes, hence preventing corns, hammertoes, and many more. To maintain the micro suede, throw it inside the machine washer.


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10. With Waterproof Soles – Rock Dove Most Comfortable Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper For Floors

men's slippers for wide feet

Rock Dove slipper is 95% made from cotton and 5% spandex material that is hypoallergenic and is secured with easy off and on clog style to prevent your foot from slipping or sliding off, making it easier to walk around with it.

It has an upper waffle knit to let your foot breathe easily and keeps the slipper sweat and odor-free. The slipper’s sturdy and gripped rubber sole allows it to be used for indoor and outdoor purposes and friendly to all floors and doesn’t leave prints.

Rock Dove insole is designed with high-quality memory foam that molds to the contours of your foot for pillow comfort; thus, you can walk for extended hours without getting bored with it the whole day.

Furthermore, it is suitable during winter and for those who have a wide toe because the front area is wide enough for the toes to fit naturally and comfortably without binding on each other. It is not a must to hand wash the Slipperooz, but you can use a machine for easy care.


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What to Consider on Picking the Best Men’s Slippers for Wide Feet?

causes of wide feet

The size

Ensure the slippers you choose is the right size; picking the wrong slipper size could be uncomfortable to the feet, therefore, forcing your feet inside the small size slippers may cause your toe to bind over each other and your heels to overlap.

Besides, it may also cause the feet to swell or form some corns on your toes, which is always painful and becomes uncomfortable to wear a shoe or slipper.

Therefore you should also consider slipper shoes with a wider base that fit your feet comfortably to avoid overlapping and binding your toes.


The padding and aeration

This should be prioritized because for most people with wide feet, and their arch is almost flat, hence finding a slipper shoe that contours completely with the wide feet would be relieving since it helps in absorbing the pressure build-up on the arch, heels, ankle, lower back, hip and knees, and toes.

Besides, it would be best if you considered checking on the insole breathability and padding because they both pair to provide maximum comfort by absorbing weight pressure to reduce pressure build-up around the arch, ankle, heels, and toes while walking. The breathable insole keeps your feet sweat and odor-free.


The sole

Consider picking a slipper with a sole made from high-quality materials and long-lasting since most men with wide feet have high density leading to faster wearing and tearing of the shoe. Also, choose the slippers that allow shock-absorption to prevent pain on the heels, ankles, and underneath the foot.

Furthermore, also consider the base of the slipper for the toes to feet comfortably and naturally.


Adjustable straps or slip-on

Some people with wide find it uncomfortable wearing slippers with adjustable straps due to skin sensitivity or preference; thus, they opt for slip-on and vice versa.


The material

The material used for making the upper lining and inner lining also determines its durability and comfort. Thus, it is good to consider slipper shoes made from leather or sued or strong fabrics that offer comfortable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintaining advantages.



If you have a wide feet problem, please don’t ponder a lot on what to wear while being indoor or whenever you want to collect the mail or go to the market. You can check on the above slippers with their detailed reviews and be sure you will get the best slippers that will suit you comfortably and reliable for your needs.