The 10 Best Breathable Summer Slippers For Women Reviews

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

As the weather changes, you should also transition to adapt to your comfort and health condition. But don’t let summer caught you unaware and unprepared, especially when it comes to footwear, because your fit deserves total justice to serve you correctly and comfortably at the call of its need. Thus the best summer slippers for women would be the best therapy for your feet to withstand this hot season.

In this article, you will get the 10 best summer slippers for women reviews with breathable design to keep your feet dry and cool, and do not miss the useful guidance on selecting and using.

What Are the Best Summer Slippers For Women on the Market?


Why Buy Women’s Summer Slippers?

It is well known to be hard to wear heavy body outfits and footwear during summer due to hot conditions that make it unbearable being in them; thus, we always opt for lightweight fittings for maximum comfort. Therefore, summer slippers for women have the following significance;

women slippers for summer use

• Provides comfort, support and reduces stress on the heels, ankles, and toes by absorbing the weight impact, thus increasing your balance and stability while walking on them.

• They are lightweight and ergonomically designed with arch support. Their footbed is padded with thick memory foam to soothe the feet, increasing blood circulation in the feet, thus eliminating foot swelling due to poor blood circulation and fluid accumulation in the legs.

• They are open, designed, and breathable enough to keep your feet cool, odor-free, and refreshed.

• Summer slippers also prevent the contraction of infectious foot diseases such as toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, by breaking direct contact between the ground and the foot since the ground contains a lot of germs and bacteria.


How to Choose the Best Summer Slippers for Women?

Summer slippers are different from ordinary slippers because they are designed with different features to make them conducive for your feet during the hot summer weather. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following factors for a comfortable experience while walking on them;

summer slippers for women

-Determine the size

Size is always the critical factor to consider before you settle on any footwear because it is the core of the feet comfort. Therefore, you should not be ashamed trying to fit on the shoes since some shoes are designed with wide fitting, and others are designed with narrow fitting due to their origin of manufacturing or country. Furthermore, you should note that the perfect and the best fitting slippers for your feet prevent straining and overstretching of the foot metatarsal bones.

-Check the sole

The best summer slippers for women’s feet are constructed from a lightweight rubber material durable with treading on its surface to ensure safety against all floor surfaces and be versatile to withstand all the indoor and outdoor elements. The reason for it being lightweight is for extended hour’s usage while indoors or outdoors without feeling burdened or your feet getting tired wearing them.

-Get the one with cushioned footbed

The footbed of the best summer slippers for women should be cushioned with multiple layers of memory foam to provide ample support to your feet, and since the cushioned layers contours to the shape of your feet and ensures efficient blood circulation; thus, prevent against tension, stress, and pressure build up in your toes, arch, ankles, and heels. Furthermore, the footbed should be moisture-wicking to keep the feet dry and cool since, during summer, the hot weather causes the pores of the feet to sweat, making it unbearable to walk on them due to the slipperiness of your feet inside.

-Breathable lining is a must

The best summer slippers for women should feature a moisture-wicking and breathable material that can easily absorb moisture from your feet and allow efficient air circulation to keep your feet dry, cool, and odor-free for the best summertime experience.

-Open-designed can be cooler

The best slippers for summer would be better if it is open-designed leaving your heel and toe exposed/free for easy fitting and also to make your feet feel free because it allows efficient air circulation to your feet thereby enhancing cooling, eliminates the feet from sweating and allows you to walk on them comfortably.

-Reliable brands for quality slippers

Among the many brands, Acorn slippers and isotoner slippers are highly recommended because one is responsible for a comfy experience while the other meets all your basic needs in budget price.

The third brand that worth trusting is ugg, alongside its comfortable flush design, it wins preference by most for its sleek and fashionable design.


Best Summer Slippers for Women Reviews:

1. Best For Flat Feet – Dearfoams Ladies Beatrice Side Gore Slide Comfortable Cooling Slipper

comfortable slippers for summer

Beatrice side Gore slide slippers are designed with innovative technologies to ensure a level of fitting and durability. The slide slippers are the perfect solution for summertime because it is slip-on-designed for easy fitting and stylish design that gives it a timeless look and fashion to blend with your summer outfit.

The upper insole is cushioned with high-density memory foam for ultimate comfort and absorbs the pressure weight exerted on your feet. This pair of slippers is open-designed-slip on keeps your feet refreshed, odor-free, and sweat-free during the hot summer season, and its sole is made from durable rubber with grips to make it friendly to all floor-surface and to withstand all outdoor elements with guaranteed safety.


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2. Best with Arch Support – isotoner Women’s Space Knit Andrea Slide Lightweight Slippers

warm slippers for summer

Andrea slid slippers open back- designed to make them reliable and flexible for indoor and outdoor use. The casual and chic, comfortable slip-on house slipper offers the perfect solution for all women despite age and lifestyle and offers maximum comfort during the summer season because the inner lining that features comfortable memory foam with a SmartDRI moisture-wicking Lining to keep your feet dry and warm.

The outsole is thick with an inch raised heel with added arch support to provide all-day comfort. The sole is also made from durable rubber material with anti-skid tractions for guaranteed safety and friendliness to floor surfaces and to withstand the outdoor elements. The machine washes it with cool water and dry flat away from heat for proper care and maintenance.


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3. Best For Flat Feet – ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Open-Toe Home Slide Slippers with Adjustable Straps

women sandals for summer use

Pamper your dear ones with ULTRAIDEAS open toe slide slippers that are elegantly designed with zebra strips and an adjustable bow tie strap that gives it an adorable and cute stylish look. The bow strap is adjustable for customized fitting for a person with wide feet or narrow feet, and its open toe design allows you to wear it effortlessly, and you are on the go.

Unlike other sandals, these slide slippers feature an ultra-soft EVA insole supported with dense memory foam, plus soft upper lining to mold to your feet, offering your feet pillow comfort, support, and reduces foot stress. Besides, the upper lining is made from moisture-wicking material and breathable to keep your feet dry, odor-free, and warm.

The outsole features a lightweight anti-shock EVA sole. Simultaneously, the inside is supported with foam for shock absorption from your weight. It is made of rubber material with anti-slip waterproof bottom grips that guarantee durability and safety even on wet tiled floors and can withstand all the outdoor elements.


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4. Best For Sweaty Feet – Wishcotton Light Breathable Moccasin Slippers with Nonslip Sole

fabric slippers for summer

You can comfortably spoil your feet with Wishcotton lightweight breathable slippers whose upper material repel hair or dust so that they won’t need nearly as much cleaning as other types of slippers. These slippers’ inner lining is made from cotton fabric material to keep your feet relaxed because it provides softness and comfort with a breathable upper to keep your feet cool and odor-free during the summertime.

The slippers are designed with high back heels wrapped around memory foam to keep the slipper snug on your foot for safety, easy slip-on, and you are on the go, to conform and flex with your feet. The footbed of these slippers is lined with plush memory foam to cushion and mold to the contours of your foot for pillow-soft comfort and is supported by an extra layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam.

You need not worry about its durability since the sole is made from natural rubber that is versatile for an indoor and outdoor purpose since it is capable of supporting the pressure exerted by your weight on every stride you make and features non-skid properties underneath to make it safer on all surfaces.


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5. Most Comfortable – isotoner Supportive Women’s Signature X-Slide Slipper For Bedroom

comfortable slippers for summer use

Signature X-Slide slipper is the best gift that will ultimately make your summertime worth to remember with its micro-terry upper with matte satin trim detail finish that comfortably fugs your feet while walking.

The soft and cozy micro-terry lining extends to the full layered memory foam insole to offer maximum comfort to your feet and keeps your feet warm and well aired.

Besides, the heel is supported by EVA cushioned sole for shock absorption, thereby reducing stress on your heels and ankle for a comfortable experience while walking outdoor and indoors. Furthermore, this pair of slipper construction features a synthetic sole with TPR for friendliness to all surfaces and enhances its ability to withstand outdoor elements.


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6. Best For Floors – Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Closed Back Slipper with Arch Support

best women slippers for summer

Dearfoams slippers are embroidered at the toe to add a touch of sophistication and comfort for summertime. They are completely flat, making them suitable for people with difficulties wearing heeled shoes.

The insole is cushioned with a multi-density layer of memory foam to soothe your feet for instant comfort and relaxation and to ease stress and tension in your heels, arch, and toes. This flat pair of slippers is completely closed with a bit raised heel cap to create a secure feel around your foot.

Velour slippers are constructed out of 100% polyester that guarantees durability and are available in many colors with different sizes; therefore, it would hard for you to lack the best footwear for a weekend with your friends. Furthermore, the rubber outsole is highly engineered with consideration to last longer, and it is treaded on its surface for safety while walking on all surfaces.


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7. Best For Summers – Caramella Bubble Female Open Toe Indoor Washable Slippers

comfortable slippers for summer

Bubble open toe slippers would be a great choice since it features anti-slip and sturdy enough TPR sole ensures perfect for both at home after a nice bath or outside for quick errands; thus, making it an excellent deal for indoor and outdoor use.

Caramella slippers are skin-friendly and keep your feet cool and fresh by staying sweat less and odor-free in spring and summer and anti-slip designed with an open-toe design that helps your tired feet breathe.

The footbed is supported with the flexible, high-density memory foam insole with two bottom layers to reduce fatigue and feel like walking on a soft cushion, thereby keeping your feet cozy.


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8. Best Breathable – Caramella Cheap White Bubble Women’s Open Toe Summer Slippers with Memory Foam

women slippers for summer use

Caramella slippers are skin-friendly and keep your feet cool and fresh by staying sweat less and odor-free in spring and summer and anti-slip designed with an open-toe design that helps your tired feet breathe.

The footbed is supported with the flexible, high-density memory foam insole with two bottom layers to reduce fatigue and feel like walking on a soft cushion, thereby keeping your feet cozy.

Purchasing these slippers would be a great choice since it features anti-slip and sturdy enough TPR sole ensures perfect for both at home after a nice bath or outside for quick errands; thus, making it an excellent deal for indoor and outdoor use.


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9. Best For Outdoors – Jessica Simpson Comfortable Women’s Fluffy Pom Thong Slippers 

household slippers for summer

Jessica Women’s slippers make an excellent gift for your wife, daughter, or siblings to make them feel comfortable in these plush, fluffy, cozy, and thong designed slippers.

The openness of Jessica offers you an easy way to slip in your feet, and you are on the go to your busy schedule, and its footbed features a cloud-like cushion for ultimate comfort, support and eliminates pressure and stress on the heels, arch and toes.

Provided it can perfectly fit your leg, and you can fearlessly walk on them outdoor since its synthetic sole is waterproof and its bottom is textured with grips to keep you safe on all surfaces.


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10. Best For Indoors – Dearfoams Women’s Leslie Quilted Terry Clog Slipper For Summer and Winter

cozy warm slippers for women use in summer

Dearfoams Quilted Terry Clog Slippers for women are perfect to slide on when you are looking for some extra comfort for your well-deserving feet due to their flexibility and comfort. These clog slippers feature cozy quilted microfiber terry upper with contrast piping detail. The molded TPR indoor/outdoor outsole gives added durability and support, no matter where your day leads.

Each slipper is fitted with a multi-density cushioned insole with gel-infused memory foam for a cloud-like feeling on your feet, plus raised heel, and arch cushioning that adds extra comfort for the ultimate in lounging style.

These warm and cozy slippers are easy to clean by a gentle machine wash cold, and air dries flat, and you can always have a fresh, clean pair to walk on whenever you are indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, it is available in all colors with different sizes from small to XXL.


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What Features of Slippers Are Best for Summer?

women summer slippers

-Breathable and Moisture wicking upper and inner lining

During the summer season, due to high temperature, the feet always sweat, making it unbearable to walk on slippers due to slipperiness on its footbed, which can cause your arch to strain a lot due to lack of friction, thereby causing a lot of pain. Therefore, the best slippers for summer should feature breathable and moisture-wicking linings to absorb the sweat from your feet and keep it dry and cool while walking.

-Anti-skid/slippery and waterproof sole

During summertime, it is hard to stay indoors because the weather is conducive; hence, people will roam outside to enjoy the fresh breeze. Therefore, for safety and stability, while walking on any ground or surface, the slippers should be gripped enough and be able to resist any moisture in case of contact to keep you safe on all surfaces against skidding or sliding to avoid unnecessary injuries.

-Lightweight and soft

Summer slippers should be weightless, and their lining should be soft to make your feet comfortable and makes your feet feel free to walk on them for extended hours without feeling stressed and less fatigue.

-Open heel

This feature gives you an easy time to wear your summer slippers effortlessly. Due to that, during the summer, the weather is hot. It will help inefficient air circulation to your feet, thereby keeping them cool, odor-free, and eliminating your feet’ chances of swelling.



Summer slippers are not only for your feet, but you can also wear them with your best summer outfit for the best experience during the summertime. Therefore, you can pick one of the reviewed products for yourself, your friend, parent, siblings, or daughter for a memorable summertime with them.