Top 10 Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet Reviews

Some women prefer wearing slippers indoors when carrying out various chores at home to make sure their feet are comfortable and warm.

Well, however, if you have sweaty feet, then you need a pair of slippers that will keep your feet warm and at the same time dry.

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Thick memory foam slippers with two-tone design to absorb sweat on feet – RockDove Women’s Original Slipper

Summer slippers with arch support and straps for indoor and outdoor use – Crocs Classic Lined Clog Summer Slippers

Wide mule slippers with breathable materials for wide swollen women feet – Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper

Lightweight slippers with clog design used for indoor and outdoor – Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Nonslip Sole

Open-toe slippers with soft foam to control smelly and sweaty feet in summerULTRAIDEAS Memory Foam Open-Toe Slide Slippers

best slippers for sweaty feet

The women’s slippers for sweaty feet are crafted with breathable materials to eliminate heat build-up, which mainly facilitates sweating on the feet.

They are also made with cushioned materials to ensure your feet are supported and are comfortable as well. The slippers for sweaty feet come in varying styles, with some having open toes contour, back opening contour, and others feature both toes back section contours.

Well, here is our review for the best women’s slippers for sweaty feet and how to choose the best pair for you.


How to Pick the Best Women’s Slippers For Sweaty Feet and Odor Control?

Is it breathable?

For women with sweaty feet issues, you need slippers that stay dry to prevent them from slipping off the feet when walking. Also, sweaty feet are pretty uncomfortable, and it is even worse if the sweat accumulates around the slippers. So, choose slippers made with materials that wick away the sweat.

For example, slippers made with wool or fur materials have a high absorbency level because they can absorb high content of moisture without getting wet. Also, the wool materials wick away moisture instead of building it to leave the feet feeling comfortable.


What about Comfort?

Apart from focusing on choosing slippers that control your feet from sweating, you also need to consider slippers comfortable for the feet. This includes selecting the slippers that are light in weight and have tremendous inner cushioning, especially around the footbed. A good pair of slippers should have thick or multiple layers of inner soles for comfort.


Is it fit?

A good fitting pair of slippers guarantees comfort and stability when walking around. So, choose the slippers that are not too tight for convenience and are not too large.


Consider open-toe slippers

You need your feet to get as much airflow as possible, mainly if you plan to wear the slipper for a long time. Therefore, choose slippers with an open toe to facilitate high airflow around the toes for good breathability.


Is it easy to clean?

You need to clean the slippers regularly as too much moisture build-up will make them develop a foul odor. A good pair of slippers for sweaty feet should be easy to clean using the easiest cleaning methods.

For example, choose slippers that you can clean with a machine washer. Such slippers are comfortable to thoroughly clean, unlike the models that need spot cleaning.


What Sorts of Women’s Slippers Are Best for Sweaty Feet?

best slippers for sweaty feet

With high absorbency level

If you tend to sweat around the feet, you need slippers that will wick away the moisture to prevent the slippers from slipping off your feet. The majority of slippers crafted for sweaty feet are equipped with cotton lining, which is an excellent absorbency material.


Have cushioning

Your feet need to be as comfortable as possible for the feet to relax. Memory foam cushions are the most common materials used to make the inner soles of the slippers meant for sweaty feet to ensure comfort to the feet areas.


Slippers with cutouts

Wearing slippers that allows a fair amount of airflow to the feet is crucial since this prevents too much heat from building up on the feet. The slippers should have an open toe or open back cutout design.


Breathable materials

The slippers should have materials that boost ventilation, as well. Cotton and memory foam are some of the best materials that ensure good breathability to the feet.


Best Washable Women’s Slippers For Sweaty and Smelly Feet Reviews

1. Best with Memory Foam – RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Slipper

best slippers for sweaty feet


  • These slippers have breathable materials to eliminate heat
  • The slippers are made with quality materials
  • They keep the feet warm at night
  • The slippers are light in weight

  • The slippers come in larger sizes; hence, you may have to get a size smaller.

These are super comfortable slippers to wear while in the house or going to the grocery stores. The slippers have an open back section for easy slipping on and off hands-free.

Breathable waffle materials

One way to control sweaty feet is by wearing breathable shoes. Thus, these slippers have waffle knitted material on the upper section that promotes the free flow of air for breathability and ensures no heat build-up around the feet.

Memory foam insoles

These are slippers that you can comfortably rock for an entire day as they are quite comfortable. The insoles have memory foam materials that offer excellent cushioning to the feet soles. Also, the insole contours to the feet to provide good fitting.

Durable anti-slip rubber soles

The slippers have durable rubber soles that are comfortable to step on multiple floors, including wet areas. The soles also have great gripping for traction.


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2. For Sweaty Feet – Crocs Classic Lined Clog Warm and Fuzzy Summer Slippers

clog slippers for sweaty feet


  • These crocs come in varying colors and designs for customers to choose their preferred design
  • They are comfortable to wear for long
  • The crocs offer great fitting
  • They have a warm lining

  • They don’t have footbed bridges

Crocs stand as some of the topmost preferred slippers since they are quite comfortable, and this model from Classic Lined Clogs is no exception. The clogs feature a lightweight craft for comfort when walking. Besides, you can wear them when going to the shop or to pick mails.

Warm interior

The crocs are lined with warm materials to keep your feet warm and soak in sweat during the hot seasons.

Excellent fit

The shoes feature a strap at the back essential for securing the crocs on the feet while walking

Light in weight

If you have tired feet, these are the perfect shoes to wear as they are incredibly light in weight such that you feel like you are not wearing any shoes.


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3. For Wide Feet – Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper – Ladies Slipper

sweaty feet use slippers


  • These slippers have flat soles for stability
  • They offer excellent fitting
  • The top materials allow breathability
  • Offers excellent arch support

  • These slippers are quite broad and may not work for people with slim feet

These slippers are clinically approved for orthotics, a plus for ladies who may have feet issues. They are also relatively light to eliminate any bulkiness on the feet.

Easy to wear

The slippers have an open back section for convenience and fast slipping on and off

Adjustable Velcro

You are guaranteed to get the right fitting of the slippers thanks to the available adjustable Velcro. This also makes it easy to share the slippers with other people in the house.

Podiatrist design for support

This is built around the feed bed to ensure ample support ad comfort to the feet when walking


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4. For Slim Feet – Wishcotton Light Breathable Hot Weather Slippers with Nonslip Sole

best slippers for women with sweaty feet


  • The shoes are suitable for outdoors
  • They are comfortable to the feet
  • The shoes come in various color shades
  • They have breathable material designing

  • These shoes are crafted in small sizing, which does not work for people with wide feet

These beautiful shoes offer total comfort and are durable as well. The cotton blend material makes the shoes fit women with sweaty feet since the material soaks in the wetness to keep the feet dry. Also, the shoes have breathable fabrics for excellent airflow.

Memory foam food bed

The shoes’ footbed has the memory foam material that contours to one’s feet to provide the right support and comfort when walking.

Indoor and outdoor fit

These are shoes that you can wear when going outdoors or while indoors. They are light in weight for comfort, and the rubber soles offer great gripping on outdoor surfaces.

Easy maintenance

The shoes are compatible with machine washers for quick cleaning


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5. With Adjustable Strap – ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Summer Memory Foam Open-Toe Slide Slippers For Odor Control

memory foam slippers for sweaty feet


  • These slippers are quite elegant
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • They offer the perfect fitting
  • The slippers are easy to clean with a machine

  • These slippers are not safe for the dusty area since they tend to trap any dirt, which may end up discoloring the slipper texture.

Although these slippers feature an open toe style, they feature a Velcro running across the feet for adjustability purposes. So, you are guaranteed to get a comfortable and perfect fitting of the sandals.

Beautiful crafting

These slippers feature a sandal design plus elegant prints that make them look great. Also, the adjusting Velcro has a bow design such that no one will notice it.


The infusion of both memory foam and cushioning EVA insole of these slippers provide excellent support and comfort to your feet. Also, the slippers mold to one’s feet to achieve the right fitting.

Sweat-absorbent design

The inner soles have moisture wicker plush material that absorbs all sweat on the feet to keep them dry and prevent the feet from slipping off the sandals.


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6. The Most Breathable – Dearfoams Women’s Beatrice Side Gore Slide Slipper

slided slippers for women


  • The slippers are comfortable on the feet
  • They are quite affordable
  • The slippers have soft and smooth materials
  • The soles have an anti-slip design

  • The arch section tends to expand when you wear them for too long

If you need comfortable slippers to wear at night when going to the bathroom or for winter seasons, these are great options. The slippers are also recommendable for women with sweaty feet since they help keep feet dry by absorbing all the sweat.

Extra comfortable

These slippers are relatively light in weight plus have warm materials for comfort on the feet. This makes them the right choice for older adults since they can freely move around the house wearing them.

Anti-skid soles

The soles of these slippers have anti-skid materials for safety when you walk on slippery floors.

Open-toe design

The open toe style of these slippers promote excellent airflow for breathability purposes


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7. With Slip on Design – isotoner Women’s Arch Support Classic Terry Clog Slippers

best women's slippers for sweaty feet


  • These slippers are comfortable for both indoors and outdoors
  • They ensure to keep the feet dry
  • The footbed has padding
  • Are washable

  • The sizing provided for these slippers online are misleading

These are perfect indoor and outdoor slippers since they have quality materials and great soles that can accommodate various surfaces.

Comfortable cushioning

The slippers have memory foam cushioning for comfort and support to the feet

Breathable lining

The lining is made of cotton materials that wick away any moisture while promoting good airflow

Rubber soles

These slippers have slightly raised rubber soles essential for walking on different surfaces. This also makes them great for outdoor areas.


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8. Machine Washable – Ofoot Women’s Indoor Breathable Slippers 

woolen slippers for women


  • These slippers are relatively light
  • They are washable with a machine
  • They keep the feet dry
  • Have three layers of padding

  • These slippers take quite a long time to dry up

Do you need comfortable slippers that you can easily slip on when going to the bathroom or to wear while doing home chores? These are the right choices. Other than providing comfort, the slippers are useful for controlling sweaty feet as well.

Thick cushioning

The slippers are crafted with an inner sole that features memory foam, EVA foam, and EPE sponge for total support to the feet bed.


These slippers are suitable for all weather climates since they have the wool feel and keeps the feet warm in cold times

Breathable style

The terry cotton linings promote airflow for ventilation


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9. For Inside Home – SOLO SMART Women’s Breathable Cotton House Slippers

cotton material slippers


  • The slippers come with after-sales customer care services
  • They are smooth to slip on the feet
  • They keep the feet dry for long
  • The slippers have comfortable cushioning

  • The memory foam inner sole is not too thick, and thus the shoes may wear out pretty quickly

One crucial factor to note about these slippers is that they come in four different sizings, and thus, you should check them out before buying to ensure you get a good fit.

Anti -skip soles

You can comfortably walk on any surface while indoors since the soles of the slippers have anti-slip materials.

Easy to maintain

These slippers are super easy to clean in spillage or dirt since they are compatible with a machine washer.


The smoke grey color is suitable for multiple people in the house since it is a neutral color


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10. The Most Versatile – isotoner Women’s Space Knit Andrea Slide Slippers For Hot Feet

slided slippers for women with sweaty feet


  • These are versatile slippers
  • They are long-lasting
  • The slippers have a beautiful design
  • They allow excellent ventilation

  • The arch support of these slippers is not too reliable

One feature you will love about these slippers is the knit upper design that makes them suitable for excellent airflow. The slippers have open toes and a back design for easy slipping on and off.


You can wear these slippers for as long as you want as they have comfortable materials

Great cushion

The cushioning features memory foam materials for ample feet support, especially around the feet bed


The soles have rubber material for durability, especially when worn outdoors,


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What Types of Slippers That Don’t Make Your Feet Sweat and Smelly?

Lightweight design

Your comfort when walking should not be compromised when choosing the slippers for sweaty feet. Also, you need slippers that you can often wear and for a longer time while indoors or outdoors. So, a pair that is light in weight is great.

Breathable design

If you are dealing with sweaty feet, any shoe that adds heat to your feet is the last thing you need. So, slippers that have breathable materials are great for sweaty feet.

Non-skid materials

This is quite essential if you need slippers for indoor use. Good pair of slippers should have anti-skid soles, so you can comfortably walk on any flooring in your home.

Open design shoes

Shoes with open toe, open back, or both designs are perfect for sweaty feet as they facilitate good airflow to the feet for total comfort.


How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet for Women?

Some of the tips you can use to control sweaty feet include;

best slippers for sweaty feet

Wash feet with antibacterial soap

Washing your feet daily with antibacterial soap can significantly help to reduce feet sweating. It may not entirely prevent it, but the soaps help to control the problem.

Avoid wearing shoes for too long

You should ensure the feet get enough airflow throughout. So, avoid wearing the slippers for long, mainly when you feel a lot of heat. For instance, you can remove the slippers when relaxing on the sofa and only wear them when going out.

Apply powder on the feet

The feet powders have talcum that has absorption power to prevent the feet from sweating. Apply the powder on the feet and in between the toes.



Are Sheepskin Slippers Good for Sweaty Feet?

The majority of sheepskin shoes are lined with wool materials on the interior. The wool lining works magic in absorbing all the sweat to keep the feet comfortable and dry. The sheepskin slippers are also recommendable for people who suffer from foot blisters since they secure the feet from friction by forming a comfortable surface for the feet.

Are UGG Slippers Good For Sweaty Feet?

Yes! UGG is known as one of the best slippers brands in the market. They make the warmest slippers using wool materials to suit the cold seasons. Well, as mentioned earlier, wool has high wicking properties that ensure to absorb the most moisture in the feet to keep your feet dry. So, UGG slippers are suitable for sweaty feet as they help keep the feet dry and comfortable.



These are the best women’s slippers for sweaty feet. Some of the reviewed slippers are multifunctional since you can wear them indoors and outdoors. These slippers are comfortable to the feet in terms of support and breathability to control the sweating.

Also, the slippers are super affordable, as they cost less than 50 dollars. So, find a pair that suits your needs, whether you need to wear them indoors or outdoors.

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