Best Adjustable Men’s Open Toe House Slippers

Whether your house has incredibly cold floors or you had a long day at your office, slipping into a comfortable pair of open-toe slippers can make a world of difference to your feet. Your feet need absolute relaxation when you come home.

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Adjustable velcro design for wide and sweaty feet with open toeDL Adjustable Men’s Anti-skid Slippers

Most comfortable massage slippers for bathroom useCrazy Lady Man’s House Spa Slippers

The warm fluffy adjustable house slippers for wooden floors – Acorn Men’s Spa Slide Slipper

Breathable men’s open toe slippers for sweaty and smelly feet – FEET FEEL Cowboy Canvas Slip-on Slippers

Fashional lightweight outdoor slippers sandalsNike Men’s Benassi Sandal

mens open toe summer slippers

Sometimes you don’t feel like replacing your old slippers. Podiatrists recommend that you change the habit and use a new pair of slippers every year. Pampering your feet is as important as pampering your skin or hair.

This guide will help you learn:

  • Why open-toe slippers are better than toeless slippers?
  • Whether you should wear open-toe slippers or not?
  • How to use open-toe slippers safely?
  • Buying guide for your open-toe slippers
  • Best men’s open-toe slippers


For Men, Open-toe Vs. Toeless Slippers, Which to Choose?

It’s hard to decide whether you should buy an open-toe or toeless slipper if both fit comfortably. The easiest way to make your decision is to consider how you will use the pair of slippers.

  • Open toe slippers

Do you want to wear the slippers to provide ventilation to your feet? A sweaty pair of feet can make the entire house dingy with its smell. Therefore, an open-toe slipper is ideal in this situation. The more air your feet get, the less they sweat. This type of slippers keeps your feet cool due to its ventilation.

  • Toeless slippers

Do you want to protect your feet from dust and dirt? If you do, you should wear toeless slippers. But your house may not be dirty enough to affect your feet. If it isn’t, you should go for open-toe slippers because they provide adequate cushioning to your feet, thus making them comfortable and cozy.


How to Choose the Best Open-toe Slippers?

Slippers provide way more than just comfort to those with plantar fasciitis, back problems, and diabetes. Many podiatrists recommend wearing open-toe slippers at home instead of walking barefoot because your feet require proper cushioning. And believe it or not, you should replace your pair of slippers every year as they accumulate fungus, microbes, and bacteria over time.

Now that you know why wearing slippers is important, let’s take a look at what podiatrists say about the features to look for while buying an open-toe slipper:


leather slippers with open toe design

1. Comfort level

Podiatrists suggest that everyone should wear a high-quality pair of open-toe slippers. Quality here doesn’t necessarily mean luxurious or indulgent. Instead, it points to the right amount of support for your feet. Open-toe slippers are not just beneficial for your feet; they also help your hips, back, and knees. Therefore, wear the slippers and buy them only if they fit snugly.


2. Season

What is the dominating season in your state? Is it summer or winter? The answer may help to decide the material of the slipper you should buy. For example, a furry open-toe slipper is ideal for winters.

On the other hand, you can go for a flip-flop material if you experience scorching heat for most parts of the year.


3. Indoor or outdoor?

It is wise to have two different pairs of open-toe slippers for indoor and outdoor use. The one you use at home should be soft and more comfortable. You can choose from various materials like velvet, memory foam, fur, or even rubber.

The one that you wear outside should have a stronger sole. It can be of rubber or leather material.


Best Men’s Adjustable Open-toe House Slippers

Perfect Choice For Wide Feet: DL Adjustable Men’s Anti-skid Slippers

open toe slippers with anti-skid design

This breathable, cool, and lightweight pair of open-toe slippers is just what you need after a long day at work. Here are a few features that make it stand out:

• Adjustable slippers

It comes with an adjustable strap on top to customize your fit.

• High-density memory foam

The foot support consists of high-density memory foam to provide the ideal cushioning for your feet.

• Waterproof sole

Its non-slip and waterproof sole allows you to wear it at home and outside without worrying about slipping and falling accidentally.

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Designed For Shower and Bathroom: Crazy Lady Man’s House Indoor & Outdoor Massage Spa Slippers

mens bathroom slippers

This pair of slippers is popular for its durable EVA material with Ag+ ion. It not only lasts long but also offers a deodorization function, thus preventing your feet from smelling.

• Massage design

The foot slide has acupressure stimulators, and massage acupoints embossed that stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, and relax muscles.

• Versatile

It is suitable for all seasons. You can wear them in your bedroom, living room, spa, bathroom, steam room, and even swimming pool.

• Anti-slip sole

Its anti-slip sole design prevents you from falling accidentally if you wear these slippers on slippery tiles or marble floors.

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The Softest: Acorn Men’s Spa Slide Slipper

mens adjustable slippers for wide feet

This ultra-soft, supportive, and flexible pair of slippers is 30% lighter compared to traditional slippers. Its durable terry uppers keep your feet cool and comfortable.

• Revolutionary sole

Its sole is made using patent-pending Everywear technology, making it one of the most durable open-toe slippers.

• Multilayer memory foam

The multilayer memory foam cushion insole provides a hugging feeling to your feet for better arch and heel support.

• Compression resistance

The weightless, compression resistance technology offers spa-level comfort when you wear these slippers.

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Memory Foam Slippers: Mysoft Men’s Open-toe Slippers

adjustable mens open toe slippers

This pair combines style and comfort efficiently. Its micro-suede adjustable upper allows you to change the way it fits based on the size of your feet.

• Three-layer foam

The insole has three foam layers to provide the ultimate cushioning for your feet. Their moisture-proof features prevent the foam from making your feet sweat.

• Waterproof and slip-resistant

Its TPR rubber soles are suitable for all surfaces. You need not worry about slipping and falling accidentally.

• Easy maintenance

You can machine wash or hand wash the slippers as many times as you want without degrading the quality of materials.

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Breathable For Sweaty Feet: LongBay Men’s Comfy Memory Foam Slide Slippers

mens house slippers

This all-season footwear is suitable for indoor, general lounging, and around the house usage. The lightweight and soft texture make it an ideal pair of slippers for those who experience foot pain after wearing shoes throughout the day.

• Supportive insole

It comes with thick, high-density, 100D memory foam to provide comfortable cushioning to your feet.

• Ideal home slippers

It has a mesh-cloth adjustable upper to fit comfortably according to your feet size.

• Indoor and outdoor outsole

Its durable and non-skid outsole prevents the slippers from slipping on wet or slippery surfaces.

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Moisture Wicking One For Smelly Feet: FEET FEEL Cowboy Canvas Slip-on Slippers

best open toe slippers

These non-slip, moisture-resistant house slippers are perfect companions for your feet. Its open-toe design makes it suitable for both summer and winter use.

• Breathable fabric

The non-toxic breathable canvas makes the slippers extremely comfortable. They keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

• Wear-resistant outsole

Its soft, wear-resistant, anti-skid outsole allows you to wear the slippers in and around the house.

• Durable

The premium stitching, together with high-quality canvas, make the slippers durable.

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For Outdoor Use: Magtoe Men’s Open-Toe Memory Foam Spa Slide Slippers

mens black open toe slippers

This open-toe slipper is ideal for winters. Its woolen upper and microfiber terry keep your feet warm for long hours.

• Cushioning support

It has a three-layer memory foam support with 60D, 45D, and 45D density, respectively. The spongy surface offers the ideal support to your feet, helping them feel relaxed after a long day.

• Velvet lining

The coral velvet lining makes it easier to wash the slippers both with your hands or your washing machine.

• Unmatched materials

The woolen upper and memory foam foot support make them one of the best open-toe slippers.

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For Tile Floors: XINGYUE Flax Tatami Anti-skid Slippers

breathable indoor mens slippers

These cool and breathable flax slippers can become your go-to beach-wear, especially because of their simple design.

• Unique material

The EVA and linen combination make this pair breathable, durable, and sweat-resistant.

• Flexible

It is perfect for all seasons. You can wear it in your bedroom, spa, gym, beach, and swimming pool.

• Friction-resistant

The anti-slip and friction-resistant outsole prevents you from falling if you wear these slippers on slippery surfaces.

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Most Lightweight and Fashionable: Nike Men’s Benassi Just Do It Athletic Sandal

outdoor mens open toe slippers

If you are looking for sporty open-toe slippers, this is the one you should buy. The stylish Nike logo embellished on top of the strap provides an athletic look.

• Natural motion

This pair of slippers have flex grooves that slide with your feet as you move forward. The foam on the outsole offers impact protection.

• Casual comfort

The Phylon midsole provides lightweight cushioning, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed experience.

• Sporty style

The masculine appearance makes this pair of slippers one of the most stylish in the market.

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Who Should Avoid Open-toe Slippers?

Although there’s no hard and fast rule regarding who should and shouldn’t wear open-toe slippers, podiatrists point out a few reasons why open-toe slippers may not be suitable for a few people.

  • Open-toe slippers are not like your office shoes that come with hard soles. They are soft and lightweight. This may allow sharp objects like nails or pins to poke through if you don’t walk around carefully. It’s best if you don’t wear your open-toe slippers to your garden or garage. These are two places where you may step onto sharp objects unknowingly, thus injuring your feet.
  • Open-toe slippers may slip on slippery surfaces like marble or tile floors. Some of these slippers don’t have a rubber grip like trekking shoes. Try to buy a pair that at least has some grip to avoid slipping and spraining your ankle.

For anti-slippery men’s slippers for tile floors, you may want to check here!

  • Some users may get corns if they have a hammertoe. The friction between the top of the slippers and your toes may give you corns.


How to Use Open-toe Slippers Safely?

  1. The biggest difference between open-toe and regular slippers is that the latter has a dedicated toe support area. You can cling on to that toe support to prevent your slippers from slipping away from your feet.
  2. On the contrary, you need to be careful while wearing open-toe slippers. The fitting has to be absolutely spot on! It’s like wearing a glove. Too big a size and you have an uncomfortable glove.
  3. You need to twitch and twist frequently to ensure the glove stays in your hand. Similarly, a loose slipper will make walking uncomfortable.
  4. Try wearing an open-toe slipper that snugly fits your feet.


With so many brands to choose from, you won’t run out of choices when picking the best open-toe slippers. They are widely popular, and they come with guaranteed satisfaction. If you are planning to change your pair of old slippers, consider buying one from the list above. After wearing open-toe slippers, you might ask yourself why you haven’t tried them all these years.