Acorn Slippers – Where Are They Made & What Are Best Types to Choose?

If you have worn any Acorn slippers or heard about them, you might want to know more about the brand and probably look out to know what makes the company great. At the end of this article, you will know how the company began, its growth, the range of products, the cost of its products, and much more.

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About Acorn

Brand history

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In December 1973, David Quinn crafted 9 pairs of slipper socks for gifts. Beyond his expectation, the gifts were received warmly. It was until he returned home in Maine that his friends encouraged him to make those “memories” once again.

With modern material and technology, David began a simple cottage industry with a single product, the ACRON slipper socks. The company grew consistently, with David recruiting skilled shoemakers transitioning to a factory production unit. In 1982, Ken Mattingly, an astronaut, acquired ACORN slipper socks, significantly impacting brand growth.

Brand principle

ACORN’s success is entirely based on its commitment; “Comfort on Earth”. This stresses its mission of offering easy-to-access footwear to anybody across the world. The company provides the best quality products and services as well as value.

Product types under ACORN

From the first ACORN Slipper Socks, the manufacturer has developed a range of products. They include the following: Standard Sheepskin Slippers, Sandal Sox, Slip-on, Slipper-sock Combo, and Moccasins.


How Much Do Acorn Slippers Cost?

According to the manufacturer, Acorn slippers are just made for everyone. This means the footwear comes with a wide range of price points. At as low as $17, you can get your favorite Acorn slippers. On the high-end, Acorn slippers will cost you around $129.


Acorn Slippers Reviews

Acorn spa thong slippers

Acorn spa thong slippers are the ladies’ favorite for indoor use. The slippers consist of a rubber sole and memory foam footbed. Its upper features a velvety soft, and easy-care terry.

The material used to make this slipper makes it lightweight and comfortable. Their open-toe style also offers breathability to the feet and toes.

Acorn slipper socks

The Acorn slipper socks are the oldest product for the ACORN. The legendary slipper socks still maintain their great touch decades after being first used in the US. This footwear features a premium Cloud Cushion footbed for increased comfort.

You can also expect a durable leather sidewall for repelling stains and water. You also get a suede sole that offers maximum traction and insulation with this type of footwear. The materials used to make Acorn slipper socks are 85 percent wool, 13 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex.

Acorn moccasin slippers

If you would like a slipper that covers your feet well while offering breathability, you will want to look at the Acorn Moccasins. These slippers feature cozy, moisture-wicking linings for maximum comfort. You can get moccasins for men and women.

Besides, the premium multilayered footbed of Cloud Cushion ensures your feet have the proper support and comfort. These slippers’ sidewalls are made from durable genuine suede. You can use these slippers both indoors and outdoor. Thanks to their skid-resistant outsole.

Acorn mule slippers

Mule slipper is another item from the broad ACORN product line. These slippers usually consist of a closed upper, with the backside open. The slippers are made from wool and rubber sole.

If you constantly struggle to keep your feet warm, Acorn mule slippers might be your best choice. Their hand-stitched uppers with a soft berber lining not only keep the feet at optimal temperature but also keep them cozy and comfortable.

Mule slippers also consist of a Cloud Cushion footbed and a durable rubber outsole. The non-slip micro suede outsole and suede sidewall make the shoes great for both indoor and outdoor use. These slippers are mainly meant for women.

Faux fur collar slippers

Faux fur collar slippers are another women’s favorite. The slippers are famous for their warm and cozy plush uppers. Its full faux fur lining also gives the footwear its identity. For any lady who wants to keep her feet warm and comfortable, faux fur collar slippers from Acorn might be their #No. One choice.

Most of these types of slippers feature a memory midsole well-fixed over the EVA cushion layer. They also consist of raised heel and arch.

Bootie slippers

With Acorn bootie slippers, ladies get a chance to keep their feet warm and comfortable both indoors and outdoors. The slippers are usually made from 100 percent textile, suede, and rubber.

The boot uppers consist of boiled wool and cozy berber linings for optimum temperature. Besides, the footbed is made from Cloud Cushion. You might also like the durable suede pull tab and sidewall. Its skid-resistant outsole makes these slippers an excellent option for indoor and outdoor use.



Where are Acorn slippers made?

In Maine.

In December 1973, David Quinn crafted 9 pairs of slipper socks for gifts. Beyond his expectation, the gifts were received warmly. It was until he returned home in Maine that his friends encouraged him to make those “memories” once again.

Are Acorn slippers made of wool?

Yes. ACORN uses wool as the primary material for making its slippers. Other materials include rubber, suede, synthetic yarn, nylon, and spandex.

Can you wash Acorn slippers?

Yes. You can choose to hand wash or use a machine. However, it is necessary to check on the washing instructions of individual slippers before cleaning them.

Are Acorn spa slippers washable?

Acorn spa slippers are both machine washable and dryable.

Can I wash my Acorn slippers in the washing machine?

Yes. Ensure you use cold water when using a machine.

Can I dry Acorn slippers?

Yes. When using a dryer, first ensure to remove the insoles or any inserts.

Who carries Acorn slippers?

Acorn slippers are available at any Acorn stores or on their website. You can also get Acorn slippers from credible online sellers or shoe stores near you.

Are Acorn slippers smell?

Prolonged moisture in Acorn slippers may cause an unpleasant smell. That is why it is recommended to clean any type of slippers regularly.



You will likely go for a credible shoemaker when you are serious about getting the best quality slippers. You may also like to get her background and history. Now that you know much about Acorn, it’s time you tried your favorite slippers from this incredible shoemaker.