Best Extra Wide Women’s Slippers for Wide Feet and Swollen Feet Reviews

Are you having trouble finding the right fit for slippers with wide feet?

Like shoes, some people even have problems finding the best women’s slippers for wide feet for either indoor or outdoor use.

In a hurry? Check the best women’s slippers for wide feet use!

Wide scuff slippers with faux lining and comfortable insoles – UGG Women’s Scuffette II House Slippers

Most comfortable plush house slippers for pregnant ladies – Jessica Simpson Women’s Plush Marshmallow Slide Slipper

Adjustable velcro design for extra wide feet with arch support – Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Quality Slipper

A perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use with the synthetic soleUGG Women’s Tasman Slipper

Fashional slippers with flexible straps for extra-wide women feet – UGG Wide Women’s Fashion Fluff Yeah Slipper

The slippers are made in varying sizes and styles. To be precise, the slippers made for women with wide feet feature a wider style on the front for comfortable fitting.

Also, these models of slippers are made in larger number sizing to accommodate the wide feet.

Are you looking for quality women’s slippers for wide feet?

You need to continue reading this article as we have a review of the top 9 best-rated slippers for women with wide feet.


Why Women with Wide Feet Need Special Designed Slippers?

wide feet slippers for women

Ladies with wide and swollen feet will find normal-sized slippers hard to wear and will cause great pain on side of feet after a long time walking. The unfit slippers or shoes will have great chances of developing foot issues such as blisters and bunions are prone to happen.

This is quite common for women with wide feet, considering you have problems finding a good fit from different shoe brands. So, wide slippers reduce the chances of getting other related foot issues.

Besides, staying at home and wearing slippers around during the weekend is such a relaxing time that you do not a pair of unfitted slippers disturbed. The special slippers designed for wide feet normally spare much space inside, so that your feet won’t feel narrowed even when swollen for long hours of walking.


What Features Make Women’s Slippers Comfortable for Wide Feet?

  • The shoes should have a wide toe box design to provide a comfortable fitting and prevent feet injuries
  • Should provide arch support
  • Provide stability when walking on different surfaces
  • Should have quality and comfortable material design


Best Women’s Slippers for Wide and Diabetic Feet Reviews

1. For Hardwood Floors – UGG Women’s Scuffette II House Slippers with Fluffy Fur

cushioned warm slippers for wide feet

Finding the right size of slippers that you can wear for a long time if you have wide feet is not easy. These slippers from UGG are perfect for all women most, especially those with wider feet. The slippers are designed with a broader style to ensure everyone has the best fitting.

Sheepskin lining

These slippers keep your feet warm at night and during the winter seasons with the woolen lining.

Quality suede materials

The slippers are long-lasting because the top materials are made of suede, plus a rubber sole.

Are beautiful shoes

The slippers have beautiful brown and fur color combo that makes them look elegant on every woman’s feet.


  • These slippers are warm
  • They are comfortable to wear and take off
  • They are molded for excellent fitting
  • They are comfortable to the feet


  • The soles of the slippers are thin and not comfortable to walk on rough surfaces


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2. With Anti-Slip Sole – Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Wide Faux Fur Extra Roomy House Slipper

warm slippers for wide feet

These are beautiful women’s slippers for in-house wear since they are warm and comfortable to wear for long.

The thick memory foam material

The inner soles of the shoes have thick memory foam that provides a comfortable cushioning to the footbed.

Antiskid soles

The soles of the shoes are comfortable to walk on any floor since they have an antiskid design to prevent you from slipping on the floor.


The slippers’ faux lining guarantees to keep your feet warm, especially during the cold seasons and at night.


  • Caring for the shoes is easy as you can hand wash them
  • The shoes are safe to walk on different floors with
  • They are compatible with machine washers
  • The shoes can be found in varying colors


  • Requires hand washing


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3. Most Comfortable – Jessica Simpson Women’s Plush Marshmallow Slide on House Slipper For Swollen Feet Ladies

warm slippers for extra wide feet

Looking for comfortable, warm shoes that you can wear for an entire day while indoors? This pair of slippers from Jessica Simpson is perfect. The shoes are incredibly light as well.

Super comfortable

The innersoles of the slippers have memory foam that is super gentle to the feet to provide cushioning.

Faux fur materials

These slippers are mainly useful during the winter or cold times since they provide perfect warmth. They are crafted with 100 percent faux fur material, which is warm to the feet.

Open back design

Slipping on and off these Jessica Simpson slippers is quite accessible since they have an open-back design.


  • You can get these slippers in different colors and styles
  • They are quite warm to the feet
  • They are light for comfort when walking
  • The slippers have an anti-slip soles design


  • Can be used for indoor only


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4. For Flat Feet – Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Quality Slipper with Adjustable velcro and Support

best slippers for wide feet

These slippers have raised soles such that you can wear them when going outdoors to take out the trash or collect mails.

Have feet motion support

These shoes are designed to ensure your feet are comfortable and safe for every step you take when walking.

Rubber sole

The slippers have thick rubber soles that are good to walk on different surfaces, including outdoors.

Adjustable fitting

These slippers have the hook loop closure style, and it is adjustable so you can get the right fitting.


  • These slippers provide feet support
  • They are comfortable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • They are comfortable and gentle to the feet thanks to the clothing materials
  • They have quality rubber soles


  • These slippers are quite expensive


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5. For Indoor and Outdoor – UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper with Synthetic Sole For Size 5

indoor outdoor slippers for womens wide feet

These shoes are comfortable to the feet since they are relatively light in weight. I would recommend them even going outdoor for grocery shopping since they are quite comfortable to wear for long and walk-in.

The dried sheep fur lining

The fur lining of the shoes keeps the feet warm such that you don’t need to wear them with socks.

Support arch

The shaft of the shoes cut through the top low area of the arch to ensure comfort and support of the arch when walking.

Eva outer sole

The EVA outer soles ensure your feet have cushioning for every step you take.


  • These shoes are comfortable for all women inducing people with wide feet
  • The shoes snuggle perfectly to the feet
  • They are safe for the outdoors too
  • The shoes keep the feet warm


  • Not suitable for hardwood floors


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6. For Pregnant Ladies – Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper For Edema Feet with Size 6

slippers for extra wide feet

Note that these slippers from Vionic women slippers are designed in the broader design to accommodate women with wide feet. But they have adjustable velcro to make sure everyone gets the perfect fit of the slippers.

Last footbed

The shoes’ footbed is crafted in a flat form to ensure comfort and stability, especially when walking on uneven areas both indoors and outdoors. This design makes the slippers suitable for women with feet issues as it has excellent support.

Textured footbed

Your comfort whenever you take a step with these slippers is guaranteed thanks to the textured EVA inner soles that provide cushion and comfort to the feet.

Velcro closure style

These shoes have adjustable velcro on the upper section to ensure you have a good fit.


  • These shoes are relatively light in weight
  • The slippers slip on and off smoothly due to the open-back design
  • They have quality material construction
  • These women slippers come in different styles


  • None


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7. With Multiple Colors – UGG Wide Women’s Fashion Fluff Yeah Open Toe Slide Slipper

womens slippers for super wide feet

This is another quality and super fluffy slippers design from UGG you won’t want to miss on. The slippers are comfortable to the feet and perfect for cold times while indoors.

Open toes and back design

Slipping on and off the shoes is easy since they have open toes and a back design. Also, the style ensures there is a good flow of air for ventilation

Elastic strap

You don’t have to worry about the shoes coming off when you walk since they have a back strap to secure them to the feet.

Dyed sheep fur materials

These shoes are made with sheep fur all round to keep your feet cozy and warm in cold seasons.


  • These slippers are quite comfortable on the feet
  • They have elastic at the back to secure them on the feet
  • The slippers are made in different colors and styles
  • The slippers are made with quality rubber soles


  • Not suitable for sweaty feet


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8. With Arch Support – isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers For Flat Feet

best slippers for wide feet women

These are super comfortable and quality shoes that you can wear even outdoors since the materials and design fit in the house and outdoors.

Premium terry cotton lining

These shoes have a cotton lining to absorb wetness while providing comfortable warmth to the feet.

Memory foam cushioning

The insoles are made with thick memory foam materials essential for providing a comfortable cushioning surface for your feet.

Have arch support

These slippers are made with sole secret technology essential for providing support and stability to the feet.


  • These shoes are comfortable to wear and take off
  • They are perfect for wide and sweaty feet
  • The shoes have perfect footbed cushioning for support
  • The shoes are safe for outdoors and indoor wear


  • The sizing provided is not correct


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9. With Stain Resistance – Vionic Women’s Backless Indulge Pleasant Slipper For Extra Wide Feet

extra wide slippers for wide feet

From the materials to the design of these slippers, they are crafted to provide comfort and protection to women, including those with wider feet. The shoes slip on and off easily since they have an open back style.

Faux fur trim lining

These shoes are made with faux fur materials as lining for that warmth and snuggle to your feet in cold seasons.

Eva footbed materials

The EVA foam materials on the footbed provide comfort and stability when walking with the shoes.

Offers stability

The footbed is crafted in a flat form to provide stability when walking on various surfaces while reducing pain on the feet.


  • These shoes are comfortable to wear for long
  • They have fur for comfort and warmth
  • They are easy to maintain
  • You can wear shoes outdoor since the soles are thick.


  • You can’t wear these shoes with socks since the feet keep slipping off due to the fur materials


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How to Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Wide Feet?

warm slippers for women with wide feet

Measure your feet

If you are not sure about the right size of slippers to buy, the right method to use when buying, especially online, is to measure the feet. Use the measurement of your feet to help you find the right size of slippers to buy.


Choose shoes with wide fitting

The women’s slippers are made in varying designs and styles, where some have a broader fitting on the toe box while others have the standard shoe fitting. To be on the safe side and make sure you choose the comfortable right pair of slippers, choose the slippers with broader fitting.


Consider the materials

When wearing shoes, the comfort of your feet is a factor worth considering when buying slippers for wide feet. The majority of the women’s slippers for wide feet are made with fur and other cotton linings to provide comfort and warmth to the feet.

Also, consider the slippers that have thick cushioning for safety when walking on different surfaces.


Choose the one that is easy to maintain

A good pair of slippers should be easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. So, choose slippers that can either be cleaned with hands or compatible with machine washers.


Causes of Wide Feet For Women


Some people are naturally born with wider feet. If you are born with flat feet, then changes of growing wide feet are high.


As the age catches with you, the feet’ ligaments and tendons become lost, causing the feet to flatten and grow longer and more comprehensive.


Several pregnant women may have wide feet for a given period, which occurs as a result of the body getting swollen.

Foot deformities

The feet deformities are caused by many issues such as wearing small sized shoes, and other problems like bunions may make the feet to grow wide.



If you have a problem finding the best slippers for wide feet, these are the top 9 best slippers for women to buy from. The slippers are suitable for house wear since they have warm materials on the interior, and others have thick soles to fit outdoors. Although these shoes are made in wide styles, make sure to use the buying chart to guide you in choosing the right fitting for you.

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