How to Wash Acorn Slippers?

We all know how the cold months can be. Not even a pair of socks is enough to keep your feet protected from your icy cold floors. That is why people developed footwear to keep your feet warm and comfortable during such horrid conditions. A good example of these “groundbreaking inventions” is the famous Acorn slippers. They are not only warm but also extremely comfortable around the feet.

These slippers are made of wool which is great at retaining heat. The soles are however made of rubber to prevent slipping. The wooly interior feels great around the foot when still fluffy and clean but gets rough and uncomfortable after long-term use. This is because the wool would have absorbed sweat running from your feet and dirt making it stick together.

That is why it is important to wash your slippers once in a while to not only get rid of the bad odors that come from inside but also to make them clean and fluffy again for increased comfort.

wash acorn slippers

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Can I Wash My Acorn Slippers?

Acorn slippers are fairly easy to wash and maintain. Since they are mostly used as indoor shoes, they don’t get the usual dust and mud mess that outdoor shoes have to endure. This means that your main concern will be the odors that come from prolonged use and the rough texture the wool develops after absorbing our sweat for months.

It is advised to only hand wash the slippers as machine wash is less controlled and excessive water will make the rubber sole peel off from the rest of the shoe. Cleaning should also be done at least once every month to get rid of the bad odors that come from the accumulated sweat.

Once washed, the slippers should be completely dried in a shaded place away from direct sunlight before being worn.

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When to Wash Acorn Slippers?

Acorn slippers don’t get dirty easily. This is because they are mostly indoor shoes and rarely come into contact with things like mud and snow. This however does not mean that the slippers don’t get dirty at all. Things like sweat and spills from oils or other colored liquids make the slippers dirty. This is a big problem especially if the slippers are white in color.

It is advisable to wash the slippers every 1-2 months. This gets rid of the accumulated sweat and dirt that make the slipper filthy. However, for people with much more sweaty feet, cleaning should be done every 2-3 weeks especially if the slippers are worn often. Sweat and other liquids make the wool clump together. Once washed, the slippers should be completely dried in a shaded place away from direct sunlight before being worn.


How to Wash Acorn Slippers?

Although some Acorn slippers are marked as washing machine friendly, it is advisable not to throw them into the washing machine as the sole might easily peel off due to the excess water used during cleaning. The process is better done by hand where everything is limited perfectly. The following procedure is perfect for maintaining your Acorn slippers.


  • Laundry soap(wool detergent is the best if available)
  • Water
  • Piece of cloth
  • Trough


  • Add water to the trough and mix with a detergent until foamy.
  • Take the piece of cloth and dump it in the water.
  • Use the piece to gently scrub the slippers both on the inside and outside.
  • Once clean, rinse the slippers with clean water.
  • Finally, rub them with a towel and let them air dry.

Note: Avoid direct sunlight or heat as this will make them change shape.


How Often Should You Wash Acorn Slippers?

Acorn slippers should be washed at least once each month if possible. Yes, they do not get dirty that fast or easy but one should consider the odors that develop because of long-term use without cleaning.

Sweat, bacteria, and fungi are the main contributors to this. If possible, use anti-bacterial soaps when cleaning the insides and apply an anti-fungal spray. You could also consider having multiple pairs of the same which will make airing the other pairs very easy.


Can I Put Acorn Slippers in the Dryer?

Manufacturers advise not to put wool slippers in the clothes dryer. This might damage the wool and cause the shoe to shrink. The best thing to do after getting your slippers wet is to air dry them away from direct sunlight. The last thing anybody would want is bent Acorn slippers.

They will not be as comfortable as you bought them. If you are afraid that the drying process will take too long, just get yourself a second pair for you to alternate between.



Acorn slippers are a great accessory to have at home, especially during those cold months. They are great at protecting your feet from the chilly tiles and feel amazing on your feet. Just be sure to take excellent care of them to ensure that they last longer.